SE100SAF special event callsign

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Mel, SM0MPV, reports on the special event callsign SE100SAF in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the coastal radio station SAF.

Several operators from Taby Sandaramatorer (SK0MT) in collaboration with Sodertorns Radioamatorer (SK0QO), RadioScouter i Stockholm (SC0UT), Kvarnberget ARC (SK0UX), SSA Youth Team (SK0YT), Storstockholms Radioamatorer (SK0ZS), FRO Norrtelje (SL0ZG) and FRO Stockholm (SL0ZS) will be active on the 23rd of August 2014 from Vaxholmen aka [Vaxholms kastell] (IOTA EU-084) a part of Vaxholm Fortress (WCA SM-00186).

QSLs will be sent via the Bureau shortly after the activity.

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