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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALGERIA/IRELAND   252 LW. TDA/RTA Tipaza Algerien sendet mal wieder auf
252 kHz seinen 1 kHz Testton. Auf Dauer ein etwas eintoeniges Programm ...
Stoert den Iren ziemlich kraeftig. Wenn man beim Perseus im
Sekundaerfenster den Vorhang zur Seite zieht, so dass einer der 1 kHz-
Peaks ausserhalb der Durchlasskurve liegt und dann dem anderen mit dem
Notch auf den Kopp haut, ist allerdings Ruhe im Karton.
(Martin Elbe-D  DD9MW, <>  A-DX   Jan 28)

Ich habe den Eindruck, dass TransRadio Berlin mit wenig Fach-Personal die
Renovierung des algerischen LW und 2xMW Anlagen angeht, und das Ganze sich
sehr lange hinzieht, und das lokale TDA Engineering kann da auch nicht

LW ist still gelegt seit Mitte Maerz 2014, erste 1000 Hertz Tests waren
dann wieder in Mitte Oktober 2014, und auch wieder am 18 Dec 2014. Das
Buero in Berlin hat verneint, dass sie mir ueber die Feiertage auf meine
Anfrage betreffs dem Renovierungsfortschritt antworten koennten. Inwieweit
auch die Masten durch die Ampegon Firma aus Schifferstadt zu renovieren
sind, ist auch nicht beantwortet worden.

Mal sehen bis die LW 252 kHz, und die Erneuerung der zwei
Mittelwellenanlagen 576 kHz in Bechar und 891 kHz in Ouled Fayet wieder
regulaer mit den neuen modernen TransRadio Sendern abgeschlossen ist/sind.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 28)

Copy history:
No, this is an exact 1000 Hertz audio test tone from the transmitter
Tipaza in Algerien on exact 252.000 kHz.

This audio heard around 0830 UT on Dec 18 on remote SDR unit in southern
Italy with S=9+25dB signal strength.

Re TDA-RTA Algeria / TransRadio Berlin Germany / Ampegon tx masts
Schifferstadt Germany projects in Algeria.

Contract to renew existing equipment in Tipaza Algeria (LW 1500 kW),
Ouled Fayet (MW 600 kW) and Bechar (MW 400 kW) in February 2014.

New TransRadio TRAM1500 transmitter plant.

Last week I had a correspondence mail with the TransRadio (exTelefunken)
SenderSystem AG Berlin Germany company, which performs the renovation of
the transmitter center Tipaza Algeria with new TRAM1500 transmitter,
after 43 years of TDA/RTA service with the old TESLA transmitter system
from Made in CSSR in 1972.

automatic translation:
Thank you for your questions about our major projects and look us. your
interest in our technology In light of the high Workload at year-end and
therefore restricted Resource availability in our home but we ask for your
understanding that we postpone answering your questions indefinitely have.
We are currently working with all available forces on successful
completion of various projects.

Old TDA / RTA Tipaza LW TESLA made transmitter end service
by March 17, 2014.

First 1000 Hertz tone tests of the new tx unit heard on October 17, 2014.

Besides the new transmitter modules, power, air conditioning, interconnect
facial expressions, single / twin transmitter / antenna  interconnection.
New feeder lines from the transmitter building to the mast, and the
overhaul of the 43-year-old TESLA 355 meter tall height antenna - with
corrosion protection and repainting, and vertical copper cables and
extension at 14 kHz digital service bandwidth adjustment.

Work on MW sites of TDA-RTA Ouled Fayet TRAM600 and Bechar TRAM400 with
new installations, and mast renovation will follow.

Tipaza was built by Tesla Czechoslovakia in 1972, the two 2 x 750 kW
transmitter, and the 355-meter high mast, feeder switching network for two
combined transmitters interconnection dummy antenna for testing, antenna
switch and feeder line.

The plant is 43 years old, is located near the Mediterranean coastline, so
have the outdoor suffered by salt corrosion.

TDA / RTA Tipaza 252 kHz comment on TDA website:
This station broadcasting channel III underwent two operations, the
First thing the renewal and replacement of some units (preliminary stage
Tubes) by other more developed (1992), and the other led to the
Restoration of the tower radiant (355m height) has under gone significant
Damage due to its proximity to the sea and to the direct effects of the
1989 earthquake (2001).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 18, 2014)

AUSTRALIA   Drastic cuts to Radio Australian shortwave. The ABC has
announced major cuts to Radio Australia shortwave transmissions.

From 14* January all overseas relays
         (via Al Dhabaya-UAE, Kranji-SNG and Palau-PLW) will end.
From 14* January all shortwave transmissions to Asia will cease.
From 31  January the Brandon shortwave site will close.

From 1* February output from Shepparton will be reduced from six full time
transmitters to only three transmitters, all operating 24 hours per day
with the following schedule:

0900-2100 on  9580 12065* 12085*
2100-0900 on 15240 15415  17840
73s Dave
(Radio Australia via WRTH via January BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine,
direct Jan 13, and now chaned again Jan 21)

* = changes of Jan 21, thanks Dave Kenny, Keith Perron, Glenn Hauser:
"There have been a few changes since I originally wrote up that report.
Here is an updated version with the changes highlighed in blue I presume
Brandon still closes on 31 January with Shepparton output reducing
to 3 transmitters from 1 February.

Effective 1300 UT Sat Jan 31:
355 degree antenna: 21-09 on 15415, 09-21 on 12065
030 degree antenna: 21-09 on 15240, 09-21 on 12085
070 degree antenna: 21-09 on 17840, 09-21 on 9580
70 is right across North America.

All English except:
0630-0700 & 0900-0930 M-F Tok Pisin.  0800-0805 M-F French".
(GH via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 21)

AUSTRALIA [and non]   Drastic cuts are underway at Radio Australia.

9965, Jan 13 at 1358 UT, no signal any more from the PALAU relay which had
been scheduled at 1300-1430 UT. In BrDXC-UK yg, Mike German had heard it
as recently as Jan 11 at 1353 UT.

But in the January issue of BrDXC-UK Communication we see this:

"The ABC has announced major cuts to Radio Australia shortwave

From 1 January all overseas relays (via Dhabaya, Kranji and Palau) will

From 1 January all shortwave transmissions to Asia will cease.

From 31 January the Brandon shortwave site will close.

From 31 January output from Shepparton will be reduced from six full time
transmitters to only three transmitters, all operating 24 hours per day
with the following schedule:

0900-2100 on  6080  6150  9580 {see update above ! }
2100-0900 on 15240 15415 17840
(Radio Australia via WRTH via Jan BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine)"

So the date for closing Palau relay must have slipped, but note what's
coming at month end if that stix: We will no longer have numerous other RA
frequencies, such as 19000, 15300, 13630, 12065 kHz.

Best of the lot remaining, if still on same azimuths toward NoAmerica,
should be 9580 and 17840 kHz.

