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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year 2015.

All best wishes and THANKS for all your contributions in past year.

Lots of Good DX and SWL, hope on stable constant sunspots in the year 2015.

vy73 de Wolfgang


ALGERIA/IRELAND   252LW   re RTÉ - Raidió Teilifís Éireann Radio 1
reception jammed ?

No, this is an exact 1000 Hertz audio test tone from the transmitter
Tipaza in Algerien on exact 252.000 kHz.

This audio heard around 0830 UT on Dec 18 on remote SDR unit in southern
Italy with S=9+25dB signal strength.

Re TDA-RTA Algeria / TransRadio Berlin Germany / Ampegon tx masts
Schifferstadt Germany projects in Algeria.

Contract to renew existing equipment in Tipaza Algeria (LW 1500 kW),
Ouled Fayet (MW 600 kW) and Bechar (MW 400 kW) in February 2014.

New TransRadio TRAM1500 transmitter plant.
Last week I had a correspondence mail with the TransRadio(xTelefunken)
SenderSystem AG Berlin Germany company, which performs the renovation of
the transmitter center Tipaza Algeria with new TRAM1500 transmitter,
after 43 years of TDA/RTA service with the old TESLA transmitter system
from Made in CCSR in 1972.

automatic translation:
Thank you for your questions about our major projects and look us. your
interest in our technology In light of the high Workload at year-end and
therefore restricted Resource availability in our home but we ask for your
understanding that we postpone answering your questions indefinitely have.
We are currently working with all available forces on successful
completion of various projects.

Old TDA / RTA Tipaza LW TESLA made transmitter end service
by March 17, 2014.

First 1000 Hertz tone tests of the new tx unit heard on October 17, 2014.

Besides the new transmitter modules, power, air conditioning, interconnect
facial expressions, single / twin transmitter / antenna  interconnection.
New feeder lines from the transmitter building to the mast, and the
overhaul of the 43-year-old TESLA 355 meter tall height antenna - with
corrosion protection and repainting, and vertical copper cables and
extension at 14 kHz digital service bandwidth adjustment.

Work on MW sites of TDA-RTA Ouled Fayet TRAM600 and Bechar TRAM400 with
new installations, and mast renovation will follow.

Tipaza was built by Tesla Czechoslovakia in 1972, the two 2 x 750 kW
transmitter, and the 355-meter high mast, feeder switching network for two
combined transmitters interconnection dummy antenna for testing, antenna
switch and feeder line.

The plant is 43 years old, is located near the Mediterranean coastline, so
have the outdoor suffered by salt corrosion.

TDA / RTA Tipaza 252 kHz comment on TDA website:
This station broadcasting channel III underwent two operations, the
First thing the renewal and replacement of some units (preliminary stage
Tubes) by other more developed (1992), and the other led to the
Restoration of the tower radiant (355m height) has under gone significant
Damage due to its proximity to the sea and to the direct effects of the
1989 earthquake (2001).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 18)

RTÉ Radio 1 reception jammed ?
Continuous strong tone on 253 kHz completely spoiling and blocking
reception of RTÉ Radio 1 on 252 kHz. Time 4.06am UT 18 Dec 2014.
(Rog Parsons-UK, watlingfen BrDXC-UK ng Dec 18)

ARGENTINA   15345.116 kHz, wandered some 4...5 Hertz up and down, at
2036 UT on Dec 19, RAE Buenos Aires at S=8-9 level in southern Germany
SDR unit. French service heard at this hour.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 19)

AUSTRIA   6155  Classical piano music heard on this channel from ORF1 /
ORS Moosbrunn transmission at 0637 UT on Dec 20, S=9+10dB in Alberta-CAN
remote SDR unit. Some writer conference report feature.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20)

AUSTRIA/FRANCE/GERMANY   Empfang auf allen Weltmeeren -
"Gruss an Bord" auch wieder ueber Kurzwelle -

Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2014  -  20.05 bis 22.00 Uhr MEZ CET,
NDR Info / 21.00 bis 22.00 Uhr MEZ CET, NDR 90,3 MHz /
23.05 bis 24.00 Uhr MEZ CET, NDR Info Spezial und ueber Kurzwelle.

Seit Weihnachten 1953 bildet die NDR-Sendung "Gruss an Bord" eine Bruecke
zwischen den Seeleuten auf den Meeren und ihren Angehoerigen in

Seeleute schicken Gruesse in die Heimat, ihre Familien haben die
Moeglichkeit, ihren Lieben auf hoher See ein frohes Fest und ein gutes,
neues Jahr zu wuenschen.

Damit die Besatzungen die Traditionssendung auch auf allen Weltmeeren
empfangen koennen, hat der NDR-Hoerfunk eigens fuer Heiligabend
zusaetzlich Kurzwellen-Frequenzen angemietet.

19:05-21:00 Uhr UTC GMT / 20:05-22:00 Uhr MEZ CET

FREQUENZ ZIELGEBIET                       Sender        kW  Azimuth
 6.125   Atlantik - Nord                  MBR Nauen     125 250
 9.685   Indischer Ozean - West           MBR Nauen     125 130
 9.925   Atlantik/Indischer Ozean (SoAF)  TDF Issoudun  250 156
11.650   Atlantik - Sued                  TDF Issoudun  250 195
11.800   Indischer Ozean - Ost            ORS Moosbrunn 100 115

 6125 1900-2100 27,80,36,81,11    NAU 125 250  0 216 4  241214  Mul D
 9685 1900-2100 48,53,41,79       NAU 125 130  0 216 4  241214  Mul D
 9925 1900-2100 57,53,48,79       ISS 250 156  0 217 4  241214  Mul F
11650 1900-2100 13,46,15,66,52,57 ISS 250 195  0 217 4  241214  Mul F
11800 1900-2100 41,49,54,79,58    MOS 100 115 30 218 4  241214  Mul AUT

21:05-23:00 Uhr UTC GMT / 22:05-24:00 Uhr MEZ CET

FREQUENZ ZIELGEBIET                       Sender        kW  Azimuth
 6.040   Atlantik - Nord                  MBR Nauen     125 250
 9.515   Indischer Ozean - West           MBR Nauen     125 130
 9.765   Indischer Ozean - Ost            ORS Moosbrunn 100 115
 9.880   Atlantik - Sued                  TDF Issoudun  250 195
 9.925   Atlantik/Indischer Ozean (SoAF)  TDF Issoudun  250 156

 6040 2100-2300 27,80,36,81,11    NAU 125 250  0 216 4  241214  Mul D
 9515 2100-2300 48,53,41,79       NAU 125 130  0 216 4  241214  Mul D
 9765 2100-2300 41,49,54,79,58    MOS 100 115 30 218 4  241214  Mul AUT
 9880 2100-2300 13,46,15,66,52,57 ISS 250 195  0 217 4  241214  Mul F
 9925 2100-2300 57,53,48,79       ISS 250 156  0 217 4  241214  Mul F
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 14)

Die Redaktion nimmt auch weiterhin Grusswuensche per Mail und per Brief
entgegen -
<gruss-an-bord -at->
oder per Post:
Norddeutscher Rundfunk, NDR Info, Redaktion "Gruss an Bord",
Rothenbaumchaussee 132-134, 20149 Hamburg, Germany.

Diese Gruesse werden am 24. Dezember von 23.05 Uhr MEZ bis Mitternacht auf
NDR Info Spezial und ueber die extra angemietete Kurzwellenfrequenzen

NDR Info und NDR 90,3 MHz sind ueber UKW, DAB+, DVB-S Radio und das
Internet zu empfangen; NDR Info Spezial wird zusaetzlich ueber die
Mittelwellenfrequenzen Flensburg 702 kHz, Hamburg 972 kHz,
Hannover 828 kHz, Lingen 792 kHz verbreitet.
(NDR via Ralf Mittelstaedt DM7RM, Nov 13)

Good News via BAB Babcock and MBR brokery, on relays of Al Dhabbaya UAE,
MBR Nauen, MBR/MGB Madagascar, ORS Moosbrunn, HRI Cypress Creek SC USA
HBN Palau.

