34th International Diploma "Leonardo da Vinci" - 1 May to 15 June 2014

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1 May to 15 June 2014


1. Available to all amateurs and SWLs.

2. Bands: all the HF frequencies, but no WARC QSOs are allowed.

3. Mode: SSB only.

4. Requirements:
     a. Italian and European stations need 10 points or 10 SWL reports.
     b. Stations outside of Europe need 3 points or 3 SWL reports.
     c. Multiple contacts with the same station are OK if the contacts are made on different dates or bands. Contact with the same station made in a different band but same day, must be logged with at least one hour between the QSOs.

5. Point Values:
     a. Any contact or SWL report = 1 point.
     b. "Jolly" stations (wildcards) might be on air and a contact with such a station = 3 ponts. Only one contact per day on each band with such "Jolly" stations are allowee. .
     c. Every contact must be logged with:

          – progressive number
          – R-S report
          – QTR report
     d. IQ5EM, a super "Jolly" Stations of Empoli Radio Club, will be randomly active and any contacts with this station will be worth 5 points.

6. Applying: Send a log extract with all QSO data, including the serial number sent to you by the participating stations. Apply to: Sezione A.R.I. di Empoli P.o.Box 100 – 50053 Empoli (FI), Italy. The award fee is 10 Euro or $US10. All the amount of money Empoli Radio Club Station collects, will be contributed to the Italian League against Cancer.

Internet: http://www.ariempoli.altervista.org/Regolamento_XXXIV_Diploma_e_Concorso_Leonardo_da_Vinci_2014.html

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