WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1176 16 Sept 2014

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ARGENTINA   15345.421  Also Radio Nacional Argentina in Spanish heard at
1805 UT on Sept 6, S=8 or -81dBm signal strength in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 6)

ARMENIA   [to Myanmar]  11595, Democratic Voice of Burma via Gavar site,
at 0013-0030* UT on Sept 10, woman announcer with Burmese language talks,
brief instrumental music breaks before a long talk by another male
speaker. Several men talking near close down which was followed by light
closing instrumental music. Fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Sept 14)

BHUTAN   6034.96  BBS Thimphu, at 1145-1310 UT on Sept 7. Heard daily with
poor reception. 1145-1205 UT mostly below threshold level; 1205-1213 UT
bits of talking heard; 1213-1229 UT indigenous music; 1230-1256 UT with a
cute BBS program I have often heard in past years with YL chatting on the
phone with young children and the kids also singing (no music - just
singing); clearly running past their normal sign off; fairly, sure still
on at 1310 UT, but unable to confirm just when they went off the air.

Thanks again to Gautam Sharma for his help
Today was able to finally measure BBS somewhat lower than PBS Yunnan-CHN.

Re: Greetings from San Francisco - BBS audio.
Thanks to D. Vijaya Krishna Bhat for providing that BBS suddenly went off
the air at 1312 UT today Sept 7. His signal was good, which he heard from
1230 UT. This confirms that BBS was indeed running past their usual sign
off of just before 1300 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 7)

BOLIVIA   3310  Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba 2325 to 2345 UT continues
to be received well on 12 September, 0930 to 1000 UT, om en language some
Spanish 0n 9 Sept.

4409.8  Radio Eco, Reyes 2330 to 2350 UT during band scan, fair signal
9 Sept. also 6, 7, 8 Sept same time - no receptions of this one 0900 to
1100 UT here.

4410  Radio Eco, Reyes, 0005 UT, weak but slightly better than I had been
hearing it Sept 8th.

4699.9  Radio San Miguel, Riberalta en espanol seems always on before
4716 kHz Radio Yura. Signal never as strong as Radio Yura 9 Sept.

5580.2  Radio San Jose, San Jose de Chiquitos 2335 to 2350 UT noted with
weak signal on 6 Sept; 4 Sept same time.

5952  R Pio XII, 0013 UT, in the clear, threshold to poor Sept 8. (XM)

5952.2  Pio XII, Siglo Veinte 2330-2340 UT yl in Spanish with no
interference from 5950 kHz on 4 Sept.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer Sept 14)


Bonaire was a magnet during the past weekend, drawing TWR leaders, alumni
staff members and ministry supporters to the little Caribbean island for a
special celebration.

From Aug. 9 to Aug. 11, 2014, the invading off-islanders joined with local
residents to mark the 50th anniversary of TWR broadcasting from a powerful
AM transmitter on the southern end of Bonaire to a sizable portion of
Latin America. That transmission footprint is slated to grow substantially
as the result of a power-upgrade campaign launched in tandem with the
yearlong anniversary commemoration. [PJB, 800 kHz]

"We are thankful for God's provision over the years, and it was wonderful
to celebrate the 50th anniversary with TWR staff, alumni and the Bonairean
people," said Joe Barker, station director of TWR Bonaire. "Everyone
enjoyed a great weekend of fellowship, reminiscing, and meeting old and
new friends as well as looking to the exciting future that God has in
store for TWR Bonaire."

The weekend celebration kicked off Saturday evening with a dinner,
followed by an insider update by TWR President Lauren Libby on the
international media ministry's outreach to Cuba and the rest of Latin
America. A celebratory worship service took place Sunday afternoon, and an
open house on Monday provided the opportunity for tours of the TWR Studio
Building in the island capital and for tours of the transmitter building
several miles away.

The celebration closed Monday evening with a dinner at the International
Bible Church. Wednesday, August 13, 2014, marks exactly 50 years since the
Bonaire transmitter officially went into action for the first time.

Among the special guests in attendance were Bill Mial, a semiretired TWR
missionary who was the transmitter facility's first director, and Tom
Lowell, who succeeded Mial in the director's position and now serves as
chairman of the ministry's international board of directors. Joining Mial,
Lowell and Libby in addressing the attendees were Tim Klingbeil, TWR
international director for the Americas; Ray Alary, director of TWR
Canada; and Lucy Totorici-Ellis, program producer of Women of Hope in
Papiamentu, the officially recognized regional language of Bonaire.

Although the main purpose of the weekend gathering was to look back and
praise the Lord for a half century of providential faithfulness, a sharp
focus on the future also pervaded the events as the project to boost the
transmitter's power from 100,000 watts to 450,000 watts was repeatedly
cited. The $3.8 million upgrade of the transmitter would enable a strong,
clear signal to carry Bible-based programming northward across all of Cuba
and southward deep into Brazil.

National partners of TWR in Latin America have already pledged $390,000 as
a challenge gift. TWR has issued a call for people who have a heart for
reaching this region to join the drive to reach millions more for Christ.
(TWR Press Release via Sept ARDXC ADXNews direct and via dxld)

BRAZIL   11815  RBC R Brasil Central, Goiânia, GO;
Michael Lindner wrote in A-DX: Guten Morgen in die Runde!
Kann mir jemand folgende Adresse bestaetigen?

ZYE-440  Radio Brazil Central (11815 kHz)
Rua SC-01, no 299.
Parque Santa Cruz
Goiânia, GO
74.860-270 Brazil

(yes correct, Rudolf Grimm Sao Bernardo SP BRASILIEN, A-DX Sept 10)

BRAZIL   6135.008 and 11854.982 kHz both Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP
Brazil probably now 24hrs service, but not heard on 5035 and 9630 kHz
around 06-07 UT.

Heute Morgen 'wundert' mich eine englische Soulsaenger abspielende Station
auf 6135.008 kHz, jetzt um 06 UT. Ist das noch Madagascar ? Nie und nimmer
eine Ausbreitung im 49mb um diese Zeit.

Spanish ist jetzt die Ansage um 0619 UT, aber danach auch Braz-
Portugiesische Einsprengsel. Da ist eine wunderbare latein-amerikanische
Musik um 0620 UT zu hoeren, von Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP Brazil, und
auch // auf 11854.982 kHz fast noch staerker, aber NICHT // auf 5035 und
9630 kHz - um diese Sendezeit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

BULGARIA   Dimtse Radio Erena, WRN England brokered.
1700-1730 11855 SOF 50 kW 195 deg to EaAF Oromo, Sept 14.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 14)

CHINA   4905  PBS Xizang - Holy Tibet - China-Tibet Broadcasting
Corporation, Tibet 13 Sept 2014 1600-1617 UT in English, followed by
lengthy segments of Tibetan music. Very loud after 17 UTC. S=9.
(Nick VK2DX Hacko-AUS, dxld Sept 13)

4905.425 and 4904.575  Very strong RTTY signal covered Xizang program at
1420 UT on Sept 14.  Frequency difference ±425 Hertz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 14)

CHINA   7350  China Radio International - Kashi tx center verified an
electronic report with a full data "Jing ethnic minority group" card in
21 days from Yinglian at the English Service who indicated their attempt
to use my e-mail address was "rejected". Interesting Chinese cut outs were
also in the envelope.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Sept 14)

CZECH REPUBLIC   981  A new station called Radio Cesky Impuls (Radio Czech
Impuls) is on the air with a regular operation from September 10th, 2014
on 981 kHz. (Previous announcements in DX media were premature).

Its transmitter in Libeznice/Boranovice at the northern edge of Praha
(Prague) uses the same antenna mast as Radio Dechovka on 1233 kHz.
The power should be 10 kW but the actual value is not confirmed yet.

Czech and partly also Slovak pop music (mostly oldies) for older audience.

it seems there is no web page ready yet at this very first day of
Its sister station Radio Impuls (FM) is here:

The following e-mail address (directly to studio) was mentioned on the
<moderator -at->

I made this recording this morning (edited).
(Karel Honzik-CZE mwc, via Christoph Ratzer-AUT A-DX <> )

ECUADOR   HCJB 6050 kHz tx unit break.

Regarding the silence of HCJB 6050 reported by Glenn, Horst Rosiak
announced in the German-language DX program "Fuer DXer" (listen on of 30 August 2014 that it has been off air since
12 August due to three burned capacitors. The spare parts are being
shipped from the US and they hope to be back on the air soon.
(Eike Bierwirth-D, hcdx Sept 8)

ECUADOR   Re: HCJB Quito 6050 kHz.
In the meantime, Voz Andes / HCJB Quito is looking for a good (used) solid
state 10 kW transmitter for 6050 kHz AM. Their current unit is off the air
since August 12th and they are waiting for parts from the US for getting
it back on asap. Regards,
(Harald Kuhl-D, Sept 6, BrDXC-UK yg via dxld / hcdx Sept 9)

EUROPE   AFN Europe - video.

AFN with the US Hit Parade show was essential listening for me in the
early 60s even before offshore radio, so many amazing US records we had
not heard before in the UK.

Hans Knot has posted on Facebook a link to a black and white documentary
which was produced when AFN was 20 years old.


"For twenty years one of the United States' largest radio networks has
been broadcasting news - information - music - sports - and dramatic
programs to an estimated audience of twenty million - yet has never been
heard in the United States. The American Forces Network, Europe (known to
its audience as AFN) has served the military community in Europe since it
began broadcasting from a basement studio in London, England, on July 4,
1943. This year marks its twentieth anniversary of broadcast operations.
THE BIG PICTURE captures on film the sight and sound of this unique radio
network as it goes about its daily business. Filmed in Frankfurt - Berlin
- Munich and Orleans, France - "The Story of AFN" is informative and
(Mike Terry-UK, dxld Sept 12)

ETHIOPIA   7235.124  R Ethiopia from Gedja site, unstable frequency
signal, wandered as usual 20 to 30 Hertz up and down, S=8-9 -70dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

ETHIOPIA   5950  Voice of Tigray Revolution - Addis Ababa, at *0256-0336
UT on Sept 6, familiar IS followed by a man announcer with openingat 0300
UT in listed Tigrinya language. Short news items before music programming
opened at 0304 UT. Fair signal.

6110, Radio Fana - Addis Ababa, at *0254-0334 UT on Sept 6, IS with
opening ID at 0258 UT followed by music fanfare and a woman announcer
with ID and opening announcements. Into a program of Horn of Africa
vocals. Fair signal.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Sept 6)

ETHIOPIA   EBC / Radio Ethiopia.

I've been listening to the online feed of Ethiopia's state broadcaster
( for the past few days and noticed that in their vernacular
programmes they still identify as Radio Ethiopia, as well as EBC or
Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation. I thought perhaps this was simply
because they hadn't got round to updating their canned announcements yet,
however in their English programme on the National Service at 1200 UT
today they ID'd throughout as "Radio Ethiopia", with no mention of
EBC/Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation! So they haven't dropped their old
name altogether. Incidentally, the English programme wasn't on on Saturday
or Sunday, so presumably it's weekdays only.

EBC Radio 97.6 is a new service presented in English (at least partially)
"kicking off" on Ethiopian New Year Day (11 September) - both
'apparently', according to their website promo video (click on ERTATUBE).
(David Kernick-UK, Interval Signals Online; dxld Sept 8)

FRANCE   Observations of Radio Republica on Sept 7 and 11
0100-0200 9490 ISS 250 kW 275 deg to Cuba Spanish without jamming
0200-0300 9490 ISS 250 kW 275 deg to Cuba Spanish + Cuban jamming
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

FRANCE   Voice of Oromo Liberation, MBR Cologne brokered:
1700-1800 13830 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAf Afar Oromo Sun
1700-1730 13830 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAf Afar Oromo Wed
1730-1800 13830 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAf Amharic    Wed.

Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo, Voice of Oromo Liberation.
13830 1700-1800 38E,39S,48 ISS 100kW 125deg Sun/Wed 3003-251014 SBO
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 14)

FRANCE/U.K.   6185  QSL received from the German service of the
International Radio Taiwan of June report. Confirmed the frequency of 6185
kHz via Wooferton-UK Babcock tx site, 250kW 78degr. Card number 3 - the
2014 report sent by electronic mail:
<deutsch -at->

There was a bit of history. Taiwanese mistakenly sent to the card address
Dmitri Puzanov, and Dmitry sent it to my email address. For which he thank
you very much!
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Sept 7)

11955  Received a QSL card (The Beauty of Bitan) of Russian service of the
International Radio Taiwan. 2014/Aug/1, 1700-1800 UT on 11955 kHz,
TDF Issoudun tx site 500kW 55degr.
(Editor RUSdx Sept 7)

GERMANY   6149.995  Der Funkfreund aus Datteln Ruhrpott ist heute Morgen
Sept 6th - ganz schwaches Signal - wieder auf Sendung. Nervige Pop
Maschinensound Musik um 0900 UT Sept 6. S=4 oder -98dBm Signal ueber dem
Noise Rauschen. Und begleitet mit einem nervenden piepsenden wobbligen
Heterodyne Ton.

6190  HLR fast rauschfrei, gute Aussendung S=8 -76dBm.

6095  Die Dutchmen aus Nauen, S=9+30dB oder -48dBm, mit einer Lautstaerke
      auch fuer den Kuechen Henkelmann zu nutzen.

6070.010  Radio Channel 292 oder wie immer das px heisst, aus Rohrbach
          Waal in Bayern. Gerade so auf der Grasnarbe.

6005  Der Eifelfunk R700 Euskirchen aus Kall, S=8 oder -76dBm faires
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 6)

GERMANY   49 / 41 mb monitored heute Morgen, Sept 7th.

6005.0   R700 Kall provider hat das Belarus Radio Programm aufgeschaltet,
         um 0730 UT Sept 7, S=9+10dB oder -65dBm hier in Sueddeutschland,
         ID und jingle um 0733 UT, Webseiten Werbung
         und deren web-Adresse ...  .by

6070.011 Radio channel 292 ... aus Rohrbach Waal, S=6 oder -88dBm,
         sehr duennes Signal.

6149.997 Europa-24, Test Radio aus Datteln Ruhrpott, "Informations Radio
         fuer ganz Europa", in De, En, und Hollaendisch um 0740 UT.

7310.0   Blasmusik Sendung R 700 aus Kall Eifel, S=9+5dB -65dBm Signal,
         um 0745 UT Sept 7.

7364.983 HCJB Deutsch aus Weenermoor, oben darueber, 17 Hertz brummiger
         Heterodyne, ueber dem US Prediger TOM Brother Stair
         auf exakt 7365.0 kHz aus WHRI USA.

7389.978 Radio Tirana Shijak um 0755 UT, S=9+10dB -65dBm, duenne
         Modulation an der vertikalen Rundstrahlantenne, sonntaegliches
         Kultur- und Historienprogramm in Albanisch.
         Das Steilstrahl-Signal wird moeglicherweise im Kosovo und
         all-Jugoslawien / Balkan besser gehen.

und auch noch sehr duenn 7410 kHz Radio Australia aus Shepparton zu

Und der Traeger der Vorstufe von WRNO New Orleans, welcher nach
Abschaltung der Endstufe um 0400 UT, danach den ganzen Tag in der Luft
bleibt, auf 7505.342 kHz, e-mail contact  <wrno -at->

jetzt ab 08 UT auch noch

6140 die heutige Sondersendung die Tom fuer MV Baltic Radio ankuendigte,
aus Nauen mit einem englischsprachigen "Deutscher Soldatensender" Feature
um 0815 UT S=9+25 -50dBm, sowie

6095  Dutch Transport Radio auch aus Nauen um 0820 UT mit gleicher
Signalstaerke wie 6140 kHz.

Um 0905 UT auf genau 9485 kHz, S=9 -71dBm schoenes Signal von MV Baltic
Radio. RTL aus den 60zigern, RNI, BBC Deutsches Programm mit
Glockenschlaege Big Ben. R Caroline "...dscha-la-la...".
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 7)

GERMANY   6005 kHz Radio 700 service.
Voice Of Mongolia via Kall Germany relay site. Schedule - Sendezeiten. Und
hier, wie versprochen, die Sendezeiten der Voice Of Mongolia im
"Geburtstagsmonat" 01. September 2014 - 05. Oktober 2014.

[MONGOLIA non]. GERMANY, Voice of Mongolia program in English will be
broadcast via Kall Krekel
1430-1500 7310 KLL 001 kW / non-dir to CeEu from Sept 1 till October 5
1730-1800 6005 KLL 100#kW / non-dir to CeEu from Sept 1 till October 5
1900-1930 3985 KLL 001 kW / non-dir to CeEu from Sept 1 till October 5

Reception reports / Empfangsberichte / digital via
<Vom_en -at->
or analogue:
Voice Of Mongolia
English Section
C.P.O.-Box 365

(DX RE MIX NEWS #869 Ivo Ivanov, Sept 1, dxld Sept 3)

Is 6005 100 kW or 1 kW? Should be easy to perceive. WRTH says 1 kW on
all frequencies including 6005, but HFCC and Aoki say 100 kW on 6005.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 3)

BACK UP Reserve registeration for MBR Nauen site at 100 kW power, if it
were ever to happen tx center a disaster on their Kall Eifel!

re 6005 KLL 100 kW
this information acc technician Christian Milling at R 700 Kall site.
Should always be in range 1 to 10 kW at Kall Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 10)

GERMANY   6070.012 kHz  R6150 ch292 ... aus Rohrbach Waal bei Ingolstadt,
um 06 UT Sept 15, muss sich noch auf die genaue Frequenz einschwingen, ist
noch zu kalt in Bayern?  S=9 -70dBm die Audio aus Waal klingt jetzt gut,
kein Vergleich zu den frueheren ersten Seesender-Unit Uebertragungen.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

GERMANY   7320-7325-7330 kHz, on Sept 9 at 0223 UT, strong DRM noise, not
in HFCC, but Aoki: "7325 kHz Radio Andernach (DRM) at 0200-0400 UT,
1234567 German (Digital) 100kW 122deg Nauen D 52 38 N 012 54 E, DRM a14
But even if you can receive DRM, this is encrypted; how rude!
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 9)

GERMANY   Sonntag 14. Sept. 2014 - MBR tx center sightseeing tour,
Open Heritage Day.
Die Grossfunkstelle Nauen bei Berlin laedt zum Tag des offenen Denkmals

Liebe Rundler!
Am 14. September 2014 oeffnet das ehemalige Funkamt Nauen
von 10 bis 16 Uhr MESZ-CEST {08-14 UT) fuer die Oeffentlichkeit.
Naeheres unter:

Funkamt Nauen
Graf-Arco-Strasse 154
14641 Nauen, Germany

Der Eintritt am Tag des offenen Denkmals ist frei, Spenden werden erbeten.
Google Earth: 52 38 52.40 N  12 54 29.93 E
VIEL FROIDE fuer alle Teilnehmenden wuenscht mit besten
'73 + gut DX, OM Arnulf Piontek; Berlin

(via A-DX Sept 10)

GERMANY/all-EUROPE   153  Just been reading through the September edition
of Deutschlandradio's programme magazine. In an editorial by Dr. Chris
Weck (Section Leader Technology & Infrastructure) it is stated that
Longwave will be shut down on 31.12.2014 and Mediumwave is planned for
shutdown by 31.12.2015. On the recommendation of the KEF, the commission
planning the financial resourcing.

Another broadcaster departing the lower frequencies.
(Klaus Werner-UK, BrDXC-UK Sept 13)

Re: Deutschlandradio MW & LW to close.
A pity! DLF Aholming 207 kHz is audible in daytime in Bologna Italy too.
Both 207 and 153 kHz are fair on car radio as south as South Tyrol in
Italy on A22 Highway, so Deutschlandfunk really covers all German-speaking
countries on longwave.
(Stefano Valianti-ITA, BrDXC-UK Sept 14)

Re: Deutschlandradio MW & LW to close ...

The UK can use these vacant frequencies for such as BBC Radio 4 Extra
using the Droitwich masts - it would make sense as many of the programmes
on 'extra', such as older radio comedy or drama don't need stereo or
weren't made in stereo. An alternative would be use of these LW
frequencies by RTÉ in Eire (LW site Clarkstown, Co. Meath) or French
broadcasters but English language programmes would be better and more
internationally popular.

I can't somehow see Radio Normandie or Luxembourg coming back on LW as the
essentially high masts are gone. If I were a German I'd really regret no
German language heard on AM real radio - but if they want isolation so be
(Rog Parsons-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Sept 14)

re > An alternative would be use of these LW frequencies by RTÉ in Eire...

Nice musing dreams ... to get a new or rather existing LW location move in
LW band - through approval and technical data consent process with
different other telecommunication authority and ITU board at Geneva, as
well as prepare tall LW masts on their small bandwidth alignement will
take months or rather two years time as noted in past decades ...
73 wolfy df5sx

GERMANY   The German Deutsche Welle foreign radio service must continue to
manage money very sparingly. German wave separates from 230 employees,
dismissed from the employment relationship.

automatic translation:
"When German international broadcaster shaft there are further cuts for
the Employees. In Bonn, 170 freelance employees of larger affected savings
in Berlin received 60 freelancers at all no new orders more. According to
the Staff Council are mainly the German programming affected by the cuts.
The Employee representatives fear even a closure of the site in Bonn. The
German section of DWL must save money for years. Thus, among other things,
set down the German-language radio program two years ago."

Deutsche Welle trennt sich von Mitarbeitern.
Beim Auslandssender Deutsche Welle gibt es weitere Einschnitte fuer die
Mitarbeiter. Am Standort Bonn sind 170 freie Mitarbeiter von groesseren
Einsparungen betroffen, in Berlin erhalten 60 Freiberufler ueberhaupt
keine neuen Auftraege mehr. Nach Angaben des Personalrates sind vor allem
die deutschsprachigen Angebote von den Einschnitten betroffen. Die
Mitarbeiter-Vertreter befuerchten sogar eine Schliessung des Standortes in
Bonn. Die Deutsche Welle muss seit Jahren sparen. So wurde unter anderem
vor zwei Jahren das deutschsprachige Radioprogramm eingestellt.
(WDR, via Tom DF5JL, A-Dx Sept 13)

Im letzten Jahrzehnt war's die Kurzwelle, die ausgemerzt wurde, jetzt sind
es der Aussendetaetigkeit entsprechenden - UEBERFLUESSIGEN Mitarbeiter.

DWL Budget. Zuletzt wurden 38% fuer Personal- und Pensionszahlungen im
Etat ausgewiesen, aber nur noch 8% fuer die Technik/Sender in Sines,
Trinco und Kigali.
Den Bonner Sender mit Sat.1 Intendant braucht's nicht [mehr].
73 wb df5sx, DWL listener since 1958 ...

GERMANY   720 kHz  WDR Langenberg OFF on maintenance break work
on Sept 15th - Oct 1st.

WDR-Mittelwelle: Wartungsarbeiten. Kleine Information des WDR anbei, ich
hoffe, wir hatten die hier noch nicht:

"Der WDR-Mittelwellensender Langenberg (720 kHz) wird ab 15. September bis
1. Oktober wiederholt tageweise abgeschaltet. Der Grund sind Arbeiten an
den Spannseilen des Sendemastes am Standort Langenberg. Durch die
Abschaltungen ist der Mittelwellenempfang im Ruhrgebiet, Sauerland,
Muensterland und Niederrhein eingeschraenkt.