Eternal Good News Winter Broadcast Schedule

Dear DXers, I want to express to you my gratitude for your listening to
Eternal Good News and reporting on the reception. Here is the winter
broadcast schedule. I hope that you have good listening throughout the
Sincerely, George Bryan, speaker on Eternal Good News.

Friday   15525 kHz  1130 UTC  UAE
Saturday  9830 kHz  0445 UTC  HRI
Saturday  9715 kHz !1800 UTC  MOS
Saturday 21600 kHz  1730 UTC  HRI
Saturday  6030 kHz  1930 UTC  NAU
Sunday   21480 kHz  1115 UTC  MDG
Sunday    9930 kHz  1230 UTC  HBN
Sunday    7365 kHz  1815 UTC  NAU
Sunday    9505 kHz  2100 UTC  HRI
Sunday    7315 kHz  2345 UTC  HRI
Monday    7385 kHz  0200 UTC  HRI

In separate E-mail I send to You one old info and I think some infos are
regular lost somewhere in Internet. The exact name of the speaker of EGN
is George Bryan (in his message there is a one mistake instead of
Saturday's 1700 in really is 1800 UT on 9715 kHz). The first airing of EGN
is on Fridays from 1130 UT on 15525 kHz from UAE.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 11 / 13)

AUSTRIA   7330 kHz via ORS Moosbrunn relay on Dec 21, 2014.
Now with exact time!!!
21st of December 2014
11:00 hrs UTC - 12:00 hrs CET
7330 kHz from ORS Moosbrunn, Austria, 100 kW
Additional broadcast of Radio Joystick repeating the Charlie-Prince-Show
of 7th of December
<>  <>

Radio Joystick wuenscht eine schoene Adventszeit mit einer Wiederholung
der Charlie-Prince-Show vom 7. Dezember:

Am 21.12.2014 ab 12 Uhr deutscher MEZ Zeit / 1100-1200 UT auf
7330 kHz mit 100 kW aus Moosbrunn.

<>  oder  <>
Viel Spass!
(Jens F. Hofstadt-D, A-DX Dec 11)

AZERBAIJAN   {UNIDENTIFIED}  Heard on Dec 17 at 0300 UT on 7185 kHz with
pseudo-FM signal, most likely Azerbajidzan- Nagorn-Karabakh tx: at 0300 UT
played marsh, anounce with very distored sound by lady voice, often
speaking about Afghanistan and nx in maybe Pashto/Azeri, at 0305 UT a man
voice in like Farsi talks etc. It was not a HAM operator.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)

BELARUS REP   TERRIBLE 11730 kHz outlet downunder in Brisbane Australia,
seemingly via long path via Azores, Colombia, Eastern Isl, southern
Pacific into NZL/AUS ? Broadband range 11726 to 11734 kHz covered by BUZZY
100 Hertz peaks, 36 peaks like a garden fence visible each sideband, seen
on Perseus software browser. Observed at 1140 UT on Dec 13.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 13)

BRAZIL   11780.127  odd frequency, RNA Brasilia proper S=8 signal at 0638
UT on Dec 15. Atsame time very strong signals also from BBC AScension Isl
on 6005 7305 9460, 9915 and 12095 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

5939.7  Rádio Voz Missionária, Camboriú SC, 2210-2223, Dec 13, prgr. de
canções; 45433.

6135.04  Rádio Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2220-2235, Dec 13, canções relig.,
anúncios comerciais durante o prgr. Com a Mãe Aparecida, v.g. espaços
hoteleiros nosantuário da Aparecida; 44433.  Enfim, e se os mesmos utentes
visitarem o santuário (...) congénere de Fátima, aqui em Portugal, tb.
encontrarão uma profusão desses mesmos espaços... e loginhas de
"cangalhada" a condizer c/ o local ... + caso p/ dizer: converter-me-ia se
o chamado Altíssimo acabasse c/ certas fontes geradoras de QRM e QRN, no

5970  Rádio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte MG, 2151-2209, Dec 12, A Voz do
Brasil, adjectivo da emissora "Itatiaia - a Rádio de Minas", prgr. de
futebol; 44433, QRM adjacente.

6010.07  Rádio Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte MG, 2206-2217, Dec 12, pgr.
acerca de futebol; 33431, QRM adj. e na mesma freq.
(Carlos Gonçalves-POR, dxld Dec 19)

5939.712  Rádio Voz Missionária, Camboriú SC, S=9+5dB strength in Florida
remote SDR post. Heard at 0625 UT on Dec 20, and // 9664.748 kHz too at
0656 UT.

5964.979  Rádio Transmundial (RTM), Santa Maria RS, weak tiny signal in
Alberta-CAN remote post, S=6 only at 0627 UT on Dec 20, QRM by high speed
CW station nearby.

5970.004  Rádio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte MG, beatles songs heard at 0629
UT at S=8 -882dBm signal strength.

6010.041  Probably Rádio Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte MG, and much
stronger 6010.160 kHz likely CLM HJDH La Voz de tu Conciencia, Lomalinda,
Puerto Lleras, Meta.

6134.963  Rádio Aparecida, Aparecida SP, morning prayer, 'Ave Maria, Santa
Maria' - prayed over and over again. At 0637 UT on Dec 20, S=8 or -80dBm,
// ZYE954 Rádio Aparecida 9629.953 kHz at S=8-9 level.

6180.005  RNA Brasilia performing guitar music from latin america S=9 or -
68dBm signal strength via Alberta-CAN unit at 0640 UT.

And for the first time noted some spurious outlet of 11780 kHz RNA
Brasilia unit, as reported often by Glenn Hauser before. See //

11780.172 kHz not real carrier visible on screen, somewhat scrambling
signals 'seen'. S=9+10dB or -65dBm via SDR installation in northern
Alberta Canada. Singer about alegria and coração at 0645 UT on Dec 20. Two
small spurs with scratching audio of RNA 11780 seen in 11741-11749 and
11811-11819 kHz range.

9565.054  SRDA Super R Deus é Amor, Curitiba PR, in Portuguese, fair
signal above threshold level, S=6 logged at SDR unit in Canada.

9645.385  ZYE957 Rádio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo SP, drums record, like West
African music piece. Female ID reader at 0654 UT Dec 20. S=8 fair signal.

9724.985  re-opened ex-Clube Paranaense rádio station, now RB2, Curitiba
PR Brazil, on-the-air, logged at 0700 UT ID jingle on Dec 20, with piano
play. www address given at 0659 UT. Reported recently in A-DX newsgroup by
Rudolf Grimm from Brazil. 9724.981 kHz footprint on Dec 21, 0940 UT.

