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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA   China Radio International hat die Nutzung der Mittelwellensender
von Radio Tirana offenbar zum Jahresende 2014 eingestellt. Der bulgarische
Radioexperte Ivo Ivanov hoerte die Ausstrahlungen zuletzt am 26. Dezember
und konnte sie im Januar nicht mehr vorfinden.

Womoeglich ist hier ein Vertrag ausgelaufen, denn die Mittelwellen beim
Dorf Fllaka, unweit von Durres, und die Kurzwellenstation Cerrik waren
2004 von China ueberholt worden. Im Nachhinein erinnern sich
internationale Radiofreunde an die "sehr hektischen Bemuehungen, auf
einmal die Sender zu reparieren, zumindest auf die richtigen Frequenzen
einzustellen, nachdem das dort jahrelang niemanden interessiert hatte".

Offenbar handelte es sich dabei um letzte Versuche, den Rueckzug von China
Radio International noch abzuwenden.

Betroffen sind folgende Sendungen:
0700-0900 1215.10 Fllaka 500 kW. nd Englisch
1600-1900 1215.10 Fllaka 500 kW. nd
          1600 Albanisch 1700 Esperanto 1800 Rumaenisch
1700-1900 1457.85 Fllaka 500 kW. nd Bulgarisch 1800 Italienisch
2000-2100 1457.85 Fllaka 500 kW. nd Hungarian
2130-2330 1457.85 Fllaka 500 kW. 4 deg Polnisch 2230 Tschechisch
2200-2300 1215.10 Fllaka 500 kW. nd Serbisch
Uhr Weltzeit Frequenz (Sender) Programm

Die Mittelwellen-Grossanlage (vier Antennensysteme, darunter Richtantennen
fuer Sendungen nach West- bzw. Mitteleuropa, sowie drei 500 kW-Sender,
offenbar Nachbauten des sowjetischen Typs Buran) war zwischen 1966 und
1968 von China ausgestattet und danach auch fuer Programme von Radio
Peking eingesetzt worden.

Damalige Beobachter waren erstaunt ueber deren technische Qualitaet, die
den letztlich einzig moeglichen Zufuehrungsweg Kurzwelle nicht erkennen
liess. Im Sommer 1978 endeten die Ausstrahlungen von Radio Peking ohne
jede Vorwarnung von einem Tag auf den anderen. Damit wurde der damals von
Albanien vollzogene Abbruch der Beziehungen zu China auch in dieser
Hinsicht offenkundig.

Zu nochmaligen Ausstrahlungen des nunmehrigen China Radio International
ueber die Sendeanlage Fllaka kam es dann ab Maerz 2004, wofuer Radio
Tirana auch mehrere Eigenprogramme von den Frequenzen nahm. Das seinerzeit
fuer die Uebernahmen von China Radio International eingefuehrte Schema
blieb die Jahre hindurch weitgehend unveraendert.

Ebenfalls 2004 verpachtete Radio Tirana die Kurzwellenstation im
zentralalbanischen Cerrik fuer 15 Jahre ganz an China. Die chinesische
Seite, von der auch hier schon die urspruenglichen Ausruestungen stammten,
stattete die Sendestation mit neuer Technik aus. Deren Betrieb uebernahmen
Techniker aus China. Ausgestrahlt werden aus Cerrik seitdem
ausschliesslich Programme von China Radio International, auch in deutscher
Sprache (1600-1800 Uhr UTC auf 5970 und 7380 kHz).
(Ivo Ivanov 10.-16.1., Kai Ludwig 17.1.2015 RBB, via
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2)

ARGENTINA   15345.19   Radio Argentina al Exterior - General Pacheco. It's
been nice to hear RAE coming through at 1124 UT with the Japanese service
to EaAS. A mix of topical information, Argentinian pop songs and
traditional ballads were featured - quite pleasant programming. It was a
weak signal (not moving the meter much) but easily copied with great
clarity on Jan 21.

Then the station was noted again later on the same day at 2320 UT with the
Spanish service to Eu, with more Argentinian ballads. This time we heard a
fair signal through the summer thunderstorm static. It was also
interesting to see that by the time of this later monitoring observation,
the frequency had drifted down to 15345.16 kHz.
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS, MEDXR blog Jan 23 via dxld Jan 28)

It's a LONG way from General Pacheco to Tokio; in fact they are close to
antipodal. The 11 UT broadcast, along with Chinese and Portuguese between
10 and 13 UT, heads out on a 348 degree beam, per Aoki, i.e. across North
America, right thru Philadelphia and the Arctic. It winds up closer to
Beijing and eastern China than Tokyo.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 28)

ASCENSION ISL   [to NIGERIA/CAMEROON/CHAD]   9440, on Feb 1 at 0520 UT
tune-in for new US AID broadcast via Ascension, Dandal Kura, which starts
at 0500 UT: good signal in tonal African language; 0526 UT music group
singing briefly, talk, 0528 UT another bit of music. Then lo-fi phoners
from noisy locations with lots of crowd, background noise. 0548 UT music,
0551 UT better studio audio. [0553 UT compare to 7350 kHz Hamada Radio
International via RMI via Germany and find inferior reception here]. I
can't understand any Kanuri, except for "Nigeria" and "www ..." in
the closing. Haven't they adopted a single word from English? The British
colonialists failed. Dead air 0558:18-0600* UT.