An welchen Tagen genau abgeschaltet wird, haengt vom Fortgang der Arbeiten
und vom Wetter ab. An Sitzungstagen des Bundestages, dessen Debatten live
ueber Mittelwelle uebertragen werden, bleibt der Sender in Betrieb."
(source: WDR-Pressedienst via Daniel Kaehler-D, A-DX Sept 12)

GERMANY   Tag des Offenen Denkmals: Auch MDR / MBR Wiederau zu
{ ! schon vorueber, aber ein Tip fuer das naechste Jahr Sept. 2015}.

Im Radioforum :

...hatte auch jemand diesen Link gepostet:

"...Sender Wiederau, Senderstrasse 1, 04523 Pegau, Wiederau.

Beschreibung: Aeltester Rundfunksender in Sachsen, Baujahr 1932, diverse
Erweiterung im Laufe der Jahre. Insgesamt ca. 20 Gebaeude inkl.
Generatorhaus, Kulturhaus, Bunker. Geplant ist, das Objekt fuer
Interessierte begehbar zu machen.

Oeffnungszeiten am 14. September 2014. 10-16 Uhr, sonst nicht geoeffnet."
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX Sept 14)

{USA non}   Frequency changes of IBB effective from Sept 14

Radio Liberty
0300-0700 NF 6105 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR Russian, ex9635.
And co-channel
0400-0500    6105 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR Belar. sce of R. Liberty

Voice of America
0500-0600   11995 SMG 250 kW 114 deg to WeAS Kurdish till Sept. 14
0500-0600   15560 IRA 250 kW 310 deg to WeAS Kurdish till Sept. 14
0500-0600   17870 BIB 100 kW 085 deg to WeAS Kurdish till Sept. 14
1700-1800 NF 7215 BIB 100 kW 105 deg to WeAS Kurdish, ex7365
1900-1930 NF 9590 SAO 100 kW 052 deg to SDN  Arabic Afia Darfur, ex9600
1900-2000    6170 BIB 100 kW 105 deg to WeAS Kurdish from Sept. 15
1900-2000    7215 LAM 100 kW 108 deg to WeAS Kurdish from Sept. 15
1900-2000    9470 LAM 100 kW 105 deg to WeAS Kurdish from Sept. 15
1900-2100 NF 7470 PHT 250 kW 021 deg to EaAS Korean, ex5915, re-ex5900

Radio Free Asia from July 11
2200-2300 NF15260 TIN 250 kW 280 deg to EaAS Cantonese Mon, ex15120
2200-2300 NF15270 TIN 250 kW 280 deg to EaAS Cantonese Tue, ex15120
2200-2300 NF15280 TIN 250 kW 280 deg to EaAS Cantonese Wed, ex15120
2200-2300 NF15290 TIN 250 kW 280 deg to EaAS Cantonese Thu, ex15120
2200-2300 NF15300 TIN 250 kW 280 deg to EaAS Cantonese Fri, ex15120
2200-2300 NF15380 TIN 250 kW 280 deg to EaAS Cantonese Sat, ex15120
2200-2300 NF15390 TIN 250 kW 280 deg to EaAS Cantonese Sun, ex15120
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 11)

GREECE   At 1815-1830 UT on Sept 6th noted all three ERT-open channels
powerful on air, 9420.003, 9934.996, and 15650.041 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 6)

INDIA   Radio Kashmir Srinagar off air.


My monitoring observations of yesterday  (Sun 7 Sept 2014) on Radio
Kashmir, Srinagar (affected by floods). Off air on DTH 1116 kHz &
SW 4950 kHz not heard.

AIR Srinagar Pampore (East) 1116 (ex1224) kHz 10kW, SW 4950, 6110 kHz.
Left side see 3 masts for 60 and 49 mb 4950 and 6110 kHz antennas
Location 400 meters next to the river.
34 01 46.25 N  74 54 23.54 E

In the headlines of 1530 UT (News at 9) news bulletin it was mentioned
that Radio Kashmir, Srinagar is off air.

Please see info on AIR stations in Jammu & Kashmir affected by floods.

Prasar Bharati Parivar:
PB Parivar talks to Srinagar colleagues, Prays for J&K and PB Staff,
Sunday, Sept 7, 2014.

PB parivar talked to our colleagues at Radio Kashmir, Srinagar at around
1.30 pm and got the updates from Sh. Neeraj Goel, Dy.Director General
(E), Radio Kashmir, Srinagar. (0194 2452100, 09419000838).

stated that Radio Kashmir is the only mass medium sustaining at these
severe floods. Doordarshan campus is also affected and Doordarshan
transmission is off air. Radio Kashmir employees are working with full
devotion. Many of them are on job for hours together.

From Pampur MW and Short Wave Transmitters are on sending signals to very
far off places. (Importance of SW is witnessed during such time). The
roads to this transmitter locations are flooded and the staff led by
Mr. Imtiaz is working there continuously as new shifts can not reach.
At Narbal Lawaypora 300 kW medium Wave Transmitter is running

34 07 00.3 N  74 41 32.7 E   location

on 1000 kW Diesel Generator with Manzoor, Jayvardhane, nazeer and other
engineers. At Studio Centre officials of all discipline are working as
cohesive team.

Sh. Neeraj Goel, DDG(E), Sh. Raina Assistant Director(News), Sh. RK
Sharma. Assistant Director(Engg), Sh. ... PEX with handful dedicated
friends are Situation at Srinagar has become too grim. DD transmission
from Studio building has stopped. Most of our staff are not able to report
on duty as their houses are submerged in Water. Water is there up to 2nd
floor at Radio colony. Radio Station though safe now as water at present
has been diverted to Dal area but till when no body knows. Water level is
very high near to Radio Station at all side. No electricity at the
Station. 300 kW transmitter is running without power since more than four

Almost whole of the Srinagar has been in undated with water. This
situation has arises as Jhelum river is over flowing. Akashvani Colony
also people have to shift on second floor. Few hours back Gushing water
from Dam was diverted towrds Dal lake just 10-15 meter away from Our
office thus enabling our office to be safe (narrowly) and Functioning.

Names of some of our dedicated friends at various locations at Srinagar
has just arrived. (staff performing in extreme conditions during flash
floods in Srinagar. We all are almost in water from all corners.
How this net is working GOD knows.)




1350 kHz 20 kW Batergam Kupwara
34 31 46.57 N  74 13 45.51 E





Prasar Bharati Parivar: PB Parivar talks to Srinagar col...

PB parivar talked to our colleagues at Radio Kashmir, Srinagar at around
1.30 pm and got the updates from Sh.Neeraj Goel, Dy.Director General (E),
Radio Kashmir, Srinagar. View on <>
(Jose Jacob-IND, VU2JOS, DXindia via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

INDIA   AWR Wavescan - A Visit to AIR: Khampur site.
A Visit to All India Radio: Khampur on Shortwave.

All India Radio AIR is one of the world's largest radio broadcasting
stations. They have erected numerous shortwave transmitting sites
throughout the country for external service coverage as well as for
domestic broadcasting. Back in April 2010, a group of three well known
international radio monitors made a visit to the AIR shortwave
transmitting station at Khampur which is located on the swampy out skirts
of the city of Delhi. The external service of All India Radio at the time
of their visit was on the air via shortwave transmitting sites at:

Khampur near Delhi      7 x 250 kW
Kingsway  Delhi         2 x 100 & 3 x 50 kW
Malad  Mumbai           1 x 100 kW
Gorakhpur  Nepal        1 x  50 kW
Dhodballapur Bangalore  6 x 500 kW
Aligarh in North India  4 x 250 kW
Bambolim at Panaji Goa  2 x 250 kW
Guwahati  Assam         1 x  50 kW, 1 x 200 kW mediumwave

The visit to the station by three visitors, T. R. Rajeesh,
Alokesh Gupta and Anker Petersen from Denmark, was organized by the former
station Engineer of Delhi Khampur, Mr. V.Baleja.

After visiting the AIR headquarters on Parliament Street New Delhi, the
three visitors traveled by car for a little over half an hour to reach the
Khampur station which is located 25 kms from New Delhi. On the way to the
Khampur station, they saw the Delhi Kingsway transmitting site from the
road. This 256 acre site is used for transmitting programs on shortwave
for the national service as well as for the external services beamed to
India's South Asian neighbors. They also saw the self radiating mast of
the AIR New Delhi mediumwave station at Nangli which is capable of
broadcasting in the DRM mode.

The Delhi Khampur transmitting station is located on a large 630 acre site
in the swampy fields of Khampur village in outer Delhi, bordering on the
state of Haryana. While approaching the transmitting station they could
see the antenna towers and the curtain arrays from the road.

Several photos of the antenna masts were taken from the roadside as they
were aware that it is impossible to take photos inside where photography
is prohibited. On the way to the station office, they saw much wildlife in
the swampy field. The dancing peacocks, doves and storks welcomed them
without any official formalities!

The Station Engineer, Mrs. Sonilatha Saigalin welcomed the visitors to her
office and she was amazed that three international radio monitors would
travel so far to visit this transmitter site! Anker Petersen told her that
the broadcasts from this station can be heard quite well in Denmark and he
suggested that he could send monitoring reports to her. The Station
Engineer replied that such reports are forwarded to the Frequency
Management Division in New Delhi.

The Superintending Engineer, Mr. S. K. Aggarwal, who is the chief of the
station, directed the Station Engineer to show the visitors the
transmitters and antenna field. They observed the old and new transmitters
as well as a new DRM transmitter, and also the antenna towers and the vast
arrays of shortwave curtain antennas.

This Khampur station houses 7 x 250 kW shortwave transmitters and 36
antenna masts, and 49 curtain arrays. A special power substation provides
electricity to this transmitter station. At the time, the Delhi Khampur
station had a staff of around 200 employees, including 50 engineers and

The Delhi Khampur transmitter site was opened on January 1, 1959 and the
first transmitter was a 100 kW Marconi, which was more recently sold as
scrap. Two AWA units from Australia at 20 kW each were installed in 1962.
During 1965 four more transmitters were installed, two at 50 kW and two at
100 kW, made by STC (Standard Telephones & Cables) of Australia.

A recent modernization plan was undertaken to transform Khampur into an
external services transmission facility. All of the new transmitters were
placed in an oblong but spacious antenna switching hall and all of the AWA
and STC transmitters were retired from service.

In 1989, two 250 kW Brown Boveri transmitters were commissioned
exclusively for the external services. Then, two new modern Continental
Electronics units were installed in June 2000. During the year 2002, three
new 250 kW Thomcast transmitters were commissioned for the external
services and this converted Khampur into the second largest transmitting
station of All India Radio, after Bangalore.

The Delhi Khampur transmitting station celebrated its 50th anniversary in
2009 with the participation of listeners and engineering staff.

Digital Radio Mondiale or DRM is the new trend in shortwave broadcasting,
particularly in India. Like many other major shortwave broadcasters, All
India Radio has also introduced DRM transmission on shortwave. It is from
this site, Delhi Khampur, that AIR has tested DRM transmissions for both
domestic and international audiences.

A 250 kW Thales/Thomcast transmitter was converted to DSB/DRM capability
with an output of 55 kW for domestic transmission on 6100 kHz, and on 9950
kHz for external service to Europe. The domestic transmission is monitored
inside the transmitter building with a Chinese manufactured Himalaya DRM

During the evening after the informative visit to AIR Khampur, there was
an informal meeting with local international radio monitors in New Delhi.

For those who would like to do so, reception reports for AIR Delhi Khampur
may be addressed to:

AIR High Power Transmitting Station Khampur
Grand Trunk Karnal Road
Delhi 110036, India

Information from Alokesh Gupta of New Delhi,
Photos & support from Anker Petersen of Denmark,
T. R. Rajeesh for the original article which has been adapted for
broadcast Program No  NWS288. Production date Tuesday August 26, 2014
(AWR Wavescan, Adrian Peterson-USA, via SW TXsite Sept 6)

INDIA   7340.096  odd frequency originate from AIR Mumbai 10 kW unit, FS
in Baluchi language to 1600 UT on Sept 8th.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

INDIA   Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)
Announces at IBC 2014 First DRM Receiver produced in India.