Jan 13 at 1356 UT I am still hearing RA on 5940, 5995-Brandon, 9475 [WTWW
silent], 9580, 12065 kHz. I think I heard 12085 kHz recently too, which
was for Asia, so that also lasted past Jan 1.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 13)

Jan 23, at 0356 UT, no RA Shepparton on 15240 nor 15300 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 23)

BELARUS   Radio Belarus was noted on 11730 without terrible audio, Jan 19
1100-2300 UT 11730 MNS 100kW 246deg to WeEUR Bel/Ru/Pol/Ge/Fr/En/Sp/Ru.
Strong signal in Bulgaria, but low modulation.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

S=9+30, aber px nur - relativ - leise zu hoeren. LSB S=9+10/USB S=9+20 und
beide nicht frei von Nebengeraeusch (Heulen). Noch leiser eine 2. Station
auf QRG im Hintergrund. Ist lt. AOKI:
11730 KSDA-AWR GUAM 1100-1200 dialy Chinese 100kW 330deg Agat GUM
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX Jan 21)

Log: 11730, Belarus, at 1140 UT, 21 Jan 2015, zusammen gestupfte 20 x 5 kW
Stoersender zu einem Paket auf 11730 kHz, die mussten die
Endstufenleistung zuruecknehmen, weill das ganze overmodulated war. Jetzt
fehlt's natuerlich am durchdringenden Mod Signal.

Naheby auf 11589.988 Reach Beyond AUS in Nepali, 1240 UT S=7-8
musst lsb mode nehmen, RTTY auf 11593 kHz sehr stark.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 21)

BHUTAN   6034.95  BBS at 1202 UT found this was on late, past 1200 UT.
Usual nx pgm w/M hosting. 1213-1218 UT same M mixed w/usual simple plucked
lcl stringed instrument. 1219-1234 UT same M anncr chatting w/little girl.
She sang several times as well. Signal abruptly off while they were tlking
at 1234:32 UT. Nice to hear this again staying on past Marti sign off
w/fair signal and severe QRM from a strong 6030 kHz Yunnan which was
notched out. 18 Jan.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, direct Jan 24)

BOLIVIA   4409.77  R. Eco (pres.) 0026 UT M anncr but not strong enough to
copy. Definitely there. Getting some mx at 0158 UT check. Very fady. 17

6155.13  Fides 1008 tlk by M and W, pres. nx, w/ment of La Paz. Into
beautiful camposino song at 1019. M returned at 1021. // to the webstream
which was nearly a minute behind. Very fady signal and distorted audio.
A difficult catch. 17 Jan.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

BOSNIA   6100  International Radio of Serbia - from Bijeljina Bosnia,
2152-2204 UT on Jan 25, woman announcer with French talk and some local
music selection. ID at 2158 UT and close down followed by IS and opening
of English service at 2200 UT. Poor to fair.
(D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Jan 25)

BRAZIL   9725.0  on Jan 22 at 0644 UT, fair signal with Brazuguese call-
in, 0646 UT mentions R. Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo, but this isn't 9820v
kHz. It's the reactivated RB2 from Curitiba, Parana, which has been back a
few weeks but this is the first time I've ever heard it during my regular
bandscans between 06 and 07 UT, so just went 24 hours? Quickly confirmed
as such by finding much weaker // s on 11935 kHz, and 6040 kHz, the latter
the last one just to come up per reports from Brasil. Previous logs put
9 MHz channel 15 Hz low, but compared to NZ on 11725 kHz, it seems closer
than that. Format is now Catholic, as if yet another one of those were
needed on ZY SW. Apparently many are inter-related if not simulcast.

All three of these RB2s missed being entered into the WRTH 2015. They last
appeared in the WRTH 2010, the upper two as *inactive, all 7.5 kW then and
with the same callsign ZYE725; normally each frequency gets a distinct,
usually consecutive call number, as evidenced by numerous other multi-band
stations. Strangely, 6040 and 9725 kHz were named R. Clube B2, while 11935
kHz was still R. Clube Paranaense.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 22)

BRAZIL   Rather poor tiny signals from RB2 noted this morning in 0700-0815
UT Jan 23 slot.

6040.005  tiny poor S=4-5 -96dBm signal,
QRM heavily suffer by nearby lower side 6037.2 to 6039.6 kHz like
"seaside CODAR" shrap,shrap signal, or is military ? border radar ? sound
like anvil-banging TADIL-A bonker?
latter noise often observed close to 6135 kHz channel too.

9724.967  two RB2 presenter - male and female - in 0730-0745 UT on Jan 23
time slot, weak S=5 -93dBm, noted on remote SDR units in NY and MA-USA
east coast.

11935.010 at 0750 UT on Jan 23, S=4 or -97dBm signal.
(to compare on same time slot:
RNA 11780.113 kHz S=9+10 -65dBm // 6180.006 kHz, or TOM Okeechobee

re Brazil RB2
6040 RB2 Curitiba reports from Brazil from first on Tuesday Jan 20.
checked this RB2 px in past weeks, I estimate that very irregular service,
bcast only now and then.

11933.440 heard only Dec 20 til Dec 26, later not anymore,
maybe due of bad propagation cond,
the 49 and 31 mb Brazilians logged always stronger than 25mb lately.

But tonight Jan 22 at 2210 UT heard undoubtedly RB2 on 11935.003 kHz here
in Germany, and also 6040.001 at 2150 UT
(co-ch 6039.989 CNR Nei Menggu Mongolian service which started
at 2150 UT, heard Chinese time signal at 2200 UT Jan 22)

Dec 20  9724.981
Dec 21  9724.985
Jan 15  9724.959
Jan 21  9724.969

yesterday Jan 21 and today noted always 9724.981 kHz as peak string only,
very poor signal.

Nothing heard here in Europe on v9724-9725 kHz tonight between
22 and 23 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 23)

BRAZIL   4914.98  R. Daqui Usual canned ID jingle at 2357 UT. Pleasant ZY
Ranchera-like song. 0000 UT promo w/ID at end, then full canned ID anmnt
by M at 0001 UT but plug pulled at 0001:28 UT when he got to "onda
tropicais". Nice signal. Conditions finally seem to be improving. 16-17

11933.408  RB2  Still off freq here. 1027 UT rom. ZY Ranchera-like song,
// 9725 kHz which was very poor. 1030 UT canned anmnt then live M and W
DJs in PT. A bit fady and good on peaks. 17 Jan.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, direct Jan 24)

CANADA   6070  CFRX  At 0952 UT, like a lcl, as strong as it is during the
day. Usual tlk show w/M host interviewing W. 1000 UT ID for Newstalk 1010
UT, wx, and into nx. Dropped off within 40 sec. at 1023 UT, and was very
weak, even mixing w/North Korean IS at 1200 UT later. But at 1236:00 UT it
jumped up from S6 to S=9+15 in just 10 seconds. So it can't be due to just
fading. 23 Jan.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

6070  on Jan 26 at 1409 UT, CFRX is audible poor-fair with Canadian biz
news, something about tax help vs the CRA (which I assume IRS); 1410 UT
"News-Talk 10-10" ID, fading up and down. Since latest reactivation, had
not been hearing it here after sunrise until now, but too far away for
all-day reception.

