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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ANTARCTICA   Tragedia en Base Esperanza.


LRA36 strong reason to stay off the air longer. It has been reported
active for a while.
(Horacio Nigro-URG, Jan 14, condiglista via dxld ng)

I just read the note. LRA36 had returned to the air about 3 months ago and
was in the air for about 30 days. Surely there must be off the air due to
technical reasons.
(Arnaldo Slaen-ARG, ibid.) Viz.:

The incident was recorded in the only permanent civilian settlement that
Argentina has in Antarctica. Continental - January 14, 2014

A few days antartica start a new hood, an incident record in the Base
Esperanza, where a person died after an explosion resulted. This is the
sergeant Alberto Ramirez, 39 years, belonging to the Antarctic Command.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Defence, the death of
Warrant Officer was produced by "an explosion caused by traces of
flammable material during activities retract waste material base"
(complete story linked above, via dxld Jan 15)

AUSTRALIA   15615 kHz of RA Shepparton intermodulation,
of both // 15415 and 15515 kHz,
but not on 15315 symmetrically. at 2205 UT Jan 18.
S=5-6 in Queensland remote unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)

AUSTRIA   5910  Very striking interval signal of TWR via ORS Moosbrunn-
AUT, started already at 0641 UT, S=9+10dB, into Polish language morning
service, latter also on 2nd channel // 7300 kHz too, at S=9+20dB level.

A little stronger is ORF1 Vienna news and culture programm service via ORS
Moosbrunn on 6155 kHz, logged at 0648 UT Jan 20 with S=9+30dB.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

BELGIUM   Enric Roca: NEW BOOK 100 years Belgium Radio by RTBF.

Ciao, RTBF has edited a book featuring the 100 years of the Radio in the
Belgium. There are 200 photos and documentations of historical logos
(Europa1, Contact, Luxemburg... ), Price : 29 [Euro?].

You may order on line from the boutique of RTBF:



The book has been edited in connection with the Expo 100 years Radio;
for details see WEB: <>
Enric Roca, via Dario Monferini-ITA, 14 Jan, playdx yg via dxld)

BOLIVIA   3310  Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba at 2337 UT, om in Q. under
QRN still in at 0015 UT Jan 2/3; 2340 to 0005 UT on Jan 10/11; 2316 to
2340 UT weak signal in Q on 15 Jan.

4699.9  Radio San Miguel, Riberalta at 2330 to 2340 UT, en Espanol fair
signal 2 Jan: 2340 to 0010 UT with om Espanol on 10/11 Jan. - Similar logs
since, with difficult signal strength.

4451.1  Radio Santa Ana, Santa Ana de Yacuma at 2318 to 2325 UT, weak en
Espanol 15 Jan and other days as well.

4716.65  Radio Yatun Ayllu Yura, Yura at 2340 to 0012 UT with programing
en Espanol, stronger signal than Radio San Miguel same time, ...
indicative of poor reception from Latin American generally this dx season
10/11 Jan.

5580.2  Radio San Jose, San Jose de Chiquitos at 2345 to 0015 UT, locutor
en Espanol 2/3 Jan; good signal 2350 to 0020 UT on 8/9 Jan, 2355 to 0020
UT on 10/11 Jan.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer Jan 18)

BOLIVIA   R. Mosoj Chaski does respond to reports, albeit slowly. It's
been a while since I received a QSL letter from them - 17 August 2004. The
letter signer was Ann Matthews, Director, and the letter was in English.
The letterhead shows the following address and e-mail:

Calle Abaroa No. 254, Casilla 4493, Cochabamba, Bolivia
<Chaski @>
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Jan 20)

BRAZIL   3364.9  Radio Cultura, Araraquara SP, 2336 to 0010 UT, om
Portuguese 2/3 Jan (Wilkner & Ken Walters), 2317 to 2340 UT in Portuguese
on 15 Jan.

4754.85  Radio Imaculada Conceicao, Campo Grande, MS at 2330 to 2350 UT,
Portuguese om and music 2 Jan.

4805  Radio Difusora do Amazonas, Manaus at 2340 to 0010 UT, om in
Portuguese, weak signal 10/11 Jan. Noted most evenings this time.

4815  Radio Difusora, Londrina PR, at 2350 to 0020 UT, om in Portuguese
with Congregation(?) 8/9 Jan. 2344 yl in Portuguese on 10 Jan.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer Jan 18)

CAMBODIA   Cambodia Ministry Spurns Private Beehive Radio's Expansion

The [Cambodian] Ministry of Information has rejected an application by
independently-run Beehive Radio to expand its operations nationwide.

Beehive, which carries Voice of America and other international
programming, currently serves Phnom Penh through an FM frequency. It had
applied to expand radio relay stations throughout the country and to start
a TV station.

In a letter, Information Minister Khieu Kanharith rejected the proposal
saying there are "no remaining frequencies" to fulfil the request. A
representative of Beehive owner Mam Sonando said the station will call for
demonstrations by its own supporters beginning January 27 to demand
permission for the expansion.

Text of report by Voice of America (VOA) website on 15 Jan.
(VOA Khmer website, in English 15 Jan 14, via BBC_M via dxld)

CHINA   17720  +11 kHz wide signal of CRI German service from Kashi-
Kashgar site, 0602 UT Jan 19.

15665  Russian sce of CRI Kashgar 0400-0557 UT, heard on signing off annmt
0556 UT, 18 kHz wide signal, well ahead of co-channel RFA Agingan Point
Saipan relay Chinese sce.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

CONGO  [Rép. dém. du Congo]  5066.330 kHz  Bunia COD, still on air
at 1945 UT on Jan 17, working live broadcast overtime ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 17)

DOMINICAN REP/USA   Glenn, one question, has been ever traced the La Voz
del Cid location in CeAM or Carribean ? We had a discussion recently on
German hobbyists group. My search in Google couldn't find any reliable
answer, mostly El Salvador as location mentioned, - and Costa Rica as mail
address ?

Was RMI's 50 kW unit at Miami downtown taken from former La Voz del Cid
site, acc Jeff White had connections to Cuban opposite radio groups ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 15)

Re: La Voz Del CID.
LV del CID had several different transmitter locations, also with sub-
names, like Radio Antonio Maceo, etc. I'm not sure of anything definite,
but Costa Rica, probably Dominican Republic, Venezuela. Maybe El Salvador

The ex-WRMI transmitter in Hialeah was acquired from Radio Clarin,
Dominican Republic (ex-11700), according to what Jeff White has always
said, and I see no reason to doubt that. I don't know that it was ever
used for CID, but I suppose it could have been.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 15)

[GUATEMALA  -  La Voz del CID history ...]  About anti-Cuban station that
was installed in Guatemala City.

Dear amigo Michael,
Just read the discussion about a now defuncty station in the TopNews
Bulletin, and could not resist to tell the amazing story that follows.

Some time when the US sponsored anti-Cuban station known as La Voz del Cid
was still on the air, a team of Radio Rebelde's sports commentators and an
engineer from the station traveled to Guatemala City to broadcast a sports
event that was going to take place in that Central American nation.

They went early to the stadium and installed the solid state portable
audio mixer with its two commentators positions, hooked it up to the two
phone lines that connected to the local phone company in order to send the
audio signals to Cuba on one 4 wire circuit and with the other two wire
circuit keep in touch with the Radio Rebelde Master Control in Havana.