At IBC on Friday 12th September the DRM Consortium launched the first DRM
AM model receiver produced in India for India and for global use.

The AV-DR -1401 designed and produced by Communications Systems Inc under
the brand name Avion Electronics of India
is a digital DRM SW, MW, as well as analogue AM and FM receiver with
stereo reception, offering some of the extra features that make digital
superior to analogue: more choice in perfect sound (MPEG audio),
multimedia applications and local interactive text and media (Journaline),
automatic tuning by station, not frequency, emergency alert capability

The receiver was unveiled at the first DRM 'Pit-stop' on Friday 12th
September at the Ampegon stand (Hall 8:D35). It was subsequently showcased
on Saturday 13th September at Thomson Broadcast, the second 'Pit stop'
event (Hall 8:C35) and  at the "tell and show" event organised by DRM
Consortium member Nautel Ltd (Hall 8:C49).

At their session 'Building to a Billion and Beyond', Nautel
representatives and other Consortium companies from India and around the
world gave an update on the digital project in India and participants
could sample the excellent sound of the new DRM receiver model.

Ankit Agrawal, Director of Communications Systems Inc which produced the
new model was thrilled with the interest created by the DRM radio: "Our
receiver performed very well and its audio quality, extra features and
ease of use received a lot of positive feedback.  IBC participants
particularly liked the extended battery life of the receiver and its
emergency warning capability.  With small adjustments we plan to make the
receiver available for order in the next few months."

Ruxandra Obreja, the Consortium Chairman, says that: "We are very pleased
with the exciting announcement on this new Indian receiver. With
sufficient orders and support it could do very well and start the receiver
ball rolling demonstrating that global, green and extremely cost-effective
DRM is not just the future of digital radio but a reality for listeners

Other DRM members present at IBC are: Digidia, Fraunhofer IIs, GatesAir,
RFmondial and Transradio.

AV-DR-1401  <>

For more information and DRM updates please visit
<>  or subscribe to DRM news by writing to
<pressoffice -at->

Click here <>
for the Newsletter with all the latest DRM news from around the world.
(DRM Consortium Press Release; via Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia Sept 13)

IRAN   21420.0  A3E distorted spurious signal from Voice of Islamic
Republic of Iran IRIB Tehran via Sirjan tx site, on 21525 kHz at 0845 UT
on Sept 13th.
Also spurious audible: 21630 kHz -> 21525 +/- ±105 kHz.
(DK2OM  Wolf Hadel to "INTRUD IARUMS" <intruderalert -at->

Die guten alten AEG Telefunken 500 kW Schaetzchen in Sirjan produzieren
auch immer mal Spur Signale an Tagen guter Ausbreitung, dann vagabundieren
die letzten Watt auch mal ins Amateurband.

Die Ersatzteilversorgung / Belieferung nach dem Wirtschaftsboykott aus dem
Ausland nach dem Iran hinein, scheint auch besser zu werden.
wolfgang  df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

IRAN   Frequency changes of Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran IRIB

0023-0220 NF 9510 ZAH 500kW 289deg NoEaAF Arabic, ex9420  to avoid ERT Gr
0023-0220 NF12025 KAM 500kW 274deg SoAm  Spanish, ex11760 to avoid RHC Sp
0023-0220 on 9860 KAM 500kW 259deg SoAm  Spanish.

Upcoming frequency changes of Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran IRIB

1423-1520 NF13650 KAM 500 kW 058 deg to CeAs Russian,
          ex13650 // 11825,13800
1753-1850 NF 7230 KAM 500 kW 304 deg to EaEu Russian,
          ex 7350 // 5920
1923-2020 NF11985 SIR 500 kW 313 deg to WeEu English,
          ex 7315 // 9400, 9715, 11885 kHz.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

IRELAND/SOUTH AFRICA/UK   RTÉ SW bcast to Africa 7 Sept for Hurling Final,
and for Football on Sept 21.

The given RTÉ SW bcast to Africa 7 Sept for Hurling Final frequency
schedule - see below - was wrong !
Chaotic non-distribution by Babcock of the RTÉ SW bcast to Africa.

See real schedule published by Ivo in Bulgaria fater the Hurling final

Log: 11750, Irland, Sonderpx, English, 1648 UT, 07. Sept 2014
Throw-in 1530 (Irish time)

Southern Africa
1300-1700 UTC, 100 kW,  7300 kHz  Meyerton Sentec-AFS

East Africa
1300-1600 UTC, 250 kW, 17820 kHz  Woofferton-UK
1600-1700 UTC, 100 kW, 11750 kHz  Meyerton Sentec-AFS

West Africa
1300-1700 UTC, 300 kW, 17495 kHz  Woofferton-UK
{assumed tx relay sites added by wb.}

RTÉ Radio Irish footbal final will follow on Sunday Sept 21 on same
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

Wherever you are in the world this weekend, you can follow all the action
in this year's All-Ireland Hurling Final with RTÉ Sport. On TV with RTÉ
television, online via RTÉ Player, worldwide with GAAGO, on your mobile
device with RTÉ.ie and via shortwave to Africa with RTÉ Radio, there are
no shortage of ways to access the centrepiece of the hurling season.
RTÉ.ie will have previews, reviews and analysis from the top GAA analysts,
features, live TV and Radio streaming, player and manager interviews and a
live text tracker to keep you right up to date with events in Croke Park.

On TV, Michael Lyster and guests will be live from Croke Park at 1400
Irish time. Sunday Sport on RTÉ Radio will be live from 1300 - starting
with commentary on the All-Ireland minor final.

In Africa, where many Irish people live and work, often in relative
isolation with poor communications, RTÉ is providing special transmissions
on shortwave radio.

[2014 frequencies sic:] Throw-in 1430 UT
Southern Africa 5925 kHz 1400 to 1900  Meyerton Sentec-AFS
East Africa     9590 kHz 1500 to 2000  Meyerton Sentec-AFS
West Africa    17685 kHz 1400 to 1900  Woofferton-UK

(In the past some QSL cards have been issued - Mike Terry-UK)

Sunday Sport on RTÉ Radio 1 will be live from 2pm for coverage of the All-
Ireland final.

A specially extended programme on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra on Longwave will be
live from 1300 for full commentary on the All-Ireland minor final (throw-
in 1315).

RTÉ Raidio na Gaeltachta will also have match coverage on the big day on
Sport on Lae from 1315 and will have further reaction on Sport an
Domhnaigh from 1900.

All radio streams will be available worldwide on RTÉ.ie.

Ireland: At home, audiences can listen as usual to the GAA finals on RTÉ
Radio 1 FM, DAB, RTÉ.ie and on Longwave 252 kHz.

Britain: Across most of Britain, listeners can receive our coverage on
Long Wave 252 kHz. In addition RTÉ Radio 1 is available on the UK free to
air satellite platform Freesat on channel 750.

RTÉ.ie is the website of Raidio Teilifis Éireann, Ireland's National
Public Service Broadcaster. RTÉ, Donnybrook, Dublin 4, Ireland.
(Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Sept 5)

ITALY   Mittelwelle aus Italien auf 1350 kHz.

Andrea Lawendel hat sich in seinem Blog der Sache "1350" angenommen und
bricht in einem langen Beitrag eine Lanze fuer unser Hobby. Der Artikel
ist lesenswert (ein Online-Uebersetzer hilfreich), beschreibt er doch
einerseits das Umfeld, in dem dieser Sendebetrieb stattfindet,
andererseits fuer die Senderbetreiber - den Hintergrund unserer

(via Guenter Lorenz-D, A-DX Sept 8)

JAPAN   6020  heard Shiokaze at 1337 UT on Thurs Sept 11, on 6020 kHz,
underneath a strong CNR8 (Mongolian Service); by 1406 UT, CNR8 had signed
off, but instead heard what sounded like VOV4 underneath Shiokaze.

Was not in English today as it normally had been on recent Thursdays.
Anomaly or new schedule? see Aoki Nagoya list of Sept 12, today Friday in
Korean (start of Sept 1).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

KAZAKHSTAN   In the last weekend of August passed by the village Bayserke
(before 2000 - Dmitrievka) in Almaty area and found that canned
Broadcasting Center dismantled. On the field, there are only one mast, and
part of the former antenna field is enabled for the construction of the
new road and transport interchange.


Earlier, I posted photos of this place:
(Dmitry Puzanov-KAZ, "open_dx", RUSdx Sept 7)

Saryagash-KAZ - next to Uzbekistan border now.
see also Saryagash-KAZ direction finding Wullenweber mast array antenna,

41 30 03.76 N  69 08 43.45 E
23 Sept 2006 G.E. image, rather approx. 77 antenna masts visible,
former USSR Telecom/TASS or Security/Army UTE radio center installation?

similar two Wullenweber direction finding antennas visible rather
Saryagash-KAZ downtown older recieving station ? at

41 27 40.77 N  69 11 20.46 E

approx. 240 antenna masts visible, and also a heliocopter parking array.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 7)

KOREA D.P.R. / PHILIPPINES  JAMMING   7460  But heard a new annoying North
Korean very fast DITTERING pip tone against VoA Tinang-PHL in Korean on
7460 kHz, at 1330 UT Sept 14.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 14)

KOREA  Rep of (South)   11810  KBS World Radio verified an electronic
report with a full data "Kimjang: Inscribed on the UNESCO's List of
Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 20-13" card in 49 days.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Sept 8)

LAOS   6129.985  Lao National Radio, Vientiane in Lao language, endless
news read by male voice, at 1230 UT on Sept 8. Tiny signal heard on remote
downunder unit at Brisbane, Queensland. Sideband splash over by North
Korean noise jamming on 6135 kHz channel.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

LESOTHO   Following reports in the South African press of radio jamming
following an attempted coup in Lesotho yesterday (Saturday 30 August), a
quick check this evening shows that Radio Lesotho and Ultimate FM are on
air, and not jammed, at least on on medium wave.

639  Radio Lesotho, 639 Maseru. On Aug 31, 2014 Sunday. 1710-1720 UT.
SeSotho. YL talking, very animated. Good.

891  Ultimate FM, 891 Maseru // 1197 kHz, on Aug 31, 2014 Sunday at 1710-
1720 UT. English, pop / disco music "The Hot Ten, this is the sound of
summer". Good.

1197  Ultimate FM, 1197 Maseru // 891 kHz, Aug 31, 2014 Sunday. 1710-1720
UT. English, pop / disco music "The Hot Ten, this is the sound of summer".
Poor due to local electrical QRN in Joburg. Jo'burg sunset 1555 UT.
(Bill Bingham-AFS, dxld Sept 3)

LIBYA   677.501  Hurra Benghazi.
Just tuning around the MW band and came across a middle-eastern sounding
station around 677.5 kHz. Fading in and out, but peaked at 2035 UT. OM/YL
in unid language, but middle-eastern style music. When the signal peaked,
the audio sounded rather muffled. Don't think its a spurious signal in the
receiver. Best signal E-W at my location.
(Nick Rank-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Sept 12)

Re: UNID 677.5 kHz. Suspect it is Benghazi, Libya on 677.5 kHz. Nick, but
been unable to positively ID yet. No not a spurious. In Arabic, not helped
of course by strong Lopik, Netherlands on 675.0 kHz.

