ID-5100E D-STAR Mobile, available first week of May 2014!

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The ID-5100E VHF/UHF dual band digital D-STAR transceiver featuring large responsive touch screen, integrated GPS, optional Bluetooth connectivity and support for Android devices will be available from authorised Icom Amateur Dealers in the first week in May 2014!

The ID-5100E will be available in two versions:
The standard version, complete with multi-functional microphone and hanger, DC power and controller cables and CS-5100 cloning software will be available for a suggested retail price of £569.95 (inc.VAT).
ID-5100E Deluxe
Includes Bluetooth features and mounting equipment: MBF-1 Suction cup mounting bracket; MBA-2 controller bracket; MBR-100 Trunion mount; UT-133 Bluetooth unit and VS-3 Bluetooth headset with a suggested retail price of £719.95, saving £126 (inc.VAT)!
More about the ID-5100E

The ID-5100E is an innovative D-STAR digital mobile transceiver that features a 5.5-inch touch screen display. This display features a menu-driven interface and software keypad (QWERTY keyboard). The built-in GPS receiver allows you to show current position data on screen. With the DV/FM repeater list function, GPS position data, you can search for nearby repeaters with ease.
Hands-free communications and remote control of the ID-5100E is possible with the optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset and UT-133 unit installed. To connect wirelessly to the ID-5100E D-STAR Mobile and remotely set DR functions, send/receive text messages and pictures, and link with a map application, you can download the free Android RS-MS1A application (optional UT-133 Bluetooth unit must be installed) from Google Play at
The ID-5100E has V/V and U/U simultaneous receive capability. DV/DV dualwatch allows two digital voice signals to be monitored for receive on either channel. Other digital functions include enhanced D-PRS (with object, position, item and weather formats) and DPlus reflector linking.
The ID-5100E features 50W output power on both VHF and UHF bands. Its controller head provides convenient operation with independent main dial, volume and SQL knobs for A/B bands. The built-in SD card slot in the main unit accommodates voice and data storage and the import/export of repeater lists.

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