But they could not make that hookup that had worked very well at many
different locations to operate properly. They complained on the two wire
direct line to Havana that there was a very loud audio signal in Spanish
that leaked through without the possibility of removing that audio at all.
They placed the telephone mouthpiece next to the local monitor at the
mixer board and it was then that we realized that the audio was the
infamous "program" from La Voz del Cid.

We asked the engineer to look around the stadium for towers or masts with
an antenna hanging between the two and a ladder type open wire
transmission line coming down from the center of the antenna...

Sure enough, from the top row of the grand stand of the stadium they could
see the two steel masts that supported the antenna of the short wave
station used by La Voz del Cid, the cause of the interference to the audio
mixer board.

The highly capable engineer always carried in his tools kit and accesories
ferrite ring cores (toroids) so he proceeded to place them at the proper
places (microphone input, telephone lines input and output and the
headsets of the commentators ... in order to remove the RF coming into the
equipment from the nearby short wave station.

So, they were able to broadcast the sports event and the Cuban audience
was very happy with the transmissions...

Of course that it was very interesting to learn, first hand, that the
"clandestine" station was located not far from the center of Guatemala
city, operating under the protection of the government of that country at
the time.

73 and DX
Your amigo in sunny La Habana  Cuba
Arnaldo (Arnie) Coro
Host of Dxers Unlimited radio hobby show
Radio Havana Cuba
(Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich-CUB, via pres Michael Bethge-D wwdxc Jan 18)

La Voz del CID recording:

(Manfred Hueppelshaeuser-D)

EGYPT   Re: No sign of Radio Cairo Egypt on 17510 kHz.

Dear All,
I also have noticed for a long time the absence of Radio Cairo Egypt on
frequency 17510 kHz at 1100 UT. I hear just carrier with some background
noises. Before that AIR India are on the same frequency in English with
close down of transmission to Australia. 1000 till 1100 UT.

Radio Cairo [sic - rather AIR Delhi Kampur-IND}, just audible carrier
at 0839 UT on 17510 kHz.
(Costa Constantinides-CYP, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)

your location Cyprus is on a 90 degrees sidelobe of Abu Zabaal tx site so
far. And 17 MHz is far too high for this 'short' distance to your place.
250 degrees lobe means a Sahel and Western Africa target service ...
but 17510 kHz is not on air anymore in B-13 season, see the most reliable
schedule print out in WRTH 2014 page457.

From Aoki Nagoya list, but service ceased now:
17510 Radio CAIRO 'El-Bernameg Al-Aam' 0700-1100 UT Arabic 100kW 250degr
Abu Zaabal EGY ERU B13 season.

yes     1300-1600 15800 ABS 250 kW 241 deg WeAF Arabic
yes     1330-1530 15245 ABZ 100 kW 070 deg WeAS Persian
                  15245.278 carrier til 1529 UT.
nothing 1400-1600 15545 ABZ 250 kW 070 deg WeAS Pashto
yes     1500-1600 11610 ABZ 250 kW 061 deg CeAS Uzbek
                  11610.037 kHz
yes     1500-1600 13580 ABS 250 kW 315 deg EaEUR Albanian DISTORTED
                  13580.013 kHz
yes     1600-1700 13680 ABS 250 kW 315 deg EaEUR  Bosnian
                  13680.370 but seemingly spur of 13670 kHz.
yes     1600-1700 15450 ABZ 100 kW 160 deg EaCeAF Afar
                  15450.093 kHz
yes     1600-1800 15345 ABZ 150 kW 196 deg CeSoAF English exact frequency
yes     1600-1800 13670 ABZ 250 kW 090 deg SoAS Urdu  DISTORTED
                  13670.014 kHz
nothing 1600-1800 17840 ABZ 250 kW 170 deg CeEaAF Swahili, NEW TIME ?
yes     1700-1730 15285 ABZ 100 kW 160 deg EaCeAF Somali
yes     1730-1900 15285 ABZ 100 kW 160 deg EaCeAF Amharic
                  15285.095 kHz
yes     1700-1900  9745 ABS 250 kW 005 deg NE/ME Turkish
                   9745.028 kHz
yes     1800-1900  9655 ABZ 200 kW 325 deg WeEUR Italian + MERadio 8881v
                   9655.010 kHz
yes     1800-2100 15710 ABS 250 kW 241 deg WeAF Hausa
nothing 1845-2000 15520 ABZ 100 kW 250 deg Fulfulde
nothing 1845-2000 17625 ABZ 200 kW 245 deg Fulfulde
yes     1900-2000  9410 ABS 200 kW 325 deg WeEUR German  + MERadio 8636v
                   9410.010 kHz
yes     1900-2000  9885 ABS 250 kW 005 deg EaEUR Russian
                   tentat. irregularly
                   disturbed by co-ch RFI Paris via Meyerton-AFS relay.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)

9720  R. Cairo, 13 Jan at 0046 UT. Traditional local music, M and W in
Spanish. Weak, noisy, and poorly modulated, but at least it's still
actually there!
(Paul Brouillette-IL-USA, dxld Jan 15)

12080  Jan 15 at 0046 UT, R. Cairo news theme, fair with flutter, Spanish,
distorted but almost readable. This one is 250 kW, 241 degrees from Abis
at 0045-0200 UT for CIRAF 13 & 15, i.e. eastern 2/3 of Brasil, half the
Guianas and part of Paraguay, i.e. the only Spanish portion of the nominal
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 15)

EGYPT   11905  AWFUL terrible distorted signal from R Cairo Abis site,
+32 kHz wide powerhouse, 11873 to 11935 kHz. Scheduled 02-07 UT,
noted at 0505 UT on Jan 19.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

FRANCE/MOLDOVA   11510  Radyoya Denge Kurdistane, registered at
Grigoriopol Maiac site, but suffered signal strength this morning at
0450 UT Jan 19 compared to Romanian outlets. Supposed to be dead zone
signal from morning start coming - partly - from Issoudun France
instead ? In order to use the correct distance for the propagation
towards Kurdistan?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

GERMANYS   Man Wins Cold War Radio Competition, - 44 Years ON.
The Local 13 January

An East German teenager who was listening illicitly to a West German radio
station [Europawelle Saar, Heusweiler 1421 kHz 400kW wb.] and sent a
postcard across the Iron Curtain to try to win a record will receive the
prize on Tuesday, 44 years later.

Guenter Zettl was still at school in 1969 when he decided to enter the
write-in competition being staged by the West German Saarlandische
Rundfunk radio station. Then 18, he had been listening to the radio from
his home in Waren an der Mueritz, in what is now Mecklenburg Western

The show "Hallo Twen" was staging a competition to win a record by the
band The Creation. "I thought: you know that group," said Zettl. But he
did not hear anything from the radio station, and figured he had just not
got lucky.

Now it turns out, his postcard had been intercepted and confiscated by the
East German secret service, the Stasi.

Zettl eventually left East Germany for the West, and in 2010 decided to
look at his Stasi file. His aim was to learn more about why he was
forbidden to work as a teacher in the East - a ban which led to his

He had always assumed it was because he had failed to vote in a
parliamentary election. But he was stunned to find, among the papers the
Stasi held on him, a photocopy of his radio competition postcard.

