WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1185 20 Nov 2014

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ARGENTINA   15345.466  RAE Buenos Aires heard on Nov 13 with different -
changed - language broadcast hours, but suffered a few hours by bad
propagation on Nov 13 nighttime 19-24 UT. At 1810 UT RAE visible on
browser window, but was lower on noise level. BUT from south-eastern
hemisphere heard much stronger Ascension Isl signal on 15105 kHz.

15345.454  RAE Buenos Aires in Spanish scheduled 13-15 UT slot, on
threshold level here in Germany rx post, at 1445 UT on Nov 14.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 13/14)

AUSTRIA/BRAZIL   5940 kHz heard ORS Moosbrunn Austria with BBC service in
Dari to Persia/Afghanistan scheduled 0130-0200 UT, at 0133 UT on Nov 17
S=9+15dB only backlobe signal towards Eastern NoAM region.

Hit a little bit co-channel QRM by 273 kHz heterodyne whistle tone by
weaker Rádio Voz Missionaria Brazil on 5939.727 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

BRAZIL   Checked RNB 11780.122 kHz exact frequency signal at 0757 UT, and
around 0805-0820 UT on Nov 16. // 6180.004 kHz RNB S=8-9 -73dBm

NOTHING OF a Brazilian SPURIOUS SIGNAL heard at all this UT morning.

RNB bandwidth in peaks approx. 11771.3 to 11791.1 kHz. S=9+10dB or -62dBm.
Heard in Boston Massachusetts, Florida, California, Vancouver, Edmonton
Alberta, and Rochester NY.

11780.127  Checked at 0000 and at 0100 UT Nov 16. RNB bandwidth approx.
11774.9 to 11785.4 kHz. S=9+20dB or -56dBm. Heard in Boston Massachusetts,
Florida, California, Vancouver, Edmonton Alberta, and Rochester NY.

NOTHING OF a Brazilian SPURIOUS SIGNAL heard at all.

Clean BC signals though in 11650 to 11900 kHz channel range, some Arctic
flutternoted on radio bcaster from Europe and East Asia via northerly path
in winter season.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 16)

BRAZIL   6180  on Nov 16 at 0108 UT, RNA is still on, ID by // 11780 kHz
in music, but very poor here, still QRP, and squeezed by Vietnam/UK
6175 kHz and Mexico 6185 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 16)

Seemingly one of these 10 kW digital test transmitters at Brasilia site,
used on AM mode on 6180.004 kHz today now?
Tiny signal on Nov 17 at 0153 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

BULGARIA   5925, European News Network, via Cyprus (pres)#, *1845-1900* UT
daily {read Sats only?}. A new station which began broadcasting on Oct 31,
the station reviews European news items in collaboration with The
Famagusta Gazette a newspaper based in Cyprus. See:
(Ford; dswci DXW Nov 12)   # via Spaceline Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod ...

BULGARIA   Open carrier/dead air Nov 14 of BVB Dardasha 7 via Secretbrod

1700-1715 11700 SOF 100 kW 126 deg to NE/ME Arabic Mo-Fr, co-ch TWR Africa

Other programs of Bible Voice Broadcasting from the same transmitter are
1715-1745 11700 SOF 100 kW 126 deg to NE/ME Arabic Tue
1715-1800 11700 SOF 100 kW 126 deg to NE/ME Arabic Mon/Wed/Fri

Not active at present bcasts of Bible Voice Broadcasting via Secretbrod

1500-1515 13630 SOF 100 kW 090 deg to SoAS English 1st/3rd Sat
1515-1530 13630 SOF 100 kW 090 deg to SoAS English Fri, no signal Nov 14
1515-1530 13630 SOF 100 kW 090 deg to SoAS English Sat
1530-1545 13630 SOF 100 kW 090 deg to SoAS Punjabi Sat
1530-1600 13630 SOF 100 kW 090 deg to SoAS Urdu Fri, no signal Nov 14
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

CANADA   6070  on Nov 16 at 0107 UT, CFRX is on, very poor station in
English, seems not as potent as when it first came back. On Nov 16
at 0653 UT, all I hear is a SAH, which means both CFRX and Vatican are on.
Anyone else find CFRX weakened?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 16)

6069.998  CFRX Toronto, S=8 signal in Florida remote net SDR post. 0752 UT
on Nov 16. Phone-in calls into program. Station ID given.

6069.998  CFRX Toronto S=8 -75dBm at 0217 UT on Nov 17, Canadian national
gas annmt, side band splash from 6060! rhumba music RHC orchestra
splatter, latter S=9+40dB proper signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 16/17)

CANARY ISLANDS   576 MW, R 1, Las Palmas, 0800-0810, Nov 07, Spanish news,
621 MW, R 1,  Tenerife, 0800-0808, Nov 07, Spanish news, 45444.
720 MW, R 5,  Tenerife, 0735-0740, Nov 05, comments in Spanish, 45444.
747 MW, R 5,  Las Palmas, 0910-0924, Nov 05, comments in Spanish, 45444.
837 MW, COPE, Las Palmas, 1106-1120, Nov 03, Spanish comments, 45444.
882 MW, COPE, Tenerife, 1015-1030, Nov 03, Spanish comments, 35433.
1008 MW, R Las Palmas, Las Palmas, 0658-0712, Nov 02, Spanish news,
1179 MW, R Club de Tenerife, Cadena SER, Tenerife, 0930-0945, Nov 03,
Spanish comments, ID: "Radio Club de Tenerife, 80 anos escuchando la
radio con Vd.", 45444.
(Mendez, all heard on Lanzarote isl, dswci DXW Nov 12)

CHINA   16.5 kHz bandwidth on shortwave. CRI Kashgar Sender #2022 acc Aoki
Nagoya list.

Three 16.5 kHz bandwidth transmissions from 500kW superpower tx site #2022
at Kashgar in western China occur our mornings 06-07 UT, like 15135 kHz
Spanish, 15220 kHz French, 15620 kHz Italian, but also wideband 15120 kHz
Chinese from Beijing site til 0657 UT.

Mit vollen Hosen laesst sich gut stinken, die 500 kW Kashgar units senden
mit beeindruckenden 16.5 kHz Bandbreite um 06-07 UT, auf 15135 kHz
Spanish, 15220 French, 15620 Italian. Beijing in Chinese on 15120 kHz bis
0657 UT auch, sowie BSKSA R Riyadh auf 15380 kHz hat auch solch einen
'breiten' Prayer in Aktion. Ueblich sind 9 - 10.5 kHz Bandbreite.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

COLOMBIA/BRAZIL   no Colombian stn on 5910v this morning, missed few weeks
now ... 5910v  HJDH Alcavaran Radio from Puerto Lleras, NOT HEARD in past
1-2 weeks, at least not in 5-8 UT slot.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

6010.061 BRA R Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte MG, poor on threshold level,
at 0747 UT Nov 16, and Spanish service co-channel too of stronger

6010.137 wandered 20 Hertz signal frequency up and down to 6010.157 kHz,
S=9 -75dBm, unstable frequency. CLM La Voz de tu Conciencia, Lomalinda,
Puerto Lleras, Meta, Brazil.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 16)

CUBA   9710  on Nov 14 at 0304 UT, RHC Spanish, good level but
undermodulated and slightly distorted. Stand by for collision with Iran,
something Arnie did not realize or work out with VIRI. Yes, at 0327 UT
check, VIRI is on with Qur'an at about equal level.

9535  on Nov 14 at 0306 UT, RHC Spanish, fair signal, hum and
undermodulated about like 9710 kHz. Much better on 6060 & 5040 kHz.

Propagation is such that RHC (and WRMI) are barely audible on 11 MHz:
11670 kHz, Nov 14 at 0308 UT, RHC Spanish poor with flutter.

13740  on Nov 14 at 0315 UT, RHC Spanish detectable but very poor.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 14)  bad prop tonight on 22 and 25mb, wb.

CUBA   RHC predicted 5040 kHz slot 07-08 UTC still NOT ON AIR, Friday on
Nov 14. 5025 kHz Though Radio Rebelde exciting Cuban rumba music program
at 0710 UT on S=9+25dB or -47dBm level, even to southern Germany.