 9440kHz 0500-0600 UT to ciraf zone 46SE  250kW  65deg in B-14 season
12065kHz 1800-1900 UT to ciraf zone 46SE  250kW  65deg in B-14 season

 7355kHz 0500-0600 UT to ciraf zone 46SE  250kW  55deg tentat. in A-15
11875kHz 1800-1900 UT to ciraf zone 46SE  250kW  65deg tentat. in A-15

Ivo Ivanov quotes this from somewhere: "Kanuri is a dialect continuum
spoken by 4 million people in Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, and small
minorities in southern Libya, and by a diaspora in Sudan. It belongs to
the Western Saharan subphylum of Nilo-Saharan"

My question is, why have US AID bestowed such a 2-hour SW service upon the
Kanuri while there are countless other minority ethnic groups in Nigeria
and elsewhere which have no such benefits?

May require a search deeper into the USAID Political Transition
Initiatives website than I have undertaken. Perhaps Boko Haram terrorism
in the area has something to do with it.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 28)

AUSTRALIA   Incidentally, also noted Symban on 2368.5 kHz, but only a weak
carrier. Second day I've noted this. Signed off at 1500 UT on Jan 22, as
there's only an OC when rechecked after this.

2368.466   at 1453- UT, Radio Symban, Jan 23. Just getting snippets of
audio for the first time this week. Too weak for anything more, and
several hours until dawn, so there is hope.
(Walt Salmaniw-BC-CAN, dxld Jan 28)

2368.47  Radio Symban (presumed), brief opening from 1531 to 1537 UT on
Jan 22. Definitely heard Greek singing and music; poor, but cutting
through the noise; fading in & out; my local sunrise was at 1516 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Jan 26)

2368.464, Radio Symban, Greek? mx, poor S=5 -94dBm, at 1440 UT Jan 25,
only poor level, on remote SDR unit in Brisbane Queensland, but little
better in Sydney post Australia, at same time.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 25)

On 2368.5 USB-mode at 1811 UT on Jan 28 poor sounds of Greek folk mx,
Radio Symban or Greek pirate hx?
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 28)


Another "once mighty" shortwave institution is now a shadow of its former
self. As many MEDXR readers are already aware, during the middle of this
month RA pulled the plug on its overseas relay sites of Dhabbaya,
Singapore and Palau, while Brandon QLD will be gone by the end of the

The station will only be transmitting only in English, Tok Pisin and
French to the Pacific. The following schedule begins on Feb 1, all from
the Shepparton site:

0900-2100 UT - 9580, 12065 and 12085 kHz - to Pacific Islands and PNG.
This will be all English except for Tok Pisin 0630-0700 (weekdays only)
and French 0800-0805 (weekdays only).

2100-0900 UT - 15240, 15415, and 17840 kHz - to Pacific Islands and PNG.
Again, this will be all English except for Tok Pisin 0900-0930 (weekdays
{Includes Tok Pisin 0630-0700 & 0900-0930 UT and French 0800-0805 UT, all
Mon-Fri. -- WRTH spring 2015 PDF file Update}

Feel like complaining about this situation? Hoping that by complaining
there will be some miraculous reinstatement of RA services like there was
with Spain? I think probably not. This current government is intent on
pulling apart the ABC at all levels. Of course, you could send your views
and concerns to the ABC. But I'd also recommend copying your letters and
emails to the Federal Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and the
Department of Communications. Good luck!!!
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, MEDXR blog Jan 23 via dxld)

Re: Radio Australia changes January 31, 2015.
The new schedule is exactly half of the 2013 schedule
(3 x 24 x 365 = 26,280)

If reducing the transmitter duplication can help RA survive, then I'm all
for it. I would have thought that using 3 different meter bands for each
shift would be advisable but I suspect they have good reasons for doubling
up on 25m & 19m.

I notice they are using 3 of the Harris SW100A transmitters as primary
units with the most vintage Continental in reserve rather than using the
newer Continentals as primary or reserve units. It would be interesting to
know the rationale for that choice. Also, I wonder what effect the
increasing electric rates brought on by the Aussie carbon tax had on their
(Jerry Lenamon-USA, dxld Jan 22)

Re: Radio Australia - new schedule.
Remote Nagoya - Tokyo Japan unit report.
At 1130 UT RA Shepparton on 12065 kHz S=9+20 solid proper signal into
Japan isl. Less S=9 on 12085 kHz at same 1130-1145 UT slot. 9580 only S=7,
but readable with 20% noise...

... but adjacent 12070 kHz CRI Filipino Tagalog on same strength level
disturbs a lot.

Some very strong North Korean jamming noted 1145 - 1200 UT:
5890 center, all 40 kHz wide, wide range down to 5871 kHz.
same jamming sound on 6003 and 6015 kHz.

Another type of different jamming sound on 6135, 6250, 6348, 6518, 6600,
all 32 to 40 kHz wideband jamming, of mostly S=9+40dB in Nagoya, Osaka,
and Tokyo Japan remote net units. And additional some minor spurious
signals of these jammers in 6.2 to 7 MHz range too.