"I didn't have it in my mind at all," he said, but called in the original
from his file. "I sent it, 44 years later, to the Saarlaendische

Even though the "Hallo Twen" show was cancelled 40 years ago, the radio
staff hunted down a copy of the prize record, and will present it to

<>   (with photos)
(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK / Jan 13, dxld)

GERMANY   Log of KBC 6095 / 6045 kHz, loud and clear mit S=9 auf 6045 kHz
(Sendestandort?) und mit ca. 5....10 dB mehr Anzeige auf den bekannten
6095 kHz.
(Juergen Martens-D  DF5TY, A-DX Jan 19)

6045 kHz wrongly had bcast the KBC Truck Radio program from 0900-0940 UT,
then the MBR Nauen engineer control room switchend to EMR - Rock Radio

on 3rd Sunday scheduled, acc Aoki Nagoya list:
6045  XVRB Radio 0900-1000 1...... English 100 275 Nauen D  3rd Sun

jetzt hat's dort richtig umgeschaltet ... 0941 UT. "Europe Music Radio"
ist die ID und Adresse aus Goehren in MVP Germany ... nunmehr um 0946 UT
Jan 19.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

GERMANY   Deutsche Welle Veraenderungen in 2014 bis 2017
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX Jan 20)

DWL Radio Bonn - gibt's die ueberhaupt noch ?

doch, USA Hoerer des englischen Programms bedienen sich oft der Kigali
Ruanda Aussendungen in den dunklen Nachtzeiten, weil die Signale aich so
schoen ueber den Atlantic bis in den Osten und Mittel-USA ausbreiten.

Holperig - an die 30 Sekunden Wartezeit -, aber der Durchgriff bei der DWL
in Bonn bei  <>
auf die englische Seite braucht seine Zeit ...

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

GREECE   exERT rebells still on Avlis outlets: 7475, 9420, and 15630 kHz,
at 0517 UT Jan 19.

7 and 9 MHz at S=9+30dBm signal strength, 15630 only tiny S=4. Broadband
signals of the Greek engineers: covered broadband 7457 to 7493 kHz, and
9409 to 9431 kHz, very strong this morning.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

GREECE   Greece - ERT Open website, and schedule on SW.


Voice of Free & Open ERT in the whole world.
Winter Program, from 12 Jan 2014.

I believe that K. AMERIKI is Central America.


Transmitter No 1
0000-0050 EUROPE-North America   7450 kHz 323 degr EPA THESSALONIKI
0100-1100 EUROPE-K.AMERIKI       7475 kHz 285 degr

1500-1850 EUROPE-K.AMERIKI       9935 kHz 285 degr
1900-2400 EUROPE-North America   7450 kHz 323 degr

Transmitter No 2
0000-0150 Middle East-AUSTRALIA 15650 kHz 105 degr
0200-0450 EUROPE-K.AMERIKI      15630 kHz 285 degr
0500-1100 CENTRAL AFRICA        11645 kHz 182 degr

1500-2050 EUROPE-K.AMERIKI      15630 kHz 285 degr
2100-2400 Middle East-AUSTRALIA 15650 kHz 105 degr

Transmitter No 3
0500-1100 EUROPE-North America   9420 kHz 323 degr
1500-2400 EUROPE-North America   9420 kHz 323 degr
(Lars-Olof Franzén-SWE, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

GREECE   Avlis broadcasts on Jan 24, at 05-07 UT on 7450, 9420,
and 11645 kHz.

Transmitter No 1
0100-1100 EUROPE-K.AMERIKI       7450 kHz 285 degr

Transmitter No 2
0500-1100 CENTRAL AFRICA        11645 kHz 182 degr

Transmitter No 3
0500-1100 EUROPE-North America   9420 kHz 323 degr
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

GREECE   New GRC MW 729 kHz. Athens is back on the air, now on 729.012
kHz, slightly variable. Carries Elliniki Dimosia Radiofonia 1st prgr.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, mwoffsets Jan 21)

729.013  New state public broadcaster "Elliniki Dimosia Radiophonia" heard
with Greek folk guitar music and songs at 0530 UT Jan 17, also at same
time co-channel 729.000 kHz even from Bayern Germany and 729.005 kHz
program from Spain. Logged Jan 17.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 17)

INDIA   More DRM transmissions from AIR Bengaluru - Bangalore.

New DRM transmissions is monitored  from AIR Bengaluru from 19 Jan 2014 as

1000-1100 UT 17895 English to Australia & NZL
1145-1315 UT 15795 Chinese
2045-2230 UT 11620 English to Australia, NZL
2245-0045 UT 13605 English to NoEaAsia

These new DRM frequencies are specially announced in at sign on / sign off
in the English transmissions. Look out for any more DRM broadcasts from
this station at other timings in External Services of AIR.

1315-1415 UT 11740 Dari, and
1415-1530 UT 11740 Pushtu now via Bengaluru 500 kW (ex Panaji 250 kW)

The following also noted back on air after some months
1615-1715 11620 Russian, // 15140 kHz in DRM mode.

Reports to:
<sptairynk @> with copy to <spectrum-manager @>

Updated full schedule is in:
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, <> DXindia Jan 20/21)

INDIA   AIR External Services latest changes, to DXindia and DXsoasia.

Dear Jose,
9870kHz 500kW  Bengaluru  1245-1740UT  (Vividh Bharati)  DRM tests

I don't believe proper Bangalore site, as listed already, no DRM mode
heard so far, but instead one of the rather Panaji faulty transmitters in
AM mode on air, on exact 9869.982 kHz at 1640 UT Jan 21.

also AIR Hindi transmission heard on 7249.980 kHz from faulty unit at Goa
Panaji site, a VERY UNSTABLE AND OSCILLATING AUDIO transmission.

Both transmission 7250v and 9870v hopp up/down few Hertz too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 21)

AIR / DRM.  Sergio Salvatori reported that the Indian public broadcaster,
All India Radio (AIR) had recently announced a tender for
800 DRM receivers with multimedia features, to complement the rollout of
their DRM transmitters.
(hfcc, Oct 2013)

IRAN   Some AWFUL signals also from IRIB Kamalabad site noticed this

13690 VoIRIB Bosnian-S/Cr language service, S=9+40dBm, and two peaks
either side on 13624 kHz, 13756 kHz, and also 13561.160 / 13822.390 kHz.
Ranges of 13607-13630, 13743-13769, and 13548-13560, 13817-13822 kHz
much splattered signals too.

15550  VoIRIB Spanish 0520-0617 UT Jan 19, noted at 0545 UT, +10 kHz
wide from 15540 to 15560 kHz range.

17840 VoIRIB Arabic from Zahedan also 16 kHz wide signal at 0604 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

ITALY   Hello,
just found on Facebook this nice photo of AWR Forli Italy antenna:

(Andrea Borgnino-ITA IW0HK, SWRTXsites Jan 23)

Some AWR Forli / Argenta history material. The latter site just planned,
but never realized.

