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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ANGUILLA   Carribean Beacon 6090 suffers a lot of this vagabonding shrap
shrap noise signal, likely strange Cuban jamming spurious? - or also
"TADIL-A bonker" digital signal of Air Force or Marines? on 6084.95 to
6089.3 kHz strings visible range ?
Signal strings looks like same as jamming visible on 7405 kHz though...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

ARGENTINA   15345.212  Radio Nacional, Buenos Aires, mit Gitarren
Variationen, eher klassisch, um 1918 UT am 23. November auf 15345.212 kHz.
Aoki sagt in seiner Sammlung Spanisch Programm sonntags um 18-24 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 23)

ARMENIA   9925  QSL TWR India via Yerevan Gavar. Rec'ed a beautiful colour
.pdf QSL showing the SW Towers at Guam, with Full data (w/site) plus a
cover letter with confirmation statement. Reply in 4 months, for an e-mail
V/s: S. Franklin Abraham TWR-India.
(Edward Kusalik-CAN, DXplorer Nov 23)

AUSTRALIA  [non log].  2368.48  Radio Symban, as of Nov 19, have not been
able to hear this again since my last Nov 10 reception. Takes just the
right propagation to be heard.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

AUSTRALIA   2368.460 kHz exact measured, aligned against 2500 WWVH Hawaii
and 3330 CHU Ottawa signals. At 1140 UT on Nov 20.

S=6 or -86dBm signal strength noted on Brisbane Queensland remote unit,
Greek male singer and great string instrument performance, of course Greek
folkloric music.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

AUSTRALIA   Nice documents, history of the Cox Peninsula (Darwin) Radio
Australia Transmitting Station, you need Javascript though.

Many long-time DXers will remember the existence of the wonderful Radio
Australia transmitting facility on the Cox Peninsula near Darwin between
1966 and 2010. The 250 kW transmitters were well heard throughout the
world with a powerful, far-reaching signal. Listeners throughout Asia
could easily pick up the Australian broadcaster. During the 70s and 80s,
RA had a huge listening audience across the region, numbering in the
millions, especially in Indonesia. I well remember visiting the RA studios
in Melbourne in the mid-70s and hearing RA staff talk about the thousands
of letters they received from Indonesian listeners every week. Heady
times, indeed!

Times have changed and those days have gone. Radio Australia's Darwin
facility has been dismantled and the property returned to the original
aboriginal Belyuen people. The final years of operation at the Darwin
transmitter site was under the station Christian Voice.

The history of the site is quite interesting. Veteran Melbourne DXer and
historian, Bob Padula, has compiled a history of the Darwin transmitting
and receiving sites in a new electronic (PDF) publication. In it, he
timelines the developments of the station, highlighting the relationship
between the site and Darwin's own recent history.

The document discusses the construction of both the receiving and
transmitting stations, the early digital controlled computer system,
transmitter and antenna design and operations, and many other fascinating
facts. Included are many photographs sourced from the National Library of
Australia, the Australian Post Office, and from a former Manager of the
Engineering Construction Team.

This publication was just released several weeks ago and is excellent
reading. Check it out! It is freely available by clicking on the link


73 and have a great weekend everyone!

Rob Wagner VK3BVW
(via SW TXsite by Ian, SW TXsite Nov 17)



(Andrea Borgnino-ITA  IW0HK, SW TXsite Nov 21)

AUSTRALIA   7410  RA/ABC? program from Shepparton program heard around
0829 UT in Vancouver remote SDR unit, talk about 400 years old Shakespeare
ancient book of 1623 year !  S=9+15dB or -60dBm signal, on Nov 26.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

AUSTRIA   ORS Mossbrunn site, - different on 'geocaching' matter.



(via Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX / wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)

AUSTRIA/FRANCE   11880 AWR, take over from ORS Moosbrunn to TDF/MBR
Issoudun France outlet at 06.59 UT

11880  AWR - brokered by MBR Cologne -, uses two different transmission
bcasting centers in 0600 to 0730 UT morning slot.

ORS Mossbrunn from Austria with proper signal of 300kW at 190degr, in most
modern Arabic language program at 06-07 UT, as well as 0700-0730 UT
scheduled in French from TDF Issoudun site.

Station ID in Arabic and Internet URL given at 06.57:45 UT, followed by
conclusion flute music orchestra til 06.59:30 UT, midst then TX OFF at

Issoudun TX of 250kW at 203 degr came on air 20seconds later at 06.59:50
UT as "Crash Start" in French language. AWR ID in En, Fr, Ge, and Italian

ps. not far away on 11780.134 kHz excellent Brasilian music heard from
RNA/RNB at 0645 UT on Nov 24.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 24)

AUSTRIA/GERMANY   6105  At 08 UT TWR Europe in English, shortened 0800-
0820 UT program, via MBR Nauen into US northeastern coast at S=9+10 or
-62dBm this morning. "Speaks to our heart", and King of Israel.
// 7400 via ORS Moosbrunn Austria, little less strong S=9+5dB only.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

BELARUS   11730  Belarus Radio from Minsk-Kalodzicy site, terrible audio
on 11730 kHz at 1130 UT Nov 19, 11-23 UT spurious signals both sides on
11700 - 11704center - 11709  and
11751 - 11756center - 11760 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)

BRAZIL   6180.004  RNA Brasilia this 0813 UT morning not as strong, as the
months before. Only S=6-7 strength in remote SDR unit at Boston
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

BRAZIL/COLOMBIA   Both BRA and CLM stations on 6010v kHz, weaker 6010.044
BRA R Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte MG, and CLM La Voz de tu Conciencia,
Lomalinda, Puerto Lleras, Meta little stronger on 6010.179 kHz, hit each
other, but latter seems unstable frequency TX, continously hopping up and
down by ±10 Hertz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

BULGARIA   Frequency change of KBS World Radio in German from Nov 16,
via SpaceLine Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod SW site

1900-2000 NF5905 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR,ex5900 to avoid RFI Ru 5895
// frequy   5885 SOF 050 kW 306 deg to WeEUR in DRM mode.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

5884drm  KBS German service in digital DRM mode, scheduled 19-20 UT on
5885 kHz, but noted move 1 kHz down on 5884drm kHz instead.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 23)

BULGARIA   Global 24 on 9465 kHz test via Bulgaria.

Definitely {heard} them. Long playing of "Come Together," then Global 24
ID at 0100 UT on Nov 22.
(Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer Nov 22)

The Rock Pile from around 05:00 UT Nov 22 on 9465 kHz with SIO 333 in
Cairo Egypt.
(Tarek Zeidan-EGY  SU1TZ, dxld Nov 22)

Free channel 9465 kHz in 00-01 UT slot. Nothing heard here in southern
Germany on 9465 kHz in 0035 to 0045 UT Nov 22-UT. Spaceline Ltd.,
Bulgarian outsourced Kostinbrod maybe started late close to 0100 UT ...

9465.002  Probably old soviet transmitter hardware gear at Spaceline Ltd.,
Bulgarian Kostinbrod, heard with 24hrs duration test broadcasts of US
broker "Global 24".

Sounds a little old gear of stuffy/gloomy/musty quality.

Noted on November 22 at 10 to 12 UT hour, here in central Europe.

Played "Jazz around the hour" followed by "Rock Pile" mix program of 1966
year. Joe Cocker "Feelin' Alright" and Spencer Davis group followed in
12-13 UT slot.

S=9 -73dBm in Germany,
S=4 noisy scratchy in England
S=7-8 in the Netherlands
S=6-7 in Sweden
S=5 in Finland
NIL in St.P. and Moscow area.
S=9 -65dBm in Switzerland and Italy remote SDR unit posts.

Propagation Sofia - to Germany -, signal in 31 meterband will expected to
be increased in our midwinter past noon after 14 UTC.

No adjacent channel Interference noted in central Europe, but northerly
states like polar circle in SWE and FIN countries heard adjacent 9460 CRI
Nanning, and on 9470 PBS Urumqi, both originate from China mainland.

btw. different progr "Global 24" on 9395 kHz from WRMI Okeechobee Florida
site at 1025 UT on Nov 22, fair S=6-7 signal here in southern Germany, but
not armchair listening for average listener ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 22)

BULGARIA   21800  on Nov 24 at 1406 UT, Brother Scare on VP signal, as I
had also heard Nov 21 after 1500 UT, but not on Nov 22.

