DIPLOMA XX TROPHY SANTO ANGEL 2014 - 17 September to 1 October 2014

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17 September to 1 October 2014


The Holy Angel Amateur Radio Association (ARSA) CNP, announces the XX edition of the Trophy and Diploma SANTO ANGEL, commemorating the Patron of Police.

1. DATES: Both HF and VHF, begin at 06.00 hours UTC on 17 September 2014, remaining active until 24.00 hours UTC on 1 October of the same year. (15 days)

2. BANDS AND METHODS: SSB, 40 and 80 meters - NO contact can be with the same station within 1 HOUR made on a different band. Use band segments as recommended by IARU for this type of event. No use of repeaters on VHF.

     A. HF SSB: Valid contacts must be with ARSA member stations, which are counted at 1 point each. EG and EH stations = 5 points.
     B. Cw HF: Stations will call "CQ - SAC". Special stations with prefix of EG and EH = 10 points each. All stations can be contacted once a day on each band.

4. TROPHIES: Trophy will be eligible for 10% of stations per category among those who get the diploma with the highest possible maximum score.
In the category of a single VHF Trophy draw between those who get the diploma will be held.

For ARSA PARTNERS give points, also accounts for the 10% trophy.

Cost of the trophy requires a deposit of 13€ into account in the BBVA ARSA No 0182-6925-19-0201523263 in concept support for the preparation, engraving and delivery
The paper diploma is still free, except that DX international stations must provide two IRC coupon.

GIFT DIPLOMA and the XX edition: They will get diploma for the following total score:

HF SSB: EA, EC, EB: CT = 150 points, C31= 70 points. Rest of world = 25 points.

CW HF: EA, EC, EB = 150 pts. All other stations = 50 pts.

Joint SSB-CW (mixed mode) = 150 pts.

The SWL stations need 50 QSOs, listening to both sides of the contact. SWLs cannot score more than 5 contacts followed by each band and day.

EXCHANGES: Accredited and special stations (Members and EG/EH will send a progressive number starting with 000. The rest the country code. In CW will exchange 5.9.9

LISTINGS: relationship of QSOs made will be forwarded with, at: Indicative date of the QSO or progressive number and points earned letters in each contact, r / s station. Summary sheet is required to send mod. URE or similar. Forward your log extract to ARSA, PO Box No.17, cp 09100 Melgar de Fernamental (Burgos), Spain no later than post marked date of October 31, 2014 or apply by e-mail to
 ea1fe@yahoo.es .
E-mail: ea1fe@yahoo.es
Internet: http://www.ea1fe.com/XX-Diploma-Santo-Angel--ARSA-.html

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