In B-15 HFCC [not including North Korea, Brasil, etc.] registered
conflicts will continue to be the 25 kW ROB, Germany, 24 hours; Vatican
Latin at 0530-0615 UT (hour earlier than now) and also 2040-2100 UT in
Arabic; and IBB Sao Tome at 2000-2030 UT daily in French. CFRX is not
registered, nor are CBC on 6160 & 6160 kHz, nor anything on that
frequency. I vaguely recall that before its demise, RCI would courteously
register the other Canadians.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 26)

CHINA   3900  PBS Hulun Buir (Hailar, Nei Menggu Autonomous Region,
formerly Inner Mongolia) noted from 1031 UT tune with weak S2 signal and
ARO QRM. Tuned w/ LSB for best readability. Recorded to 1441* UT. At 1200
UT signal had improved to S3 - hrd w/ time pips and man ann w/ inst music
then woman and man ancrs and Chinese female vocals to past 1300 UT. At
1301 UT there was a man ancr talking softly with backgnd inst music as at
1200 UT. ARO QRM was consistently present to varying degrees over the
period. Not a bad signal for 10 kW. SINPO 33433 (ocnl I-2 from ARO QRM),
peaking 1230-1330 UT.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Jan 26)

CUBA/CHINA   15700  Jan 26 at 1511, CRI English on new frequency via
CUBA!! VG level but with constant hum, and ICDs intermittent carrier
dropouts every few seconds. (Much stronger than 15770 WRMI BS). A few
minutes earlier at 1509 UT, I had noticed usual 13740 kHz CRI relay was
absent. 1549 UT it's still the same with dropouts on 15700 kHz.

CRI long ago had plans to move the 14-16 UT service to 19mb:
during A-14 it was HFCC registered via HABana on 15535 kHz, 250 kW, 305
degrees, but that never happened in A-14 nor in B-14. 13740 kHz was doing
just fine here, no dropouts either, but 15700 kHz would have greater range
in the daytime, but also a greater skip zone past Florida. We'll see if
this stix.

Another unfulfilled QSY in A-14 was for CRI Cantonese 12-13 UT and English
13-14 UT on 13590 kHz, which would have replaced 9570 kHz. Need to check
for that now too, or somewhere else on 22mb.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 26)

FRANCE   [non]   "Rallye de France". Hi, It was announced in Strasbourg
yesterday that the Rallye de France has been scrapped because of financial
disagreement between the organizers and the French motoring federation

As a consequence the tests on 1161 kHz have been cancelled.
Regards, Edgar Pierson
(Edgar Pierson-F, via EuroRadio Jan 22)

1161  TDF Strassbourg Selestat.
Hi everyone, The next "Rallye de France" will be held near Strasbourg from
Oct. 1st to Oct. 4th, 2015.

On that occasion the organisers are planning to run a temporary MW station
to help people with traffic information, infos about the rally itself,
interviews with drivers, and any information that may be useful to fans.

Programmes will be mainly in French, with hourly bulletins in English and

They will use the TdF station in Selestat, which is situated right in the
middle of the area. They will reactivate a transmitter that was used for
France Inter several decades ago.

Tests will be held in february and/or march. No exact date was given.

So watch out for signals on 1161 kHz in the coming months. The power will
be 200 kW. - 73, Jean-Paul Meyer, Strasbourg, France.
(Jean-Paul Meyer-F, EuroRadio Jan 19)

GERMANY   Wertachtal-Sender Finale ...

Hallo Leute, - kennt ihr das Video unten...??
Zur freien Verwendung und Verteilung diese traurige Geschichte.....

Der letzte Sendermast ist gefallen. Ehemalige Mitarbeiter erinnern sich an
die ueber 45jaehrige Geschichte des einst groessten europaeischen
Kurzwellensenders Wertachtal.

73 ... PETER  DJ8XW derzeit Singapur, schoene Gruesse vom Aequator, 9M8XXW

Video, 7mins 32sec:
The last transmitter mast fell. Former employees remember on over 45 years
of history of the once largest European Shortwave transmitter at


00.20 m/s  Wertachtal bcast center, once "the navel of the world of
communication" in the 70ties.

Planned from 1969, Bundespost/Telekom erected first 6 x 500 kW tx in
1971/1972. 30 language broadcasts of many broadcaster, like state
information broadcaster Deutsche Welle went to internet distribution now
at present.

00.45  "Federal broadcaster Deutsche Welle whose job it was, populist
connecting communication and a contribution to peace" the motto of DW
Intendant chief 1967-1980 Walter Steigner.

01.00  presenter engineer Mr. Albert Richter spoke, "Wertachtal was built
over several years, very tedious. Dipol array masts blown up in 2014 year.

01.15  memories of engineering staff who were there at Wertachtal since
Mr. Heinrich Epple, about the happiness of the interesting work for the
staff team.

01.36  picture of first transmission of 25 Febr 1972,
       real 500kW at tranmitter #801 on 5960 kHz, on antenna #124,
<WER_Team_19720225_1st 500kW unit #801 on air_5960kHz_ant#124.jpg>

02.10  180 Million Deutsch Marks were the Deutsche Bundespost Wertachtal
budget these days 1969-1973, were the construction costs of this system.

02.20  Wertachtal azimuth angle map.

02.32  Postmaster General, Federal Post Minister Mr. Georg Leber
<WER_1972_inauguration_German_Bundespost_minister Georg Leber.jpg>

02.40 <WER_1972_500kW coaxial cable transport with Bavarian brewery
and likewise phantasy thrill so far ...
<WER_1972_500kW coaxial cable phantasy thrill likewise.jpg>

02.49  in August 1972, punctual to the Munich Olympics, the tx center went
into regular service.
<WER_Aug 1972 punctual to the Munich Olympics the tx center went into
regular service.jpg>

02.55  among the curiosities, from today's perspective, the small sea is
one of these cooling water pond. The pool was part of the cooling water
circuit, and served the operation relatives and families as always
comfortably heated pool.

03.15  Mr. Volker Buchholz: "The boss had ordered staff to swim, before
the start of daily operations, employees should still sporty a swim by 10

03.30  Wertachtal 1972 engineering staff bungalows on seaside.
<WER_1972_engineering staff bungalows on seaside.jpg>

03.55  Wertachtal staff bungalow example. Overlooking the countryside, and

04.45  Mr. Werner Thiele: "Condition for the construction at this location
was that the environment was flat and totally undeveloped. ... Very rare
to find such a transmitter site location, in the most densely populated
Federal Republic of Germany."

05.22  Full broadcast service of Deutsche Telekom / Media Broadcast staff
in the 90ties and 00ies.
<WER_full broadcast service in the 90ties.jpg>

05.36  1990year Operation panel. Transmitter operation at full capacity in
the late 90s, and digital mode investing, in digitization up to 2008.
<WER_full broadcast service in the 90ties.jpg>

05.54  big tx / antenna connection matrix

06.14  in 2008, the State Transmission System Wertachtal has been

06.21  in 2014, last mast blown-up example.