Arnie, we in Europe would also welcome the RHC program very much in
07-08 UT time slot - in our northern winter season.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

CUBA   9710  on Nov 16 at 0103 UT, RHC fair atop CCI also in Spanish, i.e.
CRI at 01-03 UT via Kashgar, EAST TURKISTAN, {China far west, wb.}; way to
go, Arnie!
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 16)

9535 kHz  RHC S=8-9 at 0230 UT on Nov 17, hit heavily by a small band BUZZ
scratching signal on 9536.5 to 9538.9 kHz range.

9710 kHz RHC ahead of CRI Kashgar Spanish sce CO-CHANNEL, but not QRM free
channel at 01-03 UT hour !

White noise digital scratch jamming S=9+5dB ahead of RMI 9955 kHz with pop
mx singer underneath. Wideband 9949.5 to 9960.7 kHz scratchy audio noise
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

EGYPT   13770.037  Terrible audio signal of Radio Cairo in Uzbek language
service, heard before 16 UT on Nov 14, scheduled 15-16 UT, S=8 or -81dBm
sidelobe into southern Germany receiver. A 50 Hertz like Garden Fence
string could be visible on Perseus browser in wide range 13766 to 13774

9280 totally distorted Radio Cairo Egypt signal in Arabic!, 1840 UT on Nov
15, visible on broadband 9245 to 9315 kHz,
more spurious on 9350-9355 kHz,
and 9476 to 9493 kHz wide range.

Similar distorted audio signals from Cairo on 9655 and 9905 kHz
at same time slot.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14/15)

EGYPT   9965  on Nov 16 at 0101 UT, Radio Cairo, Arabic, good with
flutter, whine and undermodulation.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 16)

9965.284 kHz odd frequency Arabic HQ prayer, meant on more southwards
azimuth towards the Latin Americas, under modulated at 0244 UT on Nov 17.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

NDR Hamburg "Greeting on board" program on SW on Dec 24, 2014.
The big NDR Xmas Eve special to Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

MW Flensburg 702 kHz, Hamburg 972 kHz, Hannover 828 kHz, Lingen 792 kHz.

Liebe Kollegen und Kolleginnen,
der NDR Hamburg hat fuer den 24. Dezember 2014 wieder Kurzwellen-
Frequenzen angemietet, um die Sendung "Gruss an Bord" moeglichst weltweit
zu uebertragen.

Hier die Infos:
Ich bitte Sie um Verbreitung.
Herzlichen Dank & viele Gruesse,
(Wolfgang Heinemann-D, NDR Info - Redaktion "Das Forum",
"Zwischen Hamburg und Haiti" und "Gruss an Bord";
NDR via Ralf Mittelstaedt DM7RM, Nov 13)

Empfang auf allen Weltmeeren -
"Gruss an Bord" auch wieder ueber Kurzwelle -

Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2014  -  20.05 bis 22.00 Uhr MEZ CET,
NDR Info / 21.00 bis 22.00 Uhr MEZ CET, NDR 90,3 MHz /
23.05 bis 24.00 Uhr MEZ CET, NDR Info Spezial und ueber Kurzwelle.

Seit Weihnachten 1953 bildet die NDR-Sendung "Gruss an Bord" eine Bruecke
zwischen den Seeleuten auf den Meeren und ihren Angehoerigen in

Seeleute schicken Gruesse in die Heimat, ihre Familien haben die
Moeglichkeit, ihren Lieben auf hoher See ein frohes Fest und ein gutes,
neues Jahr zu wuenschen.

Damit die Besatzungen die Traditionssendung auch auf allen Weltmeeren
empfangen koennen, hat der NDR-Hoerfunk eigens fuer Heiligabend
zusaetzlich Kurzwellen-Frequenzen angemietet.

19:00-21:00 Uhr UTC GMT / 20:00-22:00 Uhr MEZ CET
FREQUENZ ZIELGEBIET                       {probably TX site, wb.}
 9.850#? Atlantik - Nord                  MBR Nauen
13.780   Atlantik - West Afrika           TDF Issoudun
11.840   Atlantik - Sued                  TDF Issoudun
11.720   Atlantik/Indischer Ozean (SoAF)  MGB/MBR Madagascar ? wb.
11.840   Indischer Ozean - West           MBR Nauen
11.965   Indischer Ozean - Ost            ORS Moosbrunn

{# QRM  AWR NAU 1930-2000 UT Tachelhit Morocco, Algeria 9850 100 1234567}

21:00-23:00 Uhr UTC GMT / 22:00-24:00 Uhr MEZ CET
FREQUENZ ZIELGEBIET                       {probably TX site, wb.}
 7.335   Atlantik - Nord                  MBR Nauen
11.655   Atlantik - West Afrika           TDF Issoudun
 9.490   Atlantik - Sued                  TDF Issoudun
 9.735   Atlantik/Indischer Ozean (SoAF)  MGB/MBR Madagascar ? wb.
 9.490   Indischer Ozean - West           MBR Nauen
 9.650   Indischer Ozean - Ost            ORS Moosbrunn

{this frequency information is an assumption only. wb}

Der NDR Hoerfunk strahlt "Gruss an Bord" von 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr UTC (20:00
- 22:00 MEZ CET) aus, anschliessend folgen von 21:00 - 23:00 Uhr UTC
(22:00 - 24:00 MEZ CET) die Uebertragung einer evangelischen Christmette
aus der St. Nicolai-Kirche in Hamburg und der zweite Teil der Sendung
"Gruss an Bord". UTC ist die Abkuerzung fuer die koordinierte Weltzeit,
die Coordinated Universal Time.

Die Gruesse werden in Hamburg von einem neuen Moderatoren-Team

von Regina Koenig und Ocke Bandixen. Lars Cohrs, der ebenfalls neu an Bord
ist, und Andrea-Christina Furrer, die schon laenger dabei ist, sind die
Gastgeber in Leer.

Die Moderatoren in Hamburg und Leer werden u.a. Vertreter der Reedereien,
der Deutschen Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbruechiger, Seemannspastoren
und natuerlich viele Familien begruessen. Ausserdem werden sie Schiffe der
Bundesmarine und die Forschungsschiffe Polarstern und Meteor rufen.

Fuer die musikalische Unterhaltung sorgen in Hamburg die NDR-Bigband und
der NDR-Chor und in Leer die Lars-Luis-Linek-Band, die Saengerin Stephanie
Hundertmark und der Bingumer Shanty-Chor.

Die Gruesse werden aufgezeichnet:

* am 7. Dezember von 15.00 bis 17.00 Uhr MEZ im Studio 1 des NDR im
Hamburger Funkhausgebaeude (Rothenbaumchaussee 132). Eine Anmeldung ist
erforderlich, per Mail:
<gruss-an-bord -at->
oder per Post: Norddeutscher Rundfunk, NDR Info, Redaktion "Gruss an
Bord", Rothenbaumchaussee 132-134, 20149 Hamburg.

* Am 14. Dezember von 16 bis 18 Uhr im Kulturspeicher in Leer. Eine
Anmeldung ist nicht erforderlich.

Die Redaktion nimmt auch weiterhin Grusswuensche per Mail und per Brief
entgegen -
<gruss-an-bord -at->
oder per Post:
Norddeutscher Rundfunk, NDR Info, Redaktion "Gruss an Bord",
Rothenbaumchaussee 132-134, 20149 Hamburg.

Diese Gruesse werden am 24. Dezember von 23.05 Uhr MEZ bis Mitternacht auf
NDR Info Spezial und ueber die extra angemietete Kurzwellenfrequenzen

NDR Info und NDR 90,3 MHz sind ueber UKW, DAB+, DVB-S Radio und das
Internet zu empfangen; NDR Info Spezial wird zusaetzlich ueber die
Mittelwellenfrequenzen Flensburg 702 kHz, Hamburg 972 kHz, Hannover 828
kHz, Lingen 792 kHz verbreitet.
(NDR via Ralf Mittelstaedt DM7RM, Nov 13)

?? AWR 9890 kHz to Nordafrika auch an Heiligabend ??  Die NDR Hamburg
Frequenzbelegung auf Kurzwelle an Heiligabend wird also noch geaendert...

9850 kHz, zwei Programme co-channel zu Weihnachten 24. Dezember ???

AWR und NDR Hamburg / MBR Nauen auch noch ???

