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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ARGENTINA   11710.644  RAE Buenos Aires. Tiny S=6 signal of sidelobe
azimuth at Europe at 0455 UT July 19, Chinese "4-5 UT Tue to Sat" only
program, IDs at 0456...0457 UT. 04.57:20 UT TX switched OFF. But TX came
on air again for only two seconds appearance at 04.58:10 UT !
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 19)

ASCENSION ISL / U.K.   11985  Radio Akhbar Mufriha program.

{HCJB outlet in Fulfulde language via Babcock transmission provider,

A-14 11985kHz 2145-2215UT zone 46W ASC 250kW  27deg Fuc G HCJ BAB
B-13  7300kHz 2100-2145UT zone 37S WOF 250kW 170deg Ara G HCJ BAB, wb.}.

I heard clear annmt of "Akhabar Mufriha" and contact address in Paris and
e-mail address as listed in their website during the monitoring of 11985
kHz at 2145-2215 UT. Good signal. Their website shows they broadcast on
7300 kHz at 2100-2145 UT, but nothing could be heard on 7300 kHz here in
(Sathosi Wakiska, Osaka-JPN, dxld July 18)

AUSTRALIA   Radio Australia matter.

Internal mail to Radio Australia staff.

Here you can read an internal mail send yesterday to Radio Australia staff


"Shortwave transmission of RA remains unchanged for the time being",

"Asia Pacific and Asia Review will cease production as will the Mornings

"Language services in Tok Pisin, Khmer and Burmese will be delivered
through a mix of reduced original content coupled with translated ABC
content and content from SBS".

And while you're there you can also read: "Does America need the Voice of
America?" (Jonathan says: "I fear not"):

(via Kai Ludwig-D, dxld July 15)

I found this article on
that you might like: "Cut here: reshaping the ABC".

(via John Figliozzi-NY-USA, DXplorer July 15)

re: Radio Australia.

Here's what I've been able to assemble from various sources that I
consider reliable about what can only be described as a truly catastrophic
situation for Radio Australia. Keep in mind that RA management is left
with few options, none of them good, in its efforts to preserve and
maintain anything resembling a viable service for its regional and
international audiences.

- The English Language Programming department (ELP) is effectively gutted.
The only remaining RA productions in English appear to be some hourly news
bulletins and the Pacific Beat program. All else, including the excellent
Asia Pacific program, ceases.

- At least for the time being, RA intends to maintain a 24/7hrs-d English
language service by pulling all of its content from ABC Radio domestic
sources (except for the morsels described above). A revised ELP schedule
is in preparation and will be announced and implemented shortly.

- Language services in Tok Pisin, Vietnamese, Khmer, Chinese, French and
Burmese appear to remain but only in some skeletal form since about 3/4 to
4/5 of those staffs are to be axed. Again, it appears the plan is to pull
some content from domestic sources, this time from SBS whose
administration is likely to be housed with what's left of RA at Southbank
in Melbourne as indicated in a previous press report.

- As unbelievable as this may sound, the situation is so dire and so
immediate that there will be a culling of half of the journalists on staff
via a random process   no evaluations, experience, records of achievement
or years of service considered.

- No reduction in shortwave schedules has yet been indicated, but it's
hard to see how that continues unaffected and unabated beyond anything but
the very short term.

Personally, I will reserve comment on all this at this time and let the
facts speak for themselves. However, some of you will be aware of my
admiration and appreciation for Radio Australia over the decades so you
are free to draw your own conclusions in that regard.
(John Figliozzi-NY-USA, DXplorer July 15)

It's difficult to know where to begin here but this is another nail in the
coffin for international broadcasting. As happened at RCI, the gutted
service will be of less and less value to listeners who will turn away
from it and thus insure the final death knell a few years further on. RA
was a valuable voice into underserved media markets in Asia and the
Pacific. One only has to travel that region to understand that outside of
a few major capitals and parts of China, Japan, and South Korea shortwave
remains vitally important.

I would note that there is a tiny bit of light here. The redundancies are
almost certainly a violation of Australian labor law, as I understand it,
and the courts may thus intervene. Also, the Australian Football League
has already been assured it's coverage into Asia and the Pacific via
Australia Television will not be affected for the remainder of the AFL
season (through September 27) and will, in fact, increase to six games per

A sad day as the voices on shortwave will be further diminished.
(Rob de Santos-USA, dxld July 15)

The 80 positions that are being cut are from many staff that are close to
retirement. Also positions that are being done twice. For example Nigel
Holmes took early retirement 2 years ago, because there was someone at the
ABC in Sydney who was more or less doing the same job. Sames goes for John
Westland who was in charge of ABC content on RA. There was already someone
at ABC International doing the same job for television.

In Melbourne the news operation in many ways made no sense. First you had
the RA newsroom, and then a newsroom producing international news for
Radio National. It makes sense to just have one.

Considering how many hours of RA's schedule is from the domestic ABC
services. It's not surprising to add more since many of these programs are
more popular than RA programs.

Shortwave wave Rob is not vital important in the ROK or in Japan. There is
almost no SW audience in South Korea and Japan accounts for
less than 2% of the total population of Japan. I don't where you ever hear
that shortwave is vital to the ROK.
(Keith Perron-TWN, dxld July 17)

[more]  I didn't say all the 80s positions are of those taking early
retirement. There are also many contract workers as well. Many of who at
the end of the day will move on to other parts of the ABC.

Nigel knew almost 6 months in advance what was going to happen and when we
met two weeks after he left was happy to be gone. It makes no difference
is Sydney does not have the experience, because Broadcast Australia and
the staff at Shepperton. Streamlining is a good think.

We had a number of conference calls with John Westland almost every month
when he was at RA and would tell us when certain programs were not for
relay and had others that could be used in it's place. I.E programs from
Tripple J, which has some language that stations outside Australia can not
be used. And in 2011 even sent out a survey to find out what programs RA
partners were interested so he could source with his team.

Asia Pacific News Center was in name only. At the Southbank studios people
still called is the RA newsroom. Programs like Asia Pacific and Asia
Review are just not needed. Pacific Beat also uses the same pieces,

ABC domestic Radio National programs have relevance to listeners in the
Pacific. Even programs like Bush Telegraph have content that is also
useful to the Pacific nations. Very few is any Australian expats listen to
RA. Except for maybe grandstand. But now that it's on satellite they don't
for the most part. In 15 years I have not once ever met an Australia in
Asia who says they listen to Radio Australia same goes for Australia

A few years ago the television side did have huge audiences for sports
programs, but these were for the most part dropped. I don't think anyone
will notice the cuts taking place. Why produce content yourself when you
can already use content that is already available.
(Keith Perron-TWN, dxld July 18)

Did a bit of a fact check with my sources at RA on some recently proffered
information in an effort to separate fact from opinion and continue to
round out the story. This is in no way intended as criticism of what has
been offered by others. In some ways, this kind of situation requires
interested observers to take what they learn, combine it with what they
already know (or think they know) and then draw conclusions to try and
fill out the picture. Inasmuch as those of us doing so need to exercise
caution and qualify our missives on the topic accordingly, this further
analysis also is offered with the aforementioned qualifiers.

**The 80 positions that are being cut are from many staff that are close
to retirement.

Apparently not so. While this may be true with regard to the Australia
Network, many of the affected staff at Radio Australia are middle aged or
younger and would not have chosen to retire. Journalists, who work for the
Asia Pacific News Center (APNC) are also being targetted and the majority
of them are also middle aged or younger.

**Also positions that are being done twice. For example Nigel Holmes took
early retirement 2 years ago, because there was someone at the ABC in
Sydney who was more or less doing the same job.

I am told that Nigel Holmes did not willingly take early retirement. He
was to be made redundant, was informed of this and decided to retire.
There was no one in Sydney who was 'more or less doing the same job'. Part
of the problem for RA is that 'Sydney' (ABC Headquarters at Ultimo in
Sydney) had and has no regard for or real knowledge of international
broadcasting or shortwave, except when it comes to the ABC's domestic
shortwave service. Nigel had a remarkable knowledge of shortwave and,
taking into account what's happened since he left, that expertise has been
sorely missed.

**Sames goes for John Westland who was in charge of ABC content on RA.
There was already someone at ABC International doing the same job for

John was not 'in charge of ABC content on RA'. Quite the contrary, he was
Distribution Manager looking after RA's programming links with other
broadcasters including WRN. RA's link with the latter organisation was
severed at the end of 2013. He's somewhat closer to retirement age but in
no hurry to bring that day on.

