South Georgia Island and South Sandwich Island

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The Intrepid-DX Group, led by Paul Ewing-N6PSE and David Collingham-K3LP, is pleased to announce our next Dxpedition.

In January 2016, a multi-national team of fourteen operators will converge in Stanley, the Falkland Islands, and start a 34 day voyage aboard the R/V Braveheart to the #4 most wanted DXCC, South Sandwich Island and the #9 most wanted DXCC, South Georgia Island.

The team will set up and operate from each island for approximately
eight days, weather and sea conditions permitting.

Our primary objective is to activate South Sandwich and South Georgia
with a goal of providing as many Dxers as possible a "new one" with these rare DXCC entities and, as a secondary objective; we will focus on low-band contacts.

The team consists of fourteen operators including: Paul Ewing/N6PSE
(Co-Leader), David Collingham/K3LP (Co-Leader), Bill Beyer/N2WB, Arnie
Shatz/N6HC (Team Physician), Dmitri Zhikharev/RA9USU, Jun Tanaka/ JH4RHF, Krassimir Petkov/K1LZ, David Jorgensen/WD5COV, Al Hernandez/K3VN, Craig Thompson/K9CT, Jay Slough/K4ZLE, Kevin Rowett/K6TD, Stephen Wright/VE7CT, and Mark Stennett/NA6M.

The group plans to have six stations on the air from 10 through 160 meters with SSB, CW and RTTY. The radios will be the venerable Elecraft K3 while the amplifiers will be the Elecraft KPA500, 600 watt amplifiers. We will also use an Acom 1500 on the low bands. There will be low band receive antennas and every effort will be made to utilize the propagation on all bands to all population areas.

Our QSL Managers will be Bob Schenck, N2OO, and Steve Wheatley, KU9C, working with the QSL team from the South Jersey DX Association.

We will have OQRS, we will accept direct and bureau QSL cards. We plan to upload our logs to Club Log on a daily basis where conditions permit. The Club Log Leaderboard feature will not be activated for this Dxpedition.

You can find out more about our plans at our website:
Thank you,
Paul N6PSE and David K3LP

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