FOC FOCUS Magazine 25th Anniversary QSO Party - 25 December 2014 to 5 January 2015

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25 December 2014 to 5 January 2015


To celebrate 25 years of the FOC's in-house magazine FOCUS, the 100th edition of which will be published on 1 January 2015, FOC members will be calling "CQ FOC25." Points will be earned, by members and non-members for working FOC officers, FOCUS editors and any FOC members. A certificate will be issued to everyone who achieves 100 points.

When: 00:00 GMT, 25 December 2014 until 23:59 GMT, 5 January 2015.

: All nine HF bands 1.8-28 MHz; CW only. Work each station once per-band.

: Members may call ‘CQ FOC25’. There is no mandatory exchange beyond call-signs. However, members may send their membership number and may indicate if they count for bonus points, as listed below.

This is NOT a contest, so feel free to exchange a few pleasantries during your exchange.

Point values (for FOC members and non-members):
a. The Club call-sign GS4FOC: 10 points (Operator Terry, GM3WUX)

b. FOCUS Editors, 10 points each: G4BUE/N4CJ (1989-2011), V31JP (2011-2012), S57WJ (2013-)

c. Presidents (1989-2014), 3 points each: G3LHJ, GW3KDB, G3SYM, GM3YTS, GW3KGV, G3LIK, GM3POI, G3KTZ, G3RXP, GM3WUX, G3SWH, G4HZV, G3WGV, G3RVM, G3VTT, G3PJT, G3IZD, G3XTT.

d. Contesting columnists, 3 points each: G3SXW, G4BUO, K5RC, N2KW, N9RV

e. Committee members 2014-15, 3 points each: AC5K, G3RWF, G4BWP/A65BD, G4FNL, G4FON, KR3E, M0PCB, N4TY.

f. FOCUS distribution manager, 3 points each: WB2YQH

g. All other FOC members, 1 point each. ( )

h. Member QSOs with non-members, 1 point each

Reports: You can easily keep track of your total points by using G3WGV's FOCUS100 program.

Download it from John's web site . Points will be claimed on the honour system (no log entries needed). Just e-mail your total number of claimed points, to S57WJ: by 20 January 2015. Results will be published on the Club’s web-site and in FOCUS Issue #101.

Awards: A Certificate of Merit will be awarded to those claiming at least 100 points, reflecting the 100 editions of FOCUS.


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