**In Melbourne the news operation in many ways made no sense. First you
had the RA newsroom, and then a newsroom producing international news for
Radio National. It makes sense to just have one.

The Asia Pacific News Center (APNC) serves both ABC International (RA &
Australia Network) and domestic networks, including Radio National.
Journalists in what was once the RA Newsroom are part of the APNC. Axed
programmes such as Asia Pacific and Asia Review were also produced by the
APNC. Pacific Beat, which has survived, is also produced by staff from the
APNC. There has not been an RA newsroom for quite a few years.

**Considering how many hours of RA's schedule is from the domestic ABC
services. It's not surprising to add more since many of these programs are
more popular than RA programs.

It is true that an increasing number of mainly RN programs have been added
to the RA schedule, most recently following the axing of the live
afternoon program for the Pacific. Then, at the end of last year, the co-
production with NewsRadio, a three hour rolling news program, simulcast on
both RA and Newsradio, was also axed. From the ABC's point of view and
spurred on by the need to save money, it makes sense to up the domestic
content on RA. Unfortunately, most of these programs are produced with
only a domestic audience in mind and often they mean little to listeners
of other nationalities across the Pacific or to those who still listen in

They are understandably popular with ex-pats and other overseas listeners
with a keen interest in Australian domestic matters. Mention has been made
that, in future, some RN programs will be re-oriented to make them more
understandable and useful to a Pacific (and Asian) audience while still
serving a domestic and ex-pat audience. We'll have to wait and see how
that works out.
(via John Figliozzi-NY-USA, dxld July 17)

AUSTRIA   11880  AWR Arabic sce ministry program, via ORS Moosbrunn relay
site at full power 300 kW there, targeted to all Northern Africa / Sahara
/ Sahel zone 190degr target. Sidelobe signal heard in NoWeCAN at S=8 or
-79dBm strength. Religious chorus of woman in African style heard at
their presentation at 0625 UT onwards on July 18. 06-07 UT scheduled.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 18)

AZERBAIJAN   11747v  Ictimai Radio (tentative), Vn, 1820 UT, July 15.
S=9+10dB, O=3/4, FM-Mode.
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX July 15)

11760fm   Das Programm kann man im FM Mode und 20 bis 30 kHz Bandweite
auch verstehen. Sprazzelt so ueber den gesamten Bereich 11750.5 bis
11767.2 kHz, wobei nach obenhin schon der naechste Sender CRI Deutsch aus
Kashgar aus 11768/11775 kHz hereindrueckt.

Center liegt fast genau auf 11760 kHz, Messung wegen fehlendem Carrier ist
nicht genau messbar. Die Wellenbewegungen des Signals, - siehe Screenshot
gelb-gruene Wasserfall Farb-Anteile - kann ich nicht erklaeren.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 15)

BOLIVIA   6025-   on July 12 at 0119 UT, very poor signal with talk,
slightly on the low side, like 6024.96 kHz or so, one click on the 40-Hz
DX-398 steps. Surely Red Patria Nueva; LSB decreases Cuban Radio war on
6030 kHz, but I rarely hear anything at all on 6025 kHz. This is certainly
the weakest of the Bolivians on 49mb, even less signal than 6155+ < 5952+
< 6134.8 kHz.

Those not in the know that R. Amanecer Internacional, Dominican Republic,
has been off the air for *years* might make a different assumption based
on its being preserved as if active in Aoki and the other databases
cluelessly depending on it. The only other thing besides "Radio Illimani"
in Aoki is Lhasa, Tibet, unlikely.

Wolfgang Bueschel reported 3+ hours later: "UNID 6024.971 kHz tiny signal
at 0430 UT", and RPN has also been traced on the low side by others such
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 12)

"6024.98 kHz, at 2305 UT on July 7, Red Patria Nueva, La Paz, Under China
N.R. most with talks and music, weak.
(Maurits Van Driessche-BEL, hcdx / dxld)

BOLIVIA   5952.44 kHz at 00.19 UT Emisora Pio XII, Siglo Veinte Bolivia.
Studio talks by male and female, about Bolivia. Good signal weak audio.

6155.13 kHz at 2345 UT Radio Fides, La Paz Bolivia. Conversation by male
and female,  audio just above the noise.
(Maurits van Driessche-BEL, hcdx July 16)

BRAZIL   5990.1   on July 12 at 0123 UT, RNA extra frequency with phone
conversation, significantly off-frequency. Others report it as 5990.11
kHz. Good signal >4 kW.

11765-11795, on July 12 at 0129 UT, RNA is splattering plus/minus 15 kHz
from overmodulated/distorted 11780 kHz, but no discrete spurs this time
around 11750/11810 kHz. "Atencao, emissoras da EBC", time signal about
3 seconds fast at 0130 UT and swift roll-call of relaying stations around
the country.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 12)

6080.02 kHz at 2328 UT Radio Marumby, Curitiba PR Brazil. Portuguese talks
about the president in Brazil, good signal and audio.

6134.98 kHz at 2335 UT Radio Aparecida, Aparecida Brazil. Information
about Brazil by male, not bad but very close to Santa Cruz, on

6134.825 kHz and the audio from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is also stronger
(last one with many IDs).

6010.07 kHz at 00.01 UT Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte Brazil.
Portuguese speech by male, splatter China on 6020 kHz.
(Maurits van Driessche-BEL, hcdx July 16)

BRAZIL   11660, 11690, 11720, 11750, 11810, 11840, 11870, 11900 kHz, July
13 at 0532 UT, RNA spurs are the worst yet, at 30-kHz intervals around
11780 kHz. The closest ones are strongest and the farthest ones barely
detectable, all extremely distorted. 11870 kHz is QRM to WEWN. Fundamental
11780 kHz itself is distorted and overmodulated but readable if you put up
with it.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 13)

I guess has something to do with excellent Sunspot figures, even low power
tiny spurious signals travel on worldwide propagation path very easily.

2014 Jul 11 165 8 3
2014 Jul 12 150 5 2
2014 Jul 13 130 5 2
2014 Jul 14 130 8 3
2014 Jul 15 130 12 4
2014 Jul 16 110 8 3
2014 Jul 17 110 8 3

Checked RNA 11780 kHz outlet around that channel on July 17th morning.
11780.003  Spread the 11770.3 to 11789.2 kHz range at 0209 UT on July 17.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11/17)

BRAZIL   11780, on July 18 at 0107 UT, RNA is back on tonight, and
splattering out to 11800 kHz, probably to 11760 kHz except blocked by RHC,
but no spurs at 30 kHz multiples. Still overmodulated. Also active on 6180
and 5990 kHz at this time.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 18)

11780.002  RNA at 0620 UT on July 18 again on air. S=9+30 signal heard on
mainlobe in Edmonton Alb-CAN remote SDR post. Main signal 'seen' 10 kHz
wide (5 kHz wide each side), but some splatter in audio tone peaks for
example when strong guitar signal played, latter occured on wide 11743 to
11812 kHz range at 0628 UT.

Mainlobe fits CAN target, the 310degr[or 325deg?] antenna outlets from
Rodeador Park shortwave transmitting center northwest of Brasilia has
mainlobe towards across Cuba, Kansas-USA and Calgary-CAN path.

Both // RNA/RNB in 49 mb too:
5990.061 RNA S=9+10dB -62dBm surprisingly strong, must be at least a 125kW
reduced power of 250 kW unit beast in use, never 4kW of power of their
daytime experimental DRM unit on 5990v. Otherwise the

6180.004 kHz unit is rather powerhouse strong there noted in NoWeCanada
remote rx post. S=9+35dB or -41dBm read-out on the Perseus strength

BRAZIL   5990v not on air at 0320 UT on July 19.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 18/19)

BULGARIA   B-14  Seasonal International HFCC-ASBU Conference
25-29 Aug 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria



Ventsislav Georgiev
Technical Manager
Spaceline Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria
Space Line Ltd.
James Baucher blvd 71,
Fl. 6, Office 5,
1407 Sofia , BULGARIA
Phone:  +359 (2) 962 50 62, Fax:+359 (2) 868 54 08
Mobile: +359 888 554 297
Web:    <>
e-mail: <georgiev @>
(hfcc website, July 15)

CHINA   Verminderter Frequenzeinsatz fuer die deutschen CRI-Sendungen im
August 2014.

Wie die deutsche Redaktion von Radio China International mitteilt, fallen
im August "aufgrund dringender Wartungsarbeiten" zwei Kurzwellen aus.
Dabei handelt es sich um Frequenzen aus Urumqi, und es ist vermuten, dass
andere von dort belegte Frequenzen ausfallen oder verlegt werden.

