World DATV Party goes ahead

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Despite software issues the World DATV Party will go ahead as scheduled.

While most activity in this annual global event is based around Amateur Radio ATV frequencies, Skype is used for Interstate and International connections.
Fortunately Peter VK3BFG has found a temporary work around, but it will be depend on the administrators of Skype and their timetable.

The event is on and will take place on Friday August 29 and Saturday August 30 (Melbourne Time) Friday night will be locals and interstate and should start around 8pm. We will make contact with the Brisbane DATV Repeater VK4RMG and also the new DATV Repeater, VK5RDC in Port Pirie.

Saturday will commence at 10am to pick up WR8ATV in Columbus Ohio. This repeater is located on the top of a tall building in downtown Columbus. All antennas are within 15 metres of their corresponding transmitters. WR8ATV has 5 outputs with one on 1268 Mhz DVB-S; it has 4 inputs.

By contrast, VK3RTV has 3 inputs (one U/S at the moment) and two multiplexed outputs. The local anchor in Colombus will be Art WR8RMC. Some may recognise Art as one of the developers of the very innovative DATV Express.

Around lunch time the event moves to the W6ATN network in southern California.
There are nine linked repeaters based around a hub on Santiago Peak. Don, KE6BXT will be the local anchor.

Later in the evening we expect to move to GB3HV and make some contacts into the UK. GB3HV has a Skype input and contacts can be made directly.

There are a number of Melbourne based stations who are preparing for the event. Melbourne always puts on entertaining contacts with lots of show and tell. This year the new WIA supported ATV installation at the Eastern and Mountain Districts Radio Club will be active also.

If you are unable to receive any of these repeaters direct, you can watch the activity on the BATC streaming site for all involved. Remember the dates, August 29 and August 30.

Jim Linton VK3PC

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