Ivo Ivanov says "Frequency change of Brother Stair via SPL Bulgaria:
1400-1653 NF21800 SOF 50 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English, ex9400.2 kHz,
probably from the same very old Soviet transmitter from 1957 year, which
aired test of Global 24 on Nov 22 at 0000{rather 0100-} -2400 UT on 9465
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx Nov 24)

BULGARIA   Four broadcasts from Kostinbrod in 25 mb at 1700 UT

Bible Voice Broadcasting
1700-1830 11600 SOF 070 kW 090 deg to WeAS Farsi Daily

Bible Voice Broadcasting
1700-1715 11700 SOF 100 kW 126 deg to NE/ME Arabic Mon-Fri Dardasha 7
1715-1745 11700 SOF 100 kW 126 deg to NE/ME Arabic Tue
1715-1800 11700 SOF 100 kW 126 deg to NE/ME Arabic Mon/Wed/Fri

Radio Assenna
1700-1800 11720 SOF 100 kW 195 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Mon/Thu/Sat

Eritrean Forum
1700-1800 11720 SOF 100 kW 195 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Tue/Fri/Sun
1700-1800 11720 SOF 100 kW 195 deg to EaAF Arabic Wed
1800-1900 11720 SOF 100 kW 195 deg to EaAF Arabic Sat

Dimtse Radio Erena
1700-1730 11855 SOF 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Afar/Oromo Daily
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 25)

CANADA   CFRX 6070 kHz Shortwave QSL received.
QSL card received for E-mailed Report to Steve Canney VA3SC QSL Manager
for CFRX. Steve is a longtime ODXA Member and has been the QSL Manager for
CFRX for close to 25 Years!! Received in less than a week!! Full Data Card
for Re-activated CFRX reception on 6070 kHz. Thanks to Steve for helping
us all receive a QSL for CFRX Recptions!!
(Robert S. Ross-Ont-CAN  VA3SW, DXplorer Nov 19)

6069.998  CFRX Toronto CAN, a proper signal of S=9+20 or -56dBm heard on
Boston Massachusetts units around 0635 UT Nov 26, much adverts for
christmas season gift presents ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

Both Canadian remotes this Wed Nov 26 morning:
6159.980 from St. John's heard on the east coast, weak just above the
noise level. An on west coast on Pacific locally Vancouver SDR unit noted
CKZU Vancouver lower mainland unit 6 Hertz down on 6159.974 kHz.
An Psychiatrist from Columbia interviewed to the air.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

CHINA   5050  Beibu Bay Radio (BBR), at 1345-1426 UT on Nov 19. ToH "The
time now is 10PM, Beibu Bay Radio"; sound of cuckoo. Now with a new
format; during their Vietnamese programming they now have many segments in
Chinese, consisting all of what sounds like ads. Recently have heard a
number of segments in English (one talking about the APEC meeting in
Beijing and who was attending, with another about the "Silk Road"); no
hint of AIR recently.
(Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, USA)

yes, even 5050 kHz outlet, S=9+5 or -72dBm signal into Brisbane Queensland
Australia around 1155 UT today Nov 20. Light international pop music
program, {I like this kind selection very much ... wb.}. Now at 1200 UT
undoubtedly in Vietnamese language, all data seen in Userlist1 of Nagoya
Aoki Perseus list.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

9520 / 7420  Nei Menggu PBS (Hohhot) at 1552-1605* UT on 13, 14 Nov. Nice
quiet CH chat o/ piano, 5+1 pips at 1600 UT, followed by CH/Mongolian/En
ID ("Radio Inner Mongolia - Voice of Inner Mongolia"), closing with
flute/violin tune & (pres) ID/sked in CH at 1605* UT. Better on 31mb (esp.
after 1500 UT), 7420 gets wrecked after 1600 UT by Firedrake opening on
7415 v. RFA's 16-21 UT CH broadcast.
(Dan Sheedy-CA-USA, Play DX #1627 Nov 17)

re 7420.0 check at 1530 UT today Nov 27:
seemingly co-channel still underneath another station in "India"'s
subcontinent accent on odd 7419.986 kHz probably from Delhi Kingsway site.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 27)

CHINA   7269.987  Across Alaska and Pacific ocean west coast noted odd
frequency signal from Mongolian sce at PBS Nei Menggu of
Hohhot #839{acc Aoki list} tx station. At 0837 UT on Nov 26.

Firedrake music from China mainland heard again today, on 7415 kHz at
16-19 UT on Nov 26 against US RFA Tinian Mandarin program co-channel.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

CONGO DEM REP.   5066.25 approx., on Nov 14 at 0318 UT, JBA carrier,
presumed R. CANDIP following tip from Tim Rahto Nov 10 when reception peak
in Iowa was at this hour. Does it sign on now around 0300 UT, well before
local sunrise?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 19)

CUBA   Previous report about RHC not being heard yet on 3365 kHz. Now
almost ready to test next month {Dec 2014, wb.} the 3365 kiloHertz
90 meterband frequency.
(Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich_CO2KK, Nov 23)

FRANCE   17605  Radio Inyabutatu via Issoudun Vernaculars BCB to West
Africa Nov 22 at 1628-1759* UT. Noted a program of commentaries and
interviews with guest speakers, closing announcements and closing trumpet
ballad with singers to sign-off. Very nice signal at s7 to s9 at this time
period, some QRM from Utility on lower side of 17605 kHz, best in USB
(Edward Kusalik-CAN, DXplorer Nov 23)

FRANCE  {ETHIOPIA/GERMANY}  Voice of Oromo Liberation new frequency
via MBR brokery

1700-1730 NF17630 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAF Oromo   Wed, ex13810
1730-1800 NF17630 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAF Amharic Wed, ex13810
1700-1800 NF17630 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAF Amharic Sun, ex13810
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

GEORGIA   [Russian Abkhazia]   9535 kHz  R Abkhazia Sukhumi noted this
Monday Nov 24 morning in 0500-0600 UT slot, started with some hymn sung,
some classical mx piece, followed extended news cast read by female til
0516 UT.

But tx starts 10 mins earlier on air. S=6 fair signal of -86dBm heard in
Moscow, Poland, Germany, Sweden, and much stronger in Forli Italy and
Greece remote SDR unit posts. In western Germany some transmission rest of
RHC Spanish bcast heard UNDERNEATH.

Station on non-directional antenna gear with 5 kW only.

[later]  9535  see below, "Apsua Radio" Sukhumi heard with newscast
reading in Abkhazian language, read by female reader from 06.01:19 UT til
TX OFF switch, - midst on the spoken sentence - at 06.03:43 UT, on Monday
Nov 24.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 24)

{ABKHAZIA}   9 and 10 November Abkhazian radio again came out on SW 9535
kHz with the same program, which is broadcast on SW 1350 kHz. November 9
is seen in the Abkhazian language program from 05.10 to 05.55 1350 and
9535 kHz, and after about only in Abkhaz. November 10 transmission began
in 9535 at 04.50 kHz and 1350, but with the program Auto Radio Sukhumi,
and 04.55 girlish choir sang a song in the Abkhazian language, mentioning
the word "Auto Radio Sukhum" about.

The "Apsua Radio" (Abkhaz Radio) 1350 kHz noted in November daily from
03.50 (sometimes 04.50) to (approximately) 06.20. Then take a break and
with 13.50 (sometimes 14.55) translates to 15.55. Programs and news in
Russian and published irregularly marked 05.30-05.40, 06.07-06.14, 15.07
(or to 15.10 ?) - 05.10 UT.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, Swedish DX Bulletin Nov 23; from RUSDX)

GERMANY   7365  QSL - HCJB Weenermoor verified an electronic report with a
full data Mountains (Psalm 90,2) card in 24 days which was mailed from
Quito and form letter from Iris Rauscher for the German Department in
Quito. The form letter indicated that for QSL cards they ask for return
postage ($1.75 US$ postage for a letter to North America; $2.00 to Europe
and $2.75 rest of the world). The accept e-mail reports at
<deutsch -at->
for virtual replies without being able to filled in the data details.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Nov 23)

7365  Radio HCJB via Weenermoor, incrased PEP power of 2 Kilowatt. now.

Seit gestern Spaetnachmittag Nov 21 arbeitet ein neuer Sender auf 7365
kHz, zur Zeit mit etwa 2kW Pep. Wenn alles gut laeuft, wird ab der
kommenden Woche nochmal eine "Schippe" Leistung nachgelegt.

Ist das der Sender des verstorbenen Hans-Juergen Kneisner?

Es waere interessant zu wissen, ob sich der Empfang schon etwas gebessert
hat und ob die Modulation gefaellt.
(Stephan Schaa-D, hcjb germany, A-DX Nov 22)

7364.985  HCJ ein sehr schoenes starkes Signal aus Weenermoor um 1623 UT
Nov 26. - Ein Prediger mit Schweizer(?) Akzent. Stephan, gute Arbeit,
gutes Signal,
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

Hier jetzt genauso stark wie Kall Eifel 7310 kHz, eher noch etwas
staerker, beide S9. Modulation OK. 3995 kHz gerade eben S7.
(Martin Elbe-D  DD9MW, <>   A-DX Nov 22)

GERMANY   MBR Media Broadcast (former exBundespost, exDeutsche Telekom)
Wertachtal shortwave site masts demolished.

A search by upload date for Wertachtal on YouTube shows 7 videos from
Michael Zehrfeld and a report by Augsburger Allgemeine wertachtal -

(Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Nov 20)

Transmitter / antenna masts demolish in Germany...

And concerning the longwave transmitters in Germany: The Aholming Bavaria
207 kHz one is not even eight years old; it has been installed not before
2008, the Transradio presentation states.

Here the situation is such that there were investments by Media Broadcast,
made on the foundation of obligatory transmission contracts. If
Deutschlandradio indeed manages to get out of these contracts early, it is
quite likely that they will have to pay a compensation, such as the
14 million Euros Deutsche Welle churned out in 2007 for nothing, only to
flee out of Nauen.

So at least the taxpayer is not involved in this game, if you consider the
licence fee payer as someone else (that's the logic of public broadcasting
in Germany). Either way, the money burnt with the DRM debacle here has
been sucked out of the public broadcasting system. In other words,
possible programming cuts are immediately related.