Die deutsche Redaktion hat damit folgenden Sendeplan:
06.00-11.00: 1440
18.00-23.00: 1440
16.00-18.00:  5970  7380
18.00-20.00:  7395 11650 (nicht 1.-20.8.) 11775
05.00-08.00: 17720 17820 (nicht 14.-20.8.) (Wiederholung vom Vortag)

Uhr Weltzeit (+2=MESZ) Frequenz (Sender) Programm.

Auf der Homepage
bekommt man den ausgelaufenen Wintersendeplan 2013/14 geboten.
(CRI via Volker Willschrey-D, via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D July 11)

Das sind Hardware Wartungsgruende in China. ... schau besser hier:

In Bayern werden die deutschen Steuermillionen der Deutschen Bundespost /
DWL / Media Broadcast / TDF in profane Solar Stromerzeuger konvertiert -
siehe Peter Jenus' Infomails ueber die Verschrottung der Wertachtal

In China herrscht dagegen eine gute Organisation und Ordnung bei den
Kurzwellenanlagen, und jedes Jahr werden ein/zwei weitere Senderzentren
ausgiebig gewartet.

Dieses Jahr werden Urumchi Westchina, und Jinhua-Youbu #831 tx gewartet.
Letztes Jahr wurden Beijing und Lhasa in Tibet gewartet.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11)

COLOMBIA   5910.06 kHz at 00.30 UT Alcaravan Radio, Puerto Lleras
Colombia. Nice Colombia songs, and Alcaravan ID strong and clear audio.
(Maurits van Driessche-BEL, hcdx July 16)

CUBA  [and non].  5025, on July 12 at 0113 UT, by now R. Rebelde is back
on frequency after jumping to odd 5049.2+ kHz for at least 12 hours UT on
July 11; so now BS from WWRB is in the clear again on 5050 kHz.

11860, on July 12 at 1352 UT, is today's missing frequency from RHC, still
on 11760 and 12010 kHz et al.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 12)

CUBA   Additional frequencies of Cuban Spy Numbers station Hybrid Mode 01

0500-0555   11462 UNID secret transmitter site Spanish Tue/Thu/Sat, 14375
0900-0955 NF11462 UNID secret transmitter site Spanish Tue/Thu/Sat,x12120
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)



Russia has provisionally agreed to reopen a major Cold War listening post
on Cuba that was used to spy on the United States, a Russian daily
reported Wednesday after President Vladimir Putin visited the island last

Kommersant reported that Russia and Cuba had agreed "in principle" to
reopen the Lourdes base, mothballed since 2001, citing several sources
within Russian authorities.

"The agreements were finalised while President Vladimir Putin visited
Havana last Friday," the respected daily wrote.

Russia had closed the Lourdes spy base south of Havana on Putin's orders
to save money and due to a rapprochement with the United States after the
September 11 attacks.

But Moscow has since shown a new interest in Latin America and its Cold
War ally Cuba and relations with the West have deteriorated amid the
Ukraine crisis.

The base was set up in 1964 after the Cuban missile crisis to spy on the
United States. Just 250 kilometres (155 miles) from the US coast, it was
the Soviet Union's largest covert military outpost abroad with up to 3,000

View gallery A secret Russian listening station conducts it's activities
October 18, 2001 in Lourdes some 18 mile ... It was used to listen in to
radio signals including those from submarines and ships and satellite

"All I can say is finally!" one Russian source told Kommersant of the
reported reopening.

The defence ministry and military high command declined to comment on the
report to Kommersant.

Ahead of Putin's visit to Cuba last week as part of a Latin American tour,
Russia agreed to write off 90 percent of Cuba's debt dating back to the
Soviet era, totalling around $32 billion.

Russia paid Cuba rent of $200 million per year to use the base in the last
few years it was open.

A former head of Russia's foreign intelligence service, Vyacheslav
Trubnikov, told the newspaper the base would strengthen Russia's
international position.

"Lourdes gave the Soviet Union eyes in the whole of the western
hemisphere," he said. "For Russia, which is fighting for its lawful rights
and place in the international community, it would be no less valuable
than for the USSR."

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov was not immediately available for comment
on Wednesday.
(Moscow_A_F_P - via dxld July 16)

This story accumulated 1276 comments in the first four hours! (gh, dxld)

FRANCE   Radio France has decommissioned three mediumwave transmitters.

Radio France has decommissioned the first three of of its mediumwave
transmitters. Last Wednesday, three high power AM stations of France Info,
the news channel of the public broadcaster, were switched off.

France Info is currently available in France on more than 260 FM
frequencies. Nevertheless there are still areas where the station is not
well-received on FM. Therefore France Info also transmits through various
high power mediumwave transmitters.

To save costs, it was decided to change this. The three mediumwave
transmitters affected are:

In NoEa France, Nomeny  837 kHz 200 kW, located north of Nancy.
In Central France Nieul 792 kHz 300 kW, north of Limoges.
In the south, Muret     945 kHz 300 KW, SW of Toulouse.

The other high power mediumwave stations of France Info,as well as the
mediumwave transmitters of the local network France Bleu, are still on the

For listeners in the affected areas, the elimination of AM stations means
receiving France Info in some places over the air is difficult or even
impossible, requiring manual switching between different AM frequencies.
DAB+ is not an alternative, as Radio France has already decided not to
invest in digital terrestrial radio.

After the summer station operator TDF will dismantle the mediumwave
transmitters in Nomeny, Nieul and Muret. What will happen to the towers is
still unclear.

Radio France is not the first public broadcaster in Europe to switch off
mediumwave. Previously, public broadcasters in Norway, Denmark, Flanders,
Switzerland, Hesse, SouthWest Germany, Central Germany and Bremen turned
off their AM stations.

In the Netherlands it's planned to turn off the mediumwave transmitter of
Radio 5 in 2015, but an official notice has not yet been released.

Source: Radio.NL translated by Andy Sennitt.
(via Mike Terry-UK, posted in PCJ Media and PCJ Radio on F-B, July 14)

Re: Radio France has decommissioned three mediumwave transmitters.

Tote Hose nun auf den 3 franzoesischen MW Kanaelen, habe ich heute auf dem
Weg downtown zum Stuttgarter Westen gecheckt.

Ich hatte den Nancy 837 kHz Sender auf die Audi Autoradio Memory gelegt,
nur der franzoesische Sender Strassbourg 1278 tut noch mit Elsaessisch /

Da bleibt tagsueber nicht mehr viel auf der MW zu hoeren.
DLF Ravensburg 756, DLF Heusweiler 1422 u. SR 1179 kHz, und BR Muenchen
Ismaning auf 801 kHz.

France Info Nancy Nomeny, 837 kHz 300/150 kW, two masts.
48 52 55.73 N  06 13 58.25 E

France Info Limoges Nieul, 792 kHz 300/150 kW
45 55 58.52 N  01 09 43.43 E





France Info Toulouse Muret Vennhole, 945 kHz 300/150 kW
43 26 58.93 N  01 20 25.84 E





(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 15)

GERMANY   New domestic 10 watt low power stn in Germany on 6150 kHz, now
at noon 1100 UT on July 19. 6150  re unid, nx und dann pop/rock mx...
(Andree Bollin-D, A-DX July 19)

ID as "Six One Five Oh", ... "im Studio Sven Weikam";
Mutmassung: <>   ??
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX July 19)

Gestern Abend mit Testansagen, da wurde sogar die fuer die Sendungen
verantwortliche Organisation genannt. In Deutschland aber wegen der toten
Zone nicht zu hoeren, hier in Doebriach war das Signal zwar aufzunehmen,
aber fuer die ID war es dann doch zu schwach. 10 Watt Leistung soll die
Station machen. Das hatte ich verstanden.

tent. E-Mail-Adresse  <test6150 @>
(Markus Weidner-at DX-Camp Doebriach Austria, A-DX July 19)

re 6150.003 kHz. Testaussendung jetzt. Der Standort ist Datteln, zwischen
Muenster und Bochum, noerdlich vom Ruhrpott.

In Sueddeutschland laut Ansage als "Technische Versuchssendung" gehoert.
Datteln in Nordwest Deutschland, 10 Watt Leistung, genau auf 6150.003 kHz
Fussprint, S=5 oder -100dBm um 1525 UT mit dem Haenschen-klein Thema auf
dem Klavier getastet. Dagegen etwas staerker mit S=8 -73dBm bei Hans -
DL4YBP in Luebbecke - sein Standort ist naeher dran an der Steilstrahlung.

