SELJAÈKA BUNA Award - February 1 - 28, 2015

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February 1 - 28, 2015


The Internet Bulletin is sponsoring a short time special award „SELJAC(KA BUNA 1573" in .pdf. It is available to all licenced and SWL amateurs. The award commemorates a peasant uprising in a time when royalty was in command. WIKIPEDIA articles in both English and Croatian are found at the bottom of this article.


The award is issued for two-way or SWL contacts made between 00.00 UTC on February 1st to 23.59 UTC on February 28th. The award may be earned in up to 4 categories, depending on your choice of the mode:

a. minimum of 200 points using CW,
b. 300 points using phone/SSB,
c. 400 points using digital modes and
d. 600 points in MIXED modes category.

A unique award will be issued for each of the above applicable categories with stickers available for all of the each of them. The number of points will be shown on the sticker. Any applicant who qualifies for all four categories will enter the HONOUR ROLL category, and will be awarded with a special sticker of recognition.

1. Contact only S5 and 9A stations.
2. Each qso is valid for 10 points for EU stations and 20 points for NON-EU stations.
3. A maximum of 3 qsos are permitted with single 9A or S5 station regardless of band.
4. IMPORTANT: A minimum of 100 points for each application must be earned through qsos with 9A stations.

1. During the period specified in these rules all amateur bands according to IARU REGION I band plan may be used. Contest qsos are also valid, while contacts established through repeaters and transponders will not be recognized..

2. Applications will be accepted on standard GCR list and must be received no later than March 10th 2015. Separate applications must be made for each sticker of interest. Awards will be e-mailed to all applicants not later than April 1st 2015. Applications must be sent to

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