The ILLW reaches a milestone

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The 200th registration for the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, held on the third weekend of August, is the 152-year old Cabo Silleiro light station in Spain.
The Spanish registration comes
from Hans Muenzenhofer DK6EA
and Heike Beiderwieden DC2CT who will activate the lighthouse, for its first time in the annual fun-event.
This is the 5th lighthouse since 2010 for the pair who will use an Icom IC7000 transceiver and 10m, 20m and 40m dipoles based on a fishing rod.
On the Atlantic coast near to northwestern City of Vigo in the region Galicia, the octagonal stone tower painted with red and white horizontal bands, was an entry point to the Ria de Vigo in the south.
The old lighthouse with a large two-story keeper's complex is on an important headland and also once had a fog signal.
So far there are 205 registrations from 30 countries in this year's International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend.
For past or current activations, the guidelines and to make an online registration for August the 16th and 17th, visit the website
Jim Linton VK3PC

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