Former AWR site Forli Antennen Huegel
44 10 17.95 N  11 58 40.76 E
ueber der kleinen Strasse hinweg - mit Feederleitung in 4 Meter Hoehe
damals - das Bauern/Privathaus als TX Haus in suedwestl. Richtung bei
44 10 17.41 N  11 58 38.35 E
in der Via Tomba, kurz hinter der Kreuzung Via Teroso.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews 20 July 2011)

"AWR had purchased the Schwarzenburg transmitters (and, so it seemed, also
some accessories like antenna switching gear) for its Italy project they
later terminated. I have nothing at hand about the final fate of the
transmitters in question.

Hope this helps answer some of the questions:
My research can (I think) partially answer the question of the fate of ONE
of the 250 kW ex Schwarzenburg transmitters that went to AWR Italy. It
subsequently found it's way into the hands of WMLK in Bethel PA (U.S.A.)
and is installed, but not operational at this time. Hope this helps."

Just found the link to the material describing the story - with Pictures:
(Calvin, VK4ZCM, Brisbane-AUS SW TXsite 8/10 Sept 2012)

JAPAN/KOREAS   Radio Furusato no kaze address
(Michael Lindner-D, A-DX Jan 20)

Secretariat of the Headquarters
for the Abduction Issue
1-6-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku,
100-8968 Tokyo, Japan
(Friedrich-Walter Adam-D, A-DX Jan 20)

JAPAN   HISTORY - Retro Radio Dial Japan 1953.

Japan is in just its first year of independence following the end of the
Allied Occupation, its Bonin, Volcano and Ryukyu Islands to the south
remain under American control, and yet a comprehensive web of radio
networks is in operation and newly established private commercial radio
stations are rapidly spreading.

It's 1953. The FEN Far East Network from Tokyo is one of the strongest
signals on the AM dial and the NHK Overseas Service is using powerful
shortwave transmitters to carry the vision of a new Japan to the world.

The area is full of tension. Soviet troops gaze across a narrow sea lane
into Northern Japan and American forces stare back in return as the cold
War between the USSR and the West intensifies. On the nearby Korean
peninsula, a long war ends in armistice, but not peace.

In this time, Japanese listeners were entertained and informed by the
rapidly growing number of radio stations, and Japanese inventors were
about to unleash the transistor radio, small and cheap radio sets that let
millions of Japanese take their music, news, information and entertainment
on the road, in their coats, on their bicycles, into schools, factories,
and all over Japan.

Retro Radio Dial Japan is the latest in this fascinating series that takes
a look back at the world's radio dials 60 years ago.

Recent additions include Brazil, South Asia and South East Asia whilst the
feature on North Asia has been revised.

Enjoy all of them at <>

Radio Heritage Foundation
The Global Radio Memories Project
Connecting today's people with yesterday's radio
(Jan 23 2014 Media Release, Radio Heritage Foundation, hcdx Jan 23)

KYRGYZ REP   4820  "Birinchi Radio" of KGR1 Bishkek // 4010v,
irregularly on air.

There are 3 stn visible in Perseus screen at 1530 UT Jan 17:

4819.995 Calcutta as for months now 5 Hertz down.
4820.000 CHN, Lhasa PBS Chinese language, 2000-1800 UT.
4820.017 dimmly a broadband distorted signal visible in the waterfall ?

AIR Calcutta 4819.994 kHz signing off from 1746 UT.

Only sweet violine music from Lhasa heard on 4820.0 til 1801 UT end. Only
carrier til 1802 UT. TX cut off at 1802:30 UT, Jan 17.

Re: 4010 / 4820 Birinchi Radio
on External list of BrDXC-UK.
ASIA 1431 KYRGYZSTAN - Jalal-Abad (40 kW)
KGR-1, Birinchi Radio, 2300-1800 in Kyrgyz and Russian.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 17)

Email address / Kyrgyz Rep, contact to Radio

Audio URL's, VLC player software compatible addresses

Kyrgyz Radio
VLC  <>

"Birinci Radio" First Radio program
VLC  <>

FM [Min Kiyal FM]
VLC  <>

[Dostuk] (Frienship / Freundschaft)
VLC  <>

Stream is a hidden flv stream in a 128 kbps aac / vbr.
Does the Video Lan Player nevertheless, since they can orient at the raw
data format.
(Roger-D, A-DX Dec 1, 2013)
The 4 streams start audio after 3 seconds on VLC player start... (wb.)

re Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka-KGZ 4820 kHz

Who knows ? - musings on that matter:

As I mentioned yesterday before, PROBABLY the 4050 kHz transmitter unit at
Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka site now freed of the contract between
Kyrgyztelecom and Russian VGTRK / RAM via RTRS feed line ?

This Radio Rossii relay on 4050v heard by Y.T. for the last time on Aug
10th, but missed in September 2013 up to now.

What we have also learned a year ago, as 60 meter band FREE channels are
not available in unlimited quantities in Central and South Asia.

Voice of Russia Dushanbe Yangi-Yul relay has then allowed to settle down
on 4960 kHz now. A lot of months they have been looking for a suitable
frequency before, and hopped around in 60 mb.

Otherwise nothing else has been changed much often in the short-wave band
scene in Kyrgyzstan in past decade.

A different aspect.
Could also send relay the TWR 'PANI' Afghanistan / Pakistan outlet also in
the 60 mb - on free frequency - towards AFG and PAK target then?

After the establishment of the new 500 kW MW transmitter and sidefire
antenna by PANI TWR on the Kyrgyztelecom site at Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka
has got more determined appetite for foreign dollars.

Who knows?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)

LAOS/CHINA   A check at Victor's site in Colombo:

6129.983  LNR, Vientiane, once again on odd channel, played typical
Lao/Thai/Cambodian music type. S=5-6 at 1045 UT Jan 9. Probably they have
two transmitters at their disposal, one odd frequency on lower side some
10-20 Hertz down, and at later time in afternoon mostly on even 6130.000
kHz channel. Or maybe the engineers at Vientiane ALIGN the transmitter
later the day against even CHINA station frequency??

Once again LNR Vientiane slightly odd lower side on 6129.980 kHz at 1351
UT on Victor's post in Ceylon. And CHN station PBS Xizang [TIBET] on even
6130.0 kHz Tibetan/Chinese phone in program at 1348 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 9)

LATVIA   1485  QSL Radio Merkurs, QSL-letter in 44 days for reception
report to
<rni @>
address in WRTH was confirmed, although a letter to this address had come
back before with postal remark "Unknown", VS: Raimnonds Kreicbergs, Radio
Merkurs Director.
(Kurt Enders-D, hcdx Jan 12)

LIBERIA   4760 on Jan 20 ELWA hrd via Iceland Perseus site at S4 to S4+
lvl from 0558 UT tune with ocnl gospel/praise vocals, recorded gospel
programming (Back to the Bible, etc.) and a soft-voiced male ancr in
studio with ocnl ID's and time. Almost armchair level but ocnl hvy ute QRM
including what sounded like a nearby transmitter overloading the 60 m
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Jan 20)

MALAYSIA   9835 - no trace of RTM Sarawak not even a carrier. Does this
mean  that RTM has stopped here? It is possible that 11665 kHz has some
but very low signal and stopped at 1600 UT.
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

Now at 0950 UT on Japanese rx unit heard 9835 kHz very tiny music, and
little stronger on 11665 kHz also.