6900 kHz seemingly another SOH Taiwan tx, not mentioned in Aoki Nagoya
list yet.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 1)

AUSTRALIA   11590, at 1428- UT, Reach Beyond Australia, on Jan 21.
Excellent reception with Urdu programming. Mentioned an address in
Singapore. At 1430, into listed Kurukh (this being a Wednesday).
No change in signal strength, so same antenna azimuth.
(Walt Salmaniw-BC-USA, dxld Jan 28)

If you want to look up its schedule or info in the WRTH 2015, you will
have to reach far beyond Australia, to find it under U S A, since
corporate HQ remains mired in that deep den of gospel huxterism, Colorado
Springs, which would be a beautiful city otherwise.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 28)

On 11589.988  "Reach Beyond Australia" in Nepali language service, noted
at 1240 UT on Jan 21, S=7-8, herad here in Germany, when used lsb mode
reception option, due of heavy powerful UTE RTTY mode signal on 11593 kHz.
Came across when checked R Belarus 11730 kHz reduced modulation signal...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 21)

QSL - Received an e-QSL to Reach Beyond Australia for reception in English
language 06 Jan 2015, 1500-1530 UT at the frequency of 12115 kHz. The
report sent by electronic mail:
<office -at->
Confirmed Shelley Martin, Listener Correspondent.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Jan 28)

BRAZIL   9725, on Feb 3 at 0637 UT, very poor signal with Rosary in
Brazuguese, so RB2 is active here, and also on 11935 kHz which is fair;
6040 kHz unchecked. However, I hear the same thing on 11855 kHz R.
Aparecida, and by golly, they are // but slightly out of synch, 0638 UT
both going into Ave Maria song. What a waste.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Febr 3)

11780.113  Probably across Atlantic/Indian ocean - or Antarctic region
path - into Japan target, RNA Brasilia program noted with fair S=7 level
at 0157 UT on Jan 30.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30)

BULGARIA  [non; FRANCE/GERMANY]   AWR Bulgaria: Wonderful QSL packet
received by registered post today from previously all-but-unknown AWR
Bulgaria, Studio Plovdiv. Plovdiv creates the daily half-hour Bulgarian
program for AWR which, in the B14 period, is on the air on 5975 kHz at
0400-0430 UT (TDF Issoudun-F) and on 9830 kHz at 1600-1630 UT
(MBR Nauen-D).

Brief letter received from Mr. Bozhidar Tonchev, Director of the Sound
Recording Studio, who explained that they have only a very small team and
not much funds for brochures and the like, but they sent along four
snapshots of on-air talent and a large photo of the entire team. Also an
AWR Bulgaria brochure and two bookmarkers.

AWR Bulgaria can be reached by email at
<awr_bg -at->  or by mail at:
AWR Bulgaria
22, Antim 1 St.,
4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
(Ralph Perry-IL-USA, LN Jan NASWA Journal via dxld Jan 28)

BULGARIA   Additional frequency of Brother Stair was observed on Febr 2
from 0900 UT on 11600 kHz, with 80 sec delay from 11580 kHz Okeechobee-FL-

Tentative registration
11600 0300 0900 40,41          SOF  50  90  0 618 Eng BUL NEW SPC
11600 0900 1700 28,29          SOF  50 306  0 618 Eng BUL TOM SPC
11600 1700 2100 30,40,41,42,31 SOF 100  90  0 618 Eng BUL TOM SPC
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2)

CHINA   CNR 17th Kazakh service noted in 01-03 UT time slot on remote
Tokyo SDR unit on both 11630 and 12055 kHz as S=9+10dB signal there.
On Jan 30.

11685  CNR11 Tibetan services at 0000-0900 UT noted at 0153 UT Jan 30 very
listenable music program noted on remote unit in Tokyo. S=8 signal.

9749.973  CNR PBS Nei Menggu Mongolian language service, S=7 signal,
phone-in program by lady, at 0215 UT on Jan 30. At same time also PBS Nei
Menggu in Chinese in 31 mb channel 9519.985 kHz. Most Nei Menggu
broadcasts are on odd frequencies.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30)

CUBA   15700  on Jan 26 at 1511 UT, CRI English on new frequency via
{Qivican Titan? wb.} CUBA!! VG level but with constant hum, and ICDs
intermittent carrier dropouts every few seconds. (Much stronger than 15770
kHz WRMI BrotherStair). A few minutes earlier at 1509 UT, I had noticed
usual 13740 kHz CRI relay was absent. 1549 UT it's still the same with
dropouts on 15700 kHz.

CRI long ago had plans to move the 14-16 UT service to 19mb:
during A-14 it was HFCC registered via HABana on 15535 kHz, 250 kW,
305degrees, but that never happened in A-14 nor in B-14. 13740 kHz was
doing just fine here, no dropouts either, but 15700 kHz would have
greater range in the daytime, but also a greater skip zone past Florida.
We'll see if this stix.

Another unfulfilled QSY in A-14 was for CRI Cantonese 12-13 UT and English
13-14 UT on 13590 kHz, which would have replaced 9570 kHz. Need to check
for that now too, or somewhere else on 22mb.

15700 kHz on Jan 27 at 1408 UT, CRI English relay, discussing horrible
prison conditions in Heilongjiang; is still here for a second day, ex-
13740 kHz. No ICDs today, but big hum; wiggle that patchcord! 1508 UT
recheck, now awful bigger hum surges and recedes; also splatters from
15680 to 15715 kHz, edging against 15720 kHz NHK via Madagascar in Hindi
from 1430 UT.

Maybe the Cubans did not want to move from 13 to 15 MHz as originally
planned last summer, because they knew the transmitter couldn't take it,
and they were right. Still need to check whether 9570 kHz is still on at
12-14 UT instead of 13 MHz.

