Bode Diploma - Calendar Year 2015 GERMANY

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Calendar Year  2015


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Amateur Radio in Oschersleben / Bode the local chapter W12 Oschersleben / Bode is sponsoring a short-term diploma. Contacts to be made during the calendar year 2015.

Requirements: Earn a total 60 points by contacting stations listed below. There shall be no restrictions modes except Packet Radio and Echolink. The diploma can be issued upon request for individual bands or in mixed mode.

Requirements and Point Values:
1. The club station DK0ZG with special DOK "60W12" or Conteststation DQ5Q is a required contact.

2. Contacts on VHF receive double points. Only one QSO per band. Make sure you receive their DOK number.

3. Only a call sign case for contacts with W12 are counted.

4. A contacts must be made in the period 1 January to 31 December 2015 with these special event stations and their special DOK:
     a. Club Station W12 DK0ZG "60W12" 20 points
     b. Contest Call W12 DQ5Q 20 points
     c. All members of the OV W12 10 points
     d. Members of the OV W33, W09, W20, W14 and W08 = 1 point.


The application may be made as an informal letter or a GCR list in paper form as well as e-mail, to the award manager. The award fee is 5-euro for printed certificate or in the form of a PDF file for fee of 2-Euro.

 The closing date for the award application is on the 31.12.2016:
Apply to: DG2PHE Peter Hartling, Am Gehren Anger 5, D-39397 Groningen OT Großalsleben, Germany.


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