19:00-21:00 Uhr UTC 9850 ? NDR Hamburg, Atlantik - Nord

u n d

QRM  AWR Nauen 1930-2000 UT Tachelhit Morocco, Algeria 9850 100 daily}

Das geht doch stoerungsmaessig gar nicht positiv ?  Siehe unten.
W. Bueschel

NDR Hamburg "Greeting on board" program on SW on Dec 24, 2014.
The big NDR Xmas Eve special to Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

MW Flensburg 702 kHz, Hamburg 972 kHz, Hannover 828 kHz, Lingen 792 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 16)

Re: ?? AWR 9890 kHz to Nordafrika ??  Kein Grund zur Sorge. Nach meinen
Informationen wird der NDR andere Frequenzen am 24.12.2014 benutzen. Es wird
nicht zur Kollision mit AWR kommen.

MfG - Claudius Dedio
Claudius Dedio, Dipl.-Ing.
AWR Frequency Management Office
Sandwiesenstr. 35
64665 Alsbach
(Claudius Dedio-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 16)

GERMANY/CHINA   15265  RFE/RL Lampertheim in Uzbek service seemingly is
also subject of China's scratchy white noise jamming (like against others
BBCWS/VoA etc. broadcasters). Noted 14-15 UT hour on Nov 14.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

GERMANY   Wertachtal shortwave masts demolished.
Two 100kW RIZ Zagreb transmitters moved already some months ago from MBR
Wertachtal to MBR Nauen site. A lot of Telefunken tx gear saved, like as
spare parts were on its way to ORS Moosbrunn site in Austria also.

...the Western world squandered the national wealth. Like German taxpayer
- much too early now - scrapping three longwave TransRadio units of 500 kW
power on Dec 31, 2014, built up 6-8 years ago, like Irish LW 252 unit too.
An this before was ever a functioning nationwide DAB+ network in Germany
installed and built up ever ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

The move to Nauen concerns the RIZ-made 500 kW transmitter, installed in
2003/2004 as a prototype for a complete modernization that never took
place, reminiscent of the Greenville facilities. The plans from some
months ago (I don't know if they indeed have been carried out) called for
this transmitter to be installed at the 1964 vintage antenna that allows a
power level up to 200 kW.

The required space has already been cleared by scrapping the 100 kW
transmitter from Flevo/Zeewolde that had been moved in but never put in
operation again. So far the Funkwerk Koepenick antenna has been used since
2006 with an identical transmitter from Juelich, moved in to revive the
antenna after the original transmitter had been shut down in 2000 as last
piece of the old equipment.

Indeed ORS already took over an amount of spare parts to keep the
Telefunken 500 kW transmitters at Moosbrunn in operation for the
foreseeable future (whatever that means; just a few years ago it was
already believed to be hardly possible to keep the site alive beyond
2014). I don't know if other takers than a scrap metal business appeared
to get the remaining stuff. It anyway is 25+ years old, so it does not
appear to make terribly much sense as a replacement of another 25 years
old transmitter. A description of such equipment being "on its last legs"
quite sounds like a precaution: Explaining an anticipated closure.

Concerning Woofferton: Babcock could simply have moved in the equipment
from Rampisham if they would have been interested in such a replacement.
If I recall correct they choose to smash almost anything instead.

And concerning the longwave transmitters in Germany: The 207 kHz one is
not even eight years old, it has been installed not before 2008 the
Transradio presentation states.

Here the situation is such that it were investments by Media Broadcast,
made on the foundation of obligatory transmission contracts. If
Deutschlandradio indeed manages to get out of these contracts early it is
quite likely that they will have to pay a compensation, such as the
14 million Euros Deutsche Welle churned out in 2007 for nothing,
only to flee out of Nauen.

So at least the tax payer is not involved in this game, if you consider
the licence fee payer as someone else (that's the logic of public
broadcasting in Germany). Either way the money burnt with the DRM debacle
here has been sucked out of the public broadcasting system. In other
words, possible programming cuts are immediately related.

Btw, Media Broadcast just issued a press release that expresses how they
are "delighted that we can again work with our long-standing partner
Deutsche Welle in the field of shortwave distribution". The new contract
is flexible, to be prolonged every half year. Arranged by MB are the DW
transmissions via Issoudun and Gavar. The release adds that other partner
facilities are Moosbrunn, Kostinbrod, Talata Volonondry and Okeechobee.

No longer mentioned herein is Trincomalee, again used by DW, too, at least
during the first days reportedly with bad audio, in the German-language A-
DX list commented with "and Deutsche Welle now even pays transmissions
fees for that".

(Kai Ludwig-D, SW TXsite Nov 15)

If the transmitters are saved from such a fate, quite a few of them,
particularly the Telefunken S4005 and S4001 units would be worth quite a
bit in the second hand market. A GREAT opportunity here for RNZI for
example - I know the are in the market for replacement transmitters. The
Thales 100kW analogue unit at Rangitangi is on it's last legs from reports
I heard. (one from from Adrian Sanesbury - the RNZI Technical Director)

The one remaining HF Facility in the UK (Skelton) could also use a few
replacement transmitters at a good price, they could retire the last of
the 1961 Marconi BD262 units.
(Calvin MEelen, SW TXsite Nov 13)

GREECE  [and non]  Yes, - tonight Greek 1404v kHz stn on air again, but
much, much weaker on 1404.009 kHz compared to previous signals in past
four years or so ... was always locally as strong like 1260 Rhodes or
Crete 1512 kHz.

heard on Zakynthos Greece island and Calabria Italy

 729.011 S=9+40dB, "Elliniki Dimosia Radiophonia" Pefkofyton Bogiati,
 791.998 S=9+20dB, THE Malgara; another Arabic ? on 791.887 kHz.
 810     Makedonia was not on air yesterday Nov 11 at 05 and at 06 UT.
         now tonight very, very distorted signal, maybe something wrong
         with tx half of nominal power, bad crackling scratchy audio.
1259.989 Rhodes powerhouse S=9+40dB, nice history Greek music theme
         from 20ties, 30ties in past century.
1286.995 Greek pirate?, S=9+20dB; another unid 1287.000
1313.999 Tripolis Peleppones, in Greek S=9+35dB
1367.995 ITA, but also 1368.024, 1368.016 ISR Dutch songs, 1367.968

1404.009 Komotini Greek weak signal, always covered by ROU, 1403.983,
         1404.000 ROU, 1404.018 kHz.

1512.004 Chania Crete, Greek S=9+30dB,
1583.994 Amaliada private MW station, local S=9+40dB.

pirates on

SV8RV on Zakynthos has now set the time limit on his Perseus to tiny 10
mins only, very short time set.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

IONOSPHERE heute Abend ... 25 meterband  -   Nov 14 um 23-24 UT.
Ja, die Ionosphere spinnt, heute herrschen tiefe Winterbedingungen,
um 2320 UT nur zwei starke Stationen im 25mb auszumachen:

RNB Brasilia 11780.128 kHz und Radio Oman auf 11650 kHz,

alles andere signalmaessig so an der Grasnarbe:
11550 RMI Tru News, 11580 RMI R Ukraine International in English,
11710.015v wandered RAE Buenos Aires??, 11760 RHC, 11764.724 SRDA Curitiba
Brazil, 11825 RMI TOM, 11840 RHC, 12035.041 Radio Cairo, 12050 WEWN EWTN,
12095 BBCWS ASC, und 12105 WTWW in Arabisch !
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

INDIA   6155.075 kHz odd signal of AIR Aligarh Urdu service, scheduled
0015-0430 UT, S=8 into Boston MA remote SDR unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

IRAN   Sepehr OTHR radar system, 3000kms range, built in 2012/2013, image
of Oct 7, 2013. 24 kms north of Bidshar, Kordestan, north western Iran.
36 04 07.67 N  47 30 37.77 E

and movable Matla al-Fajr radar, VHF
36 04 17.86 N  47 31 09.22 E



And different long-range Ghadir OTHR radar near Garmsar location.


Imagery of the site, which is 15 km southeast of Garmsar (35.133722 N
52.469314 E), shows that the Ghadir resembles Russia's Rezonans-NE system
and indicates it was operational by the end of 2012 after a construction
process that took 8-10 months.

IRN - Garmsar, "Ghadir" OTHR; Russian type Rezonans-NE system.
35 08 00.94 N  52 28 09.72 E

few other communications masts 9kms westerly, at
35 07 13.74 N  52 22 21.79 E

and near Tehran prototype
IRN - prototype Ghadir OTHR
35 42 27.35 N  51 04 26.82 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

IRAN  [probably]   UNID on 7130 kHz from 1435 to around 1830 UTC Nov 18.

Thanks to a tip from Mauno Ritola I picked up 7130 kHz from around 1435 UT
today Nov 18, 2014. The content of the program is mainly programs about
Bahrain and what they are suffering to approach democracy.

