50th Anniversary of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge / Tunnel

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31 January 2015


The Chesapeake Bay/Bridge is 23miles (37 km) long and and joins Norfolk, Virginia to southern Delaware.

  It cuts across the very important Chesapeake Bay and when you make an early morning or evening crossing, at the center of the bridge, you cannot see land in any direction.  

One Day Special Event: the 50th anniversary of the completion of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel will be celebrated on Saturday, January 31, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM station. Station W4UG will be active on the following SSB frequencies:   28.375, 21.335, 18.125, 14.270. These planned frequencies may vary as openings permit.  Just make one contact to earn this certificate.

Sponsored by the 'Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club' W4UG.

An Electronic certificate (8 1/2 x 11) is available by e-mail or regular mail;

You may apply by e-mail to: radioevent@outlook.com

Make sure you include:
1) Call Sign
2) Date of QSO
3) Time ( in UTC )
4) Frequency
5) Mode (SSB)
6) RST Report ( 59 is OK )
Alternatively you may mail your QSL card to: Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club Inc, P.O. Box 62003, Virginia Beach, VA 23466. If you apply for a printed certificate delivered by traditional mail, the cost is $4.00.

E-mail: radioevent@outlook.com

Internet: http://forums.qrz.com/showthread.php?463418-Special-Event-50th-Anniversary-of-Chesapeake-Bay-Bridge-Tunnel

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