Btw, Media Broadcast just issued a press release that expresses how they
are "delighted that we can again work with our long-standing partner
Deutsche Welle in the field of shortwave distribution". The new contract
is flexible, to be prolonged every half year. Arranged by MB are the DW
transmissions via Issoudun and Gavar. The release adds that other partner
facilities are Moosbrunn, Kostinbrod, Talata Volonondry and Okeechobee.

No longer mentioned herein is Trincomalee, again used by DW, too, at least
during the first days reportedly with bad audio, in the German-language
A-DX list commented with "and Deutsche Welle now even pays transmissions
fees for that".

(Kai Ludwig-D, Nov 15, SW TXsite yg direct and via dxld Nov 19)

GERMANY   DAB-Plus-Empfang unterwegs - 1500 km mit Digitalradio

Besonders auf laengeren Strecken war das Autoradio schon immer ein treuer
Wegbegleiter. Es sorgt fuer Abwechslung, Unterhaltung und fuer aktuelle
Verkehrsmeldungen. Inzwischen bekommt UKW aber Konkurrenz: DAB Plus. Wir
wollten wissen, ob und wie gut DAB Plus UKW schon heute ersetzen kann.

(Nov 1)

SWR Ensemble 9D vom SWR Fernsehturm Stuttgart & HN-Weinsberg ON AIR.
9D    Stuttgart Fernsehturm nominell 10 kW
9D    Heilbronn Galgenberg  nominell  5 kW

Hallo, heute habe ich mal wieder den NOXON-DAB-Stick mit Magnetfussantenne
und MS Windows 7 Ultimate -32bit, sowie die Treiber installiert.



Visual Studio (wahrscheinlich schon hier auf PC vorhanden?)

DABplayer Software

ich war gespannt, ob ich das Kanal Ensemble 9D besser empfangen kann,
als Kanal Ensemble 11B ... alles Raum suedliches Stuttgart Stadtgebiet:

Distanz rx  -  FS-Turm Stuttgart Degerloch 2,3 km,
            -  Fernmeldeturm Stuttgart Frauenkopf Geroksruhe 3,5 km.

29 x Audio, 10 x Daten Programme.
alles flatternde Signale an kleiner Magnetfussantenne im Wohnzimmer.

Unterschied in den Sende-Empfangsleistungen.
Der Pegel auf Ensemble 9D war schon etwas besser ... da kommt es auf den
Pegelabfall der Antenne und den Aufenthalt in der Wohnung hinter
abschattenden Betonwaenden an.

Kanal Ensemble 5C  17,7 bis 18,9 dB
               9D  19,6 bis 23,6 dB  (SWR Info + SunshineLife 17-19 dB)
              11B  13,7 bis 14,8 dB

Kanal Ensemble 5C  13 Programme
               9D   6 Programme
              11B  10 Programme

Die 6 gleichen SWR Programme aus Ensemble 9D und/oder 11B muss der kleine
Henkelmann vom PURE beim AUTOTUNE sauber eruieren, auf welchen Mux er
innerhalb der Wohnung dann letztlich zugreift, zeigt er nicht an ?
73 wolfgang df5sx  (Nov 18)

GREECE   Yes, really only two! of three transmitters at Avlis Greece on
air, on Nov 23 at 1505 UT.

Noted 9420.004 kHz powerful outlet transmission towards western Europe,
Atlantic and further towards North America across Atlantic Ocean.

But also on 11644.986 kHz transmission likely north-south towards
Moscow/Africa/SoAM?, with propeller airscrew noise, but also disturbed by
different broadband OTHR signal on 11657-11682 kHz centered, and wider
sidebands also on 11631 to 11702 kHz range !!!

Strings on like garden fence every 88 Hertz apart distance, ±8 times seen
each sideband, visible on Perseus browser window, these belong also to
11645v Avlis transmission, NOT OTHR !.

11644.986 kHz ERT-open stopped transmission at 15.56:40 UTC today Nov 23,
then signing-OFF.

And appeared when tuned in around 16 UT on both (!)9415.004 and 15630.035
kHz, latter much stronger than 11645v kHz bcast before.

And surprise also 3rd Avlis unit (accompanied with propeller airscrew
sound!) appeared from 16 UT on 9934.994 kHz, but wandered upwards to 9935
kHz even frequency.

[later]  ERT-open via Avlis playing very nice Greek folk music at 0450 UT
on Nov 24 on 15630.037 kHz, and more powerful in Germany in 04-05 UT slot
on 9420.005 and 9934.988 kHz.

15630.038  'Kalimera' given at 0621 UT on Nov 24 of ERT-open Avlis, noted
S=8 or -74dBm signal downunder in Queensland Australia remote unit.

// 9420.004 and 11644.976 kHz. Latter broadcast suffered again on faulty
audio modulation of propeller airscrew tones at the station, visible
±12 x each sideband a 106 Hertz distanz apart tone strings on Perseus
browser, in 11642 to 11647 kHz range.

11645v best signal in Moscow / St.P., so seemingly the 004/184 degrees
antenna is in use at this hour in 25 mb.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 23/24)

GREECE   Noted ERT-open with classical music "The Flower Duet" from Léo
Delibes at 0535 UT on Tuesday Nov 25 morning. Later much great Greek music
was played.

On quick check ERT-open via Avlis site was heard very early before and
around 0450 UT on 9420, 9935, and 15630 kHz.

But next check at 0515 UT frequencies had changed and measured as
11645.009 kHz - NO PROPELLER SOUND ANYMORE - proper S=9+20dB noted with
clean fine audio signal, heard here in southern Germany.

and also powerhouse 9420.005 kHz S=9+35dB, as well as

15630.034 kHz, weak - is a skipped signal here in central Europe.
But heard well at Moscow and also at Nagoya Japan premote SDR post,
about S=8-9 signal.

Latter likeley eastwards ERT-open Avlis via antenna 105degr,
- or even 46  or 80degrees curtain are in use ?

11645v best signal in Moscow / St.P., so seemingly the 004/184 degrees
antenna is in use at this hour in 25 mb.

[later]  Sorry, - Propeller sound is back on ERT-open broadcast,
when checked at 0620 UT Nov 25.

And transmitter moved now down from 11645.009 kHz to 11644.973 kHz on
lower side. Frequency measured is unstable, hopps up/down 2-3 Hertz

In the first hour from 05 UT on 11645v I heard a clean audio on this

11645v kHz broadcast suffered again on faulty audio modulation of
propeller airscrew tones at the transmission.

Browser signal screen shows a heavy garden like FENCE of peaks visible,
like ±16 x 120 Hertz on either sideband,
als well more ±8 x 60 Hertz - midst - apart distance too,
on plus 60, 120, 180, 300 ... Hertz distance  etc.
Signal is up to 24 kHz wide.

[later]   ERT-open, music stopped at 0810 UT, - for Tuesday engineering
maintenance procedure? Heard only 'empty carrier' and test tones now.
But came on air with guitar music at 0823 UT, - last til 0828 UT break,
when only carrier heard again. Music played, came back on bcast
transmission at 0837 UT. Continously audio program on air, noted time pips
at 0900 UT, but 40(!) seconds later DELAY. Another audio feed break
occurred from 0908 UT, still empty carrier til 0951 UT, all 3 txs on air,
now 0951 UT appeared great Greek music.

Nice interval signal on - select URL -
click to GREECE on left column
and select ERT-open at link

ERT-open heard on this recording, with typical FLUTE jingle and cow bells
interval signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 25)

9420 kHz  ERT-open only single frequenz this morning at 08-10 UT signing
OFF, at 0845 UT on this Wednesday Nov 26 morning, heard here in Germany:
ERT-open from Avlis Greece on a single frequency only, on 9420 kHz, played
Greek folk music ... S=9+15dB only less strength. Their propeller audio
sound unit with ±60/120 Hertz fence outlet is out of service this morning.

ERT-open heute Morgen um 08-10 UT hier nur auf einer Frequenz zu hoeren,
wieder schoene griech. Musik, aber die Uhren gehen halt noch anders, das
Pips Zeitsignal um 09 UT war wieder 11 Sekunden langsamer.

ERT-open in 20-22 UT Nov 26 time slot heard at 2045 UT and 2100 UT on
(!)9415.005, 9935.005, and 15650.034 kHz. And 9420, 11645, 15630 at 08-10
UT on Thurs Nov 27, time signal at 09 UT some 51 seconds late...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26/27)

GUAM   KTWR test transmission on 25 & 26 Nov. KTWR testing 200 kW analog
25 & 26 Nov 1500-1515 UT on 11580 kHz.  Reports to <info -at->

Test was also scheduled on 24th, already over.
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXasia Nov 24)

maybe 250 kW unit on lower power, due of curtain dipol antenna signal
matching limit?

Does the KTWR antennas of the 70ties handle real 250 kW of power,
or refurbished now ?

