Cathedrals of France Diploma

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Cathedrals are a part of the heritage of France, which was among the first countries to construct these edifices centuries ago. Effective on 1 January 2015, contact stations who are no further than 2.5km distant from the structure. The official list contains 98 existing cathedrals and two special activities which, for award purposes, act as "Joker" or wild card contacts which will bring the total possible under the award to 100.

The 2.5 mile maximum distance from the cathedral recognizes that cathedrals are often located in heavily populated urban areas, where it is not always easy to operate portable stations.

The Cathedrals references were established in alphabetical order by the name of the city or town.

For awards purposes, operations to activate a Cathedral will allow only two other REF award references. For example, the DCF + a DFCF and DMF.

Activators should report their operations to the DCF Manager in order to to distribute information. After each activity, a log should be transmitted within a month to record the event.

All French stations , domiciled within the 2.5km may obtain resident status after making 100 QSOs.

The award is offered in 4 levels or degrees:

- Basic Diploma for 10 Cathedrals.
- Excellence 30 Cathedrals.
- Honor for 50 Cathedrals.
- Trophy for 100 Cathedrals.

Diplomas will be emailed free. If a paper copy is required, the fee is 10E.    The price of the Trophy will be made public in the future.

Note: A Cathedral is the seat of the bishop of the diocese. However, there are now cathedrals without a bishop, because the name cathedral is retained even when the episcopal office is relocated or deleted. The list of these Cathedrals with no bishop will be added to the list at a future date. .

DCF Manager: Jean-Pierre Lehembre F6FNA, 8 Rue De Verdun, F-77270 Villeparisis, France.


DCF Number - City - Department Number - Cathedral Name
DCF-001 Agen 47 Saint-Caprais
DCF-002 Aix-en-Provence 13 Saint-Sauveur
DCF-003 Ajaccio 2B Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption
DCF-004 Albi 81 Sainte-Cécile
DCF-005 Amiens 80 Notre-Dame
DCF-006 Angers 49 Saint-Maurice
DCF-007 Angoulême 16 Saint-Pierre
DCF-008 Annecy 74 Saint-Pierre
DCF-009 Arras 62 Notre-Dame et Saint-Vaast
DCF-010 Auch 32 Sainte-Marie d’Auch
DCF-011 Autun 71 Saint-Lazare
DCF-012 Auxerre 89 Saint Etienne
DCF-013 Avignon 84 Notre-Dame des Doms
DCF-014 Bayeux 14 Notre-Dame
DCF-015 Bayonne 64 Notre Dame
DCF-016 Beauvais 80 Saint Pierre
DCF-017 Belfort 90 Saint Christophe
DCF-018 Belleys-Ars 01 Saint Jean Batist
DCF-019 Besançon 25 Saint-Jean l'évangeliste
DCF-020 Blois 41 Saint Louis
DCF-021 Bordeaux 33 Saint-André
DCF-022 Bourges 18 Saint-Etienne
DCF-023 Cahors 46 Saint-Etienne
DCF-024 Cambrai 59 Notre Dame de Grâce et St Sépulcre
DCF-025 Carcassonne 11 Saint Michel
DCF-026 Chambéry 73 Saint François de Sales
DCF-027 Chartres 28 Notre Dame
DCF-028 Clermont-Ferrand 63 Notre Dame
DCF-029 Coutances 50 Notre Dame
DCF-030 Créteil 94 Notre Dame
DCF-031 Dax 40 Saint-Jean-Baptiste
DCF-032 Digne 04 Saint Jérome
DCF-033 Dijon 21 Saint Benigne
DCF-034 Evreux 27 Notre Dame
DCF-035 Evry 91 de la Résurrection et Saint Corbinien
DCF-036 Frejus 83 Sainte Marie Majeure
DCF-037 Gap 5 Notre Dame et Saint Arnoux
DCF-038 Grenoble 38 Notre Dame
DCF-039 La Rochelle 17 Saint Louis
DCF-040 Langres 52 Saint Mammés
DCF-041 Laval 53 de la Trinité
DCF-042 Le Havre 76 Notre Dame
DCF-043 Le Mans 72 Saint Julien
DCF-044 Le Puy en Velay 43 Notre Dame du Puy
DCF-045 Lille 59 Notre Dame de la Treille
DCF-046 Limoges 87 Saint Etienne
DCF-047 Luçon 85 Notre Dame
DCF-048 Lyon 69 Primatiale Saint Jean Baptiste
DCF-049 Marseille 13 Sainte Marie Majeure
DCF-050 Meaux 77 Saint Etienne
DCF-051 Mende 48 Notre Dame et Saint Privat
DCF-052 Metz 57 Saint Etienne
DCF-053 Montauban 82 Notre Dame de l'Assomption
DCF-054 Montpellier 34 Saint Pierre Saint Paul
DCF-055 Moulins 03 Notre Dame
DCF-056 Nancy 54 de l'Annonciation de la Vierge
DCF-057 Nanterre 92 Sainte Geneviève et Saint Maurice
DCF-058 Nantes 44 Saint Pierre
DCF-059 Nevers 58 Saint Cyr et Sainte Juliette
DCF-060 Nice 06 Sainte Marie et Sainte Réparate
DCF-061 Nîmes 30 Notre Dame et Saint Castor
DCF-062 Orléans 45 Sainte Croix
DCF-063 Pamiers 09 Saint Antonin
DCF-064 Paris 75 Notre Dame
DCF-065 Paris 75 Saint Vladimir le Grand
DCF-066 Paris 75 Saint Alexandre-Nevsky
DCF-067 Paris 75 Saint Jean Baptiste
DCF-068 Paris 75 Saint Louis des Invalides
DCF-069 Périgueux 24 Saint Front
DCF-070 Perpignan 66 Saint Jean Baptiste
DCF-071 Poitiers 86 Saint Pierre
DCF-072 Pontigny 89 Notre Dame de l'Assomption
DCF-073 Pontoise 95 Saint Maclou
DCF-074 Quimper 29 Saint Corentin
DCF-075 Reims 51 Notre Dame
DCF-076 Rennes 35 Saint Pierre
DCF-077 Rodez 12 Notre Dame
DCF-078 Rouen 76 Notre Dame
DCF-079 Saint Brieuc 22 Saint Etienne
DCF-080 Saint Claude 39 Saint Pierre
DCF-081 Saint Denis 93 Royal Saint Denis
DCF-082 Saint Dié 88 Saint Dié
DCF-083 Saint Etienne 42 Saint Charles Borromé
DCF-084 Saint Flour 15 Saint Pierre et Saint Flour
DCF-085 Sées 61 Notre Dame
DCF-086 Sens 89 Saint Etienne
DCF-087 Soissons 02 Saint Gervais et Saint Protais
DCF-088 Strasbourg 67 Notre Dame
DCF-089 Tarbes 65 Notre Dame de la Sède
DCF-090 Toulouse 31 Saint Etienne
DCF-091 Tours 37 Saint Gratien
DCF-092 Troyes 10 Saint Pierre et Saint Paul
DCF-093 Tulle 19 Notre Dame et Saint Martin
DCF-094 Valence 26 Saint Apollinaire
DCF-095 Vannes 56 Saint Pierre
DCF-096 Verdun 55 Notre Dame
DCF-097 Versailles 78 Saint Louis
DCF-098 Viviers 07 Saint Vincent
DCF-099 TM850N 75 Joker 2013
DCF-100 TM850C

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