80th Anniversary Of Radio A.R.I. Trento Award- 1 May to 31 July 2014

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The A.R.I. Trento was founded in 1934 by Danilo Briani (I2CN) and other pioneer OMs.
In honor of this 80th Anniversary, offers the "80 YEARS OF RADIO – A.R.I. TRENTO AWARD".
Contact the club station II3TN and members of the group on all bands and modes of PHONE, CW and DIGITAL. No use of repeaters, transponders, Echolink or similar systems.
Contact special call sign II3TN, club call sign IQ3TN and at least 5 Members of A.R.I. Trento Club (an updated list of valid Callsign is available on www.aritn.it ).
Multiple QSO with the same A.R.I. Club Member are only valid if made the same day and on different Bands or Modes or on different Days.

Apply to "A.R.I. TRENTO, Via Enrico Conci 86/A, 38123 TRENTO (TN) – ITALY" with a contribution of 10 EURO or 10 DOLLARS. The request must have the show the name of the applicant (name, surname and full postal address). For each QSO or (SWL) information about Date, Time, Frequency or Band, Mode and Callsign, must be given.
Internet (rules) : http://www.aritn.it/portal/default.aspx
Internet http://www.qrz.com/db/II3TN?ref=499483296 of http://www.aritn.it/portal/80esimo-ari-trento.aspx
Memberlist http://www.aritn.it/portal/elenco-dei-soci.aspx

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