Zum Vergleich Kall Eifel mit dem Radio 700 Slovak program S=7-8 -84dBm,
und der richtig grosse RFE/RL Lampertheim 100kW Sender in Belarus lang auf
6105 kHz mit propperen S=9+15dB -61dBm, wenn auch nicht im Zielgebiet.

Betrieben wird der Sender vom Verein IG-HF-Technik e.V. in Datteln,
nordwestlich von Dortmund. Angesagt wird folgende e-Mailadresse
<test6150 -at->

Google zeigt

Interessengemeinschaft Hochfrequenztechnik e.V.
Johann-Strauss-Str. 22
45711 Datteln

die Bundesnetzagentur Liste zeigt

Bernd Feyock
Johann-Strauss-Str. 22
45711 Datteln

Der Sender ist bei der Bundesnetzagentur angemeldet.

Die Nachrichten der Station stammen nicht aus Datteln, sondern von einem
Internet Nachrichtensender.
(Juergen Lohuis-D und wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 19)

Erste Hinweise auf die Neuanmeldung bei der BNetzA/FNA kamen am 26. Juni
von Christian Milling in den newsgroups:

6150  UNKNOWN NEW STATION TEST. 1312 UT, June 28, Nonstop-Mx.
Pop, Country, 1319 UT close down, no ID.
(Markus Weidner-D, A-DX June 28; Internet: <

Die 6150 kHz soll wohl aus Datteln in NRW kommen. In der neuen HFCC Liste
steht das Ding mit 15 kW von dort aus drin, unbekannt - wer sich dahinter
verbirgt. Lassen wir uns diesbezueglich ueberraschen ...

6150 kHz 0600-1900 UT zones 18,27,28  15kW antITUtype700,
daily 03-06-2014 to 26-10-2014 NEW FNA, TENT. (June 26)

comment: KLL Kall is NOT involved. Temporary appointment of a replacement
construction only, is logged til the new station location is registered at
ITU Geneve transmitter site list. Datteln location is not the final
registration location.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 29)

GERMANY   Broadcasts of HCJB via Media Broadcast, who will be cancelled
2300-2330  9835 NAU 100 kW 240 deg to SoAM German     from August 1
2300-0045 11920 NAU 100 kW 240 deg to SoAM Portuguese from August 1
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 14)

GERMANY   Final countdown for the Wertachtal transmitter site. Notes about

Enclosed you'll find a press message from media broadcast in German. It
tells the public that by the end of 2014 the Wertachtal transmitter site
will be history. It will be completely demolished. They have not yet
decided what to do with the premises.

- The precedures did start last May. On May 22, 23 and 24 I was in Nauen
at the transmitter site and helped scrapping The old Radio Netherlands

This Telefunken S4001 100 kW DRM transmitter was moved from Flevo to Nauen
in 2008. However for some unknown reason this transmitter never was
completely rebuild.The transmitter now must make room to install the
newest Telefunken / RIZ Zagreb DRM transmitter that was installed in
Wertachtal in 2003. This transmitter has a normal power of 500 kW and the
maximum DRM power is 200 kW.

The transmitter will be operated on the old Radio Berlin tunable and
steerable revolving antenna that was built in 1964 by Funkwerk Koepenick.
In 1997 the antenna was completely overhauled by AEG Telefunken and this
antenna is use daily with a S4001 100 kW transmitter that was obtained in
2010 from the Juelich transmitter site in Germany near Cologne.

The antenna can operate with a maximum power of 200 kW. The former Radio
Netherlands Transmitters #3 and #4 (Telefunken S4005, 500 kW) - which were
reinstalled in Wertachtal in 2008 will be scrapped.

And parts will be transported back to the Netherlands Radio Transmitter

All the other transmitters in Wertachtal will be sold to an interested
buyer. If that is not possible then the scrapheap will be the last resort
for these transmitters too. If you are interested in the Wertachtal site:
I've put some 600 pictures in a F_B photoalbum. The URL is:


Met vriendelijke groet/Kind regards,
(Jan Oosterveen, Transportradio 6095 Frequency Management, dxld July 14)

I think I can spread a little light on the issue of the last broadcast. In
MBR's own A13 schedule there were several frequencies and times scheduled
for Wertachtal. Most of the freqs mention MBR as the broadcaster. But
having monitored these freqs myself I never found a transmission.

So I suppose these freqs were only HFCC coordinated to have the
possibility to return transmissions back to Wertachtal in case of
emergency. Having said this I think that the last transmission for
Wertachtal was the one between 00:00-01:00 UT on March 31, 2013 knowing
the A-13 schedule started with the beginning of summertime that night.
What the exact transmission was I will ask the Wertachtal Manager as soon
as I speak to him this week. I also think it is not true that some
transmitters were left on black or red heating. Remote controlling of
Wertachtal from Nauen is simply not possible.

I know that on the Wertachtal site there is still one engineer. At the
moment his job is to dismount the TELEFUNKEN / RIZ 500 kW DRM transmitter
for moving to Nauen.

This transmitter is capable of doing DRM transmission with a
max of 200 kW.

In Nauen it will be installed in the transmitter building at Drechtower
Damm 66 for use with the exRadio Berlin International DUS antenna. This
antenna also has a max of 200 kW. An Antenna Matrix switch is already in
the building and in the control table in the main building there is
already equipment to control transmitter 6 remotely.

To do this in may I have helped to take down the exRadio Netherlands
100 kW DRM transmitter "R" which was transported to Nauen in 2008 and
for some reason only partially rebuilt but never completed.

A lot of parts fron this transmitter were taken to the Netherlands by me
and handed over to the Broadcast Transmitter Museum.

Anyone interested in the official Media Broadcast Press release of the
Wertachtal closure, it can be found here:


On the F_B page of PCJ-media (Keith Perron) I have put some 600 pictures
of the Wertachtal site in a photo album. You'll find that here:

Regards, Jan


Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
Jan Oosterveen, Transportradio 6095 Frequency Management, dxld July 14;
Jan Oosterveen-HOL, SW txsite July 15)

The question has been raised when the last transmission went out from the
Wertachtal plant:

This is not an easy question. The process to withdraw this facility
started with a first big step on 1 April 2013, but some transmissions had
been moved to other facilities only within the following four weeks. This
is shown in the Media Broadcast operational schedules where the dead slots
must be ignored, in particular those of Family Radio MB had still not
finally written off at this point.

But also this is still not the full story. Apparently some Wertachtal
transmitters had until recently been kept in stand-by, with black or even
red heating, since the situation has been described as such that
transmitters could still be turned on everytime by way of remote control.

It's not too unlikely that this had indeed been done at least once during
this year, probably simply for maintenance as done also at Juelich during
the last months it had still been maintained. Of course no such things
will ever show up in HFCC & Co.

Wolfy just found a publication from 1990 that reveals some further, little
known details:

The search for a suitable location for such a plant started already in
1962 but remained fruitless for years. The original idea was to use a
location close to the Cologne studios, corresponding to the Juelich
facility. When this turned out as impossible it has also been taken into
consideration that it is favourable for transmissions to North America and
the Far East to use a location as much in the south as possible.

About 50 locations have been considered. First a place on the Iller river
near Memmingen had been choosen, but a citicen action group prevented the
postal office from proceeding there. Only in 1968 the postal office could
finally purchase another suitable property, the one where the transmitter
plant was finally built.

Its designator became a political issue. The postal office wanted to use,
as it always did with large transmitters, the name of the nearest larger
town, in this case Mindelheim. But the municipalities around the location
objected such a designator. The final settlement was to refer to the
nearby Wertach river and add a "valley", hence "Wertachtal" (nowadays this
is also a common approach for creating giant municipalities, consisting of
countless villages/towns; but not so here).

The specifications called for eight transmitters of 500 kW each, usable to
radiate in any direction, one program to multiple target areas as well as
multiple programs to one target area simultaneously. This resulted in the
need for about 70 antennas. Two transmitter halls of about 1000 square
metres each have been built, each with space for six transmitters.

The foundations have been laid on 26 August 1969. A particular pressure
arose from the need to have the new facility on air for the Olympic games
at Munich. Telefunken had first to develop the transmitters, only a 100 kW
version of transmitters with the required automatic tuning already
existed. Still they managed to deliver the first transmitter in May 1971
and a second one shortly afterwards. After their installation these
transmitters went on air for the first time on 11 and 12, respectively,
April 1972, followed by the official inauguration ceremony on 12 June
1972. Further three transmitters followed in June/August.