9570 kHz on Jan 28 at 1323 UT check, CRI English relay is still here, not
moved to 13 MHz; and presumably the preceding hour in Cantonese too.

15700, on Jan 28 at 1503 UT check, CRI English via CUBA remains here still
with some hum, distortion and splattering plus/minus 15 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 28)

CYPRUS   1323  BBC World Service English to end medium wave radio services
to Eastern Mediterranean on 1323 kHz via Zyyi Cyprus site in April 2015.

BBC news release this morning.

BBC - BBC World Service English to end medium wave radio services to
Eastern Mediterranean on 1323 kHz in April - Media centre

The BBC announced today that the English language radio service in the
Eastern Mediterranean - including Israel, much of Lebanon, Cyprus and
southern Turkey - will end on 25 April 2015.
(Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Febr 3)

The BBC announced today that the English language radio service in the
Eastern Mediterranean - including Israel, much of Lebanon, Cyprus and
southern Turkey - will end on 25 April 2015. Director of BBC World
Service, Fran Unsworth, says:

"Our English language service will still be available via satellite and on
the internet - which is increasingly how our audiences tune in. However,
we cannot identify a financially viable method by which to continue the
medium wave radio service. It is for this reason that we have decided to
end these transmissions."

Audiences in the region will be able to listen to BBC World Service
English 24 hours day through the direct-to-home satellite service on
Eutelsat 13 (13deg East, 11,117 MHz Vertical) or through the internet at PR.
( <>
via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 4)


Dobre rano
Jsem Nemec a zít v Madarsku. Je mi pouze 65 let. Posloucham vasí prehlídce
témer kazdý den. Jen já nelze prímo vás, jakmile jsem si e-mailovou
adresu, e-mailem, kliknete na nej neco jiného. Ted' na mou otázku. Chtel
bych získat QSL lístek od vás.adresu, na kterou mohu poslat své prijímací
sestavy? Na krátkou poznámku bych velmi vdecný. Vase hudba je úzasná.
Nechám na tyci, nebo prelozit pomocí Google Translate. Jeste jednou vám
dekuji. Pokud dostanu odpoved' já mohu pouzít zprávu v nemeckém klubu?

QTH Bardudvarnok / HNG, RX AOR 7030, 30 m LW
(Horst Mehrlich-HNG, A-DX Febr 2)

Answer of Radio Dechovka

Dear Mr. Mehrlich,
We accept reception reports on our email address and we send QSL e-cards.

The project of Radio Dechovka is fully subsidized and we are trying to
reduce costs to minimum. That is why we haven't got printed QSL cards. In
case we receive reception report to our post address and it includes IRC
(international reply coupon) then we print and send our eQSL with original
stamp and sign.

Our post mail address is

Radio Dechovka
U Prutníku 232
250 72 Predboj
Czech Republic

Kind Regards
Jana Pusová
Provozní reditelka Radia Dechovka

Mobil:   +420 776 664 702
Telefon: +420 311 280 282
E-Mail: <pusova -at->

RadioPraha s. r. o.
(Jana Pusová-CZE / Radio Dechovka  Febr 2)

ESTONIA   QSL - Received an e-QSL from Radio Eli ("Family Radio") from
Estonia translation in Russian 28 Jan 2015 at frequency 1035 kHz. report
sent by electronic mail to:
<am1035 -at->
The card - radio station staff.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Jan 28)

GERMANY   1422  Die Mittelwellenstation Heusweiler wird Ende Dezember 2015
schliessen, da der Deutschlandfunk die Welle 1422 kHz dann aufgibt und der
Eigner Saarlaendischer Rundfunk keine Verwendung mehr fuer die Grossanlage

Dies geht aus Artikeln der Koellertal-Ausgabe der Saarbruecker Zeitung
hervor. Inwiefern die Gebaeude einer Nachnutzung zugefuehrt werden
koennen, ist noch offen; die Sendemasten werden dann wohl abgerissen.

Die beste Zeit hatte die Mittelwellenanlage ab 1964, als der
Saarlaendische Rundfunk namens der ARD mit der Europawelle Saar gegen
Radio Luxemburg antrat. Die Sendeanlage in Heusweiler war damals mit 400
spaeter in 1968 600kW, spaeter anfangs der 70ziger 2x600 = 1200 kW die
leistungsstaerkste ARD-Station und fuer das Saarland natuerlich

Mit der Abloesung der Mittelwelle durch UKW bzw. des Hoerfunks durch das
Fernsehen ging es nicht nur mit Radio Luxemburg, sondern auch mit der
Europawelle Saar bergab. 1994 wurde die Sendeanlage fuer den
Deutschlandfunk angemietet, der zeitgleich die Mittelwelle Mainflingen
1539 kHz aufgab.

Der Saarlaendische Rundfunk betrieb aus Heusweiler ab 2005 die Kleinwelle
1179 kHz fuer das Saar-Lor-Lux-Informationsprogramm Antenne Saar, die mit
dem Sendeende des Deutschlandfunks ebenfalls gehen wird.


via Paul Reinersch-D 24.1.2015, via
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2)

GREECE   ERT Open in Greek. Yes, ERT-open Avlis on air again at 19 UT
on Febr 3 on
15650.036 kHz
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 3)

GUYANA   3290  Hi Glenn, I wanted to give you an update on the V of

I am flying there Monday Night. I will be arriving Tuesday Morning. The
first trip is more of a "triage" for the 10 kilowatt shortwave and a
25 kilowatt medium-wave. I may not be able to get either of them back on
until I get the parts needed.

