Japanese asteroid mission to carry Amateur Radio

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A Japanese news report says the asteroid mission Hayabusa 2, planned to launch in December 2014 on a H-IIA rocket, will also carry the amateur
radio satellite Abyss 2 (Shin’en 2)

Shin’en 2 is  a polyhedron measuring 490×490×475 mm and weighing 17 kg. It was built by students at Kyushu Institute of Technology and carries a Mode J linear transponder for amateur radio communications along with CW and WSJT beacons.

Shin’en 2 will have an elliptic orbit around the Sun and travel to a deep space orbit between Venus and Mars. Its inclination will be almost zero, which means Shin-En2 will stay in the Earth’s equatorial plane. The distance from the Sun will be between 0.7 and 1.3 AU. An Astronomical Unit (AU) is 149,597,871 km.

Shin’en 2 IARU coordinated frequencies:
• 437.505 MHz CW beacon
• 437.385 MHz WSJT telemetry
• Inverting SSB/CW transponder
– 145.940-145.960 MHz uplink LSB
– 435.280-435.260 MHz downlink USB

Another amateur radio satellite ARTSAT2:DESPATCH is also on the same launch.

Read the Japanese language article (try Chrome translator) at

Shin’en2 project website


Hayabusa 2

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