Further four transmitters went on air between May and November 1974.
Hereby Wertachtal was completed, with the agreed eight transmitters plus a
nineth one not to be officially booked and reserved as aux exclusively.
This enabled an availability of 99 percent although the transmitters were
on air for up to 20 hours every day. The whole facility had an automated
control system, thus a single engineer was able to manage the operation in
spite of up to 20 daily frequency/antenna/program changes for every

Due to the heavy requirements of Deutsche Welle finally a tenth
transmitter was added in 1982. Another even bigger expansion arose
unexpectedly in the mid-eighties when Voice of America approached the
German side with their wish to replace the obsolete Ismaning equipment by
four new transmitters on the Wertachtal plant.

With the original equipment this would not have been feasible, with only
two of the original transmitter slots left. But at this point the next
Telefunken transmitter generation with pulse-duration modulation was
available, and its considerably more compact design made it possible to
finally put up another six transmitters.

Actually VOA wanted to have four transmitters at its exclusive disposal.
But this has been rejected by the postal office because it would have made
any flexible transmitter use during maintenance and in cases of faults

Thus instead a contract has been made that called for transmissions on
four frequencies simultaneously, each slot with considerably less daily
airtime than the around-the-clock transmissions of Deutsche Welle. On this
foundation the Wertachtal plant took over the Ismaning shortwave
frequencies between 1987 and 1989.

The article also mentions that the Wertachtal plant "attracted
professional visitors from all over the world, in particular from China".
Well, the Chinese even wanted to use it after their deal in Switzerland
came to an end when the Lenk facility has been shut down, I already saw a
draft schedule that called for Wertachtal slots similar to the previous
Lenk ones. But finally Deutsche Welle got cold feets, thus no such
transmissions ever took place, with the possible exception on unpublicized

All this again raises the next questions: What has not been transferred
from Ismaning to the Wertachtal plant was the 3980 kHz frequency. Finally
Biblis took it over, but when exactly? Was this really as late as 1994,
the year the site change has been noted in literature?

{GERMANY   Voice of America on 3980 kHz in 75 mb is using RFE/RL site
Biblis west of Darmstadt, instead of BR Bayerischer Rundfunk Munich
Ismaning site operator.

0430-0700 UT Bul, Cze, Slovk, En. 1800-2400 UTC Slovk, E, Polish.
100 kW 063 / 088 degrees. In summer instead:
3980.0   0300-0330 BULG BIB  100 108     Eur
3980.0   0330-0400 CZEC BIB  100 063     Eur
3980.0   0400-0700 ENGL BIB  100 063     Eur
3980.0   1700-1730 SLVK BIB  100 088     Eur
3980.0   1800-2000 ENGL BIB  100 063     Eur
3980.0   2000-2300 POLI BIB  100 063     Eur
(VoA via OE2CRM Christoph Ratzer-AUT, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1994)

Ismaning Reichspost/Bundespost later BR Munich site included some
horizontal rhombic antennas and 4x VoA SW transmitter at Munich Ismaning.
Old Deutsche Reichspost tx built up late in WW II in 1942 to 1945.

Delivered 2 units from French tx CFR/SFR firm,
2 units from Czech Radioslavia/Tesla Prague firm.
CFR/SFR           1942/1943 maximal power vary 57 to 75 kW.
Radioslavia Tesla 1944/1945 varied less than 100 kW ...

Old units were shut down at Ismaning in 1987 ... summer 1994, because
built more modern 500 kW transmitter in Wertachtal and leased to the VoA.
VoA used Ismaning in 90ties as Arabic sce on 11895 or 11905 or 17885 kHz,
Albanian on 15195 kHz.

RIAS BERLIN via Munich Ismaing 100 kW, 1730(winter 1540)-0315 (Sun -0350).
and daytime via Berlin Britz 20 kW 0325/0400-1730(winter 1540) UT.  }

Who was the owner and operator of the Ismaning transmitters used by VOA in
these days? The article mentions Bayerischer Rundfunk, is this correct?
And what exactly was the deal with Woofferton? {was VoA relay since 1943
already} Was it the kind of total lease-out the West German postal office
did not agree? (The current contracts of IBB with both Media Broadcast and
Babcock are of course an entirely different story, obviously not
compulsory at all, allowing IBB to cancel transmissions anytime, as they
again did on 1 July when they took away 6.5 hours a day from Nauen alone.)

Btw, it has been hinted to me that it was essentially the commitment of
Walter Brodowsky that saved the Wertachtal plant from being closed already
at yearend 2006. It was by no means a matter of course that its operation
would continue completely without Deutsche Welle at all. Likewise the
Christian Vision deal that prolonged the life of the Juelich site was a
personal success of Walter.

Finally this: An assortment of tubes and spare parts from the Wertachtal
stockings has been sent to ORS, which would not have been able to
regularly purchase the stuff, enabling them to continue the operation of
the Moosbrunn facility for the foreseeable future, whatever this means (it
has already outlived the horizon considered as feasible just a few years

Btw2, I have meanwhile developed a habit to tune the radio to 6155 kHz
between getting up and leaving if this happens to fall within the 75
minutes of the token relay of Oesterreich 1 (taken off FM or maybe
satellite now; all audio circuits from Vienna to Moosbrunn have already
been shut down). This way, with the radio in the background, it would not
even be obvious as a shortwave signal without the very hard dynamics
compression that makes quite a mash of baroque music. And it is always a
weird feeling, knowing that it is the very last signal of its kind (6 MHz
from a quadrant antenna within Central Europe) and nobody knows how long
it will still be there.
(Kai Ludwig-D, SW txsite July 15; some comments by wb.)

GREECE   Re: PRESUMED ERT-open SCHEDULE July 11. 2014.

No ERT-open outlets from Avlis on air this July 11, checked today between
15 and 20 UT, all Avlis registrations are empty channels tonight.

All usage of Avlis is VERY very irregular and unreliable these days.
Operation schedule changes every other day. Terrible behavior of the
operation staff at the transmitting center.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11)

Hello Wolfy et al: When you are working for free, I guess you do the best
you can do. I base my presumed schedule on Voice of Greece's last
published A-13 Schedule (see attached File) and adjust from what I hear
and what you good people send me.
(John Babbis-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 14)

You are right John. The operating staffs of Avlis are working for free.
They make every effort to inform listeners that are outside of Greece. The
Government does not fund the Avlis. The A13 schedule has remained. I do
not have the right to participate in HFCC.
(Babis Charalampopoulos-GRC, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 14)

GREECE   GRC Avlis rebells, on July 14 at 0830 UT ON AIR. 9420, 11645 kHz
rather weak in Europe, 15630 kHz. I guess 11645 kHz - with lousy signal
here - is meant either towards Moscow Russia Siberia, or 182degr
southwards Africa target, tiny signal in Germany.

[later]  ERT-open NOTHING ON AIR from Avlis, 18-19 UT July 14.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 14)

 9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek till 0950
11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF  Greek till 0945
15630 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek till 0940
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 14)

ERT-open NOTHING  -  NOT ON AIR from Avlis,
05-08 and 13-17 UT on July 15.

But when checked at 1725 UT on July 15
noted ERT-open rebells radio singer ON AIR

 9420 S=9+15dB -55dBm,
 9935 S=9+10dB -62dBm,
15650 S=9+20dB -52dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 15)

GREECE   15630, on July 13 at 0526 UT, music at poor level, no doubt ERT-
open, despite hearing nothing but 9935 kHz on the air earlier and that
with dead air.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 13)

At 1630 UT on Sunday July 13 rebells radio ON AIR with light smooth Greek
pop mx on 9420, 9935, and 15650 kHz.

Rebells radio ERT-open via Avlis, nothing heard July 16 between 13 and 17
UT, but at 1730 UT noted Greek singer music program on 9420 S=9+15dB -
55dBm, 9935 S=9+5dB -64dBm, and 15650 kHz S=9+20dB -51dBm.

ERT-open NOTHING  -  NOT ON AIR from Avlis, on July 17 and July 18
mornings at 06 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 13/16/17/18)

GREECE   ERT-open noted tonight first time when checked at 1850 UT,
on July 18

9420.006  9934.966  15650.044 kHz exact footprints on Perseus screen,
but interferred by IRIB Iranian Arabic sce on 9419.998 kHz,

and a fence of 180 Hertz apart distance signals on 9935v kHz,
13 x 180 Hertz spaced peak strings seen on each band side,
covered in total on 9929 to 9941 kHz space.

[later]  9420.006  11644.960  15630.034 kHz footprints at 0402 UT
on July 19.


