USA-VHF - 73 on 73 Award

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Paul Stoetzer, N8HM, is sponsoring a new award for contacts made via the UK Amateur Radio Educational Satellite FUNcube-1 (AO-73) to promote activity on the satellite.

The award period began for all contact made on September 1, 2014 or later and the award is considered to be "permanent".  However, due to the nature of man-made earth satellites, there will eventually be a time when it's life span ends.  Whenever this date arrives, the award will be considered "expired".

Requirements: Work 73 different stations on AO-73 (SSB or CW). There are no geographic restrictions on operating location, no QSLs are required.

Send an E-mail log extract containing the call sign of each station worked and the date/time (UTC) of each contact to, . Include your mailing address.  There is no charge for the award, and in lieu of any fee, the sponsor suggests that you make a donation of your choice to AMSAT-NA and/or AMSAT-UK to be applied for the construction and launch of future satellites. 

The AO-73 inverting transponder uplink is 435.150-435.130 MHz (LSB). The downlink is 145.950-145.970 MHz (USB). Use no more than 5 W to a 7 dBi gain antenna when accessing the AO-73 transponder.


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