677.5 kHz closed at 2249 UT on Sept 13, preceded by long upbeat song
(anthem?) I remember hearing a lot during the Libyan Civil War in 2011.
So - definitely Libya.
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Sept 12 / 13)

677.501  Hurra Benghazi. Yesterday Sept 12 at 1215 UT heard loud and clear
via South Italian net Perseus radio. 677.501 kHz very odd frequency, live
telephone calls at Benghazi radio house in Arabic, S=9+30dB or -47dBm
signal strength close to Sicily, southern Italy location across
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

MALAYSIA   5964.702  RTM Klasik FM from Kajang-MLA, S=9+15dB or -62dBm at
1537 UT on Sept 8.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

MICRONESIA   4755.552  FSM - Federated States of Micronesia, PMA - Pacific
Missionary. Aviati, Pohnpei, The Cross Radio. On Sept 9 at 0930 UT checked
on remote SDR unit in Brisbane-AUS, S=7 poor or -84dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 9)

4755.562  PMA Cross R, Fed S of Micronesia, Pohnpei, 8 SEPT 09:11 good
copy, moderate signal. In English. Sermon. Off-air 09:15:10 UT.
(Nick Hacko-NSW-AUS  VK2DX, dxld Sept 8)

also 5020.000 even frequency noted Sept 9 at 0945 UT Solomon Island,
Alignement checked against frequencies CHU 3330, Nikkei 3925, 3945, ABC
4835, and WWVH 5000 kHz standard signals.

MOROCCO   9575, Radio Medi Une - Nador, at 0426-0451 UT on Sept 1, popular
music program with ID at 0430 UT and news in French language. Man
announcer began hosting pop music program after the news at 0434 UT. Fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Sept 8)

MOROCCO    Medi 1 is a commercial station well heard in the Mediterranean
countries on SW 9575 kHz and LW 171 kHz, it offers a programming based on
current affairs, news and culture programmes along with a Western and
Arabic pop music mix formula, including some specialised music programmes.
This is the correct schedule after monitoring of some of, from my point of
view, most interesting music programmes offered by this station:

Ritmo Latino, modern Latin dance music presented by Layla Belarbi
(in French): Saturday 1503-1600 UT.

Jazz Session, jazz classics presented by Jawad (in French):
Sunday 2304-0000 UT.

La Bossa Nova, Bossa Nova hits presented by Sanae (in French): scheduled
Sunday 1815 UT but not noted at that time; shows can be heard anyway at

La Musique Soufie, Sufi music presented by Ahmed Lekhligh (in Arabic):
daily 1930-1958 repeated at 0300-0328 UT. This programme has become one of
my favorites; Wikipedia says "While all Muslims believe that they are on
the pathway to God and hope to become close to God in Paradise after death
and after the "Final Judgment" Sufis also believe that it is possible to
draw closer to God and to more fully embrace the Divine Presence in this
life. The chief aim of all Sufis is to seek the pleasing of God by working
to restore within themselves the primordial state of fitra described in
the Qur'an fitra is an Arabic word meaning "disposition", "constitution",
or "instinct". In a mystical context, it can connote intuition or insight
(...), in this state, nothing one does defies God, and all is undertaken
with the single motivation of love of God".

Some prominent Sufi musicians according to Wikipedia are Abida Parveen,
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Sanam Marvi, all from Pakistan. La Musique
Soufie is half hour of slow and smooth music, ideal for relaxing after a

For consulting the Medi 1 current programme schedule or listening to the
newest or old shows visit <>
(Rafael Martinez-ESP, music listening tips, Sept BrDXC-UK Communication
magazine direct and via dxld)

MYANMAR   5985.242  Myanmar Radio Rangoon noted with accompanied 2 kHz
whistle heterodyne tone of 5983.0 kHz, logged downunder remote SDR unit in
Brisbane Queensland. On Sept 8th at 1530 UT, S=8 or -78dBm fair signal.
No signal of Myanmar Radio from Rangoon site on v7200 (7186 / 7214) kHz
tonight in 15-16 UT slot.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

MYANMAR   Best Myanmar R signal ahead of 5915 kHz channel, noted at 1315
UT, downunder on remote SDR unit in Australia. At 1320 UT on Sept 14, in
like Thai similar vernacular, sure - NOT BURMESE language !

5985.229 kHz different Rangoon program of MR, S=7+5dB.

Nothing of Myanmar R noted on 6165, latter covered by powerhouse
supposedly CNR6 program.

Nothing heard/visible on MR Rangoon channel 7200v(7186/7214v kHz).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 14)

MYANMAR   9730  Myanmar Radio with soccer matches, Myanmar Radio, at 1107-
1128* UT on Sept 9. Live coverage of the "U19" (under 19) ASEAN AFF soccer
game with Myanmar vs. Indonesia, played in Vietnam; match ended 1119 UT.
First time I have ever heard Myanmar with sports coverage. Possibly a TV
audio feed? Not much in the way of a running commentary. Certainly not
play by play coverage as would be expected for a radio audience.

Sept 10 (Wednesday), again with what sounded like live sports coverage
from tune in at 1048 UT till end of game at 1122 UT; today did sound more
like play by play coverage; unable to hear which teams were playing;
search of web found no Myanmar games scheduled for today (pre-recorded?).
This preempted the normal Wed. ABC/Radio Australia segment.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 9)

MYANMAR   9730  Myanmar ID jingle. Sept 11 - For the last few days have
noticed a new jingle (pop music) ID before the BoH on 9730 kHz. Very
distinctive! Seems I am hearing three different singing "kiloHertz" in the
first portion of the pop jingle, with "... Radio" at 00:39 UT of audio at
followed by the usual indigenous theme music.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Sept 12)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   The only active PNG stations on shortwave as of 3
August are
3205 Radio Sundaun 3260 Radio Madang 3385 Radio East New Britain
7325 Wantok Radio Light (Craig Seager-AUS, Dxplorer)
3235 NBC Southern Highlands reactivated 18 August.

Actually was originally, correctly reported in dxld as being on 3275 kHz

3275, NBC Southern Highlands. Last heard in the summer of 2012. Found
reactivated August 18, 2014, from 1218 to off close to 1318 UT; Tok
Pisin/Pigin monologue 1218-1233 UT; EZL Pacific Island music 1233-1255;
another monologue; poor, with very slow improvement. Great to have this
back again! Format today consistent with that heard in 2012, in that is
there was no NBC news at 1301 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Sept 11)

PERU   4775  Radio Tarma, at 1008-1032 UT on Sept 1, lively morning music
program hosted by a male announcer with Spanish talks, OA vocals, ID, TC
and announcements. Poor to fair signal but quite noisy by tune out.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Sept 8)

4835  Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba 2335 to 2355 UT with comments in
Spanish and music at 2352 UT on Sept 12.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer Sept 14)

4985.5  Radio Voz Cristiana, Huancayo 2330 to 2350UT, om espanol, with
massive rtty on 4985 kHz making reception difficult 12 Sept.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer Sept 14)

ROMANIA   QSL received the July edition of the Radio Romania International
Russian sce for accepting
05.07.2014, 1500 UT on 9500 kHz frequency. The report sent by electronic
mail: <rusa -at->  QSL card of The Citadel of Sighisoara.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Sept 7)

Came from Radio Romania International for the 1.7.2014 and 1.08.2014,
1330-1357 UT, 15160 kHz (The Citadel of Sighisoara, Hunyad Castle)
(Andrew-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Sept 7)

ROMANIA   Some RRI changes ?  RRI-Deutsch mit Anpassungen,
laut RRI-Funkbriefkasten wird ueberlegt, ab 29.09.2014 die Sendezeit von
1200 UT auf 1400 UT zu verlegen. Frequenzen bleiben gleich?
Aktuell um 1200 UT 9675 // 11875 kHz.
(Paul Gager-AUT, A-DX Sept 14)

Im Winter in B-14 registriert, Deutsch ab 26. Okt. 2014:

 6020 0700 0730 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
 7345 0700 0730 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU

 9810 1300 1400 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
11665 1300 1400 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU

 5960 1500 1600 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
 7330 1500 1600 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU

 6010 1900 2000 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
 7405 1900 2000 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU

RRI Bucharest B-14 from Oct 26.
 7315 0000 0100 12NE     GAL 300 280 1234567 Spa ROU
 7325 0000 0100 14       TIG 300 247 1234567 Spa ROU
 9525 0000 0100 12NE     GAL 300 280 1234567 Spa ROU
 9730 0000 0100 14       TIG 300 247 1234567 Spa ROU
 6145 0100 0200 8        GAL 300 310 1234567 Eng ROU
 7325 0100 0200 8        GAL 300 310 1234567 Eng ROU
 5910 0100 0300 8        TIG 300 307 1234567 Ron ROU
 7340 0100 0300 8        TIG 300 307 1234567 Ron ROU
 5975 0200 0300 4,8      GAL 300 310 1234567 Fra ROU
 7395 0200 0300 4,8      GAL 300 310 1234567 Fra ROU
 7345 0300 0400 10       GAL 300 310 1234567 Spa ROU
 9470 0300 0400 10       GAL 300 310 1234567 Spa ROU
 9470 0300 0400 14       TIG 300 247 1234567 Spa ROU
11800 0300 0400 14       TIG 300 247 1234567 Spa ROU
 6020 0400 0500 6        GAL 300 320 1234567 Eng ROU
 7340 0400 0500 6        GAL 300 337 1234567 Eng ROU
13730 0400 0500 41       TIG 300 100 1234567 Eng ROU
15140 0400 0500 41       TIG 300 97  1234567 Eng ROU
15220 0500 0530 43,44    TIG 300 67  1234567 Zho ROU
17870 0500 0530 43,44    TIG 300 67  1234567 Zho ROU
 6145 0500 0600 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Ron ROU
 7220 0500 0600 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Ron ROU
 5940 0530 0600 29       TIG 300 37  1234567 Rus ROU
 7320 0530 0600 29       TIG 300 37  1234567 Rus ROU

 7360 0600 0630 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Fra ROU
 9650 0600 0630 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Fra ROU
11790 0600 0630 46       TIG 300 217 1234567 Fra ROU
13740 0600 0630 46       TIG 300 217 1234567 Fra ROU
 7345 0630 0700 27N      TIG 300 307 1234567 Eng ROU
 9600 0630 0700 27N      GAL 300 300 1234567 Eng ROU
17780 0630 0700 55,58,59 GAL 300 100 1234567 Eng ROU
21600 0630 0700 55,58,59 TIG 300 97  1234567 Eng ROU
 6020 0700 0730 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
 7345 0700 0730 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
11660 0730 0800 37       GAL 300 247 1234567 Ara ROU
15200 0730 0800 37       GAL 300 245 1234567 Ara ROU
15330 0730 0800 39NW     TIG 300 142 1234567 Ara ROU
17810 0730 0800 39NW     TIG 300 142 1234567 Ara ROU
15370 0800 0900 39NW     TIG 300 142 7       Mul ROU
15430 0800 0900 40W      GAL 300 110 7       Mul ROU
17850 0800 0900 40W      GAL 300 110 7       Mul ROU
17860 0800 0900 39NW     TIG 300 142 7       Mul ROU
15380 0900 1000 38E      GAL 300 175 7       Mul ROU
15430 0900 1000 39S      TIG 300 142 7       Mul ROU
17745 0900 1000 38E      GAL 300 175 7       Mul ROU
17775 0900 1000 39S      TIG 300 142 7       Mul ROU
15170 1000 1100 37       TIG 300 247 7       Mul ROU
15260 1000 1100 27SE     GAL 300 285 7       Fra ROU
17780 1000 1100 37       TIG 300 247 7       Mul ROU
17870 1000 1100 27SE     GAL 300 285 7       Fra ROU
15150 1100 1200 27SE     TIG 300 292 1234567 Fra ROU
15255 1100 1200 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Fra ROU
17820 1100 1200 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Fra ROU
17870 1100 1200 37       TIG 300 247 1234567 Fra ROU