11644.983 signal wandered down to 11644.963 kHz within 25mins duration,
after a single hour setteled down finally on 11644.960 kHz.

{I guess 7 MHz channel replaced by 11645v kHz before 0350-0400 UT,
I guess used north-southerly target antenna at 182deg,
i.e. only poor to nil signal in Americas, but powerful in Russia and
Sweden backlobe too! }

is the same faulty TX unit signal of 9935v kHz at yesterday night.
S=9+15dB -54dBm, and buzzy audio.

And a fence of 130 Hertz apart spacing signals on 11644.9v kHz,
13 x 130 Hertz spaced peak strings seen on each band side,
covered in total on 11639.5 to approx. 11651 kHz space.

On upper sideband 11648-11651 kHz hit and covered by PNW/FPU Radio Tamazuj
program in Sudanese Arabic,

from SMG Santa Maria di Galeria Vatican State site, S=9 or -70dBm strength

At 0427 UT on July 19 Radio Tamazuj program ended, stn started many IDs
and jingle in African style of Radio Dabanga in Sudanese Arabic, which
scheduled from 0430 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 18/19)

GREECE    Updated summer A-14 shortwave schedule of ERT Open from July 4.

Some days the station used only 1 or 2 frequencies or no broadcast the
air. Often the technicians don't make frequency changes, according to the

NOTE: All frequencies are not registered in A-14 HFCC database.

0000-0355   9420*AVL 170 kW 323 deg to NoAM  Greek
0000-0355 NF9935 AVL 100 kW 323 deg to NoAM  Greek, ex 7475
0000-0355NF15630 AVL 100 kW 226 deg to CeAM  Greek, ex15650

0400-0800   9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek
0400-0800  11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF  Greek, 9935 July 14
0400-0800  15630#AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek, off air July 14

0800-1000   9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek^ air July 14 till 0950
0800-1000  11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF  Greek^ air July 14 till 0945
0800-1000  15630#AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek^ air July 14 till 0940

1000-1155   9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek^
1000-1155  11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF  Greek^
1000-1155  15650 AVL 100 kW 105 deg to SoAS  Greek^, ex15630

1200-1355   9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek^
1200-1355   9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek^
1200-1355NF15650 AVL 100 kW 105 deg to SoAS  Greek^, ex15630

1400-1800   9420*AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek^
1400-1800   9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek^
1400-1800  15650 AVL 100 kW 105 deg to SoAS  Greek^

1800-1855   9420*AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek^
1800-1855 NF9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek^, ex 7450
1800-1855  15650 AVL 100 kW 105 deg to SoAS  Greek^

1900-2255   9420*AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek
1900-2255 NF9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek,  ex 7450
1900-2255NF15650 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek,  ex15630

2300-2400   9420*AVL 170 kW 323 deg to NoAM  Greek
2300-2400 NF9935 AVL 100 kW 323 deg to NoAM  Greek,  ex 7475
2300-2400NF15630 AVL 100 kW 226 deg to CeAM  Greek,  ex15650

# 0623-0820 co-ch Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran in Dari
* 1623-0220 co-ch Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran in Arabic
^ irregular the air.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)

IRAN   9845  on July 13 at 0106 UT, oh-oh, something new is here, fair
signal with Qur'an alternating with non-musical talk. Not // 9420 kHz, or
Oman 9500 kHz or Cairo 9965 kHz (which is JBM with whine). I bet it's
another augmented Iranian for Ramadan, and if this keep up could clash
with Albania's only English to North America on same at 0130 UT. Yes: 0120
UT Iran's IS plays but cuts off at 0121:34* UT before Tirana starts (tho
it has been known to come on earlier than 0120 UT), so neatly
cooerdinated. It's the Turkish service at 0020-0120 UT only, 500 kW, 310
degrees from Sirjan, also USward, during Ramadan only. Are pious Turx
really up so early at 3:20-4:20 am local, well before sunrise, listening
to Iran?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld/hcdx July 13)

Turkey     UT +3hrs LT
Azerbaijan UT +5hrs LT

> Are pious Turx really up so early at 3:20-4:20 am local, well before
> sunrise, listening to Iran?

9845 UT is rather an aditional mid early morning transmission in Turkey
... as light breakfast program before sunrise.

usual sce:
TURKISH  0420-0550  11925kam 13710kam   0720-0820 LT
AZERI    0320-0520  11760sir            0820-1020 LT
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 13)

JAPAN   Frequency change of Shiokaze-Sea Breeze effective from July 15
1600-1700 NF6090 YAM 100 kW 280 deg to KRE, ex6165 Japanese Mon/Wed
1600-1700 NF6090 YAM 100 kW 280 deg to KRE, ex6165 Chinese/Korean Tue
1600-1700 NF6090 YAM 100 kW 280 deg to KRE, ex6165 English Thu
1600-1700 NF6090 YAM 100 kW 280 deg to KRE, ex6165 Korean Fri
1600-1700 NF6090 YAM 100 kW 280 deg to KRE, ex6165 Korean/Japanese Sat
1600-1700 NF6090 YAM 100 kW 280 deg to KRE, ex6165 Japanese/Korean Sun
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)

KOREA REP of    15575, on Saturday July 12 at 1353 UT, on KBSWR, I can
tell it's Farmington's Kevin O'Donovan, but too poor to read much of it.
He mentions World Cup and hearing it from Brasil, like 11780 kHz; ending
at 1355 UT, says he will be back next week. Inferior signal to Iran Urdu
on 15520 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 12)

KUWAIT   Radio Kuwait was observed July 14 again with broadcast in Bangla
1500-1545 21540 KBD 500 kW 310 deg to WeEUR, instead Arabic General Sce
1545-1600 15540 KBD 300 kW 100 deg to SoAS,  before the start of Urdu Sce

Urdu Sce of Radio Kuwait
1600-1800 15540 KBD 300 kW 100 deg to SoAS, very poor reception
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)

LUXEMBOURG   re MW Marnach 1440 kHz future from 2015y.

Some words about the state of affairs in regard to the Marnach

The decisive point is that China Radio International wants to continue its
use of 1440 kHz; I understand that the transmission contract has already
been prolonged accordingly.

Thus BCE successfully took the government of Luxembourg, which did not
want to prolong the operational permit for this facility beyond 30 Dec
2014, to court. The court ruled that the fieldstrength limit of 3 V/m,
specified in an EU directive the government refers to, applies to electric
equipment in general but not to transmission facilities where the
radiation of an electromagnetic field is not an unwanted side effect but
the very purpose.

Reportedly the disturbances around the transmission facility were
particularly bad when the two-mast UK antenna has been used, thus the idea
of the possible compromise to exclude this antenna from further
operations. It is already out of use anyway since last September, when CRI
took French and English off the Marnach transmitter in favour of a much
expanded German service.

By the way, the German programming that is put on 1440 kHz in between CRI
and the paid religion will no longer be produced in Luxembourg as of 2016.
This service called "RTL Radio" will move to Berlin, continued employment
there will be offered to the eight staff members left after earlier cuts.
The decline of this service became apparent in last December when its FM
version has been discontinued; the Dudelange and Hosingen FM transmitters
now just carry the satellite/cable programming, too.

In Germany RTL Radio has an alleged market share of 0.8 percent (600,000
listeners a day). But doubts about this figure persist because it does not
appear to be a far-fetched scenario that in phone surveys this RTL Radio
gets confused with those FM operations in Germany called "RTL", too (104.6
RTL, 89.0 RTL, Hitradio RTL).
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld July 14)

MADAGASCAR   7395  NHK Radio Japan - Talata-Volonondry relay site, at
0344-0400* UT on July 10, man and woman announcers in Swahili with talks.
ID at 0349 UT followed by pop music selection. More talk with another pop
tune. Time pips at 0400 UT followed by carrier being terminated. Good
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer July 13)

MADAGASCAR/GERMANY   Some changes of Media Broadcast

Bible Voice Broadcasting 21480 kHz
1100-1130 21480 MDC 125 kW 045 deg to EaAS English Sat
1115-1130 21480 MDC 125 kW 045 deg to EaAS English Sun Eternal Good News
1130-1145 21480 MDC 125 kW 045 deg to EaAS Japanese Sun

Cancelled broadcasts
1100-1115 21480 MDC 125 kW 045 deg to EaAS Cantonese Tue-Thu
1115-1130 21480 MDC 125 kW 045 deg to EaAS Chinese Mon
1100-1130 21480 MDC 125 kW 045 deg to EaAS English Fri

Transmissions of HCJB, which will be cancelled from August 1
2300-2330  9835 NAU 100 kW 240 deg to SoAM German
2300-0045 11920 NAU 100 kW 240 deg to SoAM Portuguese
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)

MALAYSIA/CHINA   5964.700  RTM Klasik Nasional FM at 1440 UT on July 18,
and co-ch even 5965.0 kHz CRI Xian in Korean sce language.

