Polish radio amateurs two million km record

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On December 8, 2014 Michal Zawada SQ5KTM reported – We have made a new record! Now we are listening [to] ARTSAT2:DESPATCH from deep space distance 2,316,759 km = 7.7 light seconds away! 

Our great crew: SP5ULN [Piotr], SP5MG [Piotr], SQ5RWU [Lukasz], SQ5KTM [Michal], SQ7GMO [Arek], SQ5AAG [Jacek], Sebastian P. and PIAP Team http://www.piap.eu/

ARTSAT2:DESPATCH was received at over 2 million km on December 8, 2014
On December 7 the same group of radio amateurs also received the 437.385 MHz amateur radio signal from the Shin’en2 spacecraft at a distance of 1,511,246 km.

Shin’en2 437.385 MHz nominal

ARTSAT2:DESPATCH 437.325 MHz nominal
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