But in Australia much better reception
RTM FM      5964.702
RTM Asyrik  6049.987
RTM Trax    7295
RTM Sarawak 9835 S=9+15dB
RTM Wai    11665 S=9+15dB

btw. Myanmar R Rangoon now on 7200.090 kHz odd frequency, 1035 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

MICRONESIA  [FSM]   4755.556  A log in short at our breakfast time.
Checked against Brisbane-AUS SDR network receiver this morning at 0948 to
1050 UT, Jan 9. PMA, FSM, Cross Radio, S=9+15dB powerful in Queensland
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 9)

MYANMAR   5985.841  S=6 signal from Myanmar Radio Rangoon site, reception
at best on upper side, due of CRI Swahili powerhouse on even 5985 kHz,
S=9+10dB Jan 21. Latter 500 kW Beijing tx center powerhouse.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 21)

NETHERLANDS   1566  HOL - Vahon FM, Den Haag (0.5) - Hindustani station
Newtonstraat 25, 2562 KC Den Haag. Netherlands
send reports to <qsl.vahon @>  zeigt die Boel "EMWG" Liste.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

Und die QSL (originelle Faltkarte als eQSL zum Selbstausdruck) kommt
innerhalb weniger Stunden von Koos Wijnants, einem Mitglied des Benelux-
(Rudolf Sonntag-D, A-DX Jan 19)

PALAU/USA   TOM heard this morning Jan 20 on another 7520 kHz outlet, but
not on 11565 kHz to AUS, so seemingly HRI 250 kW powerhouse moved to
7520 kHz now, at least traced at 06-08 UT.

9955 kHz is a terrible echo program mixture from both RMI Florida and T8WH
Palau. This selection is a very bad and unfortunate decision ...

Checked on remote SDR units in Moscow, Ukraine, Germany,
NY, MA, FL, Alb-CAN, and downunder in Australia.

0700-0800  3185 WRB 045 deg ENAm      S=9+10
0700-0800  3215 WCR 046 deg WeEu      S=9+10, S=7 in GER
0700-0800  5085 TWW 180 deg SoAm      S=9+10, S=8 in GER
0700-0800  5110vBCQ 245 deg ENAm CUSB S=7-8,  S=6 in GER
           exact carrier 5109.749 kHz
0700-0800  5890 WCR 090 deg ENAm      S=9+20, S=7 in GER
0700-0800  7490 BCQ 245 deg ENAm      S=7,    S=4-5 in GER
0700-0800  7570 RMI 315 deg WNAm      S=9+15, S=5 in GER
0700-0800  9495 RMI 181 deg CARR      S=7,    S=4 in GER
0700-0800  9840 RMI 087 deg NCAf      S=9+10, S=9+10 in GER
0700-0800  9930 HBN 318 deg EaAs T8WH S=7-8,  S=5 in GER
0700-0800  9955 HBN 345 deg NEAs T8WH S6-7 fluttery, S=4-5 in GER
           9955 RMI 160 deg CeAm

0700-0800 11565 HRI 245 deg AUS  not noted today Jan 20.

but probably HRI 250 kW unit used to be at EURwards
0700-0800  7520 HRI 047 deg EUR       S=9+10, S=9+35 in GER
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

PERU   3329.6  Ondas del Huallaga, Huanuco at 2330 to 2355 UT, locutor en
espanol weak signal 2 Jan; weak signal 8 Jan 2345 to 2355 UT en Espanol.
Some tentative logs since but very weak signals 2345 to 0000 UT.

4789.9  Radio Vision Chiclayo at 2350 to 0000 UT, very distorted Espanol
signal under transmitter hum on 9 Jan and other days since with same
xmitter issues.

4810  Radio Logos, Chazuta, Tarapoto at 1040 to 1050 UT, om vocal en
Espanol with very good signal easily the best heard from Peru. 9 Jan.

4824.49  La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos at 2340 to 0016 UT, with om and yl in
discussion en Espanol, notice better signals recently from this emisora
10/11 Jan.

4826.5  Radio Sicuani, Sicuani, Cusco silent since December?

4835  Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba at 2340 to 2355 UT, vocalist en
Espanol, weak with CODAR 8 Jan, noted en Espanol 2340 to 2350 UT on
10 Jan. with ute interference and CODAR.

4939.9  Radio San Antonio de Atalaya at 2350 to 0010 UT, om en Espanol
with deep fades 10/11 Jan.

5025  Radio Quillabamba, at 0030 UT, on threshold 17 Jan.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer Jan 18)

RUSSIA   9560  Radio VoRussia in English from Irkutsk site. Nice S=9+25dB
signal heard downunder in Brisbane Queensland, political and sports news
read at 1040 UT Jan 18. Slight QRM. But underneath also co-channel CNR
Uighur service from PBS Xinjiang Urumchi site heard too !
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)

RUSSIA  [Republic of Adygea]   6020  Adygeyskoye programm from Maykop -
Republic of Adygea, may you can check this Mons / Tues, and Sundays ?

And check Adygeyskoye programm from Maykop - Republic of Adygea, was on
VGTRK / RTRS Tbilisskaya 6020 kHz in B-13 season. 1700-1800 UT Mons/Tues,
1800-1900 UT Sundays only.

And in A-14 summer season on same schedule Armavir Tbilisskaya 7325 kHz
1700-1800 Mons/Tues, 1800-1900 Suns only, to zone 29SE ARM 100kW 190degr.

Today Mon Jan 20 at 17-18 UT I heard a mixture of some CHN Firedrake
violine jamming, some RFA Chinese progr from Tainan MRA island, and
underneath also something Turk/Arabic languages like talk and young lady
singer music of Turk mx flavour - Adygea Radio ?

Yes, I did record a MP3 File on remote Perseus rx in Italy yesterday Jan
20, I've got a signal peak of Adygea Radio Maykop on 6020 kHz, yesterday
Jan 20, at 1728-1735 UT, and could realize the same young lady song when
compared to their online recording on website



Transmission originate from Armavir Tbilisskaya shortwave center. 1700-
1800 Mons/Tues, 1800-1900 Sundays, mixed probably Adygean, Arabic, and
also - a third - Turkish language, when program ID, details, and web,
waveband, addresses given.

The Maykop programs are very language voice mixed:
Turkish / Arabic because this in each of the second language of the (19th
century) emigrated or deported Circassians in the Middle East.

Otherwise, wikipedia is about useful on Circassians
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

RUSSIA   9560  Voice of Russia, "Radio VR", crash start, no ident signal,
etc at 1000 UT on Saturday, January 18. On with "Radio VR News", then
"Redline". Overall poor.
73, Kraig, KG4LAC, dxld Jan 18

re VoRUS 9560 kHz. Nice S=9+25dB signal heard downunder in Queensland,
political and sports news read at 1040 UT on Jan 18.

Slight QRM. But underneath also co-channel CNR Uighur service from PBS
Xinjiang Urumchi China site heard too !
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)

RUSSIA   BBC Monitoring reports end of Russian LONGWAVE.

Russia has quietly switched off nearly all of its long-wave transmitters,
ending almost nine decades of broadcasting - as cost finally catches up on
the medium.

At 1 am on 9 January, state-run Radio Rossii wound up its broadcast as
usual with the national anthem. There was no mention that long-wave
transmissions were coming to an end, and the following day listeners found
they had to rely on local FM broadcasts and the internet to hear the
station. The only state radio station with truly national coverage, Radio
Rossii can be compared to BBC Radio 4 with its mix of news, drama and
educational programmes.