Some of the programs mentioned Bahrain Today, and Bahrain News.

The catching part was when the announcer said "Dear Viewers". When the
turmoil started in Bahrain - Shiite majority nation - ruled by Sunni king
a new TV network called Louloua TV (the Pearl) named after the biggest
square in Manama Bahrain where the demos used to take place.

Loiloua TV is broadcasting on both Nile satellite-7 degrees west and
Eutelsat W7 satellite 7 degrees west.

The HQ of the network is located in London, UK. Checking the content of
the programs on 7130 kHz, it matches the anti Bahrain net work.

They replayed the same programs yesterday Nov 17 and today Nov 18 as well.
As you may recall Iran used to broadcast the audio feed of "Al Quds TV
network" a few years ago. So most probably this is an Iranian originated
station from Iran targeting Bahrain.
(Tarek Zeidan-EGY, dxld Nov 18)

often via Zahedan TX site in past decade:
0220-0520  7370kam  7380kam  9895zah  "Al-Quds TV"

Resumen: Es muss ein reiner Zufall sein, Radio Hargeysa ist seit 1-2
Wochen von der 7120 kHz verschwunden - vielleicht ist der Sender defekt?

Gleichzeitig taucht ein neues hoch-Arabische Programm in diesem Bereich
auf 7130v kHz seit letztem Freitag Nov 14 auf, ich habe die Station
freitags gehoert. Inhalt, aufgrund von Ham Radio Operatoren in EGY, UAE
und Seychellen immer wiederholt!! um die 51-52 Minuten Laenge, ein Lualua
TV Fernsehton Mitschnitt mit schiitischen Tenor gegen die sunnitische
Bahrain Regierung.

Mauno meint, es koennte aus Ahwaz Iran Sender kommen. Die Bandbreite ist
aber meist nur 3 kHz weit, der IRIB Rundfunk Ahwaz Sender zum Beispiel auf
9580 hat aber ein 10.8 kHz breites Signal.

Ich begreife den Hintergrund noch nicht. Der anti Bahrain Sender sendet
ueber EUTELSAT mit 2 Transpondern, kommt aus London, hat eine englische
Mobilfunknetz Telefon-Nr., - gut, - Telefonanrufe koennen um-
/weitergeleitet werden ... wer weiss?

Jedenfalls sagt Tarek in Kairo aber:
> supporting the shiite upraise against the sunni Bahrain rulers.

Hat also ein politischen Hintergrund und religoese von den unterlegenen
Schiiten - sonst nur im Iran und Teilen Iraqs in der politischen Fuehrung,
gegen die sunnitische Regierung in Bahrain.


Kommt das originaere Iran unterstuetzte schiitische Programm also ueber
das Studio in England ?

Das Signal ist nach verschiedenen Ham Operateuren in D. um die S=8-9
stark, je nach Antenne, dagegen war Hargeysa meist S=9+10 bis +20dB an der
gleichen Amateur-Station zu hoeren.

Das 7130 Signal ist sehr unstabil, siehe gemessene Wanderfrequenzen, um
die 50 Hertz downwards, aber Stabilisierung in der letzten Sendestunde,
wie Mauno konstatiert. siehe unten.

re 7130 kHz variable.
still very unstable frequency signal on November 18,
7130.082 at 14.33z
7130.039 at 15.10z
7130.030 at 15.30z
7130.023 at 16.50z

Sendezeit war heute circa 14.33:06 to 1831 UT. (Radio Hargeysa Somalia
aber 15-19 UT). Der Hargeysa TX - BBEF Made in China - war aber immer
stabil auf der 7120.0 kHz, ohne Frequenzabweichung. Das neue 7130 kHz
Signal ist am staerksten in Moskau und Finnland Nord-Suedrichtung, aber
schwaecher in England, West-Europa, Italien, Griechenland, d.h. die
Richtwirkung ist nicht gerade der Westen Azimuth in Europa. Obwohl uns
auch dieses Signal stark erscheint.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 15-18)

They broadcast the recorded program every 51 minutes in Arabic language.
It is completely different from the broadcast in the Somali language on
7120 kHz. The broadcast is identical with the broadcast program yesterday.
Political content against the Kingdom of Bahrain
73.s  -  DE 7z1sj Sulaiman  (LL25WG)

When checked 7130 kHz in past days, I measured some +22  or +25 Hertz
divergence above. started at 14.33:06 UTC today Nov 18, but now on odd
7130.082 kHz. The Hargeysa tx made by BBEF Beijing was mostly on even
7120.000 kHz.
wb df5sx

Tarek Zeidan from Egypt confirms from recording, that this is Lualua TV
audio from Iran. Best regards, Mauno

re 7130. Good morning Wolfie,
based on a tip from Mauno Ritola I heard his recording of a lengthy file
and I can confirm it is an Arabic TV stream targeting Bahrain supporting
the shiite upraise against the sunni rulers my guess it is laulau tv
network we all recall the broadcasting of al Quds TV by Iran on shortwave
a few years back will try to monitor both the TV network and the audio
stream on SW.
all the best 73 Tarek (wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 15-18)

re: 7130.022 kHz mystery, Iranian source ?, but also TX origin location ?
Does this include that the radio program transmission also comes from
The sender Lualua TV has a satellite transmission to NE/ME? I see not an
Iran connection yet. Lyngsat search show
on the BBC TV transponder A2 10721 V

transponder F3 12599 H,
also Lebanon TV, and many other westerly oriented TV
stations too ... like BBCTV and BFBS programs


Is it a coincidence that R Hargeysa Somalia ends its shortwave emission on
the neighbour frequency 7120 kHz at same time? That this new emission on
7130 kHz sends exactly 15 to 19 UTC time slot, as like the Somalia bcast
station usually does? I heard today on the 7130 kHz monitoring, as if the
shortwave broadcast is a radio program relay take over from another
wolfy df5sx (wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

Nov 17, Fawaz Sulaibeekh:
Freq.: 7130, Mode: USB, Time: 16:30 UT, Language: English / Arabic
Content: Politics topic against Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.
Signal Report: 59 60+
Source: most probably Iran.
73's Fawaz Sulaibeekh - A92AA, President Bahrain Amateur Radio Group
(via IARU intruderalert ng Nov 17)

Lualua TV  from London, tel mobil in England 0044 77 48 54 55 78


7130 kHz BC signal, signal wanders down continously from 7130.082 kHz, now
at 1524 z on 7130.039 .... 7130.036 kHz. Yesterday and today heard also
another female voice ahead/underneath accompanied, which appears now and
then talk of online programm or similar ... maybe Tarek can identify these
words in Arabic ?

BC radio Audio on 7130 kHz is very small band like watering can
microphone, of 2.6 to 3 kHz wide only, compared to 12 or 16 kHz bandwidth
of CRI China Radio International. 9580 Iran Ahwaz in Russian has now
10.8 kHz Bandwidth visible on SDR unit at 1445 z.

When checked 7130 kHz in past days, I measured some +22  or +25 Hertz
divergence above. started at 14.33:06 UTC today but now on 7130.082 kHz.
The Hargeysa tx made by BBEF Beijing was mostly on even 7120.000 kHz.
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 18)

Nov 18, Pekka Kemppinen wrote: The frequency is less stabile, than Radio
Hargeisa [Somalia 7120] used to be. So most probably different
(Pekka / OH2BLU, intruder alert ng Nov 17)

Actually I don't see more than 1 Hz drift during my monitoring period
between 1715-1830 UT. Maybe you meant, that it was above fq about 20 Hz,
which is more than Hargeisa used to be? Also it has strong +50 Hz mains
spurs, which I don't remember Hargeisa having. By coincidence, for example
Ahvaz on 13830 kHz now has similar spurs and is above nominal by about
13 Hz.

It closed already at 1831 UT, which I don't remember Hargeisa doing (one
guy kept statistics about the c/d times!) and it was clearly stronger here
than Hargeisa used to be.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, intruder alert ng Nov 17)

KOREA  D.P.R.   7579.990  for the first time since erection of new Chinese
SW transmitter of BBEF Beijing firm at Kujang and Pyongyang location
centers, noted some 10 Hertz oddity. Normaly these Chinese made TX units
are very precise and exact on x.000 kHz channel.

Japanese sce noted at 0740 UT on Nov 14, S=9+10dB in downunder Sydney
remote SDR post.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

MADAGASCAR   Madagascar World Voice.

