2014 Very Short Term Awards

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9 March to 14 April 2014
KAZAKHSTAN             Memorial in honor of the 80th anniversary of the birth of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin
Ham radio operators around the world, having the license of the country the right to work in amateur radio are invited to participate in a memorial for Yuri Gagarin. Contact stations during this period whose suffix spells out his military call sign "KEDR".
Different award designs are used for modes used to contact these stations:
Diploma "KEDR-80-C W" (Multiband All CW)
Diploma "KEDR-80-PHONE" (Multiband All PHONE)
Diploma "KEDR-80-DIGITAL" (Multiband All DIGI TAL)
Diploma "KEDR-80-MIX" (Multiband any modes MIXED)
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Each QSO with a station using the suffix of KEDR is worth 4 points. Repeat contacts are allowed for different bands and modes. If digital modes are used, the award will show DIGITAL, and not individual digital modes, such as RTTY or PSK.  Sponsor will collect data from all of the special event stations and will issue awards based on this data.
Applying for the awards:
1.You may apply for any or all of the awards (MIX / CW / PHONE / DIGITAL). At least 80 points for each award with the memorial stations are needed.
2. All claimed QSOs must be confirmed by the electronic platform at: http://cqham.kz/cqgc/kedr/
Award requirements for the special radio operators of memorial stations:
1.Operators; of special stations must make at least 1000 QSOs in the relevant categories of modes. .

The procedure for obtaining diplomas
1.Diplomas will be issued in electronic or paper form, at the request of the applicant.
2. Electronic diplomas are free of charge and will be downloaded to the applicant after checking data based on logs submitted by the special stations.
3. For paper diploma, you should contact the manager and get information on the cost of the diploma, his mail delivery at the time of filing the application and make payment.
4. The application the applicant has the right to invoke the public data server and compare a sample from his own log records.
5. Apply to un8cc <<@>> mail.ru
E-mail: Alexander UN8CC << @ >> MAIL.RU
Internet: http://cqham.kz/cqgc/kedr/htm/kedr_80.htm
Tks Victoria ut7aw@ukr.net 3/14/14

8 - 23 March 2014
ITALY                          AWARD SAN REMO
                            ( Song Festival, Milano-Sanremo bicycle race , Floral carriages )
The Sezione ARI Sanremo sponsors the " Diploma Sanremo " , in order to stimulate Radioamateur activity and increase the value of the City of Flowers traditions .
Rules and Participation:
a. OM and SWLs all over the world can participate working stations belonging to the Sezione ARI Sanremo and the Jolly station IQ1SM.
b. PERIOD - Starting from 0000 UTC of 8th March 2014 up to 2400 UTC of 23th March 2014
c. BANDS - HF bands (WARC included)
d. MODE - SSB CW RTTY and Digi modes
e. SCORING:  Stations belonging to Sezione ARI Sanremo will make the call : " CQ Diploma Sanremo " adding to the own callsign : " Sanremo " .
Each station contacted = 1 point .
These stations may be contacted again on a different day or on the same day but using different band or mode .
IQ1SM counts 3 points .

To obtain the Award, ( a participation certificate ), it is necessary to earn at least 30 points .
To receive the Award , once you have earned the 30 point level, it is enough to send an e-mail , no later than 30 April 2014 , to: i1yhugianni@tin.it showing the callsign of the applicant . Gianni I1YHU , the Award Manager. The award will be sent to you as a PDF document, to be printed on your own computer/printer. It is not necessary to send any log.
A paper version of the award can be requested by mail , with SASE and enough money for postage return to: ARI Sanremo -Diploma Sanremo – UFFICIO Sanremo – Casella Postale 114 – 18038 SANREMO (IM), Italy. .QSLs are not requested. .
E-mail: i1yhugianni@tin.it
Internet: http://www.arisanremo.it/
Tks PA3CUZ 3/2/14

14 - 27 March 2014
SPAIN                                                  Diploma EH3DWN International Down Syndrome Day
On 21 March, the International Down Syndrome Day is celebrated , so between 03/14/2014 and 03/27/2014 the special event station EH3DWN will be activated to commemorate the event and raise awareness of this disorder.
EH3SWN is expected to active on the following bands and modes :
Bands: 80 , 40 , 30 , 20 , 17 , 15 , 12 and 10 meters.
Modes: SSB, RTTY, PSK and ROS .
A diploma in pdf format will be issued to commemorate the event.
There are 3 ways to earn the award:
1) Conduct a minimum of 3 contacts with EH3SWN on the same band , such contacts should be made on different days.
2) Perform a minimum of 2 contacts on different bands .
3) Conduct a minimum of 2 contacts on different modes.
You may easily check whether the contact was recorded and be able to download the award by going to: http://eh3dwn.blogspot.com.es/ . (Enter your call sign in the "Consulta de Log" block.)
Internet: http://www.qrz.com/db/EH3DWN
Tks SQ6CU 3/17/14