Started with HARRIS transmitters in 1976,
and Ludo's list show also a HCJ 100 kW tx unit in 1995 year.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 24)

Mauno Ritola just wrote on the WRTH F_B group:
Mike Sabin from TWR Guam informs about test transmissions:

Freq:    11580 kHz
Power:   250 kW
Heading: 290 degrees
Time:    1500-1515 UT
Dates:   23-26 Nov. 2014

They welcome reports from anywhere although the primary coverage area is
South Asia.
(via Mike Terry-UK, dxld Nov 25)

They purchased in 2010, for 690,000 USD each, two Thomson 250 kW
transmitters from the closed Darwin facility, installed there in 1993.
These transmitters had been inaugurated at Guam in 2011


(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Nov 27)

INDIA   4950  Radio Kashmir, Srinagar is noted more or less regularly now
a days on 4950 kHz between around 1315 to 1400 UT. Sometimes it is // to
1116 kHz. Modulation problem are there.
(AIR station suffered by flood earlier in 2014...)
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia Nov 20)
...on Nov 20 measured on 4950.008 footprint, wb.

Domestic SW Update - Wavescan.
All India Radio Closes Five Shortwave Stations

Last month, All India Radio announced the closure of five of its shortwave
facilities, located in regional areas of India. These five transmitters,
each rated at 50 kW, were located at Gorakhpur, Gauhati, Jammu, Mumbai and

All of these transmitters, each operating at 50 kW, were officially
deleted last month; four of them were not on the air at the time, though
Mumbai was still active in recent time. [Wavescan NWS300 - Nov 24th, 2014]
(via Ian, SW TXsite Nov 24)

INDIA   7249.979  AIR Goa Panaji in Hindi hit against probably Dhaka
Bangladesh on even 7250.0 kHz. Scheduled at 1615-1730 UT in Hindi, and
1730-1830 UT in Malayalam. Whine weeping odd frequency signal for many
past months now. The technicians in Goa not know their craft. Shameful
behavior over many months.

9809.971  AIR Goa Panaji at 1115-1245 in Tamil and Telugu langs on usual
odd channel signal, annoying whistle 29 Hertz heterodyne signal against
co-channel even frequency CNR2 from Naning #954 tx site.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26/27)

INDIA   Frequency changes of All India Radio

0130-0230 NF7520 DEL 100 kW 065 deg to CeAS Nepali, ex7420
0215-0300 NF7355 DEL 250 kW 282 deg to WeAS Pashto, ex7225
0300-0345 NF7355 DEL 250 kW 282 deg to WeAS Dari,   ex7225
0300-0430 NF7520 DEL 100 kW 065 deg to CeAS Bengali,ex7420
0700-0800 NF7520 DEL 250 kW 065 deg to CeAS Nepali, ex7420
0830-1100 NF7520 DEL 250 kW 065 deg to CeAS Bengali,ex7420
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 27)

INDONESIA   3344.867  RRI Ternate (presumed), at 1250-1300 UT Nov 20.
Signal only on tiny weak threshold level on downunder Brisbane antenna.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

IRAN/SOMALILAND  [and non?]  7120  Nov 20 at 0320-0332 UT, no signal from
R. Hargeisa, -- nor on 7130 kHz.

Eurafrican monitors have been hearing something new on 7130 during their
afternoon and evening, 1433-1831 UT; at first assumed to be a move by
Hargeisa, but the programming is in Arabic, clandestine directed at
Bahrain, and originating in Iran, as identified by Tarek Zeidan in Cairo.
Conceivably this could be employing the Hargeisa transmitter, if not
coincidentally off the 7120 kHz air, but why not direct from Iran?
Precision frequency observations by Wolfgang Bueschel and Mauno Ritola
indicate the 7130 kHz unit is not like Hargeisa, but Iran.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 20)

re 7130v, warming up on 7130.083 kHz around 1431/1433 UT and wandered down
to approx. 7130.025/x.023 kHz in last bc hour 1700-v1830 UT.

Hargeysa 7120 need permanent observation, their schedule hours is totally
different now. Regardinh tis broadcast schedule in Aoki list, in our
evening especially, is not valid anymore.

LuaLua London TV 7130v also disappeared some days before totally.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

ITALY   14999.9; Italcable - oder so aehnlich ;-), 10.20 UT, 20 Nov.
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX / wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)

Eingemessen aufgrund des nahen RWM Signals aus Moscow Taldom,
83 Hertz away:

14999.917 kHz genau, die italienischen Hobby Standardfrequenz Funker mit
einer schoenen ital. Violine Melodie.

RWM standard frequency ist ja eine der letzten SW Aussendungen aus dem
Riesenreich von exRadio Moskau.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

KOREAS/JAPAN   [KOREA D.P.R. - target]   Voice of Freedom.
Appreciated your recent comments about Voice of Freedom audio occasionally
making it through the North Korea white noise jamming, as this conforms to
my observations too. Sunday, Nov 23, heard VOF (6135 kHz - Voice of
Freedom from Hwaseong, south Korea site, wb.) semi-clearly underneath the
white noise jamming and can confirm the weekend schedule for the "H?o H?o
English" lesson given in Korean with an English and Chinese segment (1350-
1400 UT), has not been changed.

VOF, Nov 24, was a day with a long period with the white noise jamming
being silent; noted in the clear at 1204 UT, but by 1246 white noise
jamming was back on, although not as effective as it normally is; had no
problem hearing "H?o H?o English" language lesson at 1300 UT (weekdays);
interesting lesson - "I am not a North Korean"; 1303 UT song incorporating
"I am not a North Korean"; rather unique.

Nov 24, from 1226 to 1240 UT, found 6015 kHz (KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1)
also free of white noise jamming; in Korean with news items;
frequent "KBS News" at the end of each item; good reception.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Nov 25)

6135 , Nov 22 at 1329 UT, typical noise of Juche jamming from the North,
slightly pulsating, mixed with talk which sure sounds like Korean, 1332 UT
song, poor signal, but any at all is notable, under such circumstances,
since it must be the new clandestine constructed earlier this year by
Jamie Labadia, Voice of Freedom, which Aoki shows with only 10 kW at 10
degrees, from Hwaseong, 37-09 north, 126-59 east, scheduled at 03-05,
08-20 & 21-24 UT; while 250 kW of NK jamming from Kujang operates
0455-2400 UT. Altho Ron Howard sometimes finds the jamming missing.

(Yemen and Madagascar are also on 6135 kHz at this time, but a bit early
for them to have a chance via longpath. 6135 kHz is also an alternate
frequency for Shiokaze from Japan at 1330-1430 UT, but it's confirmed
still on 5985 kHz.) (Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 23)

Shiokaze and symposium on broadcasting to DPRK.

CLANDESTINE. 5985, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze via Yamata, 1425 UT on Thursday,
Nov 20. In English; jammed by DPRK; today's segment of "This is a message
from the Japanese Government" was updated to include information about the
upcoming symposium (please see the following info).

5910, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze, 1609, Thursday, Nov 20. In English; end of
"Today's Newsflash" segment; into "Today's News on North Korea Issues"
with profile of a victim of DPRK abduction; also jammed here.


"Do you know about the radio broadcasting to North Korea? The Government
of Japan is to hold a "Symposium on the Radio Broadcasting to North
Korea-the human rights issues and abduction issue involving North Korea,
and the role of radio broadcasting in resolving these issues."

The Secretariat of the Headquarters for the Abduction Issue of the
Japanese government, and some organizations of Japan, the United States
and the Republic of Korea (ROK), have been broadcasting radio programs to
North Korea. In the programs, those organizations broadcast messages to
abductees, news on North Korea, interviews, and songs from Japan and the
ROK, on a daily basis.

In the Symposium on the Radio Broadcasting to North Korea, major radio
broadcasting organizations will gather and introduce the activities they
are carrying out. They will also discuss the role and future of radio
broadcasting to North Korea in the process of pursuing the resolution of
human rights issues in that country. (This symposium will be aired live to
North Korea [15150KHz]).

The symposium will offer valuable opportunities to gain a better
understanding of the radio broadcasting to North Korea, which the general
public is unfamiliar with in their everyday lives, and to listen to the
opinions of those who have been working on problems of North Korea on the
front line. We look forward to your participation. The information on the
symposium is as follows.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 23)

Date and Time: December 13 (Sat.), 2014, 13:30-16:00

Organized by: Secretariat of the Headquarters for the Abduction
Issue, Ministry of Justice

Venue: Shinjuku Sumitomo Yasuda Life Hall (Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Participating radio broadcasting organizations:

- Secretariat of the Headquarters for the Abduction Issue
  "Wind from Japan" (Japan)

- Investigation Commission on Missing Japanese Probably
  Related to North-Korea "JSR Shiokaze" (Japan)

- Radio Free Asia (RFA) (U.S.A.)

- Voice of America (VOA) (U.S,A.)

- Free North Korea Radio (ROK)

- North Korea Reform Radio (ROK)

- Open Radio for North Korea (ROK)

- Radio Free Chosun (ROK)"
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 23)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   4010.036  exact footprint Kyrgyz Radio from Bishkek
Krasnaya Rechka site at 1440 UT, log in Sydney Australia on Nov 20.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

LAOS D.P.R.   and also heard tiny Laotian Radio Vientiane English sce
program (Laotian accented) on usual lower sideband, measured 6129.976 kHz
at 1420 UT on Nov 20.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

LIBERIA   4760.002  Radio ELWA Monrovia, Liberia. Thanks to a tip of "Per
Eriksson" <per -at-> checked 4760 kHz last Nov 25 night, but
signal was very weak, and only communication talk each other of two
Italian fishermen(?) could be easily heard on this channel.

But acc Aoki list ELWA on program schedule start early from 0600 UT,
program from Liberia could be heard at 0620 UT Nov 26 as tiny signal
precise 2 Hertz upper side. After 0645 UT tiny signal fade-out again.

