10th anniversary of Romanian Website Radioamator.ro - July 24 to August 3, 2014

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July 24 to August 3, 2014


July 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the Romanian web site Radioamator.ro. During the 10 day period, between July 24 and August 3, a special call sign YR10RRO will be active and celebrating this anniversary.

 Those radio amateurs contacting this station and accumulating points will be eligible to claim a special award: "Radioamator.ro - 10 years anniversary". . The station will be operated by hams who contributed or helped the web site Radioamator.ro.

The award is issued in three classes (I, II and III) and endorsements for modes of CW and SSB. The applicants should earn a minimum number of points from QSOs in HF bands (from 160 to 10 meters) made with the special event call sign of YR10RRO and a few other stations operated by hams that contributed with articles published by radioamator.ro or who helped managing the web site during last 10 years. The list of the call signs can be found at this address: http://www.radioamator.ro/yr10rro/?l=en
Those who confirmed their presence on HF bands between July 24 and August 3, 2014 are highlighted with red. 

Requirements: The total number of points required for each class is as follows:
Class I: 175 points
Class II: 100 points
Class III: 75 points
The award is issued separately for each mode, CW or SSB. .

Point Values:
a. A QSO made with a station present on the list on any band is worth 5 points.
b. On the same mode, on any other band a contact with the same station does not offer any more points.
c. In other words, a station listed on the Radioamator.ro's contributors list could give no more than 5 points in CW and 5 points in SSB, on any HF band.
d. A QSO made with the special call sign YR10RRO is worth 10 points on any band and mode, but a new contact on the same mode and a different band would offer additional 10 points.
e. To be eligible for the award, for any class, the applicant must work YR10RRO at least once.
The award is free and is offered in electronic format for contacts made between July 24 and August 3, 2014. The application should be submitted by email to yr10rro@radioamator.ro
The following information is expected for each eligible contact:
•Data and time (UTC)
•Band (exact frequency, if possible)
•Mode (CW or SSB)
•Call sign
•Points claimed
The calculated claimed total number of points is also expected in the application.
Please provide your call sign, name and email address where you what to be contacted.
Due date to apply for "Radioamator.ro - 10 years anniversary" award is December 31, 2014.

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