Australian balloon reaches South America

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The small party-type balloon and payload that left Melbourne Australia on December 27 has been tracked during its flight, with Javier Pons Estel LU5FF of Argentina among those reporting it has reached South America.

Andy Nguyen VK3YT who launched the latest balloon said it was tracked firstly to New Zealand, then did a few loops in the South Pacific but travelled east with dozens of reports being received.

He said the solar-powered balloon went silent at night, but its JT9 signal was heard when the radiation from the sun powered up the transmitter.

"It has been quite challenging for the tracking stations, as the sunset time has been getting earlier, and start overlapping with propagation time when the signal could be heard in ZL and VK, just as when the balloon went to sleep.

"A big thank you to the new stations joining the tracking in the last few days, making this a true international exercise," said Andy VK3YT.

The balloon over Chile and may exit that country travelling further needing more tracking, he said.

"We are in Argentina," said a very elated Andy VK3YT in his latest message.

Further details of the flight and tracking links are at:
Jim Linton VK3PC

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