Unfortunately, the MOSFETs and MOSFET DRIVERS I designed the shortwave
around, in 2008, are no longer available. Additionally, the new MOSFETS
with which the new design is based, have a 12 week lead time. However, I
will try to piece together what I can, and get them on at some power
level. (Anyone have an old DX-100 I can borrow? Kidding.)

I think I am going to put them on a higher frequency if possible. We have
had a very high Sunspot Cycle and I think 3.290 MHz is too low, even for
covering the interior of Guyana. (Daytime absorption and the regularly
scheduled R.F. "flotsam and jetsam" on that frequency.) I'll take some
pictures of the site, and send them to you. Glenn, please give everyone my
best regards. Thank You
(Jamie Labadia-NY-USA, Jan 22, WoR dxld Jan 28)

[later]  My flight from New York was delayed due to the N.Y.C. blizzard. I
am actually leaving at 1:35 A.M. tomorrow morning. (Fun!!) This is going
to be a rough one. I may only be able to get them on at a kilowatt or so,
for a month or two. As I said, I'll send some pictures of the Guyana Site.
Glenn, thanks for allowing me to use the DXLD site for getting reports. It
is a great help for guys like me in the field. Best Regards
(Jamie Labadia-NY-USA, Jan 22, WoR dxld Jan 28)

I have the Voice of Guyana on the air at, don't laugh, 400 watts. 3290 kHz
is the freq. I am going to repair a few more amplifiers and get them up to
about a kilowatt for now. Have to reconfigure the combiner though. The
antenna is in rough shape, but surprisingly being heard well down into
interior Guyana, which is the main purpose. (On a portable no less!!) I'll
keep you posted on how it's going. It's 80 degrees and very "tropical"
here now.
(Jamie Labadia-GUY, dxld UT Feb 2)

Re: Guyana SW antenna. Or for the time-traveller, here's my QSL from 1958:
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Febr 3)

This is a picture of all three transmitters.
Transmitter Left- 20 Kilowatt Medium-wave on 560 K.C.
Transmitter Center- 5 Kilowatt Medium-wave on 560 K.C. (Back-up)
Transmitter Right- 10 Kilowatt Shortwave on 3.290 MHz.
Currently only at 1 K.W.
That is me behind the transmitter, working on one of the amplifiers.

The second picture, is the single amplifier you guys did/barely/or didn't
hear the past few nights. Now there are two. (Wooooohoooo!!)

Thank you and your members very much. I appreciate you pulling us out
through all the noise. I will work on some form of QSL method for

I now have the transmitter running at 1,000 watts. It's the best I can do
with what parts were on hand.

Here are some pictures for you. The one accompanying this E-mail is the
Broadband Dipole for the shortwave. (Kind of hard to see, due to the
background light.) I'll have to send more pictures in separate E-mails due
to bandwidth restrictions









(Jamie Labadia-GUY, dxld UT Feb 4)

GUYANA   3290  per Dave Valko's log on Monday, tuned V. of Guyana on Febr
5 from 0712 UT from Perseus site in Alberta (also hrd at home QTH at
slightly reduced level) with BBC World Service programming to 0759 kHz.
Man w/ "Voice of Guyana" anmt at 0759 UT fol by two choral music
selections. Into non-stop Hindi vocal/instrumentals from 0808 to 0834 UT.
Then back to choral selection to 0837 UT. Man ancr (EE) fol by Koran
reading 0837-0841 UT then man ancr again in En w/ "God is great..." etc.
Locally-produced variety music program (C&W, Hindi, etc.) w/ man ancr at
0841 UT - "The Nation's Station, the Voice of Guyana" hrd at 0844 UT. V.
of Guyana always has quite interesting and multi-cultural programming!
Nice level at S4 throughout. The VE6JY site has a propagation tunnel into
S. Am it seems as Guyana, Surinam, Brazilian, Bolivian and Peruvians come
in well here 0700-1100 UT. SINPO for this reception was 45334. Glad to
hear this one again - it was the star performer on 90mb this evening!
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Febr 5)

GUYANA  3289.975  Voice of Guyana. At 0918 UT Febr 5 Elvis Presley "Great
Pretender" song, S=8 -74dBm strength heard on remote unit in Florida-USA.

At 0920 UT Indian Hindi like music, high pitch female singer performs.
0924 UT annmt in heavily accented English, followed by another ?Vernac?
singer and drums musicans.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 5)

3289.977  Voice of Guyana, Sparendaam, on Jan 5 at 0028 UT - nice program
of Hindi film songs, 'Jab Hum Jawan Honge, Janey Kahan Honge' from Betaab
soundtrack at tune in, male DJ with Voice of Guyana ID and TC's,
mentioning 560 AM and 102.5 FM. Music switching to obscure light pop at
0038 UT, with All Day Song by Evie. Nice modulation and signal, lightly
spoiled by the utility and Gulf of Mexico lightning.
(Brandon Jordan-TN-USA, dxld Febr 5)

Jamie Labadia, builtup Voice of Freedom 10 kW array in Korea too ?

