DIPLOMA "40 YEARS ARI LECCE" 1 - 15 December 2014

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1 - 15 December 2014


On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of ARI Lecce, an award is being offered to all OM and SWL of the world, for making contacts as shown below.

The period to earn the Diploma will begin Monday, December 1, 2014 at 12:00 UTC and will end Monday, December 15th, 2014 at 18:00 UTC.

Point Values:
1. Contacts with all members of the Section A.R.I. Lecce will be worth 1 point,

2. A Jolly station (wild card) IQ7AF = 5 points,

3. the special station HB9DNI (IZ7ECX affiliated with ARI Lecce) from Switzerland = 3 points.

All modes permitted: CW-SSB-DIGI (PSK31-RTTY).

Bands: 10-15-20-40-80
Each station may be contacted once per day for each mode for the duration of the award period noted above as long as they are made on different days.

Look for stations Calling: CQ..CQ..40 YEARS A.R.I. LECCE (IZ7XXX) QRZ
Points Required:
Italian Stations need 30 points, 15 points European Railway, Railway European Extra 5
Points, and SWL must send 10 reports QSO.

The award is free of charge if sent to you as a PDF file, otherwise, a printed and mailed award will cost 10E. Applications may be e-mailed to iz7dok@libero.it or by traditional mail to: A.R.I. Lecce PO Box 161, 73100 Lecce, ITALY.  Requests must be received by 31/01/2015 to iz7dok@libero.it attaching a log extract in one of the following formats: adif, Cabrillo, excel, word.  The station scoring the highest number of points and will be entitled to diploma on parchment paper and a stay (one night) free for two people at a B & B in Lecce "city of the Baroque"! In the case of participants tied, the winner will be drawn.

E-mail: iz7dok@libero.it
Internet: http://www.arilecce.it (PDF Document)

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