15460 1200 1300 27N      GAL 300 307 1234567 Eng ROU
17530 1200 1300 27N      TIG 300 307 1234567 Eng ROU
17765 1200 1300 48       GAL 300 165 1234567 Eng ROU
21520 1200 1300 48       TIG 300 157 1234567 Eng ROU
15400 1300 1330 37       TIG 300 247 1234567 Ara ROU
17810 1300 1330 37       TIG 300 247 1234567 Ara ROU
 9810 1300 1400 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
 9880 1300 1400 28N      TIG 100 300 1234567 Ron ROU
11665 1300 1400 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
15170 1300 1500 27SE     GAL 300 290 1234567 Ron ROU
17840 1300 1500 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Ron ROU
11880 1330 1400 43,44    TIG 300 67  1234567 Zho ROU
13660 1330 1400 43,44    TIG 300 67  1234567 Zho ROU
11830 1400 1430 43,44    TIG 300 67  1234567 Zho ROU
15160 1400 1430 43,44    TIG 300 67  1234567 Zho ROU
11985 1400 1500 31S      TIG 300 52  1234567 Rus ROU
13860 1400 1500 31S      TIG 300 52  1234567 Rus ROU
 6040 1500 1530 28SW     TIG 100 270 1234567 Ita ROU
 5960 1500 1600 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
 7330 1500 1600 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
 9655 1500 1600 39NW     TIG 300 142 1234567 Ara ROU
11610 1500 1600 39NW     TIG 300 142 1234567 Ara ROU
15300 1500 1600 37       TIG 300 247 1234567 Ara ROU
17550 1500 1600 37       TIG 300 247 1234567 Ara ROU
 6040 1530 1600 28SE     TIG 100 210 1234567 Rup ROU
 5955 1600 1630 29SW     TIG 100 30  1234567 Ukr ROU
 5930 1600 1700 29       TIG 300 37  1234567 Rus ROU
 9655 1600 1700 27SE     GAL 300 290 1234567 Ron ROU
 9810 1600 1700 29       TIG 300 37  1234567 Rus ROU
11870 1600 1700 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Ron ROU
 5955 1630 1700 28SW     TIG 100 270 1234567 Srp ROU
 9680 1630 1700 39NW     TIG 300 142 1234567 Ara ROU
11760 1630 1700 39NW     TIG 300 142 1234567 Ara ROU
 5955 1700 1730 28SW     TIG 100 270 1234567 Ita ROU
 5920 1700 1800 39NW     GAL 300 140 1234567 Ron ROU
 7370 1700 1800 39NW     GAL 300 140 1234567 Ron ROU
 7400 1700 1800 27SE     TIG 300 292 1234567 Fra ROU
 9690 1700 1800 27SE     TIG 300 292 1234567 Fra ROU
 5955 1730 1800 28SE     TIG 100 210 1234567 Rup ROU

 6090 1800 1830 29SW     TIG 100 30  1234567 Ukr ROU
 5940 1800 1900 27N      TIG 300 307 1234567 Eng ROU
 7350 1800 1900 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Fra ROU
 9780 1800 1900 27N      TIG 300 307 1234567 Eng ROU
 5990 1800 2100 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Ron ROU
 6180 1830 1900 28SW     TIG 100 270 1234567 Srp ROU
 5945 1900 1930 28SW     TIG 100 270 1234567 Ita ROU
 6010 1900 2000 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
 7405 1900 2000 28NW     TIG 300 307 1234567 Deu ROU
 7430 1900 2000 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Ron ROU
 5945 1930 2000 28SE     TIG 100 210 1234567 Rup ROU
 6030 2000 2030 29SW     TIG 100 30  1234567 Ukr ROU
 6010 2000 2100 37NW     TIG 300 277 1234567 Spa ROU
 7235 2000 2100 27S      TIG 300 277 1234567 Spa ROU
 7430 2000 2100 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Fra ROU
 6030 2030 2100 28SW     TIG 100 270 1234567 Srp ROU
 6030 2100 2130 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Fra ROU
 7370 2100 2130 27SE     GAL 300 285 1234567 Fra ROU
 6030 2130 2200 27N      GAL 300 300 1234567 Eng ROU
 6170 2130 2200 8        TIG 300 307 1234567 Eng ROU
 7310 2130 2200 8        TIG 300 307 1234567 Eng ROU
 7380 2130 2200 27N      GAL 300 290 1234567 Eng ROU
 9790 2200 2300 14       TIG 300 247 1234567 Spa ROU
11870 2200 2300 14       TIG 300 247 1234567 Spa ROU
 6015 2300 2400 27N      GAL 300 285 1234567 Eng ROU
 7220 2300 2400 27N      GAL 300 290 1234567 Eng ROU
 7395 2300 2400 45       TIG 300 52  1234567 Eng ROU
 9620 2300 2400 45       TIG 300 52  1234567 Eng ROU

RUSSIA/MOLDOVA   7325  Received QSL-cards for admission Radio Adygea
from KRTPTS - Krasnodar Regional Radiotelevizionny Broadcasting Center.
Transmitter: pos.Oktyabrsky, Tbilisi area, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

On 11 Aug 2014, at 1700-1757 UT, 7325 kHz, tx RW-688, 100 kW,
Antenna SGD 4x4RA, Azimuth of 188 degrees.
Mailing address: Russia 350038, Krasnodar, ul. Radio, 3-A, KRTPTS
Enclosed in an envelope color photo calendar KRTPTS antenna.
(Editor, RUSdx Aug 31)

In A-14 on 7325 kHz channel, but in B-14 winter season move to 6005 kHz
6005 kHz daily 1400-1800 UT, zones 39,40, ARMavir, 100kW 188deg,
ant#218, RUS VOR GFC.

[MOLDOVA - Pridnestrovie - PMR Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic]
Re: QSL Vesti FM/RTRN Krasnodar 1089 kHz.
Servus Harald ! Am 31.08.2014 schrieb adxb suess:
Hi, gilt diese mail-adresse auch fuer den Sender Moldawien 1413 kHz ?

Nein. Das ist die Adresse eines Technikers des Sendezentrums in Krasnodar.

1413 kHz Grigoriopol/Maiac habe ich gestern mal ausprobiert. Vom dortigen
Sendezentrum gab's nach einem Tag auch eine detailierte QSL (jpg-File mit
Ansicht der Antennenanlage) - und zwar von:

<prtc -at->
v/s Sergey Omelchenko, Technical Director of Pridnestrovskiy
Radioteletsentr, Grigoriopol, Pridnestrovie -
PMR Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Sept 1)

Log: Adygey Radio 7325 kHz 1700 UTC, und im Winter ab 26. Okt. dann wieder
auf 6005 kHz aus Armavir Tbilisskaya im Krasnodar Oblast.
6005 1400-1800 39,40 ARM  100kW 188deg #218 RUS VOR GFC
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

RUSSIA   New Zealand Radio DX League - Paul Ormandy:

Russian Independent SW Stations 1991-96.

Hi all, Have a last managed to compile the nucleus of an article I'd been
planning to do for some time. Winter is a great season for sitting in
front of the fire and catching up on articles, after all radio conditions
are poor in the evenings and its very cold in the shack! The article is
Russian Independent SW Stations 1991-1996. By going through the DXTimes
magazines conveniently and kindly scanned by Chris Mackerell, I have
created an outline which needs some filler. So if anyone would like to
contribute or correct the information, please use the Comments box below
the article or e-mail me directly

<ormandy -at->


Have a look around while you're there. Enjoy!. Cheers, Paul
(Paul Ormandy-NZL- New Zealand Radio DX League, RUSdx Aug 31)

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, groups within the new
Russian "Commonwealth of Independent States" seized the opportunity to
have a global voice: enter shortwave. Few in the DX world could have
predicted the boom in independent shortwave broadcasting and it made good
sport for DXers, as most were using relatively low-powered transmitters,
some using former Cold War jammer transmitters.

Using the DX Times as a reference source, the first mention of the newly
deregulated Russian broadcasting scene appeared in the October 1991
magazine with a reference to radio station Ekho Moskvy (Echo of Moscow).
In the same issue Radio Vedo in Volgograd was reported signing on.

Soon after, another broadcaster appeared, with Radio Ala in St. Petersburg
(formerly Leningrad) playing traditional Russian folk music. The right-
wing Russian nationalist station, Radio Pamyat appeared in print early
1992, one of their programs was called "Fatherland, Memory & You". Around
the same time Radio Rezonans, a station aiming at the new Russian business
market signed on. Broadcasting from Ostankino, they carried ads in several

On February 23 1992, Radio Galaxy signed on from Moscow. This new
commercial station even carried 3 hours a day in English and in May were
palying Russian music and all announcements were in English.

In the April DXT, a list compiled by John Fisher of DX Ontario was
reprinted with many more broadcasters taking to air. They include Radio
Studia Dvizhenie ("Traffic Radio"), Radio Samara in Togliatti, Radio
Tartar in Kazan, Radio Kudymkar in Yekaterinburg, Marly Radio in Yoshkar
Ala, Radio Polis in St. Petersburg, Radio Perm in Yekaterinburg Radio
Dalny Vostok, Radiostansiya Novaya Volna ("New Wave") in Novisibirsk,
Adygey Radio in Maykop and Kabardino-Balkar Radio in Nalchik.

In the May DXT, Radio Space gets its first mention, the station's name was
given in English as were some of the program titles. In the same month
Radio Polyus entered the fray. The following month they were joined by
Radio Trekfrom Yekaterinburg and Radio Art.

June saw first reports of Russian orthodox sender Radio Stansiya Radonez
hand Radio Alef, ("alef" is the Hebrew pronunciation of the letter "A")
with announcements in Russian and Hebrew. Radio Yunost a youth-oriented
station had been on-air since 1962 before adding SW transmitters in
Murmansk and Samara. Another new SW broadcaster as was Radio SNC with
rock, pop and punk music, taking its name from the Stas Nanin Center,
(Stas Nanin was a famous Russian rock promoter). Radio Without Borders
International came to air with reportedly just 100W and may have been
unlicenced. Radio Shark (in Turkish, "Radio East") in Ufa, Bashkortostan
first appeared around the same time.

The following months saw Radio Yakutsk in the DX press and the launch of
one of the best-known stations, Radio Nadezhda (Radio Hope) whose target
audience were women, including programs on family issues. Radio Alpha &
Omega also commenced broadcasting around this time, one of the few
Christian religious stations from Russia.

In September, Radio Bereyzovo using a former jammer transmitter from
Kahnty-Mansyisk was first reported, along with Islamist voice Rukhi Meroc
(Tatar for "spiritual healing") and Radio Chita. Others noted were Radio
Maykop in Agydey language and Radio 101. Next month, Radio M and Radio N
appeared from Yekaterinberg sharing the same transmitter.

November saw Radio 7 using an ex-jammer transmitter from Samara along with
a real mouthful for non-Russian speakers Radiostansiya Russkogo
Patriotcheskogo Dvizheniya ("Radio Station of the Russian Patriotic
Movement"), also known as Radio Blagovest, from the city of Irkutsk. They
were joined by Radio Unis in Moscow and Russkoye Khristianskoye Radio
("Russian Christian Radio"). Soon after Radiostansiya Omega came to air
also with 15 kW from a presuem ex-jammer. In early 1993 Radio Diapazon
made its SW debut as did Radio Centr, hiring transmitter-time from Radio
Moscow made their SW debuts.

Then in May 1993, it was reported that Radio Art and Radio Ala had ceased
broadcasting, presaging then end of a hectic 18 months in the new history
of broadcasting in Russia.

Whilst some failed, some grew stronger. Radio Nadezhda had added more
broadcast hours from more sites and Radio Galaxy commenced a DX program,
hired time on a 250 kW transmitter and started international broadcasts to
Western Europe. During the year more new stations came on, Radio Mika M-4,
Radio Titan Kompani (part-relay Radio Shark) with another re-purposed 15
kW sender and Radio Raketa at Grozny on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

In September U Radio from Moscow was irregularly heard. More new stations
followed, like Radio Ves Irkutsk and Radiochannel Uralskiy Commercheskiy
Vestnik ("Ural Commercial Herald") along with Radio Mir ("Radio Peace").
In 1994, Islamic station Radio Al-Risalah commenced from Moscow, hiring
airtime from Radio Moscow and the Bolshakovo, Kaliningrad station.

