Australia's VK3FI medium wave beacon heard in New Zealand

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After reaching out across the Australian continent with about 60 signal reports, the CW beacon at 473 kHz has now been received in New Zealand.
Keith Hayes ZL4MD at Cromwell in deep central New Zealand advises he heard the beacon on March the 28th at 10.27pm local time.
At first it was picked up as visible on the weak-signal software Argo, then a callsign was heard by ear after putting several bits together.
Kevin ZL4MD, who describes himself as a rising 82-year old, used an Icom IC706MK2 feed with a three quarter wavelength sloping wire antenna.
Several other ZLs are listening intently with the best opportunity for reception expected to be during the winter. The report from ZL4MD will encourage them further.
The band 472-479 kHz is a secondary allocation in many countries and has the VK3FI beacon at Mildura in north-western Victoria to create interest and activity.
It is on most nights at 0900 UTC, an earlier time to make it easier for ZLs, and remains until 2200 UTC. Send reports by email to vk3fi<at>
Jim Linton VK3PC

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