Taken from website RB2 Curitiba 1430 AM
E-mail: <rb2 -at->

Rua Ivo Leão, 220
Bairro Alto da Glória
Curitiba/PR, Brazil

Rádio RB2 of Curitiba PR (ex-Clube Paranaense) heard with footprints
on Dec 20 and 21 in 07-10 UT range on
 9724.981 kHz and very odd frequency
11933.440 kHz
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20/21)

9819.837  Rádio Nove de Julho, São Paulo, SP, Rádio Catolica. S=8 or
-80dBm signal strength noted on remote Alberta-CAN SDR installation.
At 0708 UT on Dec 20.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20)

re RB2 - Curitiba, Brazil on 9725 kHz.
RB2 9725 kHz - Curitiba: Radio RB2, Curitiba PR, Dec 12. Programa de
estúdio, mx brasileira, referencias a Curitiba PR, identificação 'RB2...
RB2, só sucesso'. 35543

11935 kHz Radio RB2 (ex-Clube Paranaense), Curitiba PR, Dec 15 at 1310 UT,
// 9725 + MW 1430 kHz, 35553.
(Rudolf Grimm, São Bernardo SP, Brazil, direct and via dxld Dec 17)

RB2 9725 kHz - Curitiba, chegando bem por São José dos Campos, 30 acima de
9; áudio muito bom; Hora = 11 h; receptor R71E; antena morgain para 20 m;
5m de altura.
(José Silva-BRA, 1301 UT Dec 12, ibid.; dxld Dec 17)

RB2 de Curitiba volta a transmitir em ondas curtas ... 9725 kHz, Rádio
RB2, Portuguese (7.5 kW, Curitiba, Brazil), 1033-10:34 UT on Dec 12, 2014.
QTH: São José de Piranhas, Brazil.
(via Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

in 2013:
A Rádio RB2, de Curitiba (PR), já pode ser ouvida novamente em ondas
curtas. A emissora foi ouvida em Juiz de Fora (MG), em 27 de setembro, por
volta das 1800, no TU, pelo Konrad Oliveira Kelmer, na freqüência de 6040
kHz, em 49 metros. Na ocasião era levado ao ar o programa "Vitrolão da
RB2?, dedicado a tocar músicas de raiz. Segundo ele o sinal era razoável.
De acordo com o apresentador da emissora, Edemar Annuseck, também estão
sendo testadas as freqüências de 9725 e 11935 kHz. + uma excelente
(Celio Romais blog Oct 2 via Celio, dxld 2013)

[Radio RB2, Curitiba (PR), can now be heard again on shortwave. The
station was heard in Juiz de Fora (MG), on Sept 27, around 1800, the TU,
by Konrad Oliveira Kelmer, frequency of 6040 kHz, in 49 meters. At the
time was aired the program "Vitrolão the RB2", dedicated to play root
music. According to him the sign was reasonable. According to the
presenter of the station, Edemar Annuseck, are also being tested
frequencies of 9725 and 11935 kHz. This is excellent news!
(Celio Romais blog Oct 2 via Celio, dxld 2013)

See dxlds #13-32 and #13-33. RB2 is the old R. Clube Paranaense, short for
PRB2 original callsign. Plans were announced to reactivate on SW in
December[2014], but already heard now on 6040 kHz, and they say they are
also testing 9725 and 11935 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 17)

CANADA   6159.978  CKZN St. Johns in Eastern Canada at 0558 UT Dec 20,
heard with political feature interview about coming Cuban -- US diplomatic
relations, talk on commercial embargoes. Similar program heard on 6069.998
kHz CFRX Toronto, S=9+10dB around 0610 UT on Dec 20, heard in FL and NY
remote SDR posts.

And the other domestic station CKZU on the west coast at Vancouver lower
mainland SW station was 4 Hertz apart on 6159.974 kHz, but featured music
program instead at 0611 UT, nice French language record album from
Brussels Belgium played.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20)

CANADA   6030  CFVP, Calgary at 2240 UT with ad string, The Source, Telus,
Winners, Home Depot, Five Star Autoglass, Fido, then ID "Calgary's all-new
Funny 10 60 AM", and then a comedian - Fair.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Dec 17)

CANARY ISLAND DX   Some observations from a recent trip to Northern
Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands - I was about 100 miles off Africa,
though parts of FV are nearer. Loggings mostly 18-21 UT Nov 26, 2014.

Mauritania not on 4845 kHz but it was audible all evening on 783 kHz MW
(50 kW). I heard no MW from Mali but finally heard audio on 5995 kHz.
Since the trouble with their transmitters in the 1990s.

Audible in daylight was 711 kHz - El Aaioun in the Moroccan-controlled
part of Western Sahara. It was almost entirely in Berber.

VOA Sao Tome on 1530 kHz puts in a massive signal after 7 pm local.

I was disappointed to hear no MW DX from West African states from Senegal
to Cameroon.

As a PS to previous email, Nov 25, 19 UT - heard Mauritania 783 kHz with
another Arabic channel mixing in. If that was Syria, says a lot about how
well Tartus 600 kW propagates.
(Derek Lynch-IRL, dxld Nov 26)

COLOMBIA   5910.051  Nice Latin American music flavour folk music in
Spanish, Alcaraván Radio from Lomalinda. S=9+10dB signal into Florida
remote SDR unit at 0605 UT Dec 20.  Also

6010.160 kHz likely CLM HJDH La Voz de tu Conciencia, Lomalinda, Puerto
Lleras, Meta, at same time slot this Dec 20 morning.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20)

5910  Alcaraván Radio via A Voz da tua Consciência, Lomalinda, 2334-2345,
Dec 11, canções; 35433.
(Carlos Gonçalves-POR, dxld Dec 19)

EGYPT   R Arabic Cairo 02-07 UT hrs 9905.050 kHz and additional two
spurious peaks of +/- 50/100 Hertz signals either sideband.

Und wer sich noch von den kratzenden Arabischklaengen aus Cairo aufwecken
lassen will, noch bis 07 UT Uhr on air: 9905.050 kHz und auf jedem
Seitenband noch zwei 50/100 Hertz Spursignale zusätzlich.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

FRANCE   [to Somalia]  17580  Ein neuer Oppositionssender offenbart
Probleme auch in der als relativ sicher geltenden Region Somaliland. Die
Stimme von Khaatumo gehoert zu einer Gruppe, die die 2007 von Truppen
Somalilands eroberte Stadt Lasanod zurueckerobern will

Ausgestrahlt wird das Programm nach folgendem Sendeplan:
Thursday only 1700-1730 UT 17580 TDF Issoudun 250 kW, 120 degr, Do Somali

Auf der auch in den Sendungen angesagten Internetsite
<>  bzw.  <>
findet sich ein Programmarchiv, das bis zum 23. Oktober zurueckreicht.
Das Programm besteht hauptsaechlich aus Wortbeitraegen (inkl.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, David Kernick-UK, Edward Kusalik-CAN, Kai Ludwig-D dxld;
via Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 14)

FRANCE   [to Somalia]  17580  V o Khaatumo (Issoudun) at *1700-28* UT on
11 Dec. (T) Opening in Ar/Somali, brief Qur'an recitation,
discussions/speeches/short interviews w/ occ. HOA music bridges, couple
mentions of Somalia & 1 of "Khaatumo" (maybe) at :24..severe ACI f/ AWR-
17575 kHz (Talata-Volonondry) *1700-28* UT (shuts down 30-45 sec. before
VoK which helps). VoK is a Thursday-only broadcast & thanks to the HF
Underground site for the initial info.
(Dan Sheedy-CA-USA, via Robert Wilkner DXplorer Dec 20)

GERMANY   11795  Radio Svoboda Russian of RFE/RL noted with unid site
bcast 11795 kHz. Probably from Lampertheim Germany relay ?
// 7435 LAM and 17530 FE Russia from Kuwait. 06-07 UT on Dec 15
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

GERMANY   Radio History. OM Hubert Kubiak fand einen historischen Spiegel-
Artikel zur innerdeutschen Funkszene aus dem Jahre 1964.

"Post fuer Rita"  Der Spiegel 10/1964

Aus dem ZEIT-Archiv
"Der Rundfunk bleibt auf Mittelwellen - mit und ohne Kopenhagener

DER SPIEGEL 47/1955, S. 51, Mittelwellen Rundfunk:
Freiwillige Demontage - Sendung auf gestohlenen Wellen
(Hubert Kubiak-AUT, A-DX Dec 20)

IRELAND   252  RTÉ - Raidió Teilifís Éireann (Ireland)
The RTÉ longwave service is to be extended until at least 2017.

Chair of the Oireachtas Transport and Communications Committee John
O'Mahoney said he was delighted at the decision of the RTÉ board to retain
the service.

