CQ ENCE 2014: Ham Radio Emergency Communications Exercise

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The 5th Emergency Communications National Exercise (ECNE or ENCE) takes place Saturday, April 26 and this year will also use the 5 MHz (60m) band 

Despite the name, Emergency Communications National Exercise, the event attracts interest from the ham community outside Spain and a version of the message template translated into English is provided.

The exercise will be held on Saturday April 26, 18:30-19:30 UT and is open to international participation.

The frequency chosen for the 60m band is: 5.311,5 kHz USB. Also some activity is expected in other HF ham bands, such as 3.760 kHz (80m), 7.110 kHz (40m) and 14.300 kHz (20m), as well as in VHF, CB and PMR frequencies.

The purpose of the exercise is to provide an opportunity for those radio amateurs interested in practicing operating skills.

An English guide on how to participate is available at

Anyone can participate, even as a listener, sending reports to: ence@fediea.org.

CQ ENCE is organized by Federación Digital EA and Liga Española de Asociaciones CB y Radioaficionados.

More information in Google English at

Spanish http://www.fediea.org/emergencias/

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