70th Anniversary Canadian Liberation March (ON4CLM ) - 6 October to 15 November 2014

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6 October to 15 November 2014


A FREE commemorative award is available. ( format A4 ) for making just one contact (or one SWL confirmation) with special event station OO4CLM. The "CLM" stands for "Canadian Liberation March", commemorating the liberation of the town of Knokke in November 1944 by Canadian Armed Forces. The OO4CLM awards will be sent via e-mail after conclusion of the event.

Send your request for the award to logs@amati.be with contact data which will allow the sponsor to confirm that your request is valid. There is no cost for the award.

E-mail: logs@amati.be

Internet: http://www.qrz.com/db/OO4CLM

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