RTÉ Radio 1 LW will operate a full service in 2015, with reduced hours in
2016 before working towards a full shutdown in 2017.

The service was due to end early next year after RTÉ postponed a decision
to close the transmitter until 19 January.

RTÉ had previously announced that it would be ceasing its Longwave 252
service from the Clarkstown longwave transmitter on 27 October and
migrating its Radio One service to digital platforms.

In a statement, the broadcaster said that in slowing the pace of the
longwave shutdown, it has considered contact from listeners and
submissions from a range of groups who highlighted that more time was
needed to "understand and enable the migration to digital platforms for
all listeners".

Head of RTÉ Radio 1 Tom McGuire said: We've listened particularly to the
concerns raised by and on behalf of the elderly Irish in the UK.

"Cost-reduction remains a key priority for RTÉ and we remain convinced
that, in the longer term, Longwave has had its day.

"Nonetheless and despite the mid-term cost impact, RTÉ believes it is
necessary to take a collaborative approach and slow this transition."

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has announced it is prepared
to work with RTÉ to commission specific research to better understand the
community in the UK who listen to the longwave service.

The research will be conducted next year, will be funded by the department
and will include perspectives from community groups representing the Irish
elderly in the UK.

(RTÉ via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Dec 19)

KOREA D.P.R.   11680 Powerful shrill army lady singer chorus noted at 0010
UT on Dec 16, S=9+20dB at SDR unit in Sri Lanka remote unit,  b u t  also
two accompanied SCRATCHY AUDIO spurious ranges noted on 11649-11656 and
11705-11711 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

LAOS/CHINA   6130.0  PBS Xizang CNR11 from Lhasa Baiding Tibetan language
sce, AHEAD SIGNAL at 0033 UT, -- but underneath!
LNR Laos National Radio Vientiane at 0035 UT, 6129.971 kHz, to be wandered
in range 6129.985 ... .991 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

LIBERIA   4760.0  ELWA Liberia noted at 0550 UT on Dec 15. Ein faires S=5
oder -100dBm Signal um 0545-0600 UT, gehoert auf dem excellenten DARC
Receiver/Antennenanlage in Amberg Oberpfalz. Viele (american?) Englisch
(Weihnachts) Choere. Ganz kurzzeitig stoert immer mal CW und HighSpeed
Antwort auf 4761.5, aber nicht wirklich, weil nur kurzzeitig.

[later]  die Parallele hatte ich ganz vergessen: noch staerker S=7 oder
-88dBm auf der // 6050 kHz gehoert. Station ID at 06.00:46 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

4760  ELWA presumed at 2307 UT with several recognizable Christmas carols,
"O Holy Night", "Hark the Herald Angels", "Emmanuel"; male speaker briefly
at 2312 UT, but too weak to understand - Very weak.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Dec 17)

MALI   ORTM 'Matin' ID, 5995 kHz Franzoesisch aus Bamako Mali, auch
schoenes Signal um 0610 UT, S=9+20dB.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

MEXICO   6184.981  Radio Educación from Mexico City, noted at proper
signal S=9+25dB in remote uint at Miami-FL, very, very typical Mariachi
music played at 0555 UT on Dec 20.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20)

MOLDOVA   7460  {PRIDNESTROVYE}  Radio Payam e-Droost Bahai Radio via
PRTTs Grigoriopol Maiac, on Dec 17 at 0256 UT PERSIAN POOR CLANDESTINE to

Signal Poor but some nice fade ups at times. Presumed this with Female
Speaking Persian?? at 0256-0259 UT Tune In. Instrumental String Music at
0259-0300 UT. Female and Male with News Items in Persian 0300-0303 UT. QSB
from 0303-0600 UT. Man spoke Persian 0306-0312 UT. String Music 0312-0313
UT. Female spoke 0313-0315 UT. OFF AIR at 0315 UT.
(Robert S. Ross-Ont-CAN  VA3SW, DXplorer Dec 17)

Radio center Maiac of PRTTs (Pridnestrovskiy Radioteletsentr) owned by the
Russian RTRS, not by PGTRK (Pridnestrovskaya Gosudarstvennaya
Teleradiokompaniya). (wb)


Those who can fluently read Russian are strongly recommended to
familiarize themselves with the life story of Stepan Lozan, the head of
the Moldavian Gosteleradio (1967-1989). A breathtaking read, indeed. Quite
remarkable and authoritative personality, to say the least:
(Leo Barmaleo, Dec 8, dxld)

MONGOLIA   4830.003  Mongolian Radio 2nd program from Altay site, S=9+5dB
signal noted even on SDR unit in Sri Lanka by Victor 4S7VK antenna
installation, at 2312 UT on Dec 15.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

MYANMAR   7200.106  Odd frequency of Myanmar Radio Yangoo Yegu, S=7 or
-82dBm signal, modern young lady pop mx singer on Dec 13 at 0030 UT.

5915.0 Naypyidaw txion and 5985.272 kHz Yangoon Yegu seemingly same

6165 kHz Unid ?Thazin Radio? program from northern bcasting center
at Phin Oo Lwin, at same time slot.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 13)

7200.133  Myanmar Yangoon Yegu site with odd frequency transmitter on air
with carrier at 2255 UT on Dec 15, Program start sharp at 23.00:00 UT on
Dec 15, S=9+15dB -62dBm signal, music on well quality, but when started
spoken part, was distorted feed line scratchy audio. Also MR Myanmar on
even 5985.000 kHz {originate different tx unit at Yangoon Yegu or even
from northerly Phin Oo Lwin site?} at S=9+10dB signal level at 2316 UT.

7200.112  MR Yangoon Yegu bcasts wandered down 20 Hertz, S=9+20dB,
now Dec 16 at 0028 UT, // 5985 kHz - single transmitter.

re 2 tx on 5985 TX units in Myanmar: Uwe from Thailand sent me a Perseus
.wav file with two tx on air around 11-12 UT on Dec 15, measured 5985.000
and 5985.248 kHz and some 250 Hertz BUZZ TERRIBLE annoying.

At night 5985.000 kHz, and in Dec 14 afternoon on 5985.272 kHz from
Yangoon Yegu site measured.

At 0045 UT on Dec 16 on 5985.0 and 7200.112 kHz very same programm from
MR. Both - I guess - from Yangoon Yegu site.

6165.0  CNR6 Amoy service from Beijing #491 tx center, on air at 2317 UT,
not Myanmar Radio then.

B u t   Myanmar Radio from Phin Oo Lwin site bcast now on air:
23.19 UT sharp an stronger powerful carrier appeared co-channel, with some
minutes 1000Hertz TONE check exact measuring procedure on usual lowerside
frequency 6164.996 kHz at 2321 UT measured. And at 0031 UT Dec 16 on
S=9+20dB -57dBm signal strength measured by SDR rx unit.

6029.991  Myanmar Rakhine Radio in Burmese at 0037 UT on Dec 16, from
northern Burma Phin Oo Lwin site, same signal power like 6165v kHz from
same tx center.

5915.000 exact frequency MR Nay Pyi Taw single unit bcasts from the
Myanmar capital, separate program content. Dec 16

Heard on Victor's SDR unit in Sri Lanka.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15/16)

5985   Myanma Radio (Yangon) at 1525-1541+ UT on 16 Dec. Doing fairy well
w/ BU pop & W DJ, chimes at BOH & starting En program: "Good evening
(dear/our?) listeners, this is Myanma Radio. 5985 kHz, 51.3 metres, 9730
kHz.", news headlines (Oz/Myanma relations, conservation project in
Myanmar), weather for Myanmar, PSAs for children's health & "National
(Dan Sheedy-CA-USA, via Robert Wilkner DXplorer Dec 20)

NIGERIA   15120 even frequency probably Abuja site, in French S=9+40dB
proper signal into Germany, around 0715-0725 UT on Dec 15, but noted also
some 10x spurious whimper sound signal peaks of 793 Hertz distance apart
each - even in pause break of talk / spoken parts.