Long-wave suited Russian broadcasters because a single transmitter could
reach a wide area at all times of day and night. But they are expensive,
and as most listeners have begun listening on FM, or through cable,
satellite and the internet, the authorities decided to bring the service
to an end..

Long-wave radio played a role in the Cold War, with the United States
building a powerful transmitter near Munich and broadcasting its Russian
service on the same frequency as Moscow's programmes. Listeners in parts
of the Soviet Union found state radio drowned out by the Voice of America
- the US equivalent of the BBC World Service.

Now only one LW transmitter remains in the country, broadcasting Radio
Kavkaz to the North Caucasus region on a limited schedule.

The BBC says that although it is planning to end its use of long-wave
radio at some time in the future, there is no specific date for the
closure of its Radio 4 transmissions on 198 kHz, much loved by listeners
of the shipping forecast and Test Match Special.

with two photos.
(via Chris Greenway-UK, BBC_M, dxld Jan 15)

Last May, we visited far eastern Russia. Very abbreviated band scans
during out trip gave a good idea of the widespread coverage of several of
the Radio Rossii LW stations. At a stop in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, we visited a
park that I'm sure was the site of the 279 kHz transmitter tower
(unmarked, of course). Another stop was in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky; the
home of the 180 kHz station. Hearing both stations "up close" was a real
treat since i heard them in Arizona (at a much more quiet location)
several years ago.
(John Sampson, Jan 11, ABDX via dxld Jan 15)

All R. Rossii transmissions on short wave and long wave have stopped.
R. Rossii continues on FM as normal and on medium wave except for the
following transmitters, which have been closed:

Kochubey 621 kHz, Gusinoosersk 963 kHz, Salsk/Volgodonsk 1134 kHz,
Balashov/Ershov 1197 kHz, Kyahta 1287 kHz, Pleshanovo 1314 kHz, Livny
1449 kHz, Tyumen 1485 kHz, Tigil 1584 kHz, and Chumikan 1602 kHz.
(WRTH via via NRC IDXD Jan 10 via dxld)

Radio Tatarstan Wave question.
Transmissions on 9895 and 11790 kHz have been discontinued this week, only
12095 kHz via Armavir Tbilisskaya left on air.
(Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR, dxld Jan 18)

Three bcasts of Tatarstan Radio Kazan relay via SW survived the
decommissioning orgy at Russian radio scene. Heard on both 9895 kHz 0610-
0700 UT and 12095 kHz at 0810-0900 UT with S=9+30dBm signal in Germany.
Already on Jan 10 !

But both NVS have gone for ever on check on Jan 19: 9895 and 11790kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 10/19)

Thank you, Aleksandr. I was wondering about Adygeyskoye radio programme,
has it been suspended too?
(Andy Lawendel, dxld Jan 18)

And Adygeyskoye programm from Maykop - Republic of Adygea, was on
Tbilisskaya 6020 kHz in B-13 season. 1700-1800 Mons/Tues, 1800-1900
Sundays only. (wb.)

RUSSIA   11790  [not]  thanks to Aleksandr !
Radio Tatarstan Kazan at 0410-0500 UT noted still on 10th - but not today
19th anymore, now RRossii via VGTRK / RTRS ceased service for ever from
Novosibirsk also.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

RUSSIA   "Na volna Tatarstana" Kazan program now only single outlet at
0810-0900 UT on shortwave Aramvir 12095 kHz, but also on website:


0810-0900 UT / 1210-1300 LT block repeat on regular "local program" on FM
network, formerly also longwave 252 kHz outlet, but now ceased since
Jan 10.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 22)

[History]  USSR jamming history. Author. Rimantas Pleikys ("open_dx")

From the note of the Secretary of the CPSU Leonid F. Ilicheva the CPSU
Central Committee "On blocking out foreign radio broadcasts," March 30,

 1. "Voice of America" - Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian,
    Lithuanian, Armenian, Georgian languages (in Russian being
    selectively mute).
 2. "Bi-Bi-Si" - Russian language (being selectively mute).
 3. "Vatican"  - Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Estonian, Latvian,
    Lithuanian languages (solos transmission).
 4. "Voice of Azerbaijan" (Iran) - Russian (solos transmission).
 5. "Canada" - Russian language (solos transmission).
 6. "Deutsche Welle" (German) - Russian (being selectively mute).
 7. "Paris" - Russian language (being selectively mute).
 8. "Rome" - Russian language (being selectively mute).
 9. "Voice of Zion" (Israel) - Hebrew (solos transmission).
10. "Tyrant" [sic] (Albania) - Russian (hindered music programs).

List of radio stations, which is proposed to replace the mute making
it difficult musical programs :

1. "For the liberation of great Russia" (Spain) - Russian language.
2. "NTS" (South Korea) - Russian language.
3. "NTS" (the island of Taiwan) - Russian language.
4. "Freedom" (Germany).
5. "Freedom" (Spain) - Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Avar, Adygea,
    Azerbaijani, Armenian, Bashkir, Georgian, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Karachay
    Balkar, Ossetian, Tajik, Tatar, Turkmen, Uzbek, Chechen and Ingush.
6. "Freedom" (o.Tayvan) - Russian language.
7. "Free Russia" (o.Tayvan ) - Russian language.
8. "Voice of Zion" (Israel) - Hebrew.
9. "Madrid" (Spain) - Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian,

List of radio stations , whose transmission is not currently muted:
 1. "Belgrade" - Russian language.
 2. "Voice of Israel" (Israel) - Russian language.
 3. "Kabul" (Afghanistan) - Russian language.
 4. "Quito" (Ecuador) - Russian (religious programs).
 5. "Luxembourg" - Russian language (religious transmission).
 6. "Monte Carlo" (Monaco) - Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian
     languages (TWR religious transmission).
 7. "United Nations' (UN) - Russian language.
 8. "Omega" (Germany) - Russian (religious programs).
 9. "Beijing" (China) - Russian language.
10. "Tehran "  (Iran) - Russian language.
11. "Tokyo"   (Japan) - Russian language.

RGANI . F. 3 . Op. 16. D. 263. L. 24-25 . Copy.
(via RusDX Jan 12 via dxld Jan 15)

SAO TOME   4960  QSL: VoA Sao Tome, E-QSL in 10 days for reception report
<hmenezes @>
(QSL came from  <hmenezes @>  ).
VS: Victor Guadalupe, Assistant Transmitter Plant Supervisor + QSL-card in
31 days for same reception report.
(Kurt Enders-D, hcdx Jan 12, via dxld)

SEYCHELLES   BBC Seychelles relay final bcast on March 29, 2014 !

