"Great Hockey in Minsk" AWARD - 9 - 25 May 2014

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9 - 25 May 2014


The Special event call sign EV2014ICE@mail.ru will be active during the period of the 78th World Championship of Ice Hockey in Minsk, Belarus.
Earn at least 78 points during the award period 9-25 May 2014 and you can apply for an e-award issued free of charge.

Point Values:
1. Contacts with special event stations EV2014WHC, EV2014ICE = 20 points for each contact.
2. Stations in Minsk with prefixes EV1, EU1, EW1 = 5 points for each contact.
3. Contacts with other Belarus stations with prefixes EV, EU, EW = 1 point for each QSO.
4. At least one QSO with a special event station is required.
5. Repeated contacts with these stations are allowed if they are made on different bands and in different modes.

Your application for the certificate should be in the form of an extract from your LOG and should be sent by e-mail to: EV2014WHC@TUT.BY . The electronic digital files will be issued for stations that qualify for the diploma from June 1st, 2014.

Additional Award is available: "Famous Five" AWARD:
At the time of the 78th Ice Hockey World Championship from the 9th till 25th of May 2014 will be awarded to stations who make 5 QSOs with each of the special event stations EV2014WHC and EV2014ICE.

Repeat contacts with these stations are allowed if tyhey are made on different bands and in different modes. Apply for this certificate by submitting log extracts and sent by e-mail to: EV2014WHC@TUT.BY. This is also an electronic diploma which will be issued free of charge.

Email: ev2014ice@mail.ru
Internet: http://www.qrz.com/db/EV2014ICE

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