Radiostantsiya Lena described as a music and informational station,
signed-on from Yakutsk. Late in the year, Radio Samorodinka in the Moscow
region, announcing itself as a "private non-commercial program of
authorised radio broadcasting" arrived on SW. Around this time, Radio
Moscow renamed itself as the Voice of Russia.

In June 1995, it was reported that Radio Nadezhda stopped broadcasting on
shortwave and only broadcasting around the local Moscow area. Nadezhda had
become the largest-scale independent broadcaster of the era. Then in May
1996, it was reported that they'd returned to SW on a single frequency.

Another station with Islamic programming was reported in September 1996,
Islamskaya Volna ("Islamic Wave") from the Moscow Islamic Centre carried
broadcats in Russian, Arabic and Tatar and directed some broadcasts to the
Middle East.

There were no further reports on any independent broadcasters for the rest
of the year.

Most of the above stations only lasted a short time. Some closed
altogether, some moved to FM, some to the internet and a few are still on
the air. So ended another interesting chapter in the world of DXing.

Reader contributions, corrections, images and additional information on
these stations is very appreciated. In particular, what groups or
interests these stations represented and what happened to them.
Please use the Comments box below,

(via RUSdx Aug 31)

RUSSIA/PHILIPPINES/USA   Radio station "Teos" updated site design:
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Aug 31)

Radio "Teos", St. Petersburg, MW 1089 kHz, 20 kW, 0300-1900 UT
(05-13 Mon-Fri only, see below!)

Location: St. Petersburg, ul. Michurinskaya 14 / 3-78

Address for correspondence: Russia 190000, St. Petersburg, Box 110
E-mail: <spb -at->
Tel. / Fax: 8 (812) 498-04-83

Radio "Teos", Moscow, MW 1134 kHz, 5 kW, with 0300-1900 UT, (daily)
Address: Russia 123298, Moscow, ul. Berzarina, d. 16
E-mail: <Moscow -at->
Tel. / Fax: 8 (499) 197-05-66

Radio "Teos", Khabarovsk, MW 1188 kHz, 5 kW, 0700-1000 UT
Address: Russia 680030, Khabarovsk, ul.Pavlovicha, 3-b
Tel. / Fax: 7 (4212) 450604

FEBC - Radio Teos, SW 11650 kHz (Bocaue, Philippines), 100 kW, 323 degr
azimuth. 1500-1530 (daily), 1530-1600 (Mon-Sat) UT.
Address: FEBC Philippines, 62 Karuhatan Road, 1441 Valenzuela City,
E-mail: <info -at->
Address: FEBC Russian Ministries, P.O.Box 1, La Mirada, CA 90637, USA
E-mail: <febc -at->
( <http:/>  Radio in Russian" Spring/Fall
2014, RUSdx Aug 31)

And here another sad news. Radio Teos, which broadcasts on 1089 kHz, in
St. Petersburg, has also reduced their broadcasts, and the new
transmission times are - 0500-1300 UT and only on Mondays to Fridays.
No more broadcasts on weekends. 73!
(Ivan Lebedevsky, St. P-RUS, mwmasts yg via dxld Sept 7)

SAUDI ARABIA   Ampegon delivers Shortwave Transmitters and Antenna Systems
to Saudi Broadcast Corporation.

Turgi, Switzerland, Sept 12, 2014.
audi Broadcast Corporation (SBC), Saudi's National Broadcaster, has
contracted Ampegon through undisputed Saudi market leader First Gulf
Company (FGC) for the renewal of their radio transmission site in Riyadh.

Ampegon will deliver four 500 kW shortwave transmitters, four shortwave
antennas HRS 4/4/0.5 and the BroadMaster broadcast control system. The new
systems will replace existing analog transmitters with four tubes by
modern analog/digital transmitters having single high power tube
amplification and hence a much better overall efficiency.

Saudi Broadcast Corporation has selected FGC proposal with Ampegon because
of the capability of FGC to handle large projects along with Ampegon's
expertise and the reliability of their systems well known since decades.
Ampegon had supplied several antenna and transmission systems in the past
and feels honored to once again show presence in Saudi Arabia.

The transmitters will be manufactured in Turgi, Switzerland. Factory tests
together with SBC engineers are planned for autumn and shipments before
end of 2014. Commissioning by an Ampegon engineer will start afterwards
and the new systems are expected to be on air within summer 2015.

Engineer Saleh A. Almeghaileeth, Vice-President for Engineering Affairs at
SBC, is extremely pleased to work together with Ampegon: "Ampegon offers a
complete solution approach including transmitters, antennas, broadcast
control systems and DRM integration. We trust on Ampegon's and FGC's
experience as they had delivered shortwave transmitters in the past that
still work to our full satisfaction."

<info -at->  via Alokesh Gupta-IND, DX SoAsia Sept 12)

SPAIN   Radio Exterior of Spain leave the shortwave. The adjustment plan
RTVE has claimed another victim: shortwave. RTVE eliminates shortwave
broadcast to save 1.2 million per year and will close the center antenna

Read the full story by "clicking" on the following link to our blog:
(Arnaldo L. Slaen-ARG, DXplorer Sept 13)

SPAIN   COPE Catalunya to be closed MW Tarragona-Reus on 1143 kHz
and Girona 1269 kHz.

Catalunya: Quellen bei COPE Catalunya berichten, dass die
Mittelwellensender Tarragona-Reus 1143 kHz und Girona 1269 kHz heute
[12 Sept 2014] abgeschaltet werden. Dies wurde auch im Programm der
jeweiligen Sender angesagt. Die geringe wirtschaftliche Lebensfaehigkeit
und die hohen Kosten der Wartung fuehrten zu der Einstellung.
(Manuel Jesus Villacanas Checa auf der AMList-MWLists - F_B-Seite
via Guenter Lorenz-D, mwlist Sept 12)

SRI LANKA   SLBC on 11905 KHz with Christian prgr in English called Water
of Truth is already at 0215-0230 UT on Tuesdays (ex 0200-0215 UT), noted
on 2nd & 9th September 2014.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 9)


"... Als Nachfolgerin von Schweizer Radio International (SRI), das aus dem
Kurzwellen-Dienst (KWD) hervorgegangen war, verfuegt ueber
mehrere Archive. Dort sind auch die Manuskripte der Nachrichtenbulletins
und Tages-Chroniken zu finden, die waehrend des Zweiten Weltkrieges
gesendet und von einer grossen Hoererschaft ueberall auf dem Globus genau
verfolgt worden waren.Die riesige Menge an Dokumenten wurde digitalisiert
und in einer Datenbank gefasst. Mittels Daten oder Schlagworten koennen
Interessierte gesuchte Dokumente rasch finden ..."

"... Die Tages-Chroniken des KWD waren die ersten Informationsbulletins,
die direkt von einer Radioredaktion verfasst wurden. Denn Nachrichten-
Bulletins waren damals ueblicherweise von Journalisten der Schweizerischen
Depeschenagentur (sda) verfasst und gelesen worden. Diese wurde von den
damaligen Zeitungsverlagen kontrolliert ..."

"... Es wird etwa aufgezeigt, wie sich die Schweiz gegenueber der Kritik
Grossbritanniens, sie arbeite fuer die Wirtschaft Hitler-Deutschlands,
gerechtfertigt hatte. Der KWD argumentierte, dass die Schweiz nicht am
Kriegsgeschehen beteiligt sei, weder auf der einen, noch auf der anderen
Seite, sondern dass sie nur einen "ausgewogenen und respektablen" Handel
mit den andern Maechten aufrecht erhalten wolle, um zu ueberleben ..."

Anscheinend wurde alles als Bild eingescannt, eine OCR durchgefuehrt und
indiziert. Die gefundenen downloadbaren Dokumente weisen allerdings keine
zusaetzliche Textebene auf, die PDFs werden augenscheinlich temporaer


Mit Freewaretools kann man aber selbst schnell eine OCR durchfuehren, um
an den Text zu gelangen, ohne etwas tippen zu muessen:

"Das eidgenoessische Departement des Innern ist vom Bundesrat ermaechtigt
worden, befoerderlichst Massnahmen zu treffen fuer die Schaffung einer
aerologischen Station in Payerne. An Stelle der bisherigen Hilfsmittel
fuer die Untersuchung der Luftwellen tritt nunmehr die Radiosendung. Die
in einen Ballon montierten Messungsapparate wirken auf einen
Kurzwellensender ein. Am Boden befindet sich die Empfangsstation. Dass die
Wahl auf Payerne fiel, haengt mit der Windrichtung zusammen."

Und hier ein Dokument zur Thematik: "Sprachdienste via Schwarzenburg",
der zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nicht ganz betriebsfertig war:

(in Swyzersproche)


"... Die Schweiz besitzt seit heute neben den Landessendern Beromuenster,
Sottens und Monte Ceneri sowie dem Schweizerischen Kurzwellensender in
Schwarzenburg noch eine fuenfte nationale Radiostation. Sie befindet sich
in Prangins am Genfersee und stand waehrend der der letzten 10 Jahre im
Dienste des Voelkerbundes..." etc.

Hans-Joachim Brustmann via RHCI-Online:

< in-kriegszeiten-rares-und-
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX Sept 1)

TAIWAN   Sondersendungen von Radio Taiwan International. Testsendung von
der Sendeanlage Tamsui, die neuen Ampegon Sender und revolving Antennen
werden getestet?

new Ampegon antennas at Tamsui Taipei site

15. September 2014 von 1600 bis 1610 UTC 11665 kHz AM mode
15. September 2014 von 1620 bis 1630 UTC 11665 kHz DRM mode

Offizielle Sendetage:
(Die Frequenz wird erst nach der Testsendung bekannt gegeben)

 3 Oct von 1600 bis 1700 UT
 4 Oct von 1600 bis 1700 UT
 5 Oct von 1600 bis 1700 UT
10 Oct von 1600 bis 1700 UT
11 Oct von 1600 bis 1700 UT
12 Oct von 1600 bis 1700 UT
17 Oct von 1600 bis 1700 UT DRM mode
18 Oct von 1600 bis 1700 UT DRM mode
(Wolf-Dieter Behnke-D, A-DX Sept 12)

TAIWAN   7502.0  StarStar Broadcasting Station - V13. Assume was USB, but
not confirmed; Sept 11 from tune in at 1218 UT with YL reading numbers in
Chinese till 1229* UT; 1229-1300 open carrier; *1300 UT on with one minute
of flute music; assume intro consisted of station name, program number,
the recipient number, date of the message and number of characters; assume
ID was for the fourth program - "XingXing guangbo diantai 4"; fair;
believed to be operated by Taiwanese Intelligence. This is a new one for

There had been considerable discussions in the past about the station's

but think it is now agreed to be "XingXing guangbo diantai" and not
"XinXing" (not "New Star"). I am open to being corrected on this matter.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 11)

...only a poor signal string visible at 1300 UT Sept 14. (wb)

TAJIKISTAN   4765.045  Tajik Radio 1st program from Dushanbe Yangi Yul,
pop and flute mx at 1405 UT Sept 14.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 14)

THAILAND   15590  Radio Thailand, at 0014-0029* UT on Sept 6, first time
noted in a while with familiar English news, IDs, ads and promotional
announcements. Carrier cut - or switch antenna orientation - at 0029 UT
in mid-sentence. Poor.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Sept 8)

TURKMENISTAN   279  Monitoring LW. August 30th. LW 279 kHz Turkmen radio.
Rx: Degen 1103.
(Alexander Golovihin-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" & "open_dx", RUSdx Aug 31)

UNIDENTIFIED/CHINA?/TAIWAN  Unidentified Chinese language voice noted on
both 7377 and 7393 kHz, likely 8 kHz away sideband spurious of China
mainland jamming stn against R Taiwan International on registered 7385
kHz. Logged at 1636 to 1645 UT on Sept 8th.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

UAE   13685  Radio Ergo (IRIN RADIO) in Somali language, via Al Dhabbaya
relay site. HoA music heard 0830-0930 UT, Sept 14. S=7 signal strength
here on sidelobe in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 14)

U.K.   MSF outage notice.

