C82, Mozambique DXpedition

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The C82DX Mozambique DXpedition team plan to be operational on October 14th and be active until the morning of October 23rd, giving us 9 evenings of low band opportunities.
Operators depart from Japan, Canada and the U.S. next week to convene in Pretoria on the 12th for loading the caravan for the trip to Xai at 5 AM on the 13th.
Upon arrival the first antennas to go up are the low band Titanex, Battle Creek and Big IR verticals. After that the listening loops and beverages, beams, and VHF antennas will be erected.
Our final team consists of: JN1THL, K6RB, K6TD, K8EAB, N1DG, N4NX, N4XP, N9JA, NF4A, VA7DX, W6OAT, WF4W, ZS6P, and ZS6RI.
Team C82DX wishes to thank our Foundation, Club and individual donors, and all the support by lead sponsor ICOM for assisting us in making this happen. Please visit http://www.c82dx.com/pages/sponsors.html for a list of all our great and generous supporters.
Hope to see all of you in the logs, especially the low bands!
Don, N1DG, and Tom, N4XP
Co Leaders of Team C82DX

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