DXpedition to Juan Fernandez Island

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There are now less than 20 days to our departure. The Team will start from Italy, of the 6th of November, and we plan to be active on the late evening of November 8th (GMT).
We will leave from Santiago, aboard two twin-engine Cessna and after
about two hours, of adventurous flight, we land on the Juan Fernandez
Arrived on island, we reach our location, in about two hours, aboard two boats, as there are no road links. In all, if the weather conditions will be tolerant, and it will allow us to meet our destination.
Compatibly to the location, we believe to be able to install 3 beams
looking on the sea, two loops, one for 30 and one for 40 meters, other
than the usual vertical for 80 and inverted L for 160. Will also be installing a beverage of about 200 meters on the beach facing the sea.
We should have sporadic access to the Internet, and then try to send the logs to ClubLog, once a day. If for any reason this is not possible, do not panic, know that we will do so as soon as possible, and in any case the logs will be saved in 3 backup copies.
As always, we ask you not to make dupes QSOs, in order to give the
opportunity for everyone to contact us in various bands and modes.
You can follow XR0ZR Team on the following media links at:
Website : http://www.juanfernandez2013.com
FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/xr0zr/
Twitter : @xr0zr
I'm sure we'll all have fun together, and that we will have fun.
73, Fabri – IW3SQY

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