This has been posted on the World Christian Broadcasting Facebook page:
"It has finally, finally, finally, FINALLY come! The "Accord de Siege" was
handed over to us about 3:30 Madagascar time today, November 14. "Accord
de Siege" is simply the French phrase for the document that allows us to
do business in Madagascar. That is the last (repeat: LAST) hurdle before
we can put the transmitters "on the water" headed from Houston to
Madagascar. It is awesome to think of the untold millions of people in
Africa, Latin America, India, the Middle East, and western China and
Russia who will soon be able to tune in to MWV (Madagascar World Voice)
and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Praise God!"
(Steve Cooper, dxld Nov 16)

Madagascar World Voice. - My view is that they have basically missed the
boat on SW. The heyday might have been 10 or 15 years ago, but now with
the rapidly dwindling stations on the air, and a corresponding shift away
from SW, this might be akin to, "too little, too late".
(Walt Salmaniw-BC-CAN, dxld Nov 16)

MALI/SRI LANKA   17630   CRI relay Bamako with strong carrier of S=9+10 or
-66dBm sidelobe signal into Germany. Low modulation as usual. 1415-1425 UT
in discussion of about Chinese consumer behaviour.

Next door on odd
17640.012 kHz splash of Pashto program DWL Cologne via SLBC Trincomalee
site, S=9 -73dBm, but much better modulation level there.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

MARIANA ISL  [Saipan]  9585   RFA Chinese service from Agignan Point
Saipan in 23-24 UT slot on Nov 14, noted also CNR1 spoken jamming checked
very early before by the China mainland engineering for short 3 minutes at
2240-2243 UT time slot.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

MEXICO   6184.082  But next door Mexican signal XEPPM Radio Educacion
heard with nice signal cover into southern states of US. On remote Florida
SDR unit noted S=9+25dB or -49dBm, stn played classical orchestra mx
"Flores en Mexico", ... impression de la Americas, noted at 0149 UT on Nov
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

NEW ZEALAND   Auf 13840 steht ein leerer Traeger mit S=9+10.
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX Nov 17)

13840 kHz Rangitaiki FEEDER audio signal IS OFF, ONLY carrier observed at
1220 UT on Monday Nov 17.


S=9+20dB in Stuttgart, carrier only also heard in Moscow, Nagoya and
Sydney remote net posts.
Also feed to 5950 in UT afternoon program lost today.
Adrian will investigade this feeder fault...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

NIGERIA   7254.920  Ikorodu in Hausa at 0730-0900 UT on Nov 14.
WRTH und die Listen gehen dieser Tage recht sparsam mit den 7255 kHz
Angaben um. Heute frueh jedenfalls in Sydney remote Station gehoert: ab
0730 UT 7254.920 kHz Nigeria in Hausa. Das muesste eine Morgenserie ueber
die 0730 bis 0900 oder 1000 UT sein ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

6089.9  R Nigeria, Kaduna, at 1725 UT on Oct 31, Hausa ID: "R Nigeria,
Kaduna", music clips, 43443. Also heard at 1845 UT on Oct 29, Hausa to
(Graham Bell-AFS; and Ivo Ivanov-BUL, dswci Nov 12)

6089.858  Ionosphere heute Abend ... da scheint jetzt eine ganz schoene
Stoerung zu herrschen. Kaduna aus Nigeria kommt auch ganz schoen verbrummt
herein, auf 6089.858 kHz, close-down at 2305 UT on Nov 14.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

7254.9v and 15120.0  -  Nov 15, at 0850-0930 UT a station is visible
various remote Perseus net units, 7254.940 kHz [on Nov 14 at 0730 UT
7254.920 kHz Nigeria in Hausa] in Sydney remote post, probably via Ikorodu
Nigeria, Atlantic Ocean, Brazil, Chile, southern Pacific path, seemingly
Hausa service til 10 UT?

Also 15120.0 kHz in Englisch at 0900 UT Nov 15, little undermodulated, and
brings along an accompanied 793 Hertz beep whistle pitch tone, visible are
7x strings each sideband side of 793 Hertz apart, S=9+25dB powerful
carrier strength,

but nothing visible regular 9690v Nigeria outlet in 09-10 UT slot this Nov
15 UT morning.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 15)

PAKISTAN   11529.995  noted Nov 14 Radio Pakistan Islamabad on a SINGLE
frequency around 1330-1410 UT tune-in here. Signal strength S=9+20dB
or -48dBm in Stuttgart post in southern Germany. 15725 PAK not on air.

Radio Pakistan Islamabad at 17-19 UT time slot to Europe never heard these
days yet. In B-13 season 2013/2014 heard on 9560 or 11570 kHz frequency.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14/15)

Surprisingly broadcast of Radio Pakistan Nov 12

1330-1530 11530 ISL 250 kW 282 deg to NE&ME Urdu, but off at 1500 UT
1330-1530 15725 ISL 250 kW 282 deg to NE&ME Urdu, not air.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 13)

PAKISTAN   Radio Pakistan installing two new shortwave transmitters.

Director General, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Samina Parvez has
said two new short wave transmitters are being installed enabling
listeners in Europe to tune in Radio Pakistan.

Radio Pakistan
live streaming, audio streaming, breaking news, sport, weather,
topstories, headlines, radio and a whole lot more. The Radio Pakistan
informs, educates and e...

View on  <>
(Radio Pakistan News, Nov 13. via Mike Barraclough-UK, dxld Nov 14)

Oooooh, yes, - they ordered 2 x SW txs for Karachi SW site are on the road
map and planned


ordered from Thomcast Thales, now Ampegon Turgi Switzerland /
Schifferstadt Germany -- some 8 years ago ...

11529.995 noted yesterday R Pakistan Islamabad on a SINGLE
frequency around 1330-1410 UT tune-in here. Signal strength S=9+20dB
or -48dBm in Stuttgart post in southern Germany.

15725 kHz (and all other known ISLregistration frequencies) NOT ON AIR.

Urdu program audio was noisy terrible as always.

FOR THE FIRST TIME I could measure an ODD frequency of minus 5 Hertz,

in the past     ISL was always exact on x.000 kHz frequency though.

Another Radio Pakistan PRESS RELEASE appeared this week,
predict the erection of two SW transmitters soon.

Such SW planning lasted since 2006year though ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

SAUDI ARABIA   17659.974  Radio Riyadh in French service noted at 1427 UT
on Nov 14, continously crackle sound on the audio feed line. S=9+25dB
or -45dBm signal strength powerhouse.

17705.033 BSKSA Riyadh in Arabic 1st program, NEVER HEARD BEFORE:
MANY WOMAN VOICES on air, no male voice contribution at all !

Female interviewed in 1427 to 1436 UT slot on Nov 14.
I never heard so many smiling, cheerful crazy women on this broadcast
station. S=9+40dB -34dBm powerhouse signal.

BUT broadband 17685 to 17725 kHz wide, and 19(!) peaks of 60 Hertz were
visible on each sideband.

15120 BSKSA in Bengali, totally distorted audio, bad TX sound quality,
registered 1200-1457 UT, only S=7 signal on sidelobe here Germany.

Bodo Fritsche DF8DX engineer at Ampegon told me the other week, that
Ampegon Switzerland firm is in the erection process to deliver 4 x new
shortwave gear to Riyadh sw center soon in early 2015. In order to replace
some of the faulty total 9x500kW SW txs hardware at this bc center.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

SEYCHELLES   The end of an era - BBC Relay Station site
handed back to Seychelles.

Tuesday November 18 marked the closure of an iconic chapter of Seychelles'
history, signalling the end of an era when information was much more
difficult to come by. With much of Africa joining the internet and mobile
phone revolution, the times of trying to glean information about
happenings in the rest of the world on a crackly AM radio station have now
passed by.

Over 25 years after its establishment, the site of the BBC's former Indian
Ocean Relay Station (IORS), located at Grand Anse, on the western side of
the largest inhabited island in the archipelago, was handed back to the
government of Seychelles by the country's British High Commissioner,
Lindsay Skoll.

The station transmitted BBC World Service programmes since 1988 via
shortwave to listeners across East Africa in a range of languages,
including the BBC's English-language output for Africa as well as
programmes in Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Somali and French.