Nigeria Kaduna kappelt sich auf 6089.858 kHz mit der Prediger Lady aus
Anguilla, 0612 UT on Dec 15.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

NIGERIA   Voice of Nigeria:
1700-1730 9690 IKO 250 kW 248 deg to WeCeAF Igbo Voice of Nigeria
1700-1756 9690 TIG 300 kW 292 deg to WeEUR French Radio Romania Inter

Other observations for Voice of Nigeria Dec.16:
1600-1630 11770 IKO 250 kW 248 deg to EaCeAF Swahili
1630-1700  9690 IKO 250 kW 248 deg to WeCeAF Yoruba
1730-1800 15120 IKO 250 kW 007 deg to NoAF   Arabic
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)

OMAN   17779.989 seldom odd frequency from BBC Oman relay in Somali at
1124 UT on Dec 13. BUT could be, Saturdays replaced by usual odd outlet of
Al Dhabbaya UAE relay site instead ? who knows?

1100-1130 UT schedule daily, but no extension til 1200 UT noted so far
S=7 signal logged on remote SDR unit in downunder Queensland Australia.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 13)

RUSSIA   List of MW stations active in my area (St. Petersburg and
Leningradskaya oblast).

 684  1700-2100 UT Radio Radonezh St.Petersburg/Sosnovka 10 kW
 828  2200-0200 UT Radiogazeta Slovo (=Radio Newspaper "Word")
                   St.Petersburg/ Sosnovka 10 Kw
 828  0200-0600 UT Pravoslavnoye Radio Sankt-Peterburga
                   St.Petersburg Orthodox R
 828  0600-1400 UT Radiogazeta Slovo
 828  1400-1800 UT Pravoslavnoye Radio Sankt-Peterburga
 828  1800-2200 UT Radiogazeta Slovo
 873  0200-2200 UT Radio Rossii St.Petersburg/Olgino 75 kW
1053  0500-2100 UT Radio Maria  St.Petersburg/Olgino 10 kW
1089  0515-1400 UT Radio Teos (Monday to Friday, except holidays)
                   Leningradskaya oblast/Krasny Bor 20 kW?

Radio Radonezh belongs to Russian Orthodox Church.
Radiogazeta Slovo - to the Communist Party of Russian Federation.
Pravoslavnoye Radio Sankt-Peterburga - to a local Orthodox community.
Radio Rossii is the state-owned station (Moscow programme relay).
Radio Maria is a catholic station.
Radio Teos is a protestant one.
(Alexander-RUS, via Italian Play-DX Nov 29)

SAUDI ARABIA   17614.929 very odd frequency on 09-12 UT scheduled Radio
Riyadh's HQ prayer at 1136 UT on Dec 13, S=9+20dB in downunder Queensland
remote SDR unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 13)

SPAIN   Test of REE on Dec 16, with sports coverage
from 1900 on  9620 NOB 200 kW / 290 deg to NoAm Spanish
from 1900 on 11685 NOB 200 kW / 161 deg to WCAf Spanish
from 1900 on 11940 NOB 200 kW / 230 deg to SoAm Spanish is off!
from 1900 on 12030 NOB 200 kW / 110 deg to NEAf Spanish

Nothing on freqs: 15110, 15385, 17715, 17755, 17850, 21610 kHz.
The regular transmissions will be resume on Thursday, December 18.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

9620  Radio Exterior de Espana at 2236 UT with ID and into a report on the
announcement today of thawing relationship between the US and Cuba; at
listed sign-off of 2300 UT giving ID and into news, "Servicio
Informativo", but was gone when I checked back at 2312 UT - Very good,
// 11685 kHz very poor, 11940 kHz not heard, 12030 kHz very poor.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Dec 17)

The only QRM free reliable signal of re-appeared REE Noblejas broadcast
here in Germany is
12030 kHz towards NE/ME, East Africa.

38 Libya, Egypt
39 Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon,
   Israel, Jordan, Arabian Peninsula.
47 Central Africa
48 East Africa

In USA noted around 1905 UT on Dec 18
best REE channel is 9620 kHz in 31mb,
2nd best both 11940 and 12030 kHz signals,
but RTTY UTE QRM on 11685 kHz, in adjacent 11686 to 11689 kHz range.

 9620 1500 2400 4,6-11      NOB 200 290  0 212 1     7 Spa E REE 16219
11685 1500 2400 46,47,52,57 NOB 200 161  0 212 1     7 Spa E REE 16222
11940 1500 2400 12-16       NOB 200 230  0 218 1     7 Spa E REE 16223
12030 1500 2400 38,39,47,48 NOB 200 110  0 218 1     7 Spa E REE 16225

17715 1600 2200 12-16       NOB 200 230  0 218 1234567 Spa E REE 16173
17755 1600 2400 46,47,52,57 NOB 200 161  0 212 1234567 Spa E REE 16174
17850 1800 2400 4,6-11      NOB 100 272  0 218 1234567 Spa E REE 16175
15110 1900 2300 4,7-11      NOB 200 302 12 218 1234567 Spa E REE 16171

 9620 1900 2400 4,6-11      NOB 200 290  0 212  23456  Spa E REE 16220
11685 1900 2400 46,47,52,57 NOB 200 161  0 212  23456  Spa E REE 16221
11940 1900 2400 12-16       NOB 200 230  0 218  23456  Spa E REE 16224
12030 1900 2400 38,39,47,48 NOB 200 110  0 218  23456  Spa E REE 16226
15385 2000 2400 46,47,52,57 NOB 200 161  0 212  234567 Spa E REE 16172
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 18)

Radio Exterior de Espana, sports coverage, football Dec 20

1500-1900  9620#NOB 200 kW 290 deg NoAM   Spanish Sat/Sun, off 1535-1630
1500-1900 11685 NOB 200 kW 161 deg WeCeAF Spanish Sat/Sun
1500-1900 11940*NOB 200 kW 230 deg SoAM   Spanish Sat/Sun
1500-1900 12030$NOB 200 kW 110 deg NE/ME  Spanish Sat/Sun

Interval signal at 1455 UT, frequency schedule at 1458 UT and
RNE Radio 1 at 1500 UT.
# co-ch 1630-1730 CRI in Hausa; 1830-1925 Voice of Turkey in French
* from 1700 QRM Radio Japan NHK World Japanese 11945
$ till 1600 QRM Radio Liberty in Turkmen 12025.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20)

9620  Dec 17 at 2100 UT, REE continues its revived SW broadcasting one day
ahead of the official start date with a clip of Raul Castro's speech.

9620  Dec 18 at 2300 UT, I check the first official broadcast; VG signal
now to North America, but instead of news as heard a biday ago, it's
satellite tuning info, implying we SWLs should do that?? And then IS.
Nothing audible on 11685 kHz; 12030 kHz very poor; 11940 kHz poor with
flutter unlike the others, IS still running at 2303 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 18)

Radio Exterior de España se puede seguir a través de la radio satelital en
todos los puntos del planeta las 24 horas del día ininterrumpidamente.
Estos son los satélites:

Astra 1M: frecuencia 11.656 MHz. Polarización vertical.

Hispasat 1 C: frecuencia 12.015 Mhz. Polarización vertical.

Asiasat 5: frecuencia 4.055 Mhz. Polarización vertical.

Atlantic Bird 3: frecuencia 3.727 Mhz. Polarización circular derecha.

Galaxy-23: frecuencia 3.780 Mhz. Polarización vertical.

Radio Exterior de España se oye en Internet, en streaming o en los podcast
de toda su programación.

Existen además aplicaciones móviles (poner enlace para app de Apple o
Android) para aplicaciones móviles, como teléfonos y tabletas.

