Marathon walk to Friedrichshafen

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As reported in the current issue of the German magazine 'FUNK Amateur', as he now has time, having just retired, Volker DK2MT will start a 800Km walk from Haltern am See (JO31NR) to the HAM RADIO hamfest in Friedrichshafen this year. It is expected to take 47 days.
Quite a challenge you say ... but wait, Volker is not planning to walk on flat ground, no, he's a SOTA (Summits on the Air) activator and his route will take him up and down 40 mountains en-route.
Volker plans to cover 20Kms per day and of course will have his radio equipment with him. This consists of a KX3 and VHF HT.
The 40m antenna is an Inverted-V that will be supported by a telescopic pole from the company DX-Wire. Operation will most be on CW. The new technology "LifePO" batteries will at least reduce somewhat the weight of the equipment being carried.
Volker is expected to receive a very warm welcome by the SOTA aficionados at their noon meeting at the QSL wall in Friedrichshafen.
Ed Durrant DD5LP / VK2JI

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