History, Jamie Labadia work in Febr 2010:
VANUATU   As of Wednesday, Febr 24th, here is what we accomplished. 5055
kHz is on at about 3500 watts, and 3945 kHz is on at 7000 watts. But, due
to the unstable A.C. power infrastructure, I had to design the protection
circuits to be very sensitive. The systems will "fold-back" the
transmitters to 2000 watts if it senses any kind of spike or surge in the
A.C. power feeds.

Senderbauer Jamie Labadia wollte am 18. April 2010 nach Georgetown
fliegen, um den neuen Kurzwellensender des National Communications Network
nachzuarbeiten. Bekanntlich hatte man bei ihm einen 10 kW-Sender fuer
5290[?] kHz bestellt und dabei eine Mischung der eigentlich vorgesehen
Frequenzen 3290 kHz nachts und 5950 kHz tagsueber produziert. Labadia
wollte beide Frequenzen bis spaetestens Ende des Monats in Betrieb sehen.
(Jamie Labadia 9.4.2010 dxld, via ntt May 1, 2010)

BOLIVIA   I am building a 5 kilowatt transmitter and antenna system for
Radio Juan XXIII. It will be on 6055 kHz. It is the first prototype with
the new MOSFETS from Philips (BLF-278). It will consist of ten, 500 watt
"drawers", with a ferrite based hybrid combiner. I am going to build them
a LAZY H style antenna array. It will be four 5/8th wave elements, two
over two, beaming broadside North / South. It should give about 8dB gain,
making the effective radiated power approximately 30 to 40 kW with a major
lobe going into North America. I believe we should be testing near the
middle of February.
(Jamie Labadia-USA, dxld via WDXC Contact magazine, Dec 2010)

GUYANA    FYI - Back in 2011 had fair reception:

"Good morning everyone. This is the VOG, the Voice of Guyana, of the
National Communications Network Inc., beginning its transmission of local
programming for today, Wed, March 16, 2011. The National Communications
Network, Inc. has its studios at Broadcasting House on Church Avenue,
Georgetown. Voice of Guyana transmits on 560 kHz on the MW band, 104.5
MHz. on the FM band and 3290 kHz on the 90 mband. Transmitters in the
Linden area transmit on 700 kHz on the MW band and 106.5 MHz on the FM
band. Voice of Guyana is on the air 24 hours daily, except in cases of
maintenance operations.

The time is 4 hours 4 and your announcer is Colin Charles. A very good
morning to you and welcome to Inspiration Time on the VOG, the Voice of
Guyana." <>

There is streaming of 98.1 FM, but must not be the same programming as VOG
Believe there is no audio streaming available for VOG?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2)

Broadband DRM white noise jamming vs clandestine broadcasts to EaAF

Radio Xoriyo
1600-1630 17630 ISS 500 kW 130 deg to EaAF Somali Tue/Sat
1600-1630 17870 ISS 500 kW 130 deg to EaAF Somali Mon/Fri

Oromo Voice Radio, Raadiyoo Sagalee Oromoo
1600-1630 17850 ISS 250 kW 130 deg to EaAF Oromo Mon/Wed/Sat

Voice of Oromo Liberation
1701-1731 17630 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAF Oromo   Wed
1731-1800 17630 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAF Amharic Wed
1700-1800 17630 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAF Amharic Sun
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 10)

LITHUANIA   QSL - Received an acknowledgment from the Lithuanian radio
station Radio Baltic Waves International for the retransmission of "Radio
Liberty" in Russian 28 Jan 2015 at frequency 1386 kHz from Sitkunai-LTU.
The report sent by electronic mail:
<riplei -at->
Very detail-filled letter indicated even distance from me to the
transmitter. The report confirmed Rimantas Pleikys.

28 Jan 2015 from 0430-0500 UT NHK Radio Japan hosted in Russian language
on frequency 5910 kHz (Sitkunai, Lithuania 100 kW), SINPO: 25332.
Sometimes reception reached up to 3 points, and at times quite propodaet.
Transfer "Technology low-tech: reducing poverty in developing countries."
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Jan 28)

LUXEMBOURG   In ihrer Ausgabe vom 9. Januar zitiert die Zeitung
"Tageblatt" den Senderbetreiber BCE mit der Aussage, eine Abschaltung der
Mittelwelle 1440 kHz zum Jahresende 2015 sei "sehr wahrscheinlich".

Die Langwelle Junglinster 234 kHz wiederum, die das franzoesische RTL-
Programm aus Paris uebertraegt, werde noch immer von 23 Prozent der Hoerer
dieses Programms als Empfangsweg genutzt.

(via Kai Ludwig-D 16.1.2015 RBB; via
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2)

MADAGASCAR   World Christian Broadcasting as of Friday, November 14, 2014
had all the necessary signed papers to begin broadcasting from Madagascar
to the rest of the world! We are so confident that we will be broadcasting
from Madagascar during 2015, that we have released our transmitters from
Dallas to Houston to be shipped to Madagascar. Our staff in Madagascar has
done a great job in preparing the station site. Our Programming staff in
Franklin, Tennessee, is working hard to assure that we will have
programming ready to fill up the broadcast days from Madagascar. To ship
the transmitters to Madagascar, to fill the tanks with diesel fuel, and to
provide other start-up costs, the cost will be approximately $250,000.
(Andy Baker, World Christian Broadcasting, via Rich D'Angelo,
LN Jan NASWA Journal via dxld Jan 28)