07.27  after more than 40 years of shortwave transmitter Wertachtal is
almost disappeared, and only history.   WER  sk

(Peter Jenus-SNG  DJ8XW 9M8XXW, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 21)

Hallo Peter,
danke fuer den Videotipp. Der SZ Sueddeutsche Zeitung Munich newspaper
Artikel ist auch immer noch online:
(Daniel Kaehler-D, an Peter Jenus-SNG  9M8XXW  Jan 21)

GERMANY   Dear friends, the AFN GERMANY is not on air in the medium-wave
band. I have visited some different MW-sites.

Tx Bamberg off air since December 2013.
Stuttgart off air since 7.03.2014 at 14.45 DST.
Kaiserslautern off air since 31 August 2014.
Heidelberg off air since 28 April 2014.

I think AFN has left AM completely. On the website of AFN only frequencies
for FM and digital transmissions.

73s (Uwe Sennewald-D, Jan 16, via Dario Monferini, playdx yg / dxld)

(probably Dario comment, ibid.)

AFN in Germany still to be heard on small MW installations on
1107 kHz AFN PowerNet/AFN Bavaria, Vilseck, Bavaria.
1143 kHz via Bitburg airbase.
1485 kHz via Hohenfels, army training camp.  (wb)

GREECE   9420  on Jan 26 at 0648 UT, ERTOpen [still known as?], is on with
W&M conversation in Greek, fair signal. Wonder what the elexion of leftist
government portends now for ERT / NERIT?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 26)

385 billion Euros are waiting for payment in the next coming 60 years.
The credit period is stretched. A Greek national load balancing loomed on
the horizon?

Hopefully, the EU will continue to guarantee these additional public debt
in order to pay the Electricity for Avlis radio station ...

Hopeless, the rich Greeks Upper Class, shipping companies, oligarchs, and
the Orthodox Church will finally pay ALSO national taxes in future ?  (wb)

INDIA   9809.97  AIR Panaji While looking for the Nord Revival test on
9815 kHz, found a huge signal here from Panaji playing subcont. Pop mx at
1159 UT. Went off at 1201:12 UT in mid-song even though its scheduled to
stay on until 1215 UT. Panaji was back on at 1217 UT recheck and way over
CNR2. 22 Jan.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

INDIA   Special Broadcasts by AIR for Republic Day: 26 Jan 2015

All India Radio will broadcast following special programs in connection
with the Republic Day celebrations on 26th January, 2015

25 January 2015 (Sunday) : Eve of Republic Day 1330 UT onwards President's
address to the nation in Hindi & English. This will be broadcast by all
stations of AIR on MW, SW, FM. Shortly after this broadcast, the local
stations will broadcast its translations in local languages.

SW frequencies:
kHz kW Station
4760   7 Leh
4760   8.5 Port Blair
4800  50 Hyderabad
4810  50 Bhopal
4820  50 Kolkata
4835  10 Gangtok
4850  50 KOHIMA
4860  50 Shimla
4880  50 Lucknow
4895  50 Kurseong
4910  50 Jaipur
4920  50 Chennai
4950  50 Srinagar ?
4970  50 Shillong
4990  50 Itanagar
5010  50 Thiruvananthapuram
5040  50 Jeypore
5050  10 Aizawl
6030 250 Delhi
9380 250 Aligarh
9425 250 Delhi
9870 500 Bengaluru

MW Frequencies: <>
FM Frequencies: <>

26 January 2015 (Monday): Republic Day:
Running Commentary of Republic Day parade from 0350 UT onwards:

Hindi: 6155 (Aligarh 250 kW); 9595 (Delhi), 11620 (Bengaluru 500 kW)
(Cancelling External Service in Urdu normally broadcast at this time on
these frequencies)

English: 6030 (Delhi 250 kW); 15050 (Bengaluru 500 kW)

Also MW/FM frequencies as per above mentioned links.

The following regional stations will change from their Morning frequencies
on 60 Meters (4 & 5 MHz frequencies) to their day time frequencies between
0335-0350 UT (ie much earlier than usual) as follows:

6000 Leh
6040 Jeypore ? (Off air lately)
6085 Gangtok
6150 Itanagar
7230 Kurseong
7295 Aizawl
7315 Shillong
7325 Jaipur
7440 Lucknow

The following stations are already scheduled to be on air daily at this
time and will also relay the running commentary.

6020 Shimla
6110 Srinagar ? (off air lately)
7210 Kolkata
7290 Thiruvanthapuram
7380 Chennai
7390 Port Blair
7420 Hyderabad
7430 Bhopal

Please send your reception reports to:

More details about India's Republic Day is in:

Happy Republic Day to all DX India members!
73, Jose Jacob & Alokesh Gupta
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia Jan 21)

INDIA  [KASHMIR]  Radio Kashmir Leh 43 years old Shotopa/Leh/25-06-2014

Radio Kashmir Leh Ladakh situated at an altitude of approx. 11000 ft (3500
m) above the sea level is one of the highest altitude radio station and
completes 43 years of its service to the region and nation on June 25,

The station was inaugurated in 1971 in extreme conditions and served as a
healthy source of information, entertainment and education to the people
of Ladakh. Sh. KP Shunglu was the first Station Director and Sh. MS Talwar
was the first Station Engineer of AIR Leh.

AIR Leh has been a vibrant radio station and has witnessed numerous
moments of glory in these years. The station and employees work
dedicatedly in severe conditions. The transmitter of All India Radio Leh
and residential homes were extensively damaged by the flash floods in Aug.
2010. But the show goes on.

AIR Leh has one SW, one 20 KW MW Transmitter with studios for local
programming and one FM Transmitter which relays FM Rainbow to connect the
population with mainstream.

Prasar Bharati Parivar is proud of hundreds of administrative,
engineering, programme and news persons who have worked tirelessly to
bring the station to this stage and those who are still working at the
station and contributing their pie. It's time to congratulate all of them
who have been directly or indirectly associated with the station. We
invite all our friends to post their comments to appreciate their efforts.
(From F_B/Ladakh-News-Service/June 25 2014)
If you want to know more about Ladakh, see
(via Thomas Nilsson-SWE, SWB Jan 18 direct and via dxld)

INDONESIA   4869.90  RRI Wamena, at 1219 UT on Jan 18. End of the Jakarta
news; usual patriotic song "Bagimu Negeri" (For You Our Country); into
local programming. Both RRI Makassar (4749.95 kHz) and RRI Palangkaraya
(3325 kHz) continue their long standing silence. Recent reception well
above average.

Thursday, on Jan 22, at 1229 UT, with intro to the KGI program in English;
only bits and pieces made out; poorer than recently heard.

