Portuguese lighthouses on the air for ILLW 2014

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Look for the following Portuguese Lighthouses to be on the air for the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (August 16-17th)

- PT0005 - Callsign CR6LH; August 16-17th; Farol do Cabo Espichel; operators José Luís Proença (CT1GZB), Carlos Cortês (CT1CSY) and Rafael Cortês (CT2JXT); QSL Info: Buro or direct.

- PT0007 - Callsign CT1MH/p; August 16-17th; Farol do Cabo de Santa Maria; operator: António Cardoso (CT1MH); For QSL info: Buro or direct.

- PT0011 - Callsign CR5LSV; August 15,-16-17th; Farol do Cabo de São Vicente; operators: Jorge Lopes (CT1EXR), Angelo Scavarda (CT1JTQ), Alex Protásio (CT5KAO) and Nuno Duarte (CR7AIB); For QSL info: See https://www.sites.google.com/site/cr5lsv

- PT0025 - Callsign CT7/ON7RU/p; August 16-17th; Farol de Leça / Boa Nova ; operator: Franky Beuselinck (ON7RU)

- PT0026 - Callsign CQ7LW; August 16-17th; Farol da Berlenga; operators: Miguel Ferreira (CT1EBM), Paulo Santos (CT1EWA), Diogo Sentieiro (CT2HEW), Diogo Ferreira (CT2HPN) and Fabiano Moser (CT7ABD); For QSL info: via CT1EWA

- PT0030 - Callsign CT1FDQ /p; August 16-17th; Farol da Ponta do Altar; operator: Jorge Marques (CT1FDQ); For QSL info: Buro or direct

- PT0031 - Callsign CR5SN; August 16-17th; Farol Cabo de Sines; operators: Núcleo de Radioamadores da Armada; For QSL info; see http://www.nra.pt/activacao-cr5sn.html

As in previous editions of ILLW, the portuguese participants will find in the +/- 7110 kHz (40m band), Saturday, around 22:00 ( 21:00 UTC) for a brief QSO between the headlights participants.

Very best regards from Portugal,

João Costa CT1FBF

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