6049.990  Probably RTM Asyik FM from Kajang, underneath also PBS Xizang
Mandarin, via Tibet noted here.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 18)

MEXICO   6184.98 kHz at 2355 UT Radio Educacion, Mexico City Mexico. Very
soft spoken Spanish.
(Maurits van Driessche-BEL, hcdx July 16)

6184.981  Surprisingly Radio Educacion tonight few Hertz 'mas' on lower
side, 0345 UT on July 19, but propper S=9+20dB -51dBm signal logged on
Florida-US remote SDR net post.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 19)

MOROCCO   9575  Radio Medi Un - Nador site, at 0021-0047 UT on July 10,
man announcer talking in French followed by French pop music vocal. More
talk at 0028 UT followed by ID and announcements into news at 0030 UT.
Discussion program began 0035 UT with a man and woman. Fair but periodic
splatter from CRI-Albania on 9570 kHz.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer July 13)

MYANMAR   5985.22  Myanmar Radio on July 18 something new exact frequency
here. For as long as I can remember they used one of two transmitters;
being either on exact frequency - 5985.00 kHz or the off frequency one -
5985.8 kHz. Recently have observed on different days both 5985.00 and
5985.8 kHz, so today was clearly a new frequency for them; noted at 1235
and 1301 UT (before clandestine Shiokaze signs on at 1330 UT). Perhaps
Wolfy or others can measure the frequency more accurately? Appreciate any
help with a Perseus exact frequency!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld July 18)

Yes, Ron, your are correct, at 1430-1500 UT heard in AUS downunder:

5985.228 is footprint frequency of Myanmar Radio at 1425 UT on today July
18, probably from old empire Rangoon transmitting center.
S=8 or -75dBm signal strenght on remote SDR unit in downunder Australia.

Also heard
5915.0  Naypyidaw non-dir outlet S=9+10dB or -63dBm, 1430 UT,
co-channel CRI Mongolian language from Hohhot-CHN #694 txing site.

6165.0  Undoubtedly Pyin U Lwin Myanmar bcasting program noted at same
time, co-ch CNR6 Beijing program equal level.

Nothing heard on 7185/7200/7215 kHz 41 mb Rangoon channel.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 18)

NEW ZEALAND   15720  Radio New Zealand International, at 0357-0416 UT on
July 7, pop vocal selection followed by time pips at 0400 UT, ID and news
in English. End of news at 0405 UT followed by ID and promo announcements
into weather report. Fair to good.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer July 13)

NEW ZEALAND   not on air 9700 kHz at 1220 UT July 17.

Maintenance day - see 1st  a n d  3rd Wednesday of the month note !!!!!

12 July 2014 - 25 Oct 2014,
0250-0400 UT Mon - Fri
17675 DRM  In future our DRM is on air only at times
required for rebroadcast by Pacific Stations (like) Vanuatu.

Bougainville/Papua New Guinea and Timor Transmission 1100-1300 UT.
From 1100-1300 UT our programme is directed to the North Western Pacific
and Asia.

RNZI is now available on Satellite, courtesy of TVNZ Pacific Service.

The coverage area extends from Singapore, and westward to the Cook
Islands, which includes Fiji, Tonga, Niue and Samoa.

a.. IS19/23 C Slot A
b.. DL 4146.5 V
c.. FEC 1/2 SR 4.0

Every month on the first and third Wednesday it is Maintenance day at our
transmitter site from 2230 - 0600 UTC. (Thursdays 1030 - 1800 NZST) During
this period there may be interruptions to our programmes.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)

15720  Radio New Zealand absent from 15720 again.

I've been checking for RNZI on and off all evening, but I am not hearing
them at all on 15720 kHz tonight. Their DRM signal is strong and easily
decoded here in Central Iowa though. Anyone know what's causing the outage

It seems to me we went through something similar a couple of weeks ago.
(Tim Rahto, dxld July 17)

Re: Radio New Zealand absent from 15720 again. And an update: The RNZI
frequency change at 0458 UT did not happen, and they are still on 15720
kHz at 0515 UT with "Checkpoint" program. Apparently having transmitter
control problems? Perhaps earlier disappearance wasn't an outage, but on
wrong frequency?

[later]  15720 RNZI heard with the usual good signal into Houston at a
0450 check UT July 17, so back on the air. No sign of the numbers station
1 kHz up.
(Steve Luce-TX-USA, dxld July 17)

Updated A-14 schedule of Radio New Zealand International from July 12

0251-0400 17675 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to All Pacific DRM, air only at times

0459-0650 11725 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to All Pacific AM, 15720 July 17
0459-0650 11690 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to All Pacific DRM, cancelled

0651-0758 11725 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to Tonga AM
0651-0758NF7330 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to Tonga DRM, ex9890

0759-1058  9700 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to All Pacific AM, 11725 July 17
0759-1058  9890 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to All Pacific DRM, cancelled

1059-1158  9700 RAN 100 kW 325 deg to NW Pacific, PNG, Timor AM,
           on 11725 July 17
1059-1158  9890 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to All Pacific DRM, cancelled
1159-1258  9700 RAN 100 kW 325 deg to NW Pacific, PNG, Timor AM,
           on 11725 July 17

1259-1550  6170 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to All Pacific AM

1551-1745NF5975 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl, Samoa, Niue, Tonga AM
1551-1745  7330 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl, Samoa, Niue, Tonga DRM

1746-1835  9700 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl, Samoa, Niue, Tonga AM
1746-1835NF7330 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl, Samoa, Niue, Tonga DRM

1836-1850  9700 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl, Samoa, Niue, Tonga AM
1836-1850  9630 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl, Samoa, Niue, Tonga DRM

1851-1950 11725 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl, Samoa, Niue, Tonga AM
1851-1950 11690 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl, Samoa, Niue, Tonga DRM

1951-2050 11725 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl, Samoa, Niue, Tonga AM
1951-2050 15720 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl, Samoa, Niue, Tonga DRM

2051-2150 11725 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to Solomon Islands, Niue, Tonga AM
2051-2150 15720 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to Solomon Islands, Niue, Tonga DRM

2151-0458 15720 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to All Pacific AM
2151-0250 17675 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to All Pacific DRM, cancelled
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 12/17)

NIGERIA   Radio Nigeria Kaduna was back shortwave after month of absence
1800-1900  6089.9 KDN 100 kW ND to WeAF Hausa.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)

PERU   4985.510 kHz at 00.40 UT Radio Voz Cristiana, Huancayo, Peru.
Spanish talks about Peru, Voz Cristiana ID better audio than the past

5920.02 kHz at 00.13 UT Radio Chaski, Urubamba Cusco Peru. Conversation by
male and female, good signal and audio not bad.
(Maurits van Driessche-BEL, hcdx July 16)

PERU   Peruvian government on 40 meters ham band range.

Hello Manfred. Very good report. Peru has an active IARU member
association (Radio Club Peruano - RCP) and maybe they could inform the
73!  Flavio PY2ZX, LABRE/GDE

Right now (2014-July-14, at 2320 UT) I'm overhearing and recording what
seems to be an established Peruvian hydrocarbon industry related
communication network, on 7074kHz USB. They are talking about a biology
brigade, a geophysics brigade, a topology brigade, one of the field-
deployed network participants ordered 8 new sheats for their machetes,
they read several detailed lists of foodstuff, and so on. They mentioned
several names, and I could locate one of them via Google - he is a
paramedic, and appears in Peruvian government documents, also has a F_B

One of the stations is in Lima. So far at least 4 different stations have
been transmitting. They seem very relaxed and comfortable using our 40m
ham band, like they do this every day and feel entirely at home.

No station IDs have been given so far, only place names. Now someone
called Ilo.

And now someone called Sagari, which is a natural gas well in Peru.

And now they are giving names and property registration numbers of several
different rural properties. I can't understand very much, as the signals
are low and there is a lot of "QRM" from hams, but it sounds like it's a
workgroup related to the expropriation of land to build oil/gas production

I just checked on the web - Google knows everything - and found that Peru
is building a gas pipeline to Ilo!
I'm comfortably 99% sure that I'm listening to these people on 40 meters:



I mean, with such an amount of money involved, they should be able to
purchase and operate a legal communications system, don't you think?