3344.85  RRI Ternate (presumed), at 1304 UT on Jan 23. Noted with one of
their better days; above threshold level audio; poor.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 23)

4869.912  INS RRI Wamena 1148 UT, in downtown Sydney Australia remote SDR
unit, S=8. Nothing on 3344.85 kHz, RRI Ternate at 1150 UT, Jan 24.

Some more of Quick log.
7634-7765 broadband OTHR signal shrap, tack, shrap, tack.

7345 at 1130 UT only covered by CNR1 powerful.
     No Myanmar Phin Oo Luyin outlet noted here.

7220.014  VTN  VoVietnam Son Tay in Russian.
2485      AUS  ABC NT Katherine S=9+20dB -53dBm.
3247.810  NZL  ZKLF Auckland Meteo FAX tentativelly.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

JAPAN   NHK-Kyoto will close its MW Program 1 broadcast (call sign JOOK)
at 1600 UT on February 1. They broadcast on 621 kHz (1 kW) from the T-
shaped antenna located at the top of their building near Nijo Castle in
Kyoto. The T-shaped antenna, as well as the old building will be
dismantled at the same time, and NHK-Kyoto will remove the new building at
Karasuma-Oike, 500m southeast from the old one. JOOK started transmission
in 1932.

MW Program 2 from NHK-Kyoto, with the call sign JOOB, was already closed
in 1973. Listeners in Kyoto are advised to receive NHK-Osaka (JOBK 666 kHz
100 kW Mihara transmitter site) instead.

3 low powered relay stations (each 500W) at Maizuru (585 kHz),
Fukuchiyama (1026 kHz), Miyazu (999 kHz) will remain.

BTW Kyoto was once a capital of Japan between 794 - 1868AD.
(Takahito Akabayashi-JPN, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 22)

MICRONESIA  FSM - Federated States of Micronesia   4755.568 kHz
PMA - Pacific Missionary, Aviati, Pohnpei, The Cross Radio. At 1207 UT
found this was on late after usual 1200 UT sign off w/regular rel. mx,
then M in En at 1211 UT w/spiritual rel. tlk. W anncr at 1214 UT and then
rel. Pop mx sounding like Kenny Loggins. 1217 UT short rel. feature on
change, then back to mx. Went off in mid-song at 1222:33 UT. Getting
better to s/off. 21 Jan.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, direct Jan 24)

4755.564  at 0625- UT, PMA The Cross Jan 21. Already hearing them with
weak audio (inspirational instrumental music) at before 10:30 PM local
time in Masset-CAN. Shaping up to be a very good SW evening, with lowish A
and K indices, for a change. Once again, my AOR 7030+ recovers audio
before my Perseus is able tohear anything. On late this morning, asstill
going strong with S6 to S7 signal strength at 14:20 UT.
(Walt Salmaniw-Masset cottage BC-CAN, DXplorer Jan 25)

MYANMAR   6029.993  Thazin R. Phin Oo Luyin signal on at 2323 UT, way over
CNR1 which was audible the same time. Tone started almost immediately.
2330 UT usual opening routine. Best heard yet at 2330 s/on. 16 Jan.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

7185.76 (thanks to Wolfy for exact frequency!), Myanmar Radio, ex: 7200.1.
Now heard daily; normally signing on about 1346 UT (January 21 at
1346:32), with sign off varying about 1500.

Jan 23 had some problems; 1341 UT with audio; after 1342 UT just open
carrier; OC still at 1356 UT, but by 1427 UT audio back on with fair
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 23)

Was footprint from Yegu site 7185.759 kHz last Jan 24 at 0130 UT
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

7185.741  at 1453- UT, Myanma Radio Jan 20. Very strong reception. Thanks
to Ron Howard for pointing the frequency change. Measuring a little lower
than he found. Very nice local music coming up to their sign-off time.
Phone ringing and talking to callers. Sounds a lot like Indonesian
stations of old. Leaves Radio Obdurman in the clear at fair level on 7200
kHz at the same time. Off when rechecked at 15:00 UT.

5985  at 1510- UT, Myanmar Radio Jan 20. Very nice opening this morning to
Burma this morning with the splatter from adjacent channels very
manageable. Went into their English service at 15:30 and past 16:00 UT. At
16:00 UT, though, CRI in Swahili came in much stronger. No IS or anything,
just 'CRI Swahili'. Burma was still very easily heard under CRIwith oldies
EZL American music. At least they are easy to follow when CRI has speech,
rather than music.
(Walt Salmaniw-Masset cottage BC-CAN, DXplorer Jan 25)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3260 NBC Madang at 1208 UT end of island song, then
immediately into another song starting w/drum-like march and M vcl, then
suddenly off at 1210:33 UT. 17 Jan.

4895 Kurseong wasn't on at 1215 or before, but was there at 1219 w/mx. 17

3385  NBC ENB at 1145 UT choral song. 1150 UT Reggae song at recheck. 1152
UT W in Tok Pisin followed by EG ads, then W returned at 1154 UT. Ment of
"... broadcast for tonight ...", and thought heard ment of the NBC. Mx at
1157 UT to 1202 UT usual NBC ToH signature and M w/nx including
soundbites. Readable signal but the UTE here was just devastating. 21 Jan.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, direct Jan 24)

3260.000  PNG R Madang, S=9+10dB
3274.996  PNG R South Highlands.
3385.000  PNG R East New Britain, Rabaul. 1200 UT Jan 24.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

PERU   4985.5  R. Voz Cristiana Long preaching by W in SP from 2344 to
2353 UT. Into nice rel. Huayno. Canned promo/ID by M at 2357:25 UT. More
canned anmnts w/loud prolonged yelling in one. 0000 UT fanfare and poss.
pgm intro by M and W, then into soft rel. vcl by W, and plug pulled at
0001:24 UT. // to the website which was about 10 seconds behind. Surprised
to find this on and readable. 16-17 Jan.

6173.87  R. Tawantinsuyo (pres.) No doubt the one here all alone at 0034
UT w/M anncr barely audible. Too weak to ID but in there. 17 Jan.

4985.5  R. Voz Cristiana Found on the air earlier today at 1051 UT w/soft-
spoken M DJ, pleasant campo song, M returned in pres. Quechua w/ment of
radio, then later TC and into ad/promo block w/2 promo/IDs at 1059:50 and
1100:10 UT. Next one mentioned Junin and Huancayo. Poss. ID at 1103:30 UT,
and another at 1104 UT mentioned radio. Finally back to OA campo mx at
1105 UT. Best signal yet this season. 17 Jan.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

RUSSIA   End powerful SW broadcasting of Radio Rossii mediumwave.