Frecuencias de las emisiones en Onda Corta de Radio Exterior de Espana

Este 18 de diciembre, Radio Exterior de Espana reanuda las emisiones en
onda corta que dejaron de funcionar hace dos meses. Atendera, sobre todo,
a las peticiones del sector pesquero.

Radio Exterior de Espana emite su programacion desde las 19 hasta las 23
horas, Tiempo Universal Coordinado, de lunes a viernes, y de 15 a 23 los
sabados y domingos. Las frecuencias de emision y las zonas de cobertura
son las siguientes:

- Africa y Atlantico sur, 11.685 kHz, banda de 25 metros.

- America del sur,        11.940 kHz, banda de 25 metros.

- America del norte,       9.620 kHz, banda de 31 metros.

- Oriente Medio e Indico, 12.030 kHz, banda de 25 metros.

(Jose Bueno-ESP, hcdx Dec 18)

SUDAN   Omdurman Sudan auf 9505.0 kHz, gutes S=5-6 Signal um 0620 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

TAIWAN   11755.142  UNID CHinese, SOH from Taiwan ?  < seemingly new SOH
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

11915.119  Radio Taiwan Internat Tainan in Indonesian language on S=9+10dB
level in remote rx installation at Sydney NSW in downunder Australia, at
0913 UT on Dec 20 with weather/temperature report.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20)

TAIWAN/CHINA   CHN jamming, TWN SOH and others, Dec 14, 2014.

Monitoring log of some SOH and other Taiwan broadcasts, and accompanied
China mainland jamming of CNR spoken program, but NOT Firedrake mx heard
this morning.

Slot 0720 to 1030 UT on Dec 14 -
with some breaks in between, heard on excellent Hiroshima Japan
remote SDR receiver unit post.

6410 to 6640 kHz Korea's SIRENE jamming type at 0805 UT.
6869 SOH, not on air.
6970.050 SOH, separate RFA program.

7260 Tentat Mongolian Radio, Ulan Bataar Khonhor, distorted audio
     quality, usually MR footprint on lower odd frequency,
     at 0712 UT S=9 in JPN, probably - I guess not assumed co-channel
     XJBS PBS Xinjiang from Urumqi on even 7260 kHz,
     latter too westerly. But not sure.

7279.990 SOH
7310.078 SOH S=9 at 0726 UT
7419.986 CHN PBS Nei Menggu, S=9+15dB at 0722 UT, two female talk,

9155.010 SOH, 9155.0 even CNR jamming at 0730 UT S=7
9199.979 SOH, strange chorus jamming on even 9200, S=6
9230.000 SOH, S=7 CNR spoken jamming
9280.143 SOH S=6, underneath very poor jamming.
9320.117 SOH S=6,
9519.983 CHN PBS Nei Menggu, in Chinese S=5-6
9540.105 SOH S=5, much scratchy distorted audio feed signal !
9635.066 SOH S=6 at 0746 UT, and co-channel odd
9635.782 VTN VoVietnam Son Tay, 700 Hertz heterodyne QRM.
9749.977 CHN PBS Nei Menggu, in Mongolian S=8
9849.969 SOH S=8, and CHN CNR jamming at 0755 UT.

10869.981 SOH, and CNR word spoken jamming.
10960.020 SOH, no jamming
11099.995 SOH, RFA special px, no jamming at 0807 UT
11300.143 SOH, terrible distorted audio feed quality. 0808 UT
11430.016 SOH, S=7-8 at 0810 UT, no jamming.
11469.968 SOH, 0810 UT, underneath poor jammer.
11500.093 SOH, 0812 UT, no jamming.
11529.971 SOH, S=9+10dB BC station like strong.
11580.000 CNR jamming S=7, underneath US RMI-FL.
11600.0   CHN CNR jamming ? or real schedule outlet, not in HFCC list
11600.232 SOH S=9+10dB at 0820 UT.
11715.087 SOH S=8
11765.110 SOH S=8, distorted audio feed quality at 0825 UT.

12190.0   CNR  jamming S=9+20dB -56dBm strength in AUS SOH, nothing heard here.
12370.047 SOH, distorted audio feed quality, no jamming.
12500.228 SOH, and like KRE Korean white noise jamming, Harmonic?
12496 - 12503 KRE WHITE NOISE SCRATCHY jamming S=7
12560.118 SOH, S=9 terrible distorted audio feed quality.
12775.153 SOH, poor signal.
12799.921 SOH, WIPER sound special jamming, S=8 at 0835 UT.
12870.051 SOH, S=8
12910.045 SOH, S=8
12980.145 SOH, S=9 distorted audio feed quality, and
               WIPER sound special jamming QRM.

13070.018 SOH, S=6 no jamming
13129.945 SOH, S=8 distorted audio feed quality.
13200.148 SOH, S=7 distorted audio feed quality.
13230.022 SOH, S=7 distorted audio feed quality.
13530.218 SOH, S=9+10dB, TERRIBLE distorted audio feed quality,
          heavy OVERMODULATED, CW stn underneath.
13679.821 SOH
13775.124 SOH, distorted audio feed quality.
13820.0   Chinese, SOH or CNR, not identified of westerners.
13850.0   CRI Chinese, I guess SOH underneath at 0935 UT.
13890.049 SOH, S=9 at 0940 UT.
13919.969 SOH, S=9 distorted audio feed quality.
13980.219 SOH, very weak and tiny.

14369.976 SOH, S=8 distorted audio feed quality at 0944 UT.
14499.993 SOH, very tiny.
14700.241 SOH, poor, buzzy audio quality sound. SOH not on air
14900.257 SOH, S=6 fair signal.
14920.189 SOH, S=8
14980.083 SOH SOH, not on air SOH, not on air
15775.218 SOH, S=7
15800.117 SOH, S=8-9

15940.025 SOH, S=7
15969.934 SOH?,S=9, ONLY CHINESE NUMBERS READ, no text at 1005 UT.
16100.098 SOH
16160.165 SOH, S=8 SOH, not on air. SOH, not on air.
16450.039 SOH
16530.158 SOH
16600.388 SOH, S=6
16750.0   CNR?, S=9+25dB like strong BC station...
16774.852 SOH, S=8
16920.176 SOH, S=6 distorted audio feed quality at 1026 UT.
16979.963 SOH, S=5 poor
17169.913 SOH
17200.351 SOH, S=6
17300.006 SOH, S=5

17900.286 SOH, S=5
18370.548 SOH, S=3 very tiny
18870.175 SOH
18970.013 SOH, S=5 poor SOH, not on air.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 14)

UGANDA   4976  R. Uganda, Kampala, 1942-2005 UT Dec 11, dialecto local,
canções africanas; 45333.
(Carlos Gonçalves-POR, dxld Dec 19)

4975.965 kHz back on air tonight, after some 2 weeks off. UBC Kampala at
2022 UT on Dec 19, S=9 nice fluttery signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 19)

UKRAINE   1431  Now on regular schedule 1500-1700 UT in Ru, 1700-1900 UT
in Ukrainian, ID is translated as "Worldwide Broadcasting Service of
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)

UKRAINE   Ukrainian radio began broadcasting in Russia.

The National Radio Company of Ukraine and its creative association "World
Service Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine" began broadcasting in Russian in
Ukraine and Russia. It is said in a statement posted on the website of the
State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting.

"The powerful 800-kW transmitter provides coverage in Ukraine and the
European part of the Russian Federation", - said in a statement.

"At the initial stage it is planned two-hour program consisting of actual
news, socio-political, cultural and educational programs," - noted on the
site. The program will be aired from 18:00 to 20:00 MSK.

Chairman of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of
Ukraine Oleg Nalivaiko noted that net foreign broadcasting developed in
order to create a positive image of Ukraine, information on international
cooperation, the success of reforms, investment and tourism opportunities
in the country.

