"Loano Electro" Diploma for 2014 - 1 - 9 November 2014

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1 - 9 November 2014


The ARI Loano once again in 2014 continues to offer the biennial International School "Loano Electra" award. The aim of this award is to promote amateur radio and disseminate the historical image of the legendary ship used by wireless pioneer Guglielmo Marconi for radio experiments, conducted from 1919 to 1936 in the Ligurian Sea.

1. Period of operation: from 07.00 UTC on 01/11/2014 at 22:00 UTC on 09/11/2014.

2. Bands: 40 and 80 meters - CW - SSB.

3. Valid stations: The stations belonging to ARI Loano will call "CQ Loano Electra" and send the corresponding ratio RS (T). Each contacted station is worth 1 point and can 'be recontacted the same day more' times, as long as there is at least one change on mode or band. During the same period will
be activated the special event stations IQ1LA worth 3 points and the Marconi station Jolly IY1EY which is valid for 5 points.

4. To apply for the diploma "Loano Electra" you will need to have earned at least 25 points for Italian stations and 15 for foreign ones. For SWL apply the same rules of the category OM.

5. Applications must be received by 31.12.2014 enclosing the copy of log paper or electronic format .doc or .xls via email.

6. LOG must be completed including the following data:
Date, Time, UTC, Call, Band, Mode, participant data including telephone number and e-mail address to be contacted for any problem. Award fee is € 15,00. Send applications to: ARI LOANO, Via Magenta, 8 17025 Loano (Savona), Italy or by email to loanoelettra@ariloano.it .

7. Note that special station Marconi IY1EY will be 'active on the HF bands until the date of 31.12.2014, it will be valid only for the purposes of the Diploma on 40 and 80 meters CW and SSB during the duration of the diploma, all QSOs will be confirmed with a special QSL.

8. The rules and the list of members and 'www.ariloano.it can be found on the website under "Marconiclub" and the Facebook page ARI Loano IQ1LA, always will be published on the site requirements of diplomas received and the final results of the event.

E-mail: loanoelettra@ariloano.it

Internet: http://www.ariloano.it/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=86:diploma-loano-elettra-2014&catid=12&Itemid=101&lang=it

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