On February 1 - 2015, disabled  -  S 1 fevralya otklyuchayutsya
 567 Volgograd
 567 Kyzyl
 576 Khabarovsk
 585 Perm'
 594 Izhevsk
 621 Syktyvkar
 621 Makhachkala
 639 Omsk
 657 Murmansk
 693 Ufa
 739 Chelyabinsk
 765 Petrozavodsk
 792 Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinskiy
 792 Abakan
 810 Vladivostok
 846 Elista
 855 Penza
 873 Moskva
 873 St.Peterburg
 873 Samara
 873 Kaliningrad
 918 Arkhangel'sk
 945 Rostov
 963 Zakamensk
1080 Saransk
1116 Sochi
1134 Voshenskaya
1278 Severobaykal'sk
1287 Groznyy
1476 Onguday
1503 Magistral'nyy
1584 Klyuchi
(Victor Rutkovsky-RUS, open.dx website Jan 22)

List of all closed radios on MW - Medium Waves up to now.
For more at: <>
Ydun's Medium Wave Info 25 January 2015

"After February 1, 2015 broadcast on medium wave transmitters will
continue 10 RTR. All of them are low-power - from 1 to 15 kW - and enable
radio reception in a radius of 50 kilometers, the source says RBC.
But what exactly?"
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, "open_dx")

Here is what remains after 1 February 2015:

kHz - kW - Location of Regional inclusion
 711  7 Naryan-Mar, Nenetskiy Autonomny Okrug
        GTRK "Zapolyarje" / "Pomorje"
 738 25 Palana, Kamchatkiy kray GTRK "Kamchatka"
 936  5 Matveevka, Orenburgskaya oblast GTRK "Orenburg"
1008  1 Tuapse, Krasnodarskiy kray
1089  5 Tilichiki, Kamchatkiy kray GTRK "Kamchatka"
1098  5 Nikolsk, Vologodskaya oblast GTRK "Vologda"
1152 50 Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovskiy kray GTRK "Dalnevostochnoe"
1251  1 Urup, Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia GTRK "Karachay-Cherkessia"
1251  7 Cherkessk, Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia
        GTRK "Karachay-Cherkessia"
1278  5 Bagdarin, Republic of Buryatia GTRK "Buryatskaya"
1278 25 Barguzin, Republic of Buryatia GTRK "Buryatakaya"
1350  5 Ust-Kan, Altai Republic GTRK "Gorny Altai"
1350  5 Ust-Ulagan, Altai Republic GTRK "Gorny Altai"
1395  5 Buguruslan, Orenburgskaya oblast GTRK "Orenburg"
1440  5 Kosh-Agach, Altai Republic GTRK "Gorny Altai"
1440  5 Turochak, Altai Republic GTRK "Gorny Altai"
1440  5 Ust-Cox, Altai Republic GTRK "Gorny Altai"
1458  7 ?gva, Permskiy kray GTRK "Perm" (Kudymcar?)
1485  1 Kamensky, Kamchatkiy kray GTRK "Kamchatka"
1521  5 Boguchani, Krasnoyarskiy kray GTRK "Krasnoyarsk"
1584  1 Taksimo, Republic of Buryatia GTRK "Buryatskaya"
1602  1 Novoiliynskiy, Republic of Buryatia GTRK "Buryatskaya"
1602  1 Ust-Barguzin, Republic of Buryatia GTRK "Buryatskaya"

RUSSIA   I can find reference to a further 11 transmitters:
 612 20 kW Kurkino (Voice of Russia)
 684 10 kW Sosnovka (Radio Radonezh)
 738  5 kW Kurkino (WRN)
 828 10 kW Sosnovka (Radiogazeta)
 918 50 kW Makhachkala (Radio Mayak
1053 10 kW Sosnovka (Radio Mariya)
1089 50 kW Krasny Bor (Radio Teos)
1134 20 kW Kurkino (Radio Teos)
1584 0.1 kW  Moskva (Radio Ekspromt (temp)
1593 0.01 kW St Petersburg (temp)
1602 0.1 kW  Moscow (Radio Zeleny Glazh) (temp)
(Alexander Berezkin, St. Petersburg, Russia "open_dx")
(all also via RUSdx Jan 25)

Noted the following LW / MW stns on SDR Perseus net unit in Moscoc
noontime, like 09 UT.

0915-0930 UT
LW the much ONLY reliable signal stn POL on 225 kHz.

MW 612/738/1134 kHz, all three still on air, but 612/738 kHz on mini
power, Boel Belgium EMWG list shows registered 5kW power ?
Only 1134 kHz bcast is on full power of 20 kW.

 565 NDB mode
 612 much pure now these days BC
 704 threshold, spurious of 738 kHz ?
 738 tiny signal, only 5 kW?
 852 NDB mode
 873 weak signal, comes from St.P. Olgino 75kW
 918 threshold signal, ?
 938.4  spurious signal
1080 NDB mode, strong
1134 full power 20 kW, S=9+40dB < we say "The Last of the Mohicans"...
1285 NDB mode
1304 spurious on threshold
1476 hx of 738 kHz channels.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 26)

RUSSIA   "Radio Russia" and "Mayak" begin broadcasting in FM-band

Just two popular radio station All-Russian State Television and Radio
Company (RTR) begin broadcasting in FM-band in Vladivostok. On February 1,
2015 "Radio Russia" can be heard on the frequency 102.1 MHz, and the radio
station "Mayak" at a frequency of 88.8 MGts.Ob this "Vestyam.Primore"
reported at the branch RTRS "Seaside KRTPTS."

As explained signalers, since Soviet times "Radio Russia" and the radio
station "Mayak" were working in the capital of Primorye in the VHF range.
In this case, for many years the most popular among listeners is FM-range.
In 2012, on the eve of the APEC summit, RTRS together RTR launched in
Vladivostok at the frequency of 89.8 MHz radio "Vesti.FM", where every 45
minutes hour news outlets "Vesti FM.Vladivostok." Now there is a technical
possibility to February 1, 2015 to begin broadcasting in this range are
two public radio station, "Radio Russia" with all regional inclusions
"Radio Rossii.Primore" sounds in Vladivostok on the frequency 102.1 MHz,
and the "Lighthouse" at a frequency of 88 8 MHz.

In addition, as reported in the "Primorsky KRTPTS" in branch plans for
2015 to run "Radio Russia" in the FM-band Ussuriisk (frequency 106.0 MHz)
and Nakhodka (101.4 MHz).

< 53813/>
(Jan 23)

SOLOMON ISLS   5020  SIBC at 1143 UT found in the clear with Rebelde off.
Decent signal too. M DJ taking a phone call. 1145 UT personal messages.
1147 UT short upcoming pgm notes, and into Reggae island song. 1151 UT M
DJ returned and more messages/greetings. 1155 UT C&W song. DJ cut the song
short, had a few anmnts, then usual inspirational pgm feature at closing.
1200 UT canned closing En ID anmnt by W w/freqs over lively instru. mx,
then instru. NatAnthem, but off at 1201:28 UT not long after it started.
Nice to hear this in the clear again. Rebelde was back on by 1213 UT
recheck, so am happy they stayed off until SIBC closed down. 17 Jan.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, direct Jan 24)

THAILAND/SINGAPORE   Another play ... A new cat and mouse game -
BBC vv China mainland jamming organization.

After action of the US IBB organization in the shortwave broadcast seasons
B-13 and A-14 with different frequency channel hopping action from Tinian
and Saipan islands at 16mb and 13 mb, in order to escape the jamming of
the English, Mandarin, Tibetan and Uighur programs by China mainland; now
we are experiencing another such action.