Head of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine Yuriy Stets December
10 reported that in the structure of his department will departments
concerned with the information war. Previously advisor to the Ministry of
Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the Ukrainian
Ministry informpolitiki organizes satellite broadcasting in the Crimea and
other regions of Russia "to promote the Ukrainian truth". Crimean
authorities such statements called ridiculous.

Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture Eugene Nischuk also
spoke in favor of censorship on the "Kremlin propaganda." By propaganda,
inter alia, took the films containing the statement that Sevastopol - a
Russian city.
(  -, via RUSdx Dec 21)

UNIDENTIFIED   7115 - 7117 kHz. 14.12.2014 20:52, Ron Howard wrote:
"Per Dave Valko, AIR on 7114.98 kHz. went off at 1816:21 UT.
Dave Valko (USA), using the U. o. Twente web remote receiver, just heard
ID for "All India Radio" on 7115 kHz, at 1800 UT Dec 14."

Time: 16:31 UT, Dec 14. QRG: 7112 to 7116 kHz Mode: AM, Strength of
Signal: 59 +20dB. Language:Urdu. Content: *it seems to me it is the
government radio station*.
(Fawaz Sulaibeekh - A92AA, President Bahrain Amateur Radio Group (BARG),
Intruder Alert, Dec 14)

7115 - 7117  Widely reported strange AIR outlet / Intermodulation /
Spurious signal? Who knows? - NOTHING heard on Victors net Perseus in Sri
Lanka at 2250 UT, Dec 15. My guess, thought it is an AIR intermodulation
malfunction product between Delhi 6100 and a nearby MW like plus 1017 kHz
or so? -- or is a simple keyboard glitch ?

Never heard here any AIR on 7117 ? kHz  {Valko did},
nor heard Somalia 7120 kHz recently,
nor of the UNID oriental stn on 7130 kHz,
only heard on a singly day this Russian patrotic chorus song and prayer
close to 7199.8 kHz,
only heard few times Myanmar Radio at 7200v, Ethiopia 7235v kHz.

UNIDENTIFIED   7595 kHz Firedrake music at 2330-2400 UT Dec 15,
against whom ? SOH ?

UNIDENTIFIED   6033.390 kHz unidentified spurious / Intermodulation of
6003/6015 kHz KRE jammers? - in probably Korean language.
Observed at 23-24 UT on Dec 15.

All heard on Victor's SDR unit in Sri Lanka.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 15)

UAE  [to Somalia]  17845  Das von einer daenischen
Nichtregierungsorganisation betreute Radio ERGO (IRIN) hat mit dem Beginn
des Wintersendeplans die Sendung von 08.30 nach 12.00 Uhr UTC verlegt.

1200-1300 UT 17845 (al-Dhabiya 250 kW, 225 degr)
(Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, bcdx; via
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 14)

Radio Ergo ist ein Programm der Nichtregierungsorganisation IMS
Productions Aps (Kopenhagen), die zum 1. Juli 2011 die Arbeit eines UNO-
Programms (IRIN-Radio ab 2008) uebernahm. Die in Kenia beheimatete
Redaktion arbeitet unter Aufsicht eines Boards von UN- und
Nichtregierungsorganisationen, die in Somalia taetig sind. Aus deren
Arbeit bezieht Radio Ergo auch viele seiner Themen: Informationen zur
Fluechtlingshilfe, Landwirtschaft und Viehzucht, Gesundheitsvorsorge und
Medizin, aber auch Frauen- und Kinderrechte. Man hat aber auch rund 20
Korrespondenten. Finanziert werden die Sendungen aktuell weitgehend aus
Mitteln der Schweizer Entwicklungshilfe und des Common Humanitarian Fund
for Somalia.

Die Sendungen werden vor Ort von den UKW-Partnern Star FM, Radio Hurmo,
Voice of Central Somalia, Radio Abud Waq, Voice of Mudug, Horsed Media und
Codka Nabadda ausgestrahlt. Die Kurzwelle dient der Flaechendeckung und
Unabhaengigkeit. "Die Kurzwelle ist ein Schluesselelement in unserer
Medienstrategie: Da es keinen nationalen oeffentlich-rechtlich
strukturierten Sender in Somalia gibt und die UKW-Lokalsender in einem
sehr schwierigen und gefaehrlichen Umfeld arbeiten, bedeutet die Kurzwelle
einen sicheren Weg, um grosse Hoererschaften in Somalia und seinen
Nachbargebieten zu erreichen."
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 14)

USA   5829.985  WTWW, talk mixture on gold store service, 'justice and
truth in our country', business and employment, abortion, all mixed items
together so far... S=9+30dB proper signal into Alberta CAN remote rx

7505.300  ready low power carrier signal of WRNO, without final power
stage seen on screen at 0643 UT Dec 20.

9395  Global24 service, contained RFi Paris English sce at this hour,
sports news report at 0645 UT Dec 20, S=9+20 or -55dBm logged in remote
Alberta installation. RFI featured interview of about 60 FM stations
already on air in Dakar, Senegal. New very special economical news station
opened on the crowded FM band at Dakar recently.

9955 some feed fault? - Brother Stair heard with bad ECHO effect on RMI
relay, sermon prayer heard at 0713 UT on Dec 20. S=9+30dB signal on
Edmonton Alberta SDR installation.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 20)

USA   15770  Rhein Main Radio Club SPECIAL B/CAST via WRMI Okeechobee,
Florida on Dec/15/14local 2100-2159 UT English EXC.  This special
Broadcast was to commemorate the European DX Council's Meeting in Nice
France earlier this year. WRMI ID before the Broadcast began at 2059 UT.
ID by Male announcer as "RHEIN MAIN RADIO CLUB - RMRC" at 2100 UT.
Instrumental Music. Another ID as RMRC in the Frankfort area of Germany".

Mentioned the special B/Cast for the European DX Council Meeting. Gave QSL
Info as <info -at-> for an eQSL or an address in Frankfort Germany
for a regular QSL Card by Mail at 2102 UT. Into a series of Interviews
with Noted DXers from around the world who attended the meeting.
Interviews with an Italian DXer, a Japanese DXer, a NZ Dxer, George Brown
from Scotland, Bengt Erikson from Sweden, Anker Pederson from Denmark, and
several others.

End of Pgm at 2149 UT. Mentioned QSLs again. Said goodbye and played an
Eric Clapton song at 2151-2156 UT. Sent "QUA QUA QUA" by CW at 2157 UT.
ID as "Rhein MainRadio Club RMRC" at 2157 UT. Instrumental Music
at 2157-2159 UT. OFF AIR at 2159 UT.
(Robert S. Ross-Ont-CAN  VA3SW, DXplorer Dec 15)

9975  KVOH 02-05 UT scheduled - Dec 19 at 0249 UT, praise music in
Spanish, "Gloria", good signal until cutoff at 0250* UT. Must be KVOH
testing. In case you haven't heard on WoR#1752, or in the dxld yg, KVOH is
installing a replacement 100 kW Harris transmitter, and this may be it.
Modulation level seemed OK in the brief time I could hear it. In January
they plan to expand evening English broadcasts to daily instead of
weekends only.

Furthermore, this Voice of Hope is purchasing the mothballed Christian
Vision/Voice site in ZAMBIA and plans to reactivate 2 x 100 kW SW
transmitters there by Easter.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 18)

USA   Global Radio 24.

Well it's just over 1 month since Global Radio 24 went to air. I curious
to know if I'm the only one to notice a few odd things.

1: On December 7th we were suppose to relay a special hour for them. But
we never got the file. Days before all our emails went unanswered except
for one. It only said "yes postpone ...srry ". And that was it. All other
emails also went unanswered to two different people at the station.

2: Their website, twitter accounts have been almost silent since the end
of November. On December 8th there was a tweet and facebook posting. A
picture of an old radio and nothing more. The last entry on the website
was November 27th.