In November 2013, the BBC announced its intention to cease all its
shortwave transmission services from Seychelles due to a gradual and
irreversible fall in demand for shortwave radio services, and on March 29
this year, the BBCIORS retransmission services from Seychelles were
officially switched off. BBC World Service broadcasts in East Africa are
still available via the internet and also via various other localised

The handing over of the site to the Ministry of Land Use and Housing
(MLUH) also included the station's buildings and equipment, all of which
are still in working order. The site is spread over a 32,000 square metre
property, occupied under a lease dating back to March 27, 1985...

Detailed article with photos here:


Seychelles News Agency, Grand Anse, Mahe; November 19, 2014
(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK Nx Nov 19)

SOUTH AFRICA   AFS Sentec Meyerton broadcasts B-14 season
from Oct 26, 2014, til 28 March, 2015.

 3255 0500 0600 52SE,53SW,57N 100 0   1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S
 3255 1600 2000 52SE,53SW,57N 100 0   1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S
 3320 1800 0400 57NW          100 275 1234567 Afr AFS SAB SNT
 3345 0300 0400 52SE,53W,57N  100 5   23456   Eng AFS CAF SNT
 4895 1630 1730 57N,53SW      100 0   2       Eng AFS SRL SNT
 6155 0300 0400 48W,53NW,52E  250 19  23456   Eng AFS CAF SNT
 6180 1900 1933 46S,47S,52    100 330 1234567 Por AFS RFI TDF
 6190 0500 0600 52SE,53SW,57N 100 15  1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S
 6190 0600 0800 52SE,53SW,57N 100 0   1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S
 6190 1600 2000 52SE,53SW,57N 100 15  1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S
 7205 0800 0900 57N,53SW      100 0   1       Eng AFS SRL SNT
 7230 0400 0700 52SE,53W,57N  100 5   23456   Eng AFS CAF SNT
 7285 0400 0700 57NW          100 275 1234567 Afr AFS SAB SNT
 7465 1800 1830 53S           250 76  1234567 Fra AFS BBC BAB FRENA_S
 9410 0600 0800 52SE,53SW,57N 100 15  1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S
 9460 0400 0500 48SW,53NW     100 15  1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_E
 9590 1800 1830 48            250 32  1234567 Som AFS BBC BAB SOMLA
 9625 0700 1200 52SE,53W,57N  100 5   23456   Eng AFS CAF SNT
 9625 1200 1300 52SE,53W,57N  100 5   23456   Nya AFS CAF SNT
 9625 1300 1400 52SE,53W,57N  100 5   23456   Loz AFS CAF SNT
 9625 1400 1500 52SE,53W,57N  100 5   23456   Por AFS CAF SNT
 9625 1500 1600 52SE,53W,57N  100 5   23456   Eng AFS CAF SNT
 9650 0700 1800 57NW          100 275 1234567 Afr AFS SAB SNT
 9665 0430 0500 47SE,48S,52E, 250 19  1234567 Swa AFS RFI TDF
 9755 1700 1730 52            100 328 1234567 Por AFS RFI TDF
 9790 0400 0500 38S,47E,48,52 100 20  1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
 9810 1800 1859 37E,38W,47,52 100 350 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF D
 9830 1900 2000 37E,38W,47,52 100 350 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
11605 0500 0600 46SE,47,52    100 345 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
11605 0600 0700 46SE,47,52    100 342 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF D
11610 1700 1730 48W           100 30  1234567 Tir AFS IBR BAB FE36
11610 1730 1800 48E,48SW      100 30  1234567 Som AFS IBR BAB FE02
11660 1700 1900 47,48W,53W,52 100 350 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
11750 0400 0500 38S,39S,47E,4 100 20  1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF D
11750 1930 2000 46SE          250 328 1234567 Ibo AFS AWR AWR x112
11790 0530 0600 47SE,48S,52E, 100 5   1234567 Swa AFS RFI TDF
11800 1800 1830 46E,47W       250 328 1234567 Eng AFS NHK BAB
11800 1800 1830 47,52         250 328 1234567 Eng AFS NHK NHK
11830 1830 1900 48SW,52E,53NW 250 19  1234567 Eng AFS AWR AWR x107
11875 1800 1830 48            100 30  1234567 Som AFS BBC BAB SOMLA
11925 0500 0600 48SW,53NW     250 5   7       Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
11925 0529 0600 48SW,53NW     250 5   1       Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
12095 0500 0600 48SW,53NW     250 19  1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_E
12095 0600 0700 47SW,52       100 335 1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFW_C
15160 0530 0600 47SE,48S,52E  100 15  1234567 Swa AFS RFI TDF D
15170 0600 0700 46SE,47SW,52  100 342 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
15170 0700 0900 46SE,47SW,52  250 342 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
15235 1600 1700 46S,46NW,47   250 340 23456   Fra AFS CAF SNT
15235 1700 1800 46S,46NW,47   250 340 23456   Eng AFS CAF SNT
15255 0600 0700 46S,46NW,47   250 328 23456   Eng AFS CAF SNT
15360 1500 1600 47SE,48S,52E  250 7   1234567 Swa AFS RFI TDF
15420 1500 1700 48SW,53NW     100 20  1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_E
15490 0500 0600 48SW,53NW     250 5   7       Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
15490 0529 0600 48SW,53NW     250 5   1       Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
15490 1700 1730 48SW,53NW     250 19  1234567 Swa AFS AWR AWR x117
15490 1730 1800 48SW,53NW     250 19  1234567 Mas AFS AWR AWR x117
15790 1630 1700 48SW,53NW     250 7   23456   Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
15790 1830 1900 48SW,53NW     250 7   23456   Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
17660 1200 1300 46SE,47,52N   250 342 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
17745 1230 1400 48            250 32  7       Som AFS BBC BAB SOMLA
17745 1500 1700 48            250 32  7       Som AFS BBC BAB SOMLA
17760 0800 0900 48,53W        250 19  1       Eng AFS SRL SNT
17770 1500 1600 48,47E,52E,53 250 19  23456   Swa AFS CAF SNT
17830 0700 0800 47SW,52       250 328 1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFW_C
17870 1630 1700 48SW,53NW     250 7   23456   Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
17880 0700 0729 47S,52N,52SE  250 342 1234567 Fra AFS BBC BAB
(hfcc B-14 Sentec entries, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 3)

SRI LANKA   Trincomalee 13720 kHz, PCJ Radio Song of India at 1335 UT on
Nov 15, Indian female high pitch singer and flute music, S=4 or -102dBm
poor signal on an otherwise clear channel, just take into account S/N
ratio above -137dBm noise level, on nice professional antenna on DARC
Amberg Bavaria PERSEUS remote site.

Europe, - especially southern Germany lies in the 90degr shade of sidelobe
main direction at Trinco straight northwards. Better signal in North
Africa or northern Sweden/Finland on polar circle too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 15)

PCJ Radio Song of India 13720 kHz. Audible from 1302 UT tune-in with weak
but clear signal - PCJ Radio's Song of India on 13720 kHz via Trincomalee,
Sri Lanka tx site. SINPO 15331. Signal strength improving. Scheduled until
1358 UT.
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Nov 15)

SRI LANKA/USA   Global 24 have said at
<>  that

"We are preparing plans for better broadcasts to Asia & Africa. For Asia,
we are running a frequency test: December 7, 2014 (Sunday) from 1300 to
1358 UT on 13720 kHz. Reception reports from the Middle East, India and
Asia are most welcome. Check it out."

