Special Event Station PA70OV

17:17 Fernando Luiz de Souza 0 Comments

Dear HAM radio friends,
For the second time in a row the amateur radio society VERON, branch Nijmegen, will be active with a special event station.

S.E.S. station PA7ØOV will commemorate Operation Veritable, the successor of Operation Market Garden. The PA7ØOV team is busy with the preparations of her activities from February 6th to February 8th 2015.

Operation Veritable is not known very well to most people. It was the battle which formed the prelude to the leap across the Rhine after which the eventual defeat of Germany soon followed.

Let's commemorate and celebrate 70 years of freedom in the Gennep-Nijmegen region. During 3 days we will activate the callsign PA7ØOV and try to work as many amateur radio operators across the world.

Whether you are an amateur radio operator hoping to contact a new country or a casual visitor, we welcome you to our website: http://www.pa2p.nl/pa70ov/
Hoping to work you all soon.

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