BBC frequency channel hopping - cat and mouse game.

11935  BBCWS English from Nakhon Sawan noted around 1045 UT on Jan 22 loud
an clear in Nagoya and Tokyo pref remote units, no jamming received /
?propagate? so far this morning.

Usual "White Noise" digital jamming of China mainland security authorities
against BBCWS English sce is at least 10 kHz wide band. At 1208 UT on Jan
22 on 12030 kHz BBC news on Ukraine civil war clashes, S=8-9 in Japan.

Disorder. - This will lead only to confuse the English speaking listener
amongst the China people. (wb.)

from Aoki Nagoya list:

11935 * BBC 1000-1100 ..3.56. English 250 45 Nakhon Sawan THA BBC b14
11565 kHz instead on Sun/Mon/Wed
11895 kHz on Sats

12030 * BBC 1100-1200 ..3.56. English 250 45 Nakhon Sawan THA BBC b14
11805 kHz instead on Sun/Mon/Wed
11895 kHz on Sats

12030 * BBC 1200-1300 ..3.56. English 250 25 Nakhon Sawan THA BBC b14
11805 kHz instead on Sun/Mon/Wed
11895 kHz on Sats
(Aoki Nagoya list Jan 22)

Re: BBCWS via Thailand channel hopping. Especially when they don't
announce the frequencies or even update their website -
(Steve Cooper-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Jan 23)

'MCruz DXer' in Mexico (on WRTH Facebook) reported BBC World Service on
unscheduled 15640 kHz at 0000 UT (Wed 21 Jan). (Alan Pennington)

In response, Sei-ichi Hasegawa posted this updated (partial) schedule
showing BBCWS (to SoEaAsia via Thailand) 'channel hopping' according to
day of the week to avoid Chinese jamming (but how do listeners keep track
of these day to day switches?):

(1-7 days of week 1=Sun, 7=Sat)

BBC World Service from Jan 15.

*2300-2400 ex. 5875, 7490*
7490 .....6.
7520 ..345..
7600 12....7

5830 1...5.7
5875 ...4...
5895 .23..6.

*0000-0100 ex. 13725, 15755*
13635 1...56.
13700 .2.4..7
13725 ..3....

15200 1.3...7
15640 ...45..
15755 .2...6.

*0100-0300 ex.15310*
15490 1.34...
15310 .2..5..
15780 .....67

*1000-1100 ex. 11895*
11565 12.4...
11895 ......7
11935 ..3.56.

*1100-1300 ex. 11895*
11805 12.4...
11895 ......7
12030 ..3.56
(WRTH - World Radio Tv Handbook Facebook page, 21 Jan)

HFCC now shows an extra hour of BBCWS English to South East Asia/Far East
2200-2300 on 3915-Kranji 5890-Thailand 6195-Kranji 7490-Thailand
effective from 21 January. Very good signal here last night on 6195 kHz.
(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK Jan 23)

TURKEY   Mediumwave Istanbul 702 kHz, damaged by storm in June 2014,
station expected back May 2015:

(Guenter Lorenz-D, mwmasts Jan 21)

formerly scheduled at 0300-2200 UT, TRT Tiurkiu program?, wb.
702 kHz Istanbul Catalca Izzettin location, 1200 kW (2 x 600 kW)
41 11 03.30 N  28 30 44.21 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 21)

UNIDENTIFIED   6000+, on Jan 24 at 0629 UT, RHC 6000.0 kHz has a weak het
on the hi side, very roughly 1 kHz. Wonder if the Brasilia tester is back;
used to be on the lo side.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 24)

re 6000 kHz, at 0105 UT on Jan 25
5999.995 TUR  ERT Emirler Turkish service
6000.003 RHC

re 6040 RB2
6039.990 CHN  Nei Menggu
6040.003 IRN  IRIB interval signal at 0118 UT on Jan 25.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 25)

USA   SWL hobby program, "Frecuencia Al Día" - Update
2200 WWCR Nashville, Sp, Frecuencia al Día - 6115

2230 WBCQ, Sp, Frecuencia al Día - 7490

2200 WWCR Nashville, Sp, Frecuencia al Día - 6115
(Dino Bloise <>  Jan 28)

UZBEKISTAN   9540  Jan 26 at 1423 UT, poor signal playing BaBcoCk IS, with
longer pauses than usual and seems to cut out now and then past 1426 UT;
at 1429 UT dead air with flutter past 1430 UT. Presumed FEBA px feed via
Tashkent-UZB as in fact registered by BaBcoCk for Hindi at 1430-1500 UT,
100 kW, 131 degrees. 9540 kHZ was an old R. Tashkent frequency; how we
miss them.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 26)

VATICAN STATE/MADAGASCAR  [to SUDAN target]  15555  on Jan 26 at 1513 UT,
R. Tamazuj in Arabic dialect on new frequency, ex-15550 where it was
colliding with WJHR USB only. After three months in the B-14 season, did
someone finally notice my complaints about this?

FCC? Via VATICAN site, still // 15400 which is much stronger here. 1514 UT
announcement mentions several "kiloHertz", probably giving full schedule
including this change. Presumably also applies to R. Dabanga at 1530-1627
UT, unchecked, while 15400 kHz is for Tamazuj only until 1527 UT. Aoki
already has the 15555 kHz change effective yesterday Jan 25. The two are
still listed for 15550 kHz on their morning broadcasts, 0400-0557 UT via
Madagascar when there is no WJHR to avoid.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 26)

Frequency changes of Radio Tamazuj & Radio Dabanga from Jan 22

Radio Tamazuj
0400-0430 NF 15555 MDC 250 kW 335 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic, ex15550
// frequency  7315 SMG 250 kW 146 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic
// frequency 11940 MDC 250 kW 320 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic

1500-1530 NF 15555 SMG 200 kW 150 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic, ex15550
// frequency 13800 MDC 250 kW 340 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic
// frequency 15400 SMG 200 kW 139 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic

Radio Dabanga
0430-0600 NF 15555 MDC 250 kW 335 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic, ex15550
// frequency  7315 SMG 200 kW 146 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic

1530-1600 NF 15555 SMG 200 kW 150 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic, ex15550
// frequency 13800 MDC 250 kW 340 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic
1600-1630 NF 15555 SMG 200 kW 150 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic, ex15550
// frequency 13800 SMG 200 kW 146 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 27)


Quick log in 0630-0745 UT range on Jan 25 morning.
Heard mostly in Germany, MA-NY, Kentucky, Vancouver and Edmonton Alb-CAN
remote SDR locations.