15530  BBC 1100-1130 1234567  Somali 250 295 Mahe SEY BBC
15595  BBC 1130-1500 Sat only Somali 250 295 Mahe SEY BBC

17690  BBC 1400-1500 1234567  Somali 250 295 Mahe SEY BBC
17745  BBC 1130-1230 Sat only Somali 250 295 Mahe SEY BBC
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 23)

SINGAPORE   Is there anyone out there that has a contact email address for
the BBC relay station in Singapore? Any help or ideas?
(George SV8GXC, dxld Jan 20)

re BBC relay station email address.
For BBC Singapore, try using the interactive map form on Babcock's website

I used it to send a report in 2012 and received a brief vaguely worded
email QSL in reply. This same webpage can also be used to contact other
BBC relays.
(Bruce Portzer-USA, dxld Jan 21)

SRI LANKA/USA   9335 / 11880  PCJ Radio International.
As PCJ Sunday HF Happy Station Takes a Break, we have issued the 500th QSL
for reception reports to one of our very faithful listeners from Indonesia
Eddy Satiawan. All outstanding reports have been answered and we have
cleared decks. If you are waiting for a QSL for an e-mail report still,
which we have not received for whatever reason, please resubmit your
report to.

Keith Perron  <pcjqsl @>

Answering reports and preparing QSL cards have been a tedious effort, but
we have done it happily in appreciation of your efforts to help us to
improve our service. Your reports have helped us to stay heard.
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK, Frequency / QSL Manager, BrDXC-UK Jan 18)

SURINAME   4990  on Jan 20 R. Apintie hrd via Iceland Perseus site at S-3+
lvl from 0721 UT tune with non-stop hip-hop, steel band & pop music.
Hvy QRM from periodic 2-way ute traffic on 4993+ and R. Brasil Central on
4985 kHz that even USB mode could not totally eradicate. Seems like 60 mb
is becoming the ute band of choice :-( !
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Jan 20)

Re R. Apintie, no audio at all, on various remote units worldwide,
somewhat under threshold on footprint exact 4989.988 kHz at 1005 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

TAIWAN   log 9734.9 kHz; RTI (tent), Vn, 1310 UT. on 20 Jan. Es klingt
Japanisch, aber sicher bin ich mir nicht, ob es RTI ist. O=2 in LSB

Aoki list: 9735 R.TAIWAN INT. 1300-1400 Jpn 250kW 45deg Tainan TWN
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX Jan 20)

9734.871 kHz -  Tainan near Taipei, ja Japanisch, ausgemessen in
Australien, aber dort auch nur S=8 und auch in Japan nur S=9+10dB nicht
sehr stark.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

UKRAINE   [Re dxld 2014-02]  The IS of RUI, mentioned to be the same as
during Soviet times is indeed true, but easily explained:

The tune is from the first verse from Taras Shevchenko's (the national
bard who lived in the 19th century) "Reve Ta Stohne Dnipr' shyrokyi" (The
Dnipro River moans and cries..., or something like that), which completely
pre-dates the Soviet Union, and has nothing to do whatsoever with
communism, and is a very patriotic Ukrainian poem/song. So makes sense
that it continues after the fall of communism in Ukraine.
(Volodya Walt Salmaniw-BC-CAN, dxld Jan 13)

UNIDENTIFIED   17895  Unidentified - DRM like - digital data block of 11
kHz wide set on top of BSKSA Riyadh Arabic at 0610 UT Jan 19. Couldn't
decode that with Dream software tool. Maybe parked some Sudanese scratchy
jamming transmitter unit?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)
same frequency? - see AIR DRM mode Bangalore outlet also, under INDIA.

UNIDENTIFIED   7458v  Unidentified PITCH BUBBLE tones like jamming heard
on 7455 to 7461 kHz frequency range at 1630 UT Jan 21 here in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 21)

VATICAN STATE   Vatican Radios Interval Signal.

Vatican radios Interval signal was rearranged and the new version is in
use since January 1st 2014. The above clip from the Vatican Radio DRM
broadcast to SoAsia 1530-1550 UT 15775 kHz.
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK dxld Jan 22)

VIETNAM   9635.742  Poor tiny S=4 mid-winter signal of Voice of Vietnam
Son Tay bcast center in Vietnamese, 0915 UT Jan 18.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)


Some MW tips this Jan 19 morning.

... und auch mal einige Stationen aus dem Balkan zwischen 06 und 08 UT
hier im midwinter schoen hoerbar.


576  BUL  - nein nicht SDR/SWR Muehlacker seelig, aber S=8 Signal aus
Vidin-BUL, die Boel "EMWG" Liste sagt 400 kW, und so ungefaehr hoert sich
das auch in der Fade-Out time an.

873  HNG  MR4 Programm suessliche kroatische Volksmusik-Saenger "Slavonia
Lied...", 07-09 UT taeglich, // 1188 kHz MR 4 noch etwas staerker.

1296  SRB  Serbisches Belgrad oder Loznica Programm, beides in der Boel
"EMWG" Liste verzeichnet, um 0737 UT faires S=7 Signal hier in Stuttgart.

1323  ROU  Targu Mures in Ungarisch !, nicht Rumaenisch um 0742 UT.

1530  ROU mit dem Kinderfunk in Rumaenisch, S=8 um 0745 UT.

1548  MDA  Radio Rossii aus Grigoriopol Maiac ist noch von der
Selbstverstuemmelung in Russisch uebrig geblieben. 05-08 UT S=8-9 hier in
Sueddeutschland, obwohl gleichzeitig der Englaender auch herein drueckt.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)


Thanks to Victor at Ceylon,
I used your remote Perseus net unit tonight again.

4010.029 KGZ  Kyrgyz Radio 1 Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka,
              S=7 fair signal at 1801 UT.
4765.053 TJK  Tajik R1 first national channel from Dushanbe Yangi Yul,
              S=7-8 at 1737 UT.
4780     DJI  R Djibouti in vernac Arabic?, S=9+5dB at 1738 UT
4800     CHN  CNR Geermu noted at S=9+25dBm powerful,
         IND  underneath AIR Hyderabad.
4809.995 IND  AIR Mombay in Hindi, S=9+15dB at 1740 UT.
4820     CHN  PBS Lhasa, Chinese, S=9+25dB signal at 1742 UT c-d 1800,
         IND  and underneath AIR Calcutta odd 4819.994 kHz, c-d 1748?

Nothing heard of KGZ KyrgyzR1 Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka on new? 4820 kHz.

4835     AUS  powerhouse ABC Northern sce
4850     CHN  PBS Urumqi in Kazakh, S=9+5dB at 1744 UT.
4880     AFS  SWR Africa in English, S=9+10dB,  b u t  heavily jammed
         ZWE  by SCRATCHY audio from Zimbabwe
              on 4876.2 to 4883.9 kHz range!
4905     CHN  PBS Lhasa in Tibetan, S=9+20dB signal at 1747 UT.
4920     CHN  PBS Lhasa in Tibetan, S=9+20dB signal.
4930     BOT  VOA English, S=9 fair from SoAF.
4949.750 AGL  only carrier visible here, S=7, but no modulation or
              less 5%?
4980     CHN  PBS Urumqi in Uighur, S=9+10dB signal at 1752 UT.
5005.0   GNE  RN Guinea Bata Equat Guinea, carrier visible tiny S=4-5,
              b u t  little QRM by odd
5008.474 MDG  RTM Madagasikara, from Antananarivo, hopps up and down by
              +20Hertz, S=7 at 1753 UT.
5059.983 CHN  XJBS PBS Urumqi in Chinese, S=7-8 signal at 1758 UT Jan 18.

(73 wb df5sx Jan 18 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)


Some late B-13 changes, some entries are reserve / alternate ones ...