I suspect that is via Trincomalee, as this frequency is used by PCJ Radio
International on Saturdays at this time.
(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK Nx Nov 19)

SWAZILAND   9499.982  TWR Manzini scheduled 1802 til 1902 UT, but Ivo says
start later at 1832 UT now, observed in English service. Reliable signal
straight northwards from Manzini txing site. A daily guest here in Europe
in this season on a clear channel.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 15)

Changes of Trans World Radio Africa, Manzini-SWZ site

1802-1832 9500 MAN 100 kW 013 deg to EaAF English, ex1802-1902
1832-1902 9500 MAN 100 kW 013 deg to EaAF Juba, new, not daily

1820-2035 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF ex1750-2005 as follows

1820-1850 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Umbundu Mon-Fri
1850-1905 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Chokwe Daily
1905-1920 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Umbundu Daily
1920-1935 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Portuguese Sat/Sun
1920-1935 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF KiKongo Tue-Fri
1920-1935 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Luvale Mon
1935-1950 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Kuanyama Sun
1935-1950 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Portuguese Mon/Tue
1935-1950 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Luchazi Wed
1935-1950 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Luvale Thu
1935-1950 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Fiote Fri
1935-1950 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Lunyaneka Sat
1950-2020 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Portuguese Daily
2020-2035 6130 MAN 100 kW 312 deg to SoAF Kimbundu Daily
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

TAIWAN   11605.099  Radio Taiwan International in Japanese, propagate via
Alaska, western Canadian Pacific coast path into North America, nice
signal of S=8-9, or -78dBm strength, at 0803 UT on Nov 16.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 16)

TAIWAN   Broadcasts to Korea D.P.R. - Nippon no Kaze and Furusato no Kaze,
from Tamsui Taipei site.
1300-1330  9950 TSH 100 kW 002 deg to NEAs Korean Nippon no Kaze
1330-1400  9950 TSH 100 kW 002 deg to NEAs Japanese Furusato no Kaze
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)

TAJIKISTAN   11513  Voice of Tibet  o d d  channel usage to avoid China
mainland jamming from Dushanbe noted at 1406 UT on Nov 14, here in
southern Germany rx. Nothing noted of China mainland jamming on either
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

UNIDENTIFIED   6135  on Nov 10 at 0617 UT. Pulsing noise on my PL-880 with
odd repeating pattern noted under BBC French broadcast from Ascension.
Pulsing continued after BBC xmtr shutdown at 0629 UT. AoKi notes North
Korean Jammer at this time but seems unlikely this is the source.
Suggestions anybody?
(Mark Clark-PA-USA, dxld Nov 10)

Re: subject unidentified scratchy UTE signal, 06-07 UT on Nov 11 centered
6132.6 kHz.

On Nov 11 at 06-07 UT noted S=8 or -85dBm scratchy UTE signal here in DARC
stn OV Amberg Bavaria Perseus at port 8014: on antenna towards the North
America azimuth. Heard also in Eastern North America from Alberta to
Boston-MA, in NY, Florida sites loud an clear, but weaker signal noted in
Western USA, like in CA and Vancouver remote post. See screenshot of 6129
to 6136 kHz scratchy signal frequency range. Is that a fishery buoy or
CODAR signal?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 11)

I don't know what this sounds like, but usually hear a TADIL-A bonker
around this frequency, QRMing 6135 kHz broadcasts. Maybe same transmitter.

Mark, - The sound like anvil-banging around 6135 kHz is referred to as a
TADIL-A bonker. I believe there is another one inband circa 11740 kHz at
certain hours. And somewhere in the 60m band.

Here's one explanation(?) Google came up with

And another
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 14)

U.K.   Re Woofferton. I can add that following the modernisation of the
site in 2006 (with a RIZ 500/250 kW sender,the brother to the one at WER)
and then the further removal of three more MWT BD272 in 2007 with
RIZ 250 kW replacements there was no need to consider the re use of the
nearly 25 year old ex Rampisham units after the site's closure in 2012.

The new control system at WOF in 2007 ensured it would be the site to
continue if a consolidation of the other UK sites happened.

This was the case as Skelton A was closed in 2011-2 followed by Skelton C
in 2012. SKC has 6 B6126 senders and is mothballed, though personally I
cannot see it ever transmitting again, there have been no registrations on
the HFCC.

With a 4 MHz antenna at WOF (114 degr) being built in 2012 there was no
need to keep SKA hence its closure.

Interesting to see about the wasteful removal of the LF senders in
Germany, I guess that they should never have been upgraded.

One other point, after 25 years since the end of the CW with the Berlin
Anniversary recently it is worth noting that the long term anomaly on LF
will be fixed with the closure of 177 kHz and now Europe 1 can QSY to the
"correct" channel of 180 kHz from 183 kHz. - 73 Dave G4OYX

OK about the BD272 at WOF there in fact two left on site and they are both
operational, but only in a standby role, S93, the first BD272 ever made,
is set to 9 MHz and S95 is set to 13 MHz as a reserve for a RIZ unit. The
site has the three RIZ 250's and the RIZ 500 kW downrated to 250 kW (as
the max the arrays can stand is 300 kW).

In addition there are the four MCSL B6124s at 300 kW. WOF is the only UK
HF site remaining. Make sure you see the new 2015 edition of the WRTH as I
have written a three page article all about WOF.

You spoke about the TFK modulators being a good design, well I would say
they were when they first came out but actually better designs were
implemented in the later years. The main disadvantage with the TFK was
that it required two tubes to accomplish the stages RF and MOD.

In four of the six MCSL senders at RMP (that were the same age as the four
TFK sets) and the two LF senders at Droitwich their modulators were
replaced by the BBC by a bought-in design from the USA Company Continental
which was fully solid state and hence had no tubes to replace or heat the
filaments. There are many banks of high voltage, hi-value capacitors and
FET/Diode assemblies as modules, typically there are 48 coarse modules and
4 fine modules for the anode and eight modules for the screen grid of the
output TH558 tetrode.

The overall efficiency of the SSM is typically 95%.

As the capacitors age and lose capacitance/become leaky it's apparant the
audio quality suffers with the higher mod frequencies becoming

Orfordness MF 648 kHz TFK had the same modulator throughout it's life from
1982 to 2012 as did the RMP TFKs. As Ian Tickle said as he shut dowm ORF 1
for the last time it was essentially a good sender sender design but just
occasionally it could have it's moments!

I know as I have baby sat it over four nights with a nasty modulator fault
where the mod would just tail off on programme for no reason and at any
time! A spray of freezer aerosol was the cure on what was an opto coupler
stage but finding the component was difficult. Pleased to say we did!
(David Porter-UK, SW TXsite / dlxd Nov 16)

Hi Dave and Everyone monitoring this thread, Obviously SCRATCH my comments
about retiring the BD272s at Woofferton - TOO late, already done ! So does
that mean Woofferton is now nearly completely RIZ transmitters ? I hadn't
considered the age of the S4001 and S4005s at Wertachtal, to my mind they
are "new", but I suppose it would be close to a 1/4 century old ! From
everything I've read the PDM technology in these Telefunken TXs won hands
down on performance, with much better specs than the PSM modulator
approach used by nearly everyone else.
(Steve Cooper, dxld Nov 16)

USA   5084.989  WTWW stn ID at 0737 UT on Nov 16, S=9+15dB or -59dBm,
sweet music!, singer and nice violine orchestra, - but
5830.000  WTWW sermon in English, female voice  prayer at 0744 UT
on Nov 16.

11565.004  WHRI channel, from South Carolina center, sermon by female in
English, 0758 UT Nov 16.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 16)

USA   This time I start monitoring WOR the KVOH webcast at 0227 UT Sun on
Nov 16 as musical prelude is playing; at 0228 UT find 9975 kHz has fair
signal and good modulation this week; 0230 UT sign-on, program summary
with correct 0400 11 pm Eastern time for final jazz hour; 0231:04, WOR
1747 starts. Next:

Sunday 2300 on WRMI 11580 UT Monday 0359v on Area 51 via WBCQ 5109v-CUSB
Monday 2201 on Global 24 via WRMI 9395 Tuesday 1200 on WRMI 9955 UT
Wednesday 0401 on Global 24 via WRMI 9395 Wednesday 0730 & 1530 on
Hamburger Lokalradio 7265-CUSB Wednesday 1415 on WRMI 9955 Wednesday
2200 UT on WBCQ 7490v Wednesday 2201 on Global 24 via WRMI 9395.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 16)

9975.004  KVOH undermodulated and BUZZY signal, presenter Jeff read
shortwave reception log at tune-in 0250-0255 UT. AWR Wavescan program by
Jeff White Florida. Final heard Mexican mx on Wavescan at 0257 UT on Nov
17, advice of 2014 DX Contest. Transmission hit heavily by accompanied
BUZZ of 60 Hertz FENCE ... 120, 180, 240 Hertz ... up to 3 kHz each
sideband ! visible on browser screen.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

USA   7490v // 9330v-CUSB kHz, on Nov 16 at 0104 UT, WBCQ with music; and
by 0113 UT I can tell it's the same music on 5110v-CUSB kHz but far out of
synch with the others. Nothing on 15420 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 16)

7490.098  WBCQ tiny signal hopped some 10 Hertz up and down, heard at 0305
UT on Nov 17 on Edmonton Alberta-CAN SDR unit, WBCQ signal on oddity ?