It seems that in Peru very few active hams remain. There are a few good
ones, who try to keep the standards high, but apparently they don't have
the necessary critical mass anymore to hold onto the bands. And so the
companies are taking over our bands.

I don't think you can hear these intruders in region 1, as they are weak
even at my place, but maybe you are interested in reading about the kind
of illegal activity that populates the ham bands here...

If anybody wants the recording, let me know. I will store it for some
days. But it's quite weak, not easy to understand, and of course it's in
(Manfred Mornhinweg  XQ6FOD, Casilla 995, Temuco Chile.
Visit my hobby homepage! <>
via intruderalert_iaru-r1  July 16)

RUSSIA   Voice of Russia closes Washington bureau, sacks staff.

Facing legal problems, the Russian government-funded radio network - the
Voice of Russia - has fired its Washington bureau staff and closed the

The shutdown happened Monday [14 July], amid allegations of tax fraud and
claims of racial discrimination at the network.

Aleksey Iazlovskiy, the head of the VOR's US operations, pleaded guilty
last year to tax fraud and will be sentenced later this year.

VOR's employment practices also have attracted attention from the IRS and
the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The IRS is investigating whether VOR used contractors alongside full-time,
salaried employees to skirt payroll taxes. The Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission took an interest in VOR after several former
staffers claimed they were fired because of their race.

The employees have filed a lawsuit against International TV Services,
VOR's contract manager in the United States.

Some suspect Voice of Russia will quickly return to the US through a
different management company without the legal troubles.

Earlier this year, the Russians stopped Voice of America broadcasting in
Moscow on AM radio.

Source: VOA website, Washington D.C., in English 15 Jul 14.
(VOA website report 15 July, via BBC_M via dxld July 18)

SOUTH AFRICA  {to Zimbabwe target}   Semi-clandestine SWRA - SW Radio
Africa shortwave broadcasts to end after 13 years in service on shortwave

It is with regret that SW Radio Africa announces that after 13 years, our
shortwave broadcasts are to end on Friday 18th July.

You have welcomed us into your homes since our first shortwave broadcast
on 19th December 2001.

Our broadcasts will continue on our website, via Channel Zim through TV
decoders, and by various other forms of new media.

We know how much these shortwave broadcasts have meant to our listeners in
more remote areas who have so little access to news and information, and
we sincerely regret that we will no longer be able to provide this

We would like to thank our listeners who have been such loyal supporters
for so many years and also for their willingness to share the stories of
their lives with us on our Callback program. This has allowed people all
over the world to have a better understanding of the many crises that
Zimbabweans continue to face.

We can only hope that one day, sooner rather than later, there is real
media freedom that allows Zimbabweans, wherever they are in the country,
easy access to what is a basic human right - freedom of information and

(SW Radio Africa July 17, via BrDXC-UK ng)

4880 kHz  SW Radio Africa lately on 60mb SW band only.
Mon-Fri only 1700-1800 UT English 100kW at 5degr target via Sentec
Meyerton-AFS site in A-14 season. (wb.)

SOUTH AFRICA/ASCENSION ISL    Few BBCWS outlet with powerful signals heard
in northwestern Canada this July 18 morning.

12095.043  Odd frequency Sentec Meyerton-AFS relay site signal carried
BBCWS English sce with latest news on Malaysian Airlines plane crash blow
up in eastern Ukraine at Grabovo village (Donetsk oblast) site, some
42 kms off the Russian border. S=8 -75dBm signal after 0610 UT sunrise in
South Africa.

// BBCWS En program noted also via ASC relay site transmission on both
6005 (S=9+5dB -53dBm) and 7355 kHz (S=9 -71dBm), nice signals in
northwestern Canada remote post.

11605.005 Same signal strength on RFI Paris French relay via Sentec
Meyerton-AFS provider site noted at 0635 UT on July 18.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 18)

SPAIN   Radio Exterior de Espana in English on 17850 kHz.
REE was noted July 11 in English, instead of Spanish

1900-2000 17850 NOB 250 kW 272 deg to CeAm. Parallel freqs
1900-2000  9665 NOB 250 kW 050 deg to WeEUR
1900-2000 11615 NOB 250 kW 168 deg to NoWeAF.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 12)

USA   25000  QSL  Radio Station WWV - Fort Collins, verified an electronic
report with a full data foldout "Indians on the Prairie" card in 14 days
from v/s John B. Milton, Engineer-in-Charge. QSL #30422.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer July 13)

9975  A reminder to check for the brand-new airing of WOR, thanks to KVOH,
starting tonight, UT Sundays 0130 UT on 9975 kHz. Also on WRMI 9495 kHz an
hour earlier, but may be previous episode.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 12)

9930  July 12 at 1706 UT check, WTWW-2 has a double-helping of BS, i.e. a
quick echo. No sign of a separate signal, such as a SAH, so presumably
both coming out of WTWW. (IIRC there was once a clash with Palau, not any
more.) This and the other two transmitters are all on now, 9475 and 12105
kHz with separate PPP stuff, and all are relatively weak compared to
neighbor WWCR on 9980 and 12160 kHz, so I conclude WTWW must be running at
considerably reduced power. 12160 kHz is carrying the old-record show.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 12)

Additional 30 minutes of KVOH Voice of Hope in English from July 13:
0130-0400  9975 VOH 050 kW 100 deg to CeAM Sun/Mon, ex0200-0400
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)

WHRI Angel#2 11635 was back to its usual schedule,
except for EGN - Eternal Good News.

0500-0600 11635 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR English Sat-Thu
0500-0515 11635 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR French  Fri
0515-0600 11635 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR English Fri
0445-0500 11635 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR English Sun EGN*, cancelled
*Eternal Good News, no signal July 13.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)

Frequency changes of Radio Free Asia from July 11

0100-0200 NF 9780 TIN 250 kW 313 deg to CeAS, ex17540

1000-1100 NF21465 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS Mon, ex21525
1000-1100 NF21455 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS Tue, ex21505
1000-1100 NF21525 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS Wed, ex21495
1000-1100 NF21505 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS Thu, ex21485
1000-1100 NF21495 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS Fri, ex21475
1000-1100 NF21485 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS Sat, ex21465
1000-1100 NF21475 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS Sun, ex21455
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)

USA   7505.234  Weak signal CARRIER ONLY seen here on Perseus screen at
0645 UT July 18, supposedly from 'stand-by ready' unit of WRNO New Orleans
site. Poor S=4 or -104dBm string visible.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 18)

USA   5109.752 kHz  odd frequ of WBCQ on upper side flank, at 0325 UT.
Signal strings 'seen' on screen up to 5118 kHz.

Same stn on 7490.427 kHz very odd frequency, distorted oscillating audio
modulation. There appears to be a serious txer fault here with a loud
high-pitched wobbling whistle tone accompanying the audio in their 40 mb
transmission. S=9+5dB or -70dBm strength noted so far.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 19)

7505.230  Came across WRNO New Orleans program at daily-program final
minutes, 0357 ... to 04.00:20 UT latter when TX sudden switch-off. Smooth
nice chorus singer program, I liked it. S=9+20dB or -52dBm strength in FL-
US post. Covered 7499.8 to 7511 kHz frequency range.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 19)

UZBEKISTAN   Voice of Martyrs new frequency from July 12
1600-1730 NF7510 TAC 100 kW 065 deg to KRE Korean, ex7530.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)

VATICAN STATE   11650  Radio Tamazui - via Santa Maria di Galeria relay
site, at 0401-0427* UT on July 10, man and woman with talk in the Arabic
language. Several IDs at 0415 UT. Man in studio interviewing another man
via telephone connection. Vocal selection at 0424 UT ending program. Fair
to good.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer July 13)

VATICAN STATE   11650  Radio Dabanga - via Santa Maria di Galeria relay
site, at *0427-0438 UT July 10, program opened with several "Radio
Dabanga" IDs anda "Radio Dabanga" song. Long winded man announcer with
talk and more station IDs followed by jingle IDs. Vocal selection at 0431
UT before settling downwith talk features commencing at 0433 UT. Fair to
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer July 13)

VIETNAM   6019.999  VoVTN 4th sce from Daclac transmitting site, nearly
even frequency in Vietnamese. 1445 UT on July 18.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 18)

YEMEN   Extended broadcasts of Radio Sana'a in Arabic for Ramazan today
1522-1607  6135 ALH 050 kW non-dir to NE/ME.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 17)
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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