RFinder now finds repeaters over routes world wide!

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In the next step of pushing the limits of The World Wide Repeater Directory, the RFinder team has released Repeater Routes!

Already released on the web at http://routes.rfinder.net, we have created an API that we expect to be incorporated into RT Systems software very soon.

As always we encourage new users to obtain access to RFinder via purchasing the app in Google Play on Android and The Apple App Store on iPhone/iPad/iPod. Once you register your email and password in the app, use that on http://routes.rfinder.net or http://web.rfinder.net, RT Systems, CHIRP, etc.

The web version allows downloads in a variety of formats including csv, tpe and several GPS POI formats including the AVMAP Amateur Radio GPS.

The annual subscription for the World Wide Repeater Directory is only $9.99 and for that one price, includes access from any platform RFinder is available on: Android, iPhone, web, RT Systems, RadioBuddy (iPhone), and two new third party applications coming soon for Windows (by KB2SCS) and Macintosh (by KD2DMH).

More information: http://www.rfinder.net

Information for our open-source realtime radio programmer, RFinderPi: http://rfinderpi.rfinder.net

Contact: w2cyk@rfinder.net, +1.631.610.5120, skype: bobofthedeep


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