3: The schedule seems not to match what is on air. A few times people have
written saying the same PCJ shows are repeated for 2 weeks. There were
only updated after I went into their FTP and removed them and updated the

4: A few listeners have contacted me asking if anyone at the station
replies. Well all my emails and someone else at PCj have gone un answered.
Also emails from someone who is even closer to the station than we are.

Anyone else have any odd experiences with them in the last few weeks. I
find it very strange that before they launched announcements were coming
daily, just as they were in the beginning. But then silence...
(Keith Perron-TWN, dxld Dec 11)

VIETNAM/MARIANA ISL  {Tinian site}   11695  RFA Vietnamese at 2330-0030 UT
suffer by Vietnamese government SIRENE jamming at S=9+15dB signal, heard
in Sri Lanka, 11684 to 11706 kHz wideband SIRENE jammer from Vietnam.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

VIETNAM   7284.052  Vietnamese service of VoVTN Me Tri site at Hanoi,
S=9+10dB signal noted on SDR unit in Sri Lanka at 0025 UT on Dec 16.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 16)

ZAMBIA   Voice of Hope acquires Zambia SW site.

Last week, the parent organization of Voice of Hope completed a
transaction to purchase the former Christian Vision shortwave transmission
site near Lusaka, Zambia.

The facility includes 150 acres of land, 12 buildings, 2 x Continental
100 kW transmitters, 2 high-gain TCI antennas, and a 750 kVA standby

Although the equipment is transmission-ready, there are still some
logistical details to be worked out, such as local staffing, license
transfer, studio-to-transmitter link, selection of frequencies, etc. We
will be working to return the station to the air over the next few months,
hopefully by Easter next year. A press release is attached, which will be
distributed through the PR Newswire this coming Friday.

Here in L.A., we are planning to expand our evening broadcasts on 9975 kHz
to run 7 days per week from Jan 1st. Exact times and program line-up are
still being finalized. Also, our newly acquired 100 kW transmitter for
KVOH was moved into our transmitter building on Chatsworth Peak this past
Wednesday (photos attached). We are now working to install it, and hope to
have it on the air during January.

You are welcome to convey any of this news in your next WOR, if you wish.

(Ray Robinson, Operations Manager
KVOH - Voice of Hope / Voz de Esperanza
P.O.Box 102, Los Angeles, CA 90078, USA
(661) 645-2973 <>
(dxld Dec 14)

Wiring the world for sound...

VOICE OF HOPE - AFRICA is the latest acquisition by California based
Strategic Communications Group in their quest of World-class radio
stations programmed to span the globe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

(Los Angeles, California) December 18, 2014 - Strategic Communications
Group ("SCG",
announced today the purchase of its newest shortwave transmission facility
in Lusaka, Zambia. Broadcast signals from this facility will soon be
available to more than one billion potential listeners across the
continent of Africa.

Strategic Communications Group, a broadcaster headquartered near Los
Angeles, purchased the state-of-the-art transmission facility this month
from Christian Vision

The super-station will operate as Voice of Hope - Africa broadcasting the
Gospel of Jesus Christ in English and several African languages - as well
as providing news, health, and other information programming to audiences
throughout the continent.

Reflecting on the acquisition, SCG President John Tayloe said

"Shortwave signals continue to cross political, social, racial, economic,
and cultural barriers. It is notable that China's explosive growth in
shortwave broadcasting has increased their audience worldwide and has
filled the void left by retreating Western countries from the powerful
medium. I believe shortwave is the perfect medium for carrying the Gospel
of Jesus Christ to the world. Unlike other forms of mass media such as
satellite, terrestrial television/AM/FM radio, and printed materials -
shortwave radio signals can still be sent without program content being
restricted in any way.

The Voice of Hope - Africa is a remarkable platform to reach millions.
Voice of Hope is also excited about the latest technical advances that
provide new opportunities such as CD quality over-the-air digital
broadcasting (Digital Radio Mondiale - DRM{really?, wb.}), 24h/7d internet
streaming simulcasts, and dynamic interactive websites - and is actively
investigating integrating all of these advances within each broadcast

The Voice of Hope - Africa campus has 12 buildings on 150 acres. It houses
two 100 kW Continental shortwave transmitters and two high-gain TCI long
range antennas that beam strong signals over all of west, central, and
southern Africa.

As part of its commitment to the community, SCG will also operate a Health
Clinic from its broadcast campus and explore the viability of an annual
Leadership program for Christian Pastors and Lay leaders.

Because of its unique location, plans to expand the Voice of Hope's
footprint into India and China from this location are also being

In a message to SCG, Jeff White, Past President, National Association of
Shortwave Broadcasters "NASB",
said: "At a time when some countries and organizations have been reducing or
eliminating their shortwave transmissions, it is refreshing to see that
broadcasters like Voice of Hope are expanding their reach and giving new
life to shortwave. Africa is particularly important since the people of this
continent rely heavily on shortwave radio to hear news, information and
spiritual programming."

Strategic Communications Group was established in November 1998 as a non-
profit, 501(c)(3) charity in the United States. SCG also owns and operates
the Voice of Hope - Americas (KVOH) radio station from Los Angeles that
was launched in 1986 by George Otis, Sr., founder of High Adventure
Ministries (1973-1999), and features broadcasts in Spanish and English to
Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada and the USA.

SCG is in the final stages of a major upgrade to the broadcast signal of
Voice of Hope - Americas, installing a high-performance Harris shortwave

SCG is also in the planning stages for a state-of-the-art global Technical
Operations Center (TOC) to be located in the Los Angeles area. This TOC
will allow efficient monitoring and technical support of all Voice of Hope
broadcast transmitter sites in the U.S. and abroad. For further
information contact:
John Tayloe  Tel: 805-338-0075  <Jdtayloe -at->
(via Ray Robinson-USA  KVOH, dxld Dec 14)

SW Station CVC Makeni Ranch has been silenced since Dec 2012.
Zambia - CVC 1Africa is dropping SW. Had been scheduled on 13590 kHz at
0600-2200 UT but 13590 kHz has not been heard for several days, I suspect
it has already been switched off.

former CVC Lusaka Makeni ranch SW 4965 6065 9430 9505 13590 13650 kHz.
15 32 18.89 S  28 00 09.83 E

B-12 of CVC International, 1 Africa via LUS=Lusaka
English to West Africa and Nigeria
0600-2200 13590 LUS 100 kW 315 deg

The sad news came from one RADIO AFRICA - CVC INTERNATIONAL: CVC Media is
a new season. We stop all our HF broadcasts to promote the new platform.
Due to changes in the use of media in Africa, would require more space for
the rapidly growing digital broadcasts.

Formerly and now ceased services
13590 0600 2000 46SE        LUS  100 315 186 Eng ZMB CVC CVI
 9505 2000 2200 46SE        LUS  100 315 186 Eng ZMB CVC CVI

Despite the UK CVC Internat fraction 13590 / 9505 is widely reported, but
4965 / 6065 South-African section CVO missed lately

 6065 0500 1700 52E,53W,57N LUS  100 0   755 Mis ZMB CVO CVI
 4965 1700 0500 52E,53W,57N LUS  100 0   755 Mis ZMB CVO CVI
see very special high-gain #186 and #755 TCI antenna types.

The above is fairly grim news for short wave...
(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Dec 29, 2012)


The A.I.R. Contest 2015 "Attilio Leoni", the annual Italian DX contest by
Associazione Italiana Radioascolto, will take place from January 2nd to
8th, 2015. For full information, please write to

Bruno Pecolatto
AIR Contest Manager
Fermo Posta
I-10080 Ronco Canavese (TO), Italy

E-mail:  <bpecolatto -at->
(WWDXC DXM, Dec 14, via
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 14) 
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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