5829.985 USA WTWW
5910.051 CLM ? Alcaraván Radio ?, Lomalinda, Puerto Lleras, Meta
5939.701 BRA Voz Missionaria, Camboriú, SC // 9664.720 kHz
5964.981 BRA R Transmundial (RTM), Santa Maria RS
5970.012 BRA R Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte, MG
5975 ??? empty carrier at 0647 UT, probably left over Woofferton sce ?
5985 ALB CRI Cerrik relay, Arabic S=9+40dB powerhouse in Germany.
5995.002 MLI RTVM Bamako, as usual low modulation.
5999.996 CUB RHC S=9+25dB in Germany, seldom some 4 Hertz lower side.
6010.055 BRA and 6010.225 stronger Colombian, latter hops 3 Hertz around
6040.006 BRA RB2, (but noting heard on // 9725 and 11935 this morning)
6060 CUB RHC
6070 VAT Vatican Radio, Latin Mass px, S=9+45dB powerhouse in Germany,
     (and co-channel weak ch292 hobby program from Germany underneath)
6080.044 BRA which stn - of both ?
6089v NIG nothing heard from Kaduna Nigeria this 0700 UT morning.
6100.001 CUB RHC with sunday Esperanto language special from 07 UT.
     some 7-8 signal only fair in Germany,
     but stronger S=9+10dB in Kentucky,
     and S=9+25dB in Vancouver / Edmonton-CAN remote posts.
6135.014 BRA Rádio Aparecida // 9629.947 kHz.
6155 AUT ORF ORS Moosbrunn at 0705 UT, Bruckner classic mx.
     Some S=9+40dB powerhouse in southern Germany .
6159.973 CAN CKZU Vancouver lower mainland broadcaster.
6159.984 CAN CKZN St. Johns east coastal stn, latter noted in MA-NY.
6165 CUB RHC
6180.004 BRA RNA S=8 fair signal into US east coast area,
     // 11780.137 kHz much stronger S=9+20dB.

9565.051 BRA SRDA Super R Deus é Amor, Curitiba, PR
9664.720 BRA Rádio Voz Missionária, Camboriú, SC // 5939.701 kHz.
11780.137 BRA RNA S=5 in Edmonton-CAN,
     S=9+20dB signal into US east coast area,
     S=9+10dB in Kentucky, but very weak signal in central Europe.
     // 6180.004 kHz only fair signal.

log January 25, 1440 - 1520 UT

2368.464 AUS  Radio Symban, Greek? mx, poor S=5 -94dBm, at 1440 UT Jan 25
2485     AUS  ABC / NT Katherine, at 1450 UT, S=9 or -71dBm proper
2500     HWA  WWVH Hawaii, time signal, ID, S=8 or -75dBm in Queensland
3247 - 3248 NZL ZKLF Auckland Meteo, Fax mode, 24hrs sce
3344.870 INS  RRI Ternate, mx at 1455 UT, but hard to identify,
         only threshold level, in Brisbane Queensland, Australia.
3945.000 VUT  Radio Vanuatu, straight S=9 signal, 1459-1505 UT, Jan 25,
         no ID given at full hour though, preserve music program of
         typical sweet PAC South Sea Music?
4010.020 KGZ  Kyrgyz Radio, Bishkek, weak and tiny, threshold level.
4765.066 TJK  Weak signal at 1506 UT Jan 25, Dushanbe Yangi Yul radio.
4819.994 and 4820.001 (unid mixture, 3x-co-ch Lhasa, Bishkek, Kolkatta)
5010.008 IND  AIR Hindi program, fast spoken like machine gun. 1515 UT.
5099.600 - 5100.400 AUS VMC Charleville Meteo, Fax, S=9+20dB -60dBm.

7013 - 7178 OTHR at 1518 UT in 41 meter ham radio band, S=8-9 in QSL.

7185v    MYA  Nothing did propagate to downunder Queensland and Sydney
         from Rangoon Yegu site at 1520 UT on Jan 25.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 25)


EDXC new website.

Seit heute gibt es eine neue EDXC Webseite.
Der wichtigste neue Inhalt: es gibt eine neue EDXC Laenderliste
"EDXC RADIO COUNTRIES 2014" als PDF zum Download.

(via Christoph Ratzer-AUT, <>  Jan 26)


SW and DX meetings 2015

Here is a list of some radio (especially shortwave and DX) related
meetings of this year. I hope this is of interest. Updates and corrections
are very welcome to
<risto.vahakainu -at->

Shortwave Radio Meetings - 2015

Date: February 13
Description: UNESCO World Radio Day

Date: February 21 (1430-1700 BST)
Location: Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC), 35-39 London
Street, Reading RG1 4PS, England
Organization: Reading International Radio Group
Expected attendance: 20
More info: <>  <barraclough.mike -at->
Note: Reading DX meetings are held with about 2 months interval
(next one on April 25th)

Dates: February 27-28
Location: Plymouth Meeting (near Philadelphia), PA, USA
Description: Winter SWL Fest
More info: <>
Expected attendance: 150

Dates: March 15-17
Location: Milan, Italy
Description: Radiodays Europe 2015 -conference
More info: <>

Dates: May 8-10
Location: Tarp, Germany (near Flensburg)
Description: Annual General meeting of DSWCI
Organization: Danish Short Wave Club International (DSWCI)
More info: <>

Dates: May 15-17
Location: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Organization: Dayton Hamvention
Expected attendance: 20000
More info: <>

Dates: May 21-22
Location: Washington DC, USA
Description: Annual NASB Conference
Oganization: National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters
More info: <>

Dates: May 29-31
Location: Falkenberg, Sweden (south of Gothenburg)
Description: DX-Parlamentet 2015, the annual meeting of the SDXF
Organization: The Swedish DX-Federation (SDXF)
More info: <>

Dates: June 26-28
Location: Friedrichshafen, Germany
Description: Ham Radio, biggest annual hamfest in Europe
Expected attendance: 20000
More info: <>

Dates: July 4-18
Location: Doebriach, Austria
Description: DX-Camp of ADXB-OE
More info: <>

Date: July 11
Location: Win Hill on the Wiltshire/Dorset border, UK
Description: British DX Club DX gathering
More info: <>

Dates: August 5-7
Location: Tuusula (Capital area), Finland
Description: The Annual Summer Meeting
Organization: The Finnish DX Association
Expected attendance: 70
More info: <rv -at->

Dates: August 22-23
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Description: Big ham fair with a SW sector (Japan SW Club stand &
Organization: Tokyo Ham Fair
Expected attendance: 30000
More info: <ohtaket -at->

Dates: September 4-9
Location: Berlin, Germany
Name: IFA Internationale Funkausstellung
Description: Consumer Electronics Fair - Including Radios
More info: <>

Dates: September 10-15
Location: Amsterdam, Holland
Decsription: IBC 2015, conference and exhibition
More info: <>

Dates: September 18-22
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Description: European DX Conference, the annual meeting of EDXC
Organization: European DX Council (EDXC) & St. Petersburg DX Club
Expected attendance: 50-70
More info: <>

Dates: not announced
Location: Rajkot, India
Description: Ham Fest India 2015

Risto Vaehaekainu
Helsingin yliopisto
p. 050-529 2909
(Risto Vaehaekain-FIN, hcdx Jan 28)
 Best regards,

Michael Bethge

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