MADAGASCAR   17575  AWR Adventist World Radio Talata-Volonondry, Feb 3, at
1702 UT Kiswahili VG Blasting in with religious music in presumed Swahili
language at 1702-1705 UT. Male announcer spoke Swahili at 1705 UT. Into
church organ mx at 1705 UT. Male and female announcers spoke at 1706-1722
UT. More organ music at 1722 UT. Male and female spoke at 1722-1723 UT.
Mention of Tanzania at 1723 UT. Choir music 1723-1728 UT. Abruptly OFF AIR
at 1728 UT. No Sign Off Announcements.
(Robert S. Ross-Ont-CAN VA3SW, DXplorer Febr 4)

MADAGASCAR/VATICAN STATE   13800  Radio Dabanga via Talata-Volonondry, Feb
4 at 1536 UT, Sudamese Ar, good, CLANDESTINE TARGET STATION to Sudan. In
// to 15555 kHz from the SMG Santa Maria di Galeria, Vatican State tx with
a POOR signal{sidelobe to CAN}! Male with news items in Arabic at 1536 UT
Tune In. Second male with On-Site reports with lots of background noises.
Mention of Sudan at 1542 UT. Musical interludes between news segments.

String/Percussion music at 1550 UT. Radio DABANGA ID by male announcer at
1550 UT and into a musical jingle with Radio Dabanga sung out at 1550 UT.
Switched from Madagascar tx to Vatican tx on 13800 kHz at 1600 UT.
(Robert S. Ross-Ont-CAN VA3SW, DXplorer Febr 4)
now 5 kHz up 15555 1500-1630 47,48W SMG  250kW 150degr.

MOLDOVA   QSL Prednesrovie - Received an electronic QSL from the
Prednesrovie radio center Grigoriopol Maiac for broadcasting BBC Farsi
(Persian) 23 Jan 2015 at the frequency of 7445 kHz 0330-0430 UT. The
report sent by electronic mail:
<prtc -at->
The card is not specified BBC, and BAB (apparently BABCOCK brokery).
But in A-15 season tentat. on 9425 kHz at 0230-0330 UT zone 40 300kW

Received an electronic QSL from the Transnistrian radio center Grigoriopol
Maiac for broadcasting Radio Denge Kurdistana in Kurdish 27 Jan 2015 at a
frequency of 9400 kHz 04-08 & 12-16 UT. report sent by electronic mail:
<prtc -at->
The report confirmed SN Omelchenko, techn. Director of "PRTTS.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Jan 29)

MONGOLIA   17729.876  As usual VERY ODD broadcast outlet from Ulan Bataar
site, meant in use for US RFA broadcaster RFA in Tibetan language. Told
few times to IBB official bureaus in past year, but the Mongolian relay is
still odd frequency. Annoying 125 Hertz BUZZ tone against co-channel CNR
spoken jamming procedure. S=9 signal at 0140 UT on Jan 30.

MYANMAR   Myanmar Radio, on Febr 4 - Myanmar Radio on new frequency of
7200.00 kHz.; audio better than ex7185.76 and former ex7200.09 kHz.
It was back in June, 2012 that I last heard them on exact frequency here.

1451 UT till off at 1500 UT with pop music show; in vernacular; mostly
fair. The last few days 7185.76 kHz had been silent.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 4)

NEW ZEALAND   Radio New Zealand International's revised frequency

How To Listen - Radio New Zealand International broadcasts at the
following frequencies and times to different parts of the Pacific Region.

Expect schedule changes from time to time to take account of propagation
to our target audience.

NB: Every month on the first and third Wednesday it is Maintenance day at
our transmitter site from 2230-0600 UT. (Thursdays 1030 - 1800 NZST).
During this period there may be interruptions to our programmes.

26 Oct 2014 - 28 Mar 2015

UTC kHz Target Days
0251-0400 17675 DRM Vanuatu Mon-Fri
0459-0759 11725 AM Pacific Daily
0651-0758 11690 DRM Tonga Mon-Fri
0759-1058  9765 AM Pacific Daily
1059-1258 13840 AM NW Pacific, PNG, Timor Daily
1300-1550  9700 AM Pacific Daily
1551-1650  9700 AM  9780 DRM Cook Islands, Samoa, Niue, Tonga Daily
1651-1745  9700 AM  9780 DRM Cooks, Samoa, Niue, Tonga, Daily
1746-1850 11725 AM  9780 DRM Cooks, Samoa, Niue, Tonga, Daily
1851-2050 11725 AM 15720 DRM Samoa, Niue, Tonga, Daily
2051-2150 11725 AM 17675 DRM Solomon Islands AM Daily DRM Sun-Fri
2151-0458 15720 AM Pacific Daily
2255-0200 17675 DRM Pacific Sun-Thu
Bougainville/Papua New Guinea and Timor Transmission 1100-1300 UTC

From 1100 -1300 UTC our programme is directed to the North Western Pacific
and Asia.

RNZI is now available on Satellite, courtesy of TVNZ Pacific Service.