5109.730 kHz - same funny Jazz saxophone music heard at 0308 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

USA   3185  on Nov 16 at 0107 UT, WWRB has resumed separate programming
from 5050 kHz, YL gospel huxtress vs BS on 5050 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 16)

re WWRB.  Female voice prayer at 0315 UT on 3185.0 kHz, but Brother Stair
TOM on 5049.992 kHz at same time. S=9+25dB, at 0316 UT on Nov 17 an other
prayer on atomic war and kingdom of heaven, all something funny prayer.
WACE station ask ... south carolina mentioned.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

USA[/VATICAN STATE non]   7305 kHz noted already carrier from IBB
Greenville NC site, at 0155 UT on Nov 17 carrier on air much early,
scheduled Vatican Radio Spanish at 0200-0245 UT, straight southwards
173 degr, S=9+35dB signal into Florida remote SDR unit.

7315 kHz next door 01-02 Sat/Sun LT or Sun/Mon UTC time only English
sermon of WHRI ended at 0159 UT, sermon of glory and Jesus in English
language, S=9+45dB powerhouse noted in Florida. Had an stn annmt advice to
replace receiver tune freq to 5920 kHz, which WHRI program starts
at 0200 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

US ATLANTIC COAST  [?]  TADIL-A bonker digital signals of US Air Force and
US Marine. Also heard often previously close to 4865, 6132, and 12089 kHz.

Re: sound of 6132.6 kHz signal at 0652 UT Nov 16.

Yes, that's like what I have been calling the TADIL-A bonker (as I think
someone else identified it), in pitch, except when I hear it there are not
continuous even pulses, but a series of short pulses (varying number) and
then a long pulse, before repeating.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 19)

Sound of 6132.6 kHz signal at 0652 UT Nov 16. Shrap shrap signal on 6132.6
but not in CA Vancouver heard, rather heard on Atlantic Ocean east coast.

Glenn, listen to the recording of Nov 16 morning, covers 6131.5 to 6134.1
kHz wide.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)


33.333 Mitglieder à 15 Euro Jahresbeitrag für die erste Sanierung gesucht.

MW-Sender Muehlacker als Technik-Denkmal ?

Einst hatten wir als Kinder mit der Ortsbeschreibung "Ackermuehl bei
Senderlingen, Kreis Ofenrohr" unbewusst die Bedeutung des Senders fuer die
Stadt Muehlacker hervorgehoben. Das war zu Zeiten, wo der 276m-Mast noch
in jedem Lexikon unter den hoechsten Bauwerken Europas aufgelistet war.
Nach dem Ende des SWR-Mittelwellenbetriebs steht der markante rot-weisse
Stab jetzt auf der Abbruchliste fuer 2017, weil fuer den nicht mehr
benoetigten Mast Kosten fuer Wartungsarbeiten im Bereich einer halben
Million Euro anstehen. Den Abbruch will ein kuerzlich gegruendeter
Foerderverein verhindern.

In dessen Vorstand sind auch zwei Funkamateure, Horst van Gelderen (DC3SW)
und Joachim Maneval (DF2CQ).

Informationen gibt es unter <>
(via Herbert, DL2DN; Nov 14)


Covering up to four broadcast bands in parallel.

Hi - with TitanSDR PRO and FLDIGI, I made some reception of broadcast
station in // in up to four different broadcast bands. You can find this
paper at:

This paper covers also covers some monitoring challenges in general. Today
there are different strategies of monitoring. A rather new one at a price
class available to hobbyists, is provided by TitanSDR. This software-
defined receiver cover 9 kHz to 32 MHz in up to four wide bands, where you
can place up to 40 narrowband channels. Each channel can be recorded,
either automatically by an individual schedule for each channel,
or manually.

This offers new perspectives to monitoring. You can e.g. monitor the
activity of four aero or maritime bands in parallel.

The 25-pager (PDF) mentioned above, gives some real-world examples on how
to use these features. It also contains 44 screenshots plus a few audio
examples which you can listen to with the most recent PDF reader.

The examples show voice reception as well as data modes. They also cover
the use of multi-instances software decoders. Some of the highlights:

* ALE reception of twelve USAF-HFGCS channels and their decoding in
parallel, plus analyzing propagation over 24 hours in the ranges of
18 MHz, 11 MHz, 9 MHz and 6 MHz

* DSC reception (DSC) on 6 MHz, 8 MHz, 12 MHz and 16 MHz, decoding it with
four instances of YADD, plus visualizing the results (coastal stations
received) by DX-Atlas

* // reception and decoding of six STANAG4285 channels from Martinique to
Reunion in ranges of 4 MHz, 8 MHz, 12 MHz and 16 MHz in parallel.
Any comments and suggestions welcomed!

73, Nils, DK8OK
(Nils Schiffhauer-D, dxld Nov 15)

SDR    Nils Schiffhauer DK8OK - Monitoring with TitanSDR -
New approach in 40 Channels.

English version Download via

Durch Software-defined Radios (SDRs) hoeren wir den Kurzwellenempfang seit
Einfuehrung des SDR-14 im Jahre 2006 mit ganz anderen Ohren:

Aufnahmen von bis zu sechs MHz Breite (ELAD FDM-S2) sind ebenso Standard
wie die gezielte Auswertung dieser Aufnahmen selbst hinsichtlich Kurzzeit-
Sendungen. Der Receiver TitanSDR von Enablia geht hier einen etwas anderen

Er umfasst den Bereich von 9 kHz bis 32 MHz in bis zu vier HF-Bereichen
von maximal gut 2 MHz. Diese Bereiche lassen sich an jeder beliebigen
Stelle des Spektrums platzieren (max. 4 x 312,5 kHz). Insgesamt kann man
nun bis zu 40 unterschiedliche Schmalband-Decoder auf beliebigen
Frequenzen innerhalb der gewaehlten Bereiche waehlen. Jeder dieser Decoder
nimmt auch auf, wobei ein flexibler Scheduler individuell fuer jeden Kanal
zur Verfuegung steht. So kann man z.B. bis zu 312 kHz breite Ausschnitte
in vier Rundfunk- oder Amateurfunkbaendern gleichzeitig beobachten.

Nils Schiffhauer, DK8OK, hat in einem 25-seitigen PDF (44 Abbildungen,
einige Audioclips) einige Beispiele aus Rundfunk, Amateurfunk und Utility-
DXen zusammengestellt. Sie zeigen, welche neuen Perspektiven diese
Technologie eroeffnet.

Die Beispiele umfassen u.a. den Parallelempfang eines Rundfunksenders in
zwei verschiedenen Baendern, die Parallel-Decodierung von zwoelf Utility-
Sendern zwischen Hawaii und Guam auf 18, 11, 9 und 6 MHz und den
Parallelempfang (einschliesslich Decoding) von PSK31-Unterbereichen in den
Amateurfunkbaendern 80 m, 40 m und 20 m.

Das englischsprachige PDF steht auf meiner Webseite
<>  zum kostenlosen Download bereit.

73 Christoph Ratzer OE2CRM, (A-DX Nov 13)


5th international DX contest 2014, The grand tour around all continents.

New post on EDXC News

"5th international DX contest 2014, The grand tour around all continents"
by DSWCI by OH6001SWL.

This contest is held from Friday 28th November 2014, 0000 UTC, to Sunday
14th December 2014, 2400 UTC. It is open to all shortwave listeners
regardless to their membership in any DX club.

Primary contest frequencies are from 2300 to 26100 kHz. Logs outside this
range will be valued by half points.

The contest fee EUR 3.00 / USD 5.00 shall be sent together with the
contest form to:

Jaroslav Bohac, Svestkova 2828/7, 400 11 Usti n.L., CZECH REPUBLIC
<trams -at->

Deadline: 31st December 2014 (date of post stamp)

Each participant will receive a contest diploma with his/her
classification and a list of paricipants with their results. The first
three participants will be awarded non-cash prizes.

In Part 1 listen please to any BC station of the contest country, for 15
minutes at least. For one country one log only. Unofficial, pirate and
clandestine stations are not allowed.

Scoring: 1000 points of each logged country will be divided by a number of
logs and rounded to two decimal places.

In Part 2 you can raise your score by listening to any DX programme. The
number of DX programmes is limited to 4! No particular country limit.
Scoring in the same way as in Part 1, maximum point value 100 points for
one DX programme.

Note: Please mention sufficient details in your logs to be validated! Logs
with general notes, such as "music", "male talk" cannot be accepted.

We wish you good listening!

The contest form can be downloaded here
(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC_UK / dxld Nov 15)
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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