 5920 0530 0700 11,12  HRI  250 173  23456  SpaEng USA HRI FCC
 5920 0700 0800 11,12  HRI  250 173  23456  SpaEng USA HRI FCC
 6135 2000 2030 29     WOF  250  75 1234567 Rus    G   VOV BAB
 6225 1430 1530 41,49  DB   100 125 1234567 mya    TJK DVB WRN
 6240 1600 1800 44NE   TAC  100  76 1234567 kor    UZB WRN WRN
 6245 1500 1600 44NE   TAC  100  76 1234567 kor    UZB WRN WRN
 6275 1300 1400 44NE   DB   100  71 1234567 kor    TJK WRN WRN
 6275 1430 1630 44NE   DB   100  71 1234567 kor    TJK WRN WRN
 7230 0230 0330 40     WOF  300  86 1234567 Fas    G   BBC BAB
 7315 0530 0700 12-15  HRI  250 152 1     7 Eng    USA HRI FCC
 7315 0700 0800 12-15  HRI  250 152 1     7 Eng    USA HRI FCC
 7315 0800 0900 12-15  HRI  250 152 1234567 Eng    USA HRI FCC
 7375 1900 2000 44NE   DB   100  71 1234567 kor    TJK WRN WRN
 7375 2000 2030 44NE   DB   100  71       7 kor    TJK WRN WRN
 7470 2000 2100 44NE   DB   100  71 1234567 kor    TJK WRN WRN
 7515 1600 1730 44NE   TAC  100  71 1234567 kor    UZB WRN WRN
 7520 0600 0800 9,27,28HRI  250  47 1234567 Eng    USA HRI FCC
 7540 1530 1700 44     DB   100  71 1234567 kor    TJK WRN WRN
 7550 1700 1730 40     KCH  100 100 1234567 far    MDA WRN WRN
 7570 2200 1000 2,3    YFR  100 355 1234567 Eng    USA RMI FCC
 7590 1400 1600 44NE   TAC  100  71 1234567 kor    UZB WRN WRN
 7595 1300 1400 44NE   TAC  100  71 1234567 kor    UZB WRN WRN
 7730 1800 2200 18-37  YFR  100  44 1234567 ENGPOR USA RMI FCC
 7730 2200 1100 10     YFR  100 285 1234567 Eng    USA RMI FCC
 9300 1300 1400 44NE   TAC  100  76 1234567 kor    UZB WRN WRN
 9335 1300 1430 41     TRM  250  45 1234567 ENG    CLN SLB SLB
 9380 1300 1500 44NE   TAC  100  76 1234567 kor    UZB WRN WRN
 9410 1700 1730 40E-41 DHA  250  45 1234567 Prs    UAE BBC BAB ex WOF
 9495 1900 2000 11,12  HRI  100 173  23456  SpaEng USA HRI FCC
 9495 2200 1300 10-13  YFR  100 181 1234567 En,Spa USA RMI FCC
 9505 2000 2100 4,-29  HRI  250  47 1       Eng    USA HRI FCC
 9690 1100 2100 10,11  YFR  100 285 1234567 Eng    USA RMI FCC
 9775 1400 1600 44NE   PUG  100  20 1234567 kor    PHL WRN WRN
 9810 1800 1900 37-57  MEY  100 350 1234567 Fra    AFS RFI TDF
 9840 0400 0800 46-57  YFR  100  87 1234567 Eng    USA RMI FCC
 9885 1900 2000 37E-57 MEY  100 350 1234567 Fra    AFS RFI TDF
 9905 1500 1600 41     HBN  100 270 1234567 Eng    USA HBN FCC
 9905 1600 1700 43,44  HBN  100 345 1234567 Eng    USA HBN FCC
 9905 1700 1800 43-45  HBN  100 345 1234567 CmnEng USA HBN FCC
 9905 1800 1900 43,44  HBN  100 345 1234567 Eng    USA HBN FCC
 9910 1230 1430 44NE   TAC  100  71 1234567 kor    UZB WRN WRN
 9950 1000 1300 43,44  HBN  100 345 1234567 CmnEng USA HBN FCC
 9955 0700 1100 43,44  HBN  100 345 1234567 CmnEng USA HBN FCC
 9955 1600 2000 41-54  HBN  100 270 1234567 Eng    USA HBN FCC
 9955 2200 1400 10-16  YFR  100 160 1234567 Spa    USA RMI FCC
 9965 1900 0700 43,44  HBN  100 345 1234567 CmnEng USA HBN FCC
11560 1700 1730 48     KCH  100 160 1234567 eri    MDA WRN WRN
11565 0900 1000 51-60  HRI  250 245 1       Eng    USA HRI FCC
11565 1000 1200 51-60  HRI  250 245 1234567 Eng    USA HRI FCC
11610 1600 1700 48     KCH  100 160 1234567 eri    MDA WRN WRN
11660 1700 1800 37S,46 MEY  100 350 1234567 Fra    AFS RFI TDF
11750 0400 0458 38-48  MEY  100  20 1234567 Fra    AFS RFI TDF
11825 1000 2200 4,9    YFR  100 355 1234567 Eng    USA RMI FCC
11860 1300 1400 44NE   DB   100  71 1234567 kor    TJK WRN WRN
11860 1400 1430 44NE   DB   100  71 1       kor    TJK WRN WRN
13695 2200 0300 12-15  YFR  100 151 1234567 ENG,SPAUSA RMI FCC
15170 0600 0900 46-52  MEY  250 342 1234567 Fra    AFS RFI TDF
15665 1600 2000 12-16  HRI  100 152 1     7 SpaEng USA HRI FCC
17610 2000 2100 46-52  HRI  250  85  234567 Eng    USA HRI FCC
17630 1100 1200 54     DB   200 125 1234567 lao    TJK WRN WRN
17690 1500 1700 48     MEY  250  32       7 Som    AFS BBC BAB
17705 1600 1900 2,3    HRI  100 315 1234567 Eng    USA HRI FCC
17780 1400 1430 46SE   ASC  250  55 1234567 Hau    G   BBC BAB
17780 1430 1700 46SE   ASC  250  55       7 Hau    G   BBC BAB
17790 1400 2000 36-52  YFR  100  87 1234567 Eng    USA RMI FCC
17860 1100 1200 54     DB   200 125 1234567 lao    TJK WRN WRN
21470 1400 1500 48     DHA  250 205 1234567 Som    UAE BBC BAB
21470 1500 1700 48     ASC  250  85       7 Som    G   BBC BAB
21630 1400 1430 46SE   ASC  250  65 1234567 Hau    G   BBC BAB
HFCC Jan 18
(via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)



On the  <>
homepage we have added a tribute to Don Jensen containing some of Don's
writings, links to various things about Don, and some of his most
interesting QSLs.

Please click on the homepage link, "Donald N. Jensen, 1935-2013," and
check out this remembrance of our old friend.

If you have any additional DNJ material that you feel should be added,
please let us know. Thanks. And we have posted two new stories from Adrian
Peterson "72nd Anniversary: International Encounter on the High Seas-3,
HSK "Kormoran" and HMAS "Sydney" - The Radio Scene" (January 12, 2014),
and "Ancient DX Report: 1906" (January 12, 2014) under "Specialized
(Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer Jan 19)

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