Mostly a female voice reader could be heard, small piece of music, but due
of very low signal strength, nothing real word content could be traced so
far. But I guess, in coming months - til end of February - we will be
happy to hear this station more properly 'now and then' here in Europe in
our mornings.

Procedure: I had to select only the upper sideband flank, due of permanent
CODAR wiper signal moving up and down in 4741 to 4759.3 kHz frequency
range. Also a CW morse code signal noted short pieces of 20 seconds each
on 4762 kHz, - but not real a disturbtion.

Maybe our German pensionists and Dxer at Denia Spain and Menorca island
will hear more positively on this matter.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

MADAGASCAR   5010.850v  Madagasikara music program, S=5 in downunder
Sydney Australia remote unit post on variable 5010.845 ... to x.858 kHz
moving up and down, at 1830 UT on Nov 23.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 23)

17540  Radio Mara via Talata-Volondry. Full data (w/ site & azimuth)
Multi-coloured Photo Insert of Scenes within a Map of Madagascar QSL card.

17540  Radio Impala via Talata-Volondry. Full data (w/ site & azimuth)
Multi-coloured Photo Insert of Scenes within a Map of Madagascar QSL card.
V/S: nil.Total time of 64 days for a Postal report with CD MP3 recording
(for both stations) to. Beautiful stamps on the envelope.
(Edward Kusalik-CAN, DXplorer Nov 23)

MADAGASCAR   MWV - WCBC - Madagascar World Voice photos, five image
attachments from Dmitriy Kutuzov & Konstantin Chernyshenko on rus-radio-dx


(Mauno Ritola-FIN, SW TXsite Nov 20)

MADAGASCAR   HISTORY - UPDATE - Page 3, By Charles Caudill.
"Madagascar has a new president. His name is Hery Rajaonarimampianina."

"As you can imagine, the Minister of Communications is one of the people
we have been most critical of since 2009." ...

From year 2013:
"The Continental 100 kW transmitters are sitting in crates in Houston
waiting for shipment to Madagascar as soon as approval is granted.

7 Mill. $ Project seit 2006.
MDG_ MWV_WCBC Mahajanga 3 x 100 kW, 3 antennas 25/265/325degr
location at  G.C.  15 43 38.40 S  46 26 45.22 E


(ich sehe zwar nur 3 Vorhaenge, aber auch Schielung ist moeglich, wb.)

May 2010:
3x100 kW SW txs, 4 antennas target are visible on the map at
 45deg (IND)
 21deg (PAK, AFG, TJK, UZB, KGZ, KAZ)
       LSO, SWZ)

New religious Madagascar station MWV registered test schedule from
February 1st, 2012, of WCBC organisation at Mahajanga, Madagascar
3x100 kW shortwave transmitter, 3 curtain antennas on 4 masts,
at 265/325/025 degrees azimuth.

Example of future MWV WCBC Mahajanga SW operation schedule
 7355 0600-0630 53,52,57          MWV 100 265 MDG WCB
 9565 0630-0700 53,52,57          MWV 100 265 MDG WCB
 9565 0800-0830 53,48,47,38,37,28 MWV 100 325 MDG WCB
 9585 1030-1100 39,40,41,42,31,32 MWV 100 025 MDG WCB
11870 0700-0730 53,52,57          MWV 100 265 MDG WCB
11870 0830-0900 53,48,47,38,37,28 MWV 100 325 MDG WCB
11870 1100-1130 39,40,41,42,31,32 MWV 100 025 MDG WCB
13630 0900-0930 53,48,47,38,37,28 MWV 100 325 MDG WCB
13635 0730-0800 53,52,57          MWV 100 265 MDG WCB
13650 1130-1200 39,40,41,42,31,32 MWV 100 025 MDG WCB
15660 0930-1000 53,48,47,38,37,28 MWV 100 325 MDG WCB
15660 1200-1230 39,40,41,42,31,32 MWV 100 025 MDG WCB
17660 1000-1030 53,48,47,38,37,28 MWV 100 325 MDG WCB
17660 1230-1300 39,40,41,42,31,32 MWV 100 025 MDG WCB
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2012)

MALI   Usual low modulation signal from RTVM Bamako on 5995.002 kHz makes
a good job in North American night / West African morning, heard at 0640
UT on Nov 26.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

MOLDOVA   Transnistrian 'rebel' radio on new website & URL. The equivalent
television channel has a page at  <>  offering on-demand video
but no live streaming. Click on "Pryamoy efir", the red tile to the right,
to get the live stream. When visited a few weeks ago it even autolaunched.

Btw, it appears that the transmissions on 621 kHz (at present Mon-Fri
0400-0900 or therabouts) were in fact never interrupted.

And there is not much rebellious about a broadcasting operation from a
stable de-facto regime. That it is a stable one can be gathered from the
use of the Grigoriopol-Maiac transmitters by foreign, "western" customers.
(Noted in the probably naive assumption that these remarks will not set
off the next war...)
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Nov 22)

MONGOLIA   12084.877  usual very odd frequency bcast to Far Eastern Asia
from Ulaan Baatar Khonkhor txion center in 0930-1100 UT slot (0900-0928 UT
southerly 179 degr), at 0940 UT in Mongolian, S=6 backlobe signal into
southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 27

MYANMAR   Both 5915 and 6165 are covered by some China outlets these days.

5985.260  Nice, but little fluttery signal noted in downunder Queensland
remote unit at 1200-1210 UT Nov 20, Myanmar Radio from older Rangoon site
seemingly, S=9+10dB or -71dBm on that Brisbane antenna Perseus unit.

!! not in // 5985v program heard also proper

7200.092 kHz at S=9+5dB or -72dBm level, and also accompanied spurious
notable during excellent propagation condition, today away distance of
14.816 kHz on 7185.276 kHz, BUT the symmetrically 7214.908 kHz signal
couldn't be traced so far, during 500kW POWERHOUSE of CRI Russian from
Xian site, - and at 13 UT slot Jinhua #831 site in Japanese sce, - which
covered the whole frequency channel.

[later]  a very, very tiny signal string visible also on 7214.908 kHz,
after CRI Japanese sign-off on 7215 kHz, Myanmar signal tuned in at 1405
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

7344.992  Myanmar Radio on an otherwise clear channel, Thazin Radio in Mon
language from 1230-1330 UT (acc. Aoki Nagoya list from Japan), 1030 Pwo
Kayin, 1130 Sqaw languages, from "Pyin U Lwin" location site northerly
main SW site, close of newer capital Naypyidaw. TX switched OFF sharp at
13.30:00 UT.

I guess old Rangoon site uses 7200.103 kHz at 1350 UT today - but suffered
much by these earlier reported Slavic (Russian or Ukrainian?) language
illegal ham-pirate transmission of a speech to crowd and patriotic songs,
latter heard today Nov 26 at 1400 UT on 7199.835 kHz.

Acc to dxld
Rossoshansky offices of the Communist Party of the Voronezh region.
Address of Branch: <KPRF-Rossosh -at->
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

Older Rangoon Myanmar txion center site on 5985.270 kHz totally covered by
CRI Swahili from Beijing 500 kW powerhouse 5985 kHz even at 1640 UT,
scheduled always in B-seasons at 1600-1757 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

NIGERIA   15120  even frequency from Abudja site?, on Nov 27, at 0900 UT
newsread in English language. Much tiny undermodulated and whine weeping
whistle accompanied on otherwise S=8-9 signal into southern Germany. Also
visibible on remote SDR browser screen some ±6x like audio fence strings
of ±800 Hz, on 800, 1600, 2400 Hz...

Nothing on air on 9690 kHz Hausa channel at this 09 UT hour though.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 27)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3905.0  NBC New Ireland, Kavieng-PNG, noted around
1240 UT on Nov 20 downunder in Brisbane Queensland, S=9+5dB or
-68dBm signal strength, played some South Sea mx album genre.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

PHILIPPINES   9794.981  FEBC Vietnamese sce from Bocaue site at 1155 UT,
scheduled 1100-1200 UT, suffered by accompanied howling jamming sirene by
Vietnamese government too...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 27)

SAO TOME   9800  Deutsche Welle Hausa BCB to West Africa via Pinheira, SAO
TOME. Nov 22. 0630 - 06:59* UT. Noted with I.S. for DW, opening
announcements, ID's, newscast and a program called "Afrika hankali", with
focus on culture, media and media reports with interviews. Noted to 06:59
UT sign-off with closing ballad after announcements.
(Edward Kusalik-CAN, DXplorer Nov 23)

SOLOMON ISL and VANUATU   SIBC and Vanuatu reception these days.
With monitoring on remote units at Sydney and Brisbane Australia.

