60th Anniversary of the Outbreak National War 1954-2014 (7U60AR)

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1 - 30 November 2014


This award is offered by an independent group of amateurs in Algeria. They will be on the air from 01 to 30 November 2014 with a special call sign: 7U60AR for the celebration of our 60th anniversary of the outbreak national war . The sponsor says that this event is very important for the Algerian peoples , and your participation is very important for us and very much appreciated .

Four operators will be active for this special event (7X5AV op Djamel, 7X4RJ op Abder, 7X2RD op Garti and 7X2JV op Noury ) will be on all bands HF and all modes (digi mode, SSB and CW) .

Special Trophy 7U60AR: For all Amateurs radio of world which are interested for a special Trophy 7U60AR should contact our station (7U60AR) on four (04) different bands either in mono mode or mixed mode. Send your log with award fee of $US15 and your exact address to the manager 7X2RD of the event before 31 December 2014.For special QSL card, send your QSL to the manager 7X2RD with only 2USD. This award is separate from the one offered by the Algerian Radio Association.

Internet: http://www.qrz.com/db/7U60AR

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