The MSF 60 kHz time and frequency signal broadcast from Anthorn Radio
Station will be shut down on Thursday 11 September 2014 from 09:00 to
13:00 UT.

The interruption to the transmission is required to allow maintenance work
to be carried out in safety.

If you require any additional information, please contact us at:

Or alternatively please see our website:

(Our thanks to Tony, G4CJC for spotting this item)


The MSF 60 kHz standard-frequency and time signal, broadcast by Babcock on
behalf of NPL, is occasionally taken off-air to allow maintenance work on
the masts and antennas at Anthorn Radio Station to be carried out in
safety. This means that your radio-controlled clock will not be picking up
the MSF signal, so may not be working correctly.

The duration of each outage period will be kept to a minimum, and the
signal may be back on-air prior to the times given above.

more at
(Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Sept 7)

UZBEKISTAN   9390  IBRA Radio - Tashkent, at 0005-0030* UT on Sept 6,
flute music before long talk by a woman announcer in listed Bengali
language. She was soon joined by a male announcer. Discussion continued
for about 15 minutes before some music. Closed at 0029 UT with brief
instrumental music prior to carrier being terminated.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Sept 8)

UZBEKISTAN   [tentat.]  9670  presumed The Voice Asia at 1224 UT on Sept
11 playing a familiar Christian song, followed by woman in Asian language.
Today Glenn Hauser posted on the ODXA Yahoo Group that he heard The Voice
Asia here in Hindi. Listed for 1100-1400 UT period. Possibly the
interference noted was Pakistan in Mandarin. - Poor.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Sept 12)

VATICAN STATE   In the morning hours on Thursday 8 May 2014, Vatican Radio
medium wave antennas were demolished at Santa Maria di Galeria
Transmitting Centre. An unexpected event ends an extraordinary history of
radio broadcasting. Medium wave 1530 kHz ended broadcasting in 2011 but
the transmitting plant including a four-tower directional antenna system
had been saved until now for further use.

The demolition abruptly occurred 13 years after accusations of electro-
magnetic pollution were formulated. Vatican Radio medium wave covered
Europe and the Mediterranean with a very good signal at night. The end of
MW broadcasts deeply affected travellers as well as everyone not having
access to the internet but also dramatically reduced any opportunity to
make the Pope's message reach the world independently from other operators
and connections
(from  <>  via NRC IDXD 5 Sept via dxld)

VATICAN STATE   21550 kHz - 0742 UT - Sept 14.
Am 14.09.2014 um 09:43 CEST:
Mit schwankendem Signal nicht besonders gut (um S=3), aber doch hoerbar:

Ein Mann, der Italienisch spricht, eine Frau, die das evtl. Englisch
uebersetzt - auf keiner Liste finde ich fuer diese Uhrzeit einen Eintrag.
Hat jemand eine Ahnung, wer das sein koennte?
(Reinhold Schuttkowski-D, A-DX Sept 14)

re 21550 kHz. Klingt nach Massenhochzeit. Daher hab ich mich mal auf der
Radio Vatican - Homepage schlaugemacht. Das duerfte es sein:


Erstmals seit seiner Wahl wird Papst Franziskus an diesem Sonntag eine
Hochzeitszeremonie leiten. Wir uebertagen die Messe live und mit deutschem
Kommentar ab 8.50 Uhr. Die Feier findet im Petersdom statt. Rund 20 Paare
aus der Dioezese Rom, deren Bischof Franziskus ist, werden vor dem Altar
das Ja-Wort geben. Als einziger Papst hat bisher nur Johannes Paul II.
beim Weltfamilientreffen 1994 im Vatikan oeffentliche Trauungen
vorgenommen. Die Hochzeitsmesse mit Franziskus findet drei Wochen vor
Beginn der Familiensynode in Rom statt.

Sie koennen die Hochzeitsmesse mit Franziskus live auf unserem Vatican
Player mitverfolgen. Der entsprechende Link befindet sich in der rechten
Spalte auf unserer Homepage.
(RV, via Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Sept 14)

Re: 21550 kHz - 0742 UT, wedding ceremony, 20 pairs mass wedding.
"Messa con Celebrazione del Sacramento del Matrimonio"

14/09/2014 - Pope presides at the marriage twenty couples during Mass in
St Peter's Basilica.

Pope Francis: Marriage is not fiction, Christ's love sustains couples.
Pope Francis celebrates Mass on the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy
Cross, in a ceremony that included the marriage of 20 couples from the
Diocese of Rome.

To the simple strains of a harp, twenty grooms made their way up the
central nave of St Peter's Basilica with their mothers, followed by twenty
brides dressed in white accompanied by their fathers. All of the couples
were from the diocese of Rome and had come to be married, on the Feast of
the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, by the Pope himself.

Hier gibt es die Liste der 10 Programmkanaele:
Teilweise muss man den vertikalen Regler schieben ...
und DAB+ wird auch genutzt
also den PURE Henkelmann mit auf die Pilgerreise nehmen.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 14)

VIETNAM   7220.096  Voice of Vietnam, English lang reader endless around
1615-1620 UT, S=8 or -76dBm poor to fair signal downunder.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

Got two QSL's of Voice of Viet Nam for the reception in Aug (1 and 17) on
9730 kHz. In the picture fabulous coast.
(Alexander Golovihin-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" & "open_dx", RUSdx Sept 7)

By the way, about the QSL from the "Voice of Vietnam". Each language
service has its own language series QSL. Received cards from Russian,
English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese edition. Each service your
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Sept 7)

Received a QSL card from Radio Voice of Vietnam, Russian edition.
July 5, 2014 / 1630-1700 UT / 7280 kHz
(Editor, RUSdx Sept 7)


British DX Club - 40th Anniversary

A copy of the special 40th anniversary edition for September 2014 of the
club's monthly bulletin "Communication" can be found via the link at


"This special 40th anniversary issue looks through members' eyes at the
DXing scene back in the 1970s, both on land and at sea. There is a healthy
dose of nostalgia, looking back into the rich heritage of radio and the
club itself. But as ever, we look at the present and the future too, with
the latest news and events, logs and observations. It is very difficult to
predict what might be written here in another 40 years; 2054 looks like a
date from science fiction, but there will surely still be radio
broadcasters out there, and DXers of the future, to listen, log and
enthuse on our shared love of radio.

Congratulations to the BDXC and Good Listening!"
(Mike Terry-UK, dxld Sept 11)

Re: British DX Club - 40th Anniversary

Congratulations to BDXC for 40 years of service to our hobby.

BDXC edition 478 looks amazing! Very informative.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer Sept 11)


DokuFunk: Vortraege von der Ham Radio 2014, Friedrichshafen.

Das Dokumentationsarchiv Funk in Wien hat die ersten Vortraege von der
Ham Radio 2014 in Friedrichshafen mit Bild und Ton auf seine Homepage

Yagi- und Quad- Antennen fuer den Kurzwellenamateur
Martin Steyer, DK7ZB

The Enigma and Others famous Cipher Machines
Tom Perera, W1TP

FT5ZM- Amsterdam Island DXpedition
Ralph Fedor, K0IR

Die Reihe wird fortgesetzt.

Zugang, auch zu den Vortraegen der Vorjahre:  <>
Wolf Harranth, OE1WHC
Post/Archivstandort: An den Steinfeldern 4A, 1230 Wien, Austria.
(DokuFunk, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 29)


Sender & Frequenzen Nachtrag heute erschienen.

Heute ist der neue (kostenlos downloadbare) Sender & Frequenzen Nachtrag
erschienen, 46 Seiten mit vielen Informationen fuer uns DXer.


Sender & Frequenzen 2014 - Nachtrag 2 erschienen.

Im zweiten Nachtragsheft zum Jahrbuch "Sender & Frequenzen 2014" haben wir
fuer Sie wieder alle aktuellen Informationen zur weltweiten Medienszene
gebuendelt. Sie finden im ersten Teil Hoerfahrplaene fuer die Sprachen
Deutsch, Englisch, Franzoesisch und Spanisch. Auf vielfachen Wunsch wurde
aus dem deutschen Hoerfahrplan eine weitere Liste generiert, die nur
diejenigen Sender beinhaltet, die terrestrisch ueber Kurz-, Mittel- oder
Langwelle zu empfangen sind. Diesen Nachtrag bekommen Sie hier kostenlos
als PDF:


73 Christoph OE2CRM  <>  A-DX Sept 9)


TAIWAN     RTI-Hoererklub Ottenau Kontest 03.-17. Okt. 2014

Vielleicht von Interesse und noch nicht bekannt?

Hier noch der Hinweis auf den naechsten Hoererklubkontest:

Am 10.10.1986, (dem Nationalfeiertag der Republik China) begann die
Ausstrahlung deutscher Sendungen der "Stimme des Freien China", heute
"Radio Taiwan International", kurz RTI.

Wie jedes Jahr zu diesem Anlass veranstaltet der RTI-Hoererklub Ottenau
eine Diplomaktion fuer alle interessierten Kurzwellenhoerer.
Partnerstation ist diesmal Radio Tirana, das vor nunmehr 50 Jahren, genau
am 22. November 1964, mit regelmaessigen Sendungen in Deutsch begann.

Einzusenden ist jeweils ein Empfangsbericht ueber Sendungen beider
Stationen ueber Kurzwelle, Kontestzeitraum ist der 3. bis 17. Oktober
2014. Zu hoeren ist nach Moeglichkeit ein "Hoererbriefkasten" von RTI, der
jeweils am Freitag gesendet wird, sowie eine der Hoererpostsendungen von
Radio Tirana, die immer am Mittwoch und Freitag auf dem Programm stehen.
Aber auch die geplanten Direktsendungen im Kontestzeitraum aus Taiwan
haben ihren besonderen Anreiz.

Das gewohnte elektronische Email-Diplom gibt es kostenlos gegen die
Einsendung der Kontestberichrichte an die Adresse:

<bernhard.seiser -at->

oder auch bei Einsendung an diese private Emailadresse von Bernd Seiser.

Wer ein gedrucktes Diplom per Post erhalten moechte, schickt bitte seine
Empfangsberichte (nur Kopien, Originale bitte direkt an die beiden
Stationen, die diese mit QSL-Karten bestaetigen!), an:

Werner Schubert, Poststr. 8/I, 85567 Grafing, Deutschland.

Fuer Mitglieder der beiden RTI-Hoererklubs sowie des
Radio-Tirana-Hoererklubs sind Diplom und Versand kostenlos, andere
Teilnehmer bitten wir um Beilage von 1,45 Euro in Briefmarken (Inland)
bzw. zwei IRCs (Ausland). Die Diplome werden voraussichtlich Anfang
November verschickt.

Unter allen Teilnehmern werden zusaetzlich kleine Souvenirs aus und ueber
Albanien verlost.

Der RTI-Hoererklub Ottenau und der Radio-Tirana-Hoererklub freuen sich auf
Eure Teilnahme!

Vermutlich testet RTI am Montag 15.09.2014 von 16-17 UT auf 11665 kHz
direkt aus Taiwan. Die Kontestdirektsendungen sind fuer 3, 4, 5, 10, 11
und 12 Oktober analog und am 18 und 19 Oktober in DRM Modus vorgesehen,
falls es zu keinen aktuellen Aenderungen kommt.
(via Paul Gager-AUT, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 7)

Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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