Nach der Reparatur des Senders durch RNZL Techniker circa am 18 Jul 2014
hat man 9545 SIBC bei den Tests oft auch in Europa gehoert, jetzt hat
wurde die Sendezeit auf 22-05 UT limitiert, dies ist auch der Grund, dass
ich dort nicht mehr hinein gehoert habe. (wb)

re SIBC und Vanuatu ...
Jetzt um 0000 UT Nov 23 auf genau 9545.000 kHz auf Sendung,
das gleiche Musik-Programm kommt 8 Sekunden spaeter im
Internet player, in der rechten Spalte ist ein klickerle als


be careful ... und man wird noch mit einem MixIrInstaller Aufforderung
belaestigt eine Musikplayer zip File herunter zu laden.

da kann man sogar sich in den Chat einklicken ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 23)

SOLOMON ISL   5020.000 even frequ SIBC Honiara, came across at 0905 UT
on Oct 26, S=9+10dB -66dBm signal in downunder remote SDR unit in
Sydney AUS. Bank news and state deficiency matter.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 26, 2014)

VANUATU   7259.965 (probably) Radio Vanuatu in English heard at 1553 UT
on Nov 11 downunder in Australia remote unit. Needs further check.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 11, 2014)

SOLOMON ISLS   5020.0 even fq signal of SIBC Honiara, played popular song
"California ...", at 1135 UT on Oct 2. S=9+10dB -64dBm medium strength
signal noted on Australia SDR remote unit. Little stronger than R Rebelde
CUB adjacent Spanish channel, latter S=9+5 or -69dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 2, 2014)

5020.000  S=9+15dB -56dBm visible / heard on remote Perseus Net radio in
Sydney NSW Australia, at 0955 UT on Sept 20. ID at 10 UT, adverts on
Malaysian flavour kind show locally, to promote Malaysian Airlines !
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 20)

VANUATU   7260  R. Vanuatu, Port Vila. Very good with English religious
programme at 0825 UT on Aug 27, 2014.
(John Adams, DX-pedition to Port Douglas Beach, Sept ADXN magazine direct
and via dxld)

lately 7259.940 kHz  VBT Radio Vanuatu, Port Vila. Sept. 2014. (wb)

3945  VUT Radio Vanuatu, Port Vila, S=8 -75dBm, smooth En pops. 1017 UT

4755.568 FSM PMA Pacific Missionary Aviati, Pohnpei, En religious progr.
"Glory Jesus Christ" matter, at 1022 UT on Aug 1.

5020.000  SLM SIBC Honiara, mens duo singer and guitar, folk song in
Vernacular. Celebration of Lida and Christine guitar group.
At 1030 UT S=9+10 -62dBm strength in Queensland remote SDR unit.

in 60mb downunder in Pacific in southern winter season.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 1, 2014)

VANUATU   3945  R. Vanuatu. It's Saturday (June 7), so "RN2" (Japan) signs
off early (0900 UT), so was possible to catch Vanuatu's sign off at 1216*
UT, just after instrumental National Anthem ("Yumi, Yumi, Yumi"); poor,
but the best heard in a long time on this frequency.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7, 2014)

SOMALIA[not anymore at present / IRAN [tentat.]

[Has anyone else heard Hargeysa back on 7120 the last few days, such as
*0330v UT? Or even on at the same time as the Bahrain clandestine on
7130 at 1430-1830 UT??   gh]

7120 SOMALILAND Radio Hargeysa. 1400-1401:31* November 22, 2014.
Presumably the one, as seasonally heard fairly consistently here every
year since this one came on the air, though rarely with much audio coming
through. Pulls the plug typically +/- a few seconds to a minute or so
variable after 1400 UT. Assuming they come back at 1500 as listed in some
sources, propagation has never allowed it to be detected here by then. Not
sure what path this one is taking to make it here. USB often needed if
pigster activity is too close.
(Terry L Krueger, Clearwater FL-USA, dxld Nov 26)

Hargeysa 7120 -- was usually a daily guest, heard easily here in Europe in
the past erection Chinese made new BBEF transmitter since 05 July 2012.
Could be, - the working hours are much limited now ?

But was not on air at least in the past 2 weeks, let's say when checked on
Nov 15 to 18, when the 7130v station appeared. I never came across anymore
of both, despite I didn't monitored these channels specially.

And the short time lived appeared 'clandestine opposite' program of 51mins
duration length from London anti-Bahrain TV station in Arabic according
Tarek, on air from Friday/Saturday Nov 14/15 onwards, wandered mostly
downwards on 7130.6 to 7130.22 kHz channel, latter disappeared also some
3-4 days before now.

[later]  Glenn, positively, bc station 7120 kHz seems on air again.
Observed an UNID stn on 7120.004 kHz at least til approx. 1334 UT
on Nov 26.

7120.004  Noted an UNID stn here again, now at 1310 UT, endless male and
female reading. Probably Somali program service from Hargeysa again.
Propagation into southern Germany as S=7-8 signal at 13-14 UT Nov 26.

BUT TXion WAS OFF, when checked at 1344 and 1400 UT again. !!!
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

SRI LANKA   Special Global Radio 24 program for December 7.
The special Global Radio 24 program for Dec 7, 2014 has moved time.
It is moving from 1300-1358 UT to 1500-1558 UT.

Frequency 13720 kHz from SLBC site Trincomalee will remain the same.
(Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK Nov 20)

9720  SLBC Trincomalee Tamil sce at 345degr antenna towards Indian
subcontinent, but travel rather further around the globe into western
Europe too, 1115-1215 UT daily at S=6-7 fluttery signal level today
Thursday Nov 27.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 27)

SWAZILAND/AUSTRIA/AUSTRALIA   9475  Trans World Radio Africa in Swahili at
new time

1730-1815 9475vMAN 100 kW 005 deg to EaAF, ex1700-1745 UT.
9475v=9474.9, het from Radio Australia on nominal 9475 kHz.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

Uncle Sam missionary 17-18 UT - both TWR and BVB on 11700 kHz?
Two missionary bcasts heard in 17-18 UT slot in our mid-winter season on

Well ahead excellent propagation from TWR Africa Manzini Swaziland
on odd 11699.974 kHz, S=9+20 or -56dBm powerful.

Amharic language spot made it towards Europe also, daily til 1730 UT,
but Oromo language section - acc Aoki list on Mon-Fris only - hfcc list
says daily at 1730-1800 UT.

But underneath - probably - some BVB Arabic? outlet in direction of
115degr from ORS Moosbrunn site, a MBR Cologne brokered transmission, BVB
time schedule in hfcc record varies, depends on the weekday...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 23)

TWR Manzini Swaziland in Swahili on odd 9474.788 kHz, and RA/ABC
Shepparton even 9475 kHz suffer co-channel by a 212 Hertz heterodyne beat
tone on shortwave transmission at 1745-1815 UT.

Since start of northern winter season B-14 on shortwave noted a very bad
co-channel interference when listened here in Europe to Radio Australia on
9475 kHz in given time slot see above. The TWR Manzini Swaziland
transmitter in 31 meterband shortwave transmit co-channel, is very
UNSTABLE and transmit - for example - today November 26th, 2014 on odd
9474.788 kHz, and cause a heavy heterodyne beat tone of 212 Hertz
difference, much annoying.

Maybe TWR SWZ should move to another free 31mb channel like to 9380, 9530,
9600, or 9895 kHz channel instead.

Co-channel WTWW is not even a QRM factor on 9475 kHz here in Europe,
transmit registration 100 kW at 50 degrees. Is too early til 19 UT slot,
to propagate across Atlantic properly in 31mb, gray line lies between
Iceland and Scotland. At present on 2030 UT 9475 kHz some S=3 to NIL
signal of WTWW, and WWCR probably on 9980 kHz also S=3 to NIL signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

TAIWAN   9734.941  R Taiwan International from Tainan site in Japanese
language, scheduled 1100-1158 UT, heard at 1150 UT on S=8 -73dBm level
here in southern Germany, male voice reader continously fast speed.

11915.117  CBSD Radio Taiwan International in Cantonese language section,
1200-1230 UT on Nov 27, maybe jammed by some local jammers in mainland
China on lower level, but not much effective ones. S=8 here in Germany rx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 27)

TAJIKISTAN   4765.059  exact footprint Tajik Radio Dushanbe, Yangi Yul
site at 1445 UT on Nov 20.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

UNIDENTIFIED   5990  a very strong empty carrier observed here in southern
Germany, at 1640 UT on Nov 26, S=9+40dB or -32degr.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26)

U.K.   Baldock - 13 November - Small-Scale DAB Tests

A reminder - Ofcom will be holding a technical demonstration at Baldock in
Hertfordshire on the 13th November.

The U.K. Office of Communications ('Ofcom') is soliciting comments over a
proposed trial of 'small-scale DAB,' the aim of which is to provide small
commercial and community radio stations with a low-cost means to transmit
via DAB digital radio.

Many smaller broadcasters in the U.K. have avoided DAB due to the cost,
according to Ofcom is proposing low-cost, small scale
trials, to see if smaller stations can be persuaded to take part in the
new technology.

Ofcom has previously conducted a trial of a small-scale DAB service in
Brighton between September of 2012 and January of 2013. Commenting on the
Brighton trial, Ofcom said "the trial successfully demonstrated an
alternative approach to DAB broadcasting, relying on 'software defined'
techniques where software running on low-cost and readily-available
computer equipment is used instead of using bespoke broadcasting equipment
or 'hardware'.  Although the equipment used in Brighton was very much in
prototype form, it served to prove that the concept of much lower cost DAB
transmission is feasible, and this could potentially offer a path to the
DAB platform for smaller stations."

Ofcom will be holding a technical demonstration at Baldock in
Hertfordshire on the 13th November.


