SF3HF Award - 2 - 4 May 2014

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The Sundsvall Radio Amateurs club SK3BG, is sponsoring a short-term diploma to publicize the spring SF3HF radio camp activation at the Hemsö Fortress.
Contact the stations SF3HF, SI9AM and SK3BG which will be active from 17.00 on 2 May until 12.00 on 4 May. Contacts with these stations are worth 10 points each. A total of 30 points is needed for the SF3HF diploma. One of the listed stations can be replaced with 10 QSOs with any SM3 stations, which gives 1 point each and SM3 stations may be contacted at any time in the month of May 2014.
Contacts with SF3HF, SI9AM, SK3BG will take place on:
80 meters, CW 3530 and / or 3775 kHz SSB or
40 meters, CW 7030 and / or 7140 kHz.
To apply for the SF3HF diploma just send a list with log excerpts to: Erik Edblad, Bragegatan 4, SE-856 41 Sundsvall, Sweden. or you may apply by e-mail at: erik.sundsvall @ telia.com
The charge for the award is 50 SEK or equivalent.

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