Portuguese JOTA station list 2013 now available

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A list of Portuguese stations that will be active during this weekend for the 56th Jamboree On The Air is now available at:
There will be also an RPE - Portuguese Echolink Network station on calling on the via *LUSO-USA* (72469) conference.
Opening and Closing

As in previous years, the event will start with the station CR6JAMstarting call at 22:30 UTC on Friday the 18th.
This call will be made on the 80 meters band at 3710 kHz, and on Echolink repeaters installed in Portuguese Echolink Network in
*LUSO-USA* (72469) conference as well.
Preventing any possible communication obstacles there will be a possible backup on the 40 meters band using the 7080 kHz.
The close up of the Portuguese 2013 JOTA it will be Sunday the 20th, at 16:00 UTC, again with CR6JAM transmitting a short message on 7080kHz.
Sources: Departamento Nacional de Radioescutismo do Corpo Nacional de Escutas, Departamento Nacional de Radioescutismo da Fraternidade de Nuno Alvares and also Portuguese Echolink Network
Best Regards from PORTUGAL,
João Costa CT1FBF

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