Baldock radio monitoring station - Overview

With the ever increasing demand for radio based services, monitoring of
the radio spectrum plays a vital role today in keeping the spectrum clean
for authorised users, particularly the emergency services. It is also an
essential and integral part of the spectrum management process, producing
and evaluating data to aid spectrum managers in their day to day work. The
radio monitoring station, located near Baldock in Hertfordshire is Ofcom's
"listening ear" on the radio spectrum.

The monitoring station today has a much broader spectrum monitoring
capability than when it began life in 1929. Its original role was to
monitor the international HF radio circuits operated by the General Post
Office (GPO), which followed on from historic first trans-Atlantic radio
telephony services received at the site from New Jersey, USA.

Full article here ...
(Doug_Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB; via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK Nov 5)

USA   9395  GLOBAL24 English via WRMI Okeechobee #1 site in Florida.

00-12 UT mainlobe at 315deg Alabama, Montana, Vancouver Canada.
12-24 UT mainlobe at 355deg Ohio, Toronto Canada.
Vertical log-periodic antenna.

Daily Mailbag             0000-0030 .23456. 100 315 LLC b14
PCJ Media Network Plus    0000-0030 ......7 100 315 PCJ b14
The Rock Pile             0000-0400 ....5.. 100 315 LLC b14
Radio                     0000-2400 1234567 100 315 LLC b14 Nov.1-
Blues Radio International 0030-0100 ..3...7 100 315 WRN b14
Israel Radio              0030-0100 ....5.. 100 315 WRN b14
PCJ Switzerland in Sound  0030-0100 ...4... 100 315 WRN PCJ b14
World of Radio            0030-0100 .....6. 100 315 WRN b14
Radio Cairo               0030-0200 .2..... 100 315 ERU b14
The Rock Pile             0100-0300 ..3.... 100 315 LLC b14
Jazz from the Left        0100-0400 1....6. 100 315 LLC b14
Radio Cairo               0300-0400 ...4... 100 315 ERU b14
Radio Cairo               0300-0430 ..3.... 100 315 ERU b14
Blues Radio International 0330-0400 ....5.. 100 315 WRN b14
World of Radio            0400-0430 ...4... 100 315 WRN b14
R.France Int.             0400-0500 .....6. 100 315 RFI b14
PCJ Media Network Plus    0430-0500 ...4... 100 315 PCJ b14
Jazz for the Asking       0500-0600 ..3.... 100 315 LLC b14
PCJ Kelly Alexander Show  0500-0600 ....5.. 100 315 PCJ b14
R.France Int.             0500-0700 12.4... 100 315 RFI b14
The Rendez Vous           0500-0700 ......7 100 315 LLC b14
The Rock Pile             0500-0715 .....6. 100 315 LLC b14
R.France Int.             0600-0800 ....5.. 100 315 RFI b14
PCJ Focus Asia Pacific    0700-0730 .234... 100 315 WRN PCJ b14
PCJ Switzerland in Sound  0700-0730 ......7 100 315 WRN PCJ b14
The Rendez Vous           0700-0900 1...... 100 315 LLC b14
EU News Network           0715-0730 .....6. 100 315 EUNN b14
Blues Radio International 0730-0800 .....6. 100 315 WRN b14
Daily Mailbag             0730-0800 .234... 100 315 LLC b14
PCJ Focus Asia Pacific    0730-0800 ......7 100 315 WRN PCJ b14
Old Time Radio            0800-0830 ..3.... 100 315 LLC b14
Old Time Radio            0800-0900 12....7 100 315 LLC b14
Polish Radio              0800-0900 ...4.6. 100 315 WRN b14
The Rock Pile             0800-1030 ....5.. 100 315 LLC b14
Daily Mailbag             0830-0900 ..3.... 100 315 LLC b14
KBS World Radio           0900-1000 1234.67 100 315 WRN KBS b14
PCJ Media Network Plus    1000-1030 1...... 100 315 PCJ b14
World of Radio            1000-1030 ......7 100 315 WRN b14
Channel Africa            1000-1100 .234.6. 100 315 WRN b14
Blues Radio International 1030-1100 ....5.. 100 315 WRN b14
PCJ Switzerland in Sound  1030-1100 ......7 100 315 WRN PCJ b14
Tales From The South      1030-1100 1...... 100 315 WRN b14
NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN     1100-1200 ...4... 100 315 WRN NHK b14
PCJ Happy Station Show    1100-1200 ....5.. 100 315 PCJ b14
PCJ Kelly Alexander Show  1100-1200 .....6. 100 315 PCJ b14
The Rendez Vous           1100-1200 1...... 100 315 LLC b14
The Rock Pile             1100-1200 ......7 100 315 LLC b14
Jazz from the Left        1100-1200 .2..... 100 315 LLC b14

The Rendez Vous           1200-1300 1...... 100 355 LLC b14
The Rock Pile             1200-1300 ......7 100 355 LLC b14
Jazz from the Left        1200-1400 .2..... 100 355 LLC b14
R.Slovakia Int.           1200-1300 ...4... 100 355 WRN b14
The Rendez Vous           1200-1400 .....6. 100 355 LLC b14
Jazz for the Asking       1300-1400 ...4... 100 355 LLC b14
PCJ Happy Station Show    1300-1400 ......7 100 355 PCJ b14
Radio Cairo               1300-1430 1...... 100 355 ERU b14
Old Time Radio            1400-1430 ......7 100 355 LLC b14
Old Time Radio            1400-1500 .2345.. 100 355 LLC b14
Blues Radio International 1430-1500 ......7 100 355 WRN b14
PCJ Switzerland in Sound  1430-1500 1...... 100 355 WRN PCJ b14
Democracy Now             1500-1600 .23456. 100 355 LLC b14
Channel Africa            1600-1700 .2345.. 100 355 WRN b14
Radio Prague              1600-1730 ......7 100 355 WRN b14
R.NEWZEALAND INT.         1700-1715 ..3.56. 100 355 WRN RNZ b14
EU News Network           1700-1730 ..3.... 100 355 EUNN b14
Vatican Radio             1715-1730 ..3.56. 100 355 WRN b14
Blues Radio International 1730-1800 1...... 100 355 WRN b14
PCJ Focus Asia Pacific    1730-1800 ......7 100 355 WRN PCJ b14
R.Slovakia Int.           1730-1800 ...45.. 100 355 WRN b14
Radio Prague              1730-1800 .23..6. 100 355 WRN b14
NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN     1800-1830 .2..... 100 355 WRN NHK b14
Radio Guangdong           1800-1830 1...... 100 355 WRN RGD b14
Radio Sweden              1800-1830 ..3456. 100 355 WRN b14
Blues Radio International 1830-1900 .2..... 100 355 WRN b14
KBS World Radio           1830-1900 1...... 100 355 WRN KBS b14
R.Slovakia Int.           1830-1900 ..3456. 100 355 WRN b14
Polish Radio              1900-2000 1234567 100 355 WRN b14
Sons of Liberty           2000-2100 .23456. 100 355 SOL b14
Sons of Liberty           2000-2200 ......7 100 355 SOL b14
PCJ Focus Asia Pacific    2100-2130 .2..... 100 355 WRN PCJ b14
Dialogos Greece           2100-2200 ....5.. 100 355 LLC b14
The Rendez Vous           2100-2230 1...... 100 355 LLC b14
The Rendez Vous           2100-2300 ..3..6. 100 355 LLC b14
Blues Radio International 2130-2200 .2..... 100 355 WRN b14
World of Radio            2200-2230 .2.45.. 100 355 WRN b14
Blues Radio International 2230-2300 ....5.. 100 355 WRN b14
PCJ Kelly Alexander Show  2230-2300 1...... 100 355 PCJ b14
PCJ Switzerland in Sound  2230-2300 .2..... 100 355 WRN PCJ b14
Wavescan                  2230-2300 ...4... 100 355 WRN b14
Democracy Now             2300-2400 .23456. 100 355 LLC b14
PCJ Happy Station Show    2300-2400 1...... 100 355 PCJ b14
(Aoki list, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)

Actual schedule see

USA   9395  on Nov 24 at 1300 UT tune-in, Global 24 via WRMI with several
requests for reports, 1301 UT Raoul introduces jazz, Ray Charles with
"Let's Go Get Stoned". BTW, Raoul is also the voice on the IDs. G24 was
going to try a more westerly azimuth than 355 degrees today starting at
this hour, hopefully to improve reception in the Great Center of North
America. Unfortunately I did not wake up early enough to hear an
antenna/transmitter switch, if there was one, at 1300 UT for comparison

{switch from 315 to 355degr at 12- UT}.

