Elblag 777 Diploma - 1 May to 31 July, 2014

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The organizer of the activities and publisher of the diploma is a group of amateurs from Elblag, Poland composed of Jerzy SP2GUB, Wojtek SP4QCU, Robert SP2BIR, John SP2HMY, Slawek SP4EOO.
The award celebrates a diploma on the 777th anniversary of the city of Elblag. It may be earned by contacting as many QSOs with hams from Elblag, previous residents of Elblag, and contacts from amateurs from partner cities of Elblag.
The award is made available for individual stations, club stations and SWLs from Poland and all other countries.

During the time of the award "Elblag 777", the following stations will provide occasional activity:
- SN777EL - Wojtek SP4QCU
- SN777BL - Slawek SP4EOO
- SN777AG - Herb SP2GUB
- SN777HMY - Janek SP2HMY
- SN777HHX - Wlodek SP2HHX
- SP2BIR - Robert Elblag
- SQ2MTF - Chris Elblag
- SQ4TBQ - Bartosz Elblag
- SP2RIT - Adam Elblag
- SP2NBA - George Elblag
- M0GLV - Marcin SP4BHD
- DK0LR - station of the City Partner Leer - Hermann DK2BE
- ES4CASTLE - station of the City of Narva Partner - Sergei ES4RM
A complete list of event stations, stations that have ever lived in Elblag or those who may be operating temporarily from the area of Elblag and Twin Cities stations will be published on the website www.sn777.pl and www.elblag777.pl .
All HF and VHF bands may be used and valid modes include: SSB, CW, DIGI.
Award Requirements: earn a minimum of 777 points for confirmed contacts or SWL, regardless of bandwidth and emissions.
Point values:
a. Commemorative Stations SN777EL, SN777BL, SN777AG = 100 points.
b. Other SN777 stations = 70 points.
c. Stations of the partner cities = 50 points.
d. Individual Stations associated with Elblag or operating temporarily from the area of Elblag without the SN777 prefix = 20 points.
The point values above count for the first QSO on each band .
Another point for contacts with the same station may be obtained on the following bands using any emission.
Missing points. The minimum required is 777. You can make additional QSOs with SN777 stations provided that contacts cannot be repeated in a given band in the same month, IE a given station can be contacted for up to 3 QSOs (May, June, July ) on the same band, regardless of the mode.
Special Bonus Points: If you contact on one band the three stations SN777EL, SN777BL and SN777AG, (the suffixes spelling EL BL and AG, or ELBLAG, you earn a one time bonus of 150 points. Good only for 1 such contact/event.
All special stations making contacts are required to provide information about the program and help to publicize the award points they provide.
Participants in the event, who meet the conditions for obtaining a diploma and would be interested in receiving it, should e-mail to the address: award@sn777.pl an application together with an extract from the log confirming the points obtained by 31 Oct 2014.
The Diploma in electronic form is free of charge. Hard copy mailed awards are available at extra cost of 40z for SP’s and 10Euro for all others, the diploma will be sent in hard copy to the address indicated in the application.
E-mail: award@sn777.pl
Internet: http://www.sn777.pl/index.php?co=1

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