17 March 2014
IRELAND                                St. Patrick’s Day Award
On Saint Patrick’s Day, we’re all Irish, or if we are not Irish, then get a chance to imitate their optimism and good nature. Look for stations (Irish or not) all day long on March 17th. Contact these stations during the 24 hour (0000Z - 0000Z) period on March 17, 2014.
The sponsor is looking for volunteers to be the station which is giving out contacts, so here is your chance to play in the pile up game. You do have to be approved by the sponsor, and accept the fact that you will have to take part and participate in the activity entirely at your risk.
(The sponsor’s guidelines are: "Please make sure that your event has adequate public liability insurance. Members of clubs affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) will be covered under the RSGB Club Insurance scheme. A copy of the certificate of insurance, policy documents and frequently asked questions can be found on the RSGB’s Club Insurance pages, make sure you print a copy of the documents and have them with you during your event."). [Since you are not engaged in any commercial activity, I would suggest that in the USA, your HomeOwners or Apartment Renters insurance policy provides public liability insurance for your hobby of amateur radio.)
There are several categories of operation by which you may be able to earn the award. They are:
1.Saint Patrick’s Day (SPD) Station Award
: you must be a registered St Patrick Day Station, and have transmitted on the March 17th as part of the St Patrick Award.
2. Fixed Station Award - you must make direct two way communication with a minimum of 10 SPD award stations from a fixed location using either mixed modes or CW only.
3. Mobile Station Award - you must make direct two way communication with a minimum of 5 SPD award stations from a mobile location using either mixed modes or CW only .
4. Short Wave Listener Award - you must log two way communications between a minimum of 10 SPD award stations utilizing any mode
Your award application should be in the form of a log in ADIF format. ADIF files are commonly used in contest software, and are sometimes required in award applications. A very simple program which will generate an ADIF file written by DF3CB, can be found at http://www.df3cb.com/fle/ . You can learn everything about it in about 5 minutes and is highly recommended. The award is an "e-award" which will be sent to your e-mail address at NO charge.
The award is being organized by the Regional team in Region 8 of the RSGB ( Radio Society of Great Britain)
E-mail: lamph121@btinternet.com
Internet: www.stpatrickaward.webs.com
Tks MI0RYL / EI3HKB 2/27/14

July 1 - 6, 2014
USA                                   13 Colonies Special Event INDEPENDENCE WEEK
15 Special Event stations will be activce July 1 - 6, 2014 celebrating Independence Week. These will be stations operating from the 13 original colonies plus friends at WM3PEN will again participate from Philadelphia, PA, where independence was declared.. Also added will be W3FT from Baltimore, MD, commemorating the writing of our Nation Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner in 1812.
The 13 Colonies certificate will have a Liberty Bell added for a contact with WM3PEN. A W3FT contact will have a special 15 star 1812 US flag of the period added to the 13 Colonies certificate and will also offer a special qsl card printed just for this event.  The theme for 2014 will be "Revolution War Era Colonial Currency". The certificate is printed on heavy card stock. Stations working one state or, as many as all 13, will be eligible for the certificate. A "Clean Sweep" indicator will be affixed, for those lucky enough to "Q" all 13. A special endorsement will be attached for stations contacting our sister operation, WM3PEN, in Philadelphia, PA.
Applying for the Certificate:
1) Download and print out our Colony Log sheet, found on their website. Fill-in all applicable information. NOTE: this also applies to SWLs requesting a certificate.
2) A $5.00(US) donation is requested to cover costs of printing the award and all the QSL cards needed for the event. Also include your RETURN SELF ADDRESSED LABEL for your certificate envelope. Your address should be on the label!
3) Cash, check or MO is OK. The check should be made out to Ken Villone-Award Manager.
4) Send your return label, donation & log sheet to: Ken Villone-KU2US, PO.Box-185, Conesus NY. 14435-0185, USA.
5) Sponsor will provide the return envelope and postage. NO extra postage required for DX requests.
Internet: http://www.13colonies.info/

12-13 July 2014
ITALY                            Fausto Coppi Award
The ARI Section di Tortona establishes this award which will be issued to amateur and SWL stations to commemorate and keep alive the memory of the "Champion of Champions".
Angelo Fausto Coppi, 15 September 1919 – 2 January 1960, was the dominant international cyclist of the years each side of the Second World War. His successes earned him the title Il Campionissimo, or champion of champions. He was an all-round racing cyclist and he excelled in both climbing and time trialing, and was also a great sprinter.
Contact the special event station IQ1TW on as many different HF bands and modes as possible during the 48 hour period. Sponsor would like all stations to use the log sheet provided on their website, though other versions are accepted if they contain Callsign, Date, UTC, Band and Mode.  All HF bands 80-10 meters and all modes SSB, CW, PSK31 and RTTY accepted if permitted on the band.
Fee for the award is 15€ or $US20 which may be paid by currency or to the PAYPAL account pierpaolo.liuzzo@alice.it . A copy of the proof of payment should be attached to your application. All those applying for the award will be entered into a raffle for prizes.
Apply to: Pier Paolo Liuzzo IZ1XBB, Strada Fornaci 23 A - 15057 Tortona (AL), Italy.
E-mail: award@aritortona.it
Internet: http://www.aritortona.it/ari/diploma/fausto-coppi/Regulation.pdf
Tks N1NN 3/1/14

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