I wonder if due to the 24/7 hrs/d expense, G24 is running on half-power of
50 kW, which the WRMI transmitters can do if needed. Another drawback is
lack of audio processing, boosting the modulation on some of the BS
frequencies but not on most of the other transmitters. As the #1 client of
WRMI, only the best for Brother Scare.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 24)

USA   12015  QSL Radio Japan via WHRI Cypress Creek. "Fireworks at Night"
QSL ( w/ site) plus schedule, blank postcard, etc. Reply in 30 days for an
e-mail report.
(Edward Kusalik-CAN, DXplorer Nov 23)

3185.0  WWRB lists here from Morrison TN, had Brother Stair prayer
programm at 1233 UT on Nov 27. S=6-7 signal heard on remote post in NJ-US.
{CHU Ottawa in Fr and En annmt nearby on 3330 kHz, S=9+10dB.}

Someone called TOM about "power of Russia structure in past 25 years since
Germany's unification; talked also next step on 'prisoners at Abu Ghraib
prison in Iraq being abused in Bush's wartime Iraq vv Kuwait...' by US
boys. -- themes with a horrible mess - whimsical - never heard of
something like that, in our German Media.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 27)

WWRB in open carrier/dead air, while 5050 is BSing. 3185 kHz also markedly
weaker than neighbor 3215 kHz WWCR. At 0129 UT check, 3185 kHz now
features a YL broadcasting "for the weaker female gender" and referring to
"Yahweh Almighty" and some visitation/vision she had portending doom for
the White House and America in general by a black hand and olive-skinned
people, thinly disguised racism.
(Glenn Hauser-O-USA, Nov 1 , in Swedish SWB#1810)

USA   7555  11715  KJES missing.
It seems that KJES has been missing from 11715 kHz for quite a while. When
did anyone last hear it? Schedule 1400-1700 UT. Same question on 7555 kHz
at 0200-0330 UT. (These were a UT hour earlier during DST).
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 26)

KJES Gone shortwave - for ever ?
I just received an e-mail from Tom Beton, a member of the BADX Group.
(Boston Area Dxer's.)

He received a QSL for a report he sent to KJES last summer. A note on the
QSL said they were no longer broadcasting on Short Wave, just on the Web.
I went to their site and sure enough, they are off. They say that with the
shortage of trained people to keep the transmitter going, and the advent
of the  "new technology" they are now broadcasting via the web.

I never listened to them much, but still a bummer to learn another station
has left the bands.
(John M. Fisher, North Chelmsford, MA-USA, DXplorer Nov 24)

Man, another one bites the dust. KJES was kind of a bizarre station.
Remember in the early days when we couldn't figure out exactly who those
kids were. They sounded like zombies. Only later did they come out as
children, and Catholic, I believe. Still, I'll miss them!
(Walt Salmaniw-BC-CAN, DXplorer Nov 25)

KJES missing.
KJES was certainly one of the strangest SW stations I ever heard in my
almost half-century of listening ... pretty much a DX curiosity as opposed
to a station or programming you would actually want to listen to. Seems
the process of putting the robokids on the air was more important than
having an audience.

I last noted KJES a few times during October on 11715 kHz at 1300 UT
causing some slopover on North Korea 5 kHz down.

KJES obviously was unable to find anyone affordable to keep the
transmitter going, which reminds us that broadcast transmitter engineers
are becoming an endangered species. Doesn't help that it was an Elcor
unit; aren't they out of business or going through bankruptcy? The Elcor
website has disappeared.
(Stephen Luce-TX-USA, dxld Nov 27)

Re: KJES missing.
Last heard just before the time change, so maybe shut down with the end of
the A14 season which they considered a natural deadline like the scene of
international shortwave operations does?

Here's the announcement, suitably illustrated:
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Nov 27)

List of Private US Shortwave Stations since 1962.

Some strange things happened when copying the material from Lennart's
contribution to SWB 1810. A few calls disappeared and changed places. Also
some of the calls lost their bold fonts and instead the wrong ones were
presented in bold fonts.

I have no good explanation for what happened but in any case things messed

Sorry for that and I hope it has not caused any inconvenience.
At least the back copy on HCDX has been corrected.

Here is the list again hopefully without any serious faults.

Call  Location State     Remark                   Year

KAIJ  Dallas TX          ex KCBI                  1994 - 2009
KCBI  Dallas TX          later KAIJ               1985 - 1994
KFBS  Saipan SA                                   1984 - 2011
KGEI  Redwood City CA                             1939 - 1994
KHBI  Saipan SA          now IBB stn              1989 - 1998
KHBN  Medorn,Aimeliik PL 1)                       1992 -
KIMF  Battle Mountain NV planned                  -
KJES* Vado NM                                     1992 -
KNLS* Anchor Point AK                             1983 -
KSDA  Agat GU                                     1987 - 2000
KTBN  Salt Lake City UT  ex KUSW                  1990 - 2008
KTMI  Lebanon OR         planned                  -
KTWR* Merizo GU                                   1977 -
KUSW  Salt Lake City UT  later KTBN               1987 - 1990
KVOH* Rancho Simi CA                              1986 -
KYOI  Saipan SA          later KHBI               1982 - 1989
KWHR  Naalehu HI                                  1993 - 2009
WBCQ* Monticello ME                               1998 -
WBOH  Newport NC                                  2002 - 2009
WCSN  Scotts Corner ME   later WVHA               1987 - 1994
WEWN* Vandiver AL                                 1992 -
WGTG  McCaysville GA     later WWFV               1995 - 2000
WHRA  Greenbush ME       ex WVHA                  2002 - 2009
WHRI* Noblesville IN                              1985 - 2004
      Furman 2) SC       exWSHB                   2004 -
WINB* Red Lion PA                                 1962 -
WJCR  Upton KY           later WJIE               1992 - 2002
WJHR* Milton FL                                   2009 -
WJIE  Upton KY           exWJCR                   2002 - 2005
WMLK* Bethel PA          Off Air since 2008 3)    1985 -
WNYW  Scituate MA        ex WRUL, later WYFR      1966 - 1973
WRMI* Miami FL                                    1994 - 2013
      Okeechobee FL      ex WYFR                  2013 -
WRNO* New Orleans LA     Off Air                  2005 - 2008
                         4)                       1982 -
WRUL  Scituate MA        later WNYW               1939 - 1966
WSHB  Furman SC          2) now WHRI              1989 - 2004
WTJC  Newport NC                                  1999 - 2012
WTWW* Lebanon TN                                  2010 -
WVHA  Greenbush ME       ex WCSN, later WHRA      1994 - 2002
WWBS  Macon GA                                    1998 - 2003
WWCR* Nashville TN                                1989 -
WWFV  McCaysville GA     ex WGTG, later WWRB      2000 - 2004
WWRB* Morrison TN        ex WWFV                  2004 -
WYFR  Scituate MA        ex WNYW                  1973 - 1979
      Okeechobee FL      now WRMI                 1979 - 2013

Note: * Stations are still active, 15 stations.
Total 42 Calls

1) Palau independent in 1994
2) Furman Cypress Creek, SC
3) Off Air because of ice storm
4) Off Air because of hurricane Katrina
(Lennart, via Swedish DX Bulletin SWB #1811, Nov 22)

VIETNAM   7220.015  Voice of Vietnam Hanoi, French sce to Asia at 1630 UT,
peak signal of sidelobe, scheduled 15-17 UT in Vietnamese, English, French
at 290 degr from Son Tay site. At same time 1600-2130 UT on stronger 7280
kHz 320degr azimuth mainlobe towards Russia and Europe target directed.

9839.844  Voice of Vietnam Hanoi, heard at 1128 in Japanese, then flute
music and IS and identification in English at 1130 UT on Nov 27, nx read
by female voice. Fair S=7 on side-/backlobe azimuth signal here in

9635.779  Very odd Vietnamese sce from Hano Son Tay site, at 1135 UT On
Nov 27, same signal characteristics like 9840v, see above.

12019.117  Voice of Vietnam Hanoi, heard at 1220 in Japanese, signal from
far sidelobe of 54degr antenna from Son Tay site. Rather poor S=4-5 or
-92dBm signal logged here in southern Germany. Signal should be travel
also via Alaska, western coast of Canada into North America.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 26/27)



Please have a look at my report at the EDXCNews


After the EDXC Conference in Tende, just before the banquet, Italian Dario
Monferini made the interviews of participants as mentioned on the link
from Europe Radio Jazz


The whole recording lasts 1 hour and 5 minutes. There is an introduction
with Toshi Ohtake and Dario in English, followed by interviews in Italian
of Roberto Pavanello (Italy) and Jan-Mikael Nurmela (Finland). Then
follows Toshi Ohtake (Japan) in English, Mrs. Jocelyne d'Errico (New
Zealand / Monaco) in Italian, Anker Petersen (Denmark) (from 0:41:46 till
0:47:48 min/sec) and Alexander Beryozkin (Russia) both in English.

Enjoy and relax!
(Dario Monferini-ITA and Anker Petersen-DEN,
dswci DXW Nov 12 direct and via dxld Nov 19)


BULGARIA   5884drm  KBS German service in digital DRM mode,
scheduled 19-20 UT on 5885 kHz, but noted on 5884drm kHz instead.

A really dramatic increase in solar activity will provide excellent
HF propagation conditions throughout 2015 as well. NOAA sunspot
numbers "peaked"  !!! 296 !!! on 17 April 2014!

The new 2015 catalogue plus full A4 size sample pages of all printed
new publications, et al, can be downloaded from our website. Simply
click the PDF or GIF symbol!

"Internet, SATCOM and HF Radio in dictatorships: censorship of the
Internet and restricted online access vs. free worldwide shortwave
reception for everybody": read our paper at


New product: 2015 Frequency Database for the Perseus Software-Defined
Receiver now comprises 14'082 entries, with BOTH broadcast AND!
professional utility radio stations on HF now showing the call sign as
See our website for details.

New product: more than 10'300 Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on
USB Stick. See our website for details. For latest screenshots of PLATH
and WAVECOM Digital Data Decoders see our hotfrequencies webpage
updated daily.

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