The coverage area extends from Singapore, and eastward to the Cook
Islands, which includes Fiji, Tonga, Niue and Samoa.
IS19/23 C Slot A
DL 4146.5 V
FEC 1/2 SR 4.0
(John Hoad-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Febr 5)

OMAN   15140  ar 1443- UT, Radio Sultanate of Oman, on Jan 18. I wasn't
expecting to hear Oman at this early hour in Masset, but there it was a
fair level. English news noted at 1435 UT. Best heard with my over the
pole north directed mini-Beverage terminated into the ocean aimed due
north. Simon and Garfunkel at 1448 UT.
(Walt Salmaniw-BC-CAN, dxld Jan 28)

15140  R. Sultanate of Oman - Thumrayt. At 1418 UT in English - traffic
report with "heavy traffic on the Beach Road" and weather report of heavy
rain washing out some roads! WOW! So it DOES rain in the desert!! Then
into Linkin Park and other pop/rock bands. News at 1430 UT.
Relaying Muscat 94.4 FM, and IDs as this. Great signal and good listening
on Jan 19.
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, MEDXR blog Jan 23 via dxld)

Muscat has both a 94.4 and 90.4 FM, but WRTH says 94.4 MHz is the General
Arabic program, and 90.4 is the English. I think the way the announcers
pronounce "90.4" comes out sounding like 94.4  - maybe 90-4, or 90 point 4
sounds like ninety four four. Then too, the announcers could be confused
about which frequency is which.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 28)

15140  Radio Sultanate Oman, Thumrait, Feb 3 at 1638 UT Arabic good, 2
Male announcers with talks in Ar at 1638-1657 UT. Instrumental "Newsreel"
type music at 1657 UT. Male spoke over music, and mentioned "Al Jazeera",
so perhaps a Report from them?? Arabic string / percussion mx at 1657 UT.
Female with Ar vocals at 1658-1700 UTC. Male in Arabic nx items at 1700
UT. Musical interludes between news items.
(Robert S. Ross-Ont-CAN VA3SW, DXplorer Febr 4)

11650 OMA  Radio Sultanate Oman, Arabic morning HQ prayer at 0140 UT,
           S=7 or -83dBm signal strength on sidelobe into Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 1)

11650  Radio Sultanate of Oman at 2246 UT in Arabic with local vocals then
a woman with possible news headlines at 2248 UT with Middle Eastern music
bridges and definite mentions of "Oman" - Very Good, Jan 20.
(Marc Coady-Ont-CAN, ODXA YRX via dxld Jan 28)

ROMANIA   15190  Radio SANTEC via IRRS Milano broker, via - Radiocom
Saftica-ROU revolving horizontal log-periodic antenna, on Feb 1 at 1503 UT
English. Fair Male and Female Announcer with En Talk. Alternating talks
with subjects like "Family" and "God" and read scriptures. Religious
format. Fading was bad and audio quite low, not able to copy everything
being said! Talks til 1527 UT. Instrumental Music at 1527 UT. Female spoke
and mentioned "This is a Public Service of ???". Female gave an address
... but couldn't copy it. More instrumental music 1528-1529 UT. Radio
Santec ID given and also mentioned IRRS Relay. Gave address for IRRS
Milano Italy to send for QSL Cards at 1529 UT. Anthem type music like at
1530 UT, then abruptly Off Air at 1530 UT.
(Robert S. Ross-Ont-CAN, DXplorer Febr 3)

RUSSIA   On Monday (26 Jan 2015) Kurkino radio center may close. There's a
property dispute. Touches Radonezh, People's Radio, Radio Teos more here:
(Sergei Popov)  From Moscow Kurkino worked 612/738/1134 kHz.
(Victor Rutkowski-RUS, "open_dx" RUSdx Jan 28)

Broadcast radio "Radonezh" in Moscow is limited. Orthodox radio "Radonezh"
will no longer be broadcast in Moscow Kurkino on medium wave 612 kHz.

"On Friday we notified the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting
Network. 20 years we have listened to this wave of Muscovites, there was a
huge audience," - said "Interfax-Religion" on Monday station director
Evgeny Nikiforov.

Noting that the situation has been brewing for a long time, he suggested
that the reason for the decision - in the high cost of land.

"The land on which the transmitter is located in Kurkino, is much more
expensive than radio services. It is surprising that we have put before
the fact in two days to stop broadcasting. Dali would finalize at least
until the end of the month, to say goodbye to the audience," - said the

However, he said that the radio will be listening on frequency FM 72,95,
"but the park receivers for this frequency is very limited, and in car
stereo that" Soviet "frequency is not at all."
(; via RUSdx Jan 28)

Closure of Radio "Radonezh" postponed for a month, 26 Jan 2015. As a
result of negotiations between the holder of the license to broadcast in
Moscow NE 612 kHz (MRC RTRS) and broadcasting center in Kurkino achieved
arrangements for the temporary extension of Radio Broadcasting "Radonezh"
in the former regime.
(Victor Rutkowski-RUS, "open_dx" RUSdx Jan 28)

As a result of negotiations between the holder of the license to broadcast
in Moscow NE 612 kHz (MRC RTRS) and broadcasting center in Kurkino agreed
to a temporary extension of broadcasting radio "Radonezh" in the former
regime. In the future it is hoped that the dispute between economic
entities will be resolved in favor of the Orthodox audience - the general
director of the Russian Orthodox World "Radio" Radonezh "Evgeny Nikiforov.

But as the danger stopped broadcasting at that frequency in Moscow and the
region is preserved, we ask all our loyal listeners get a receiver capable
of taking us to the frequency FM 72.92 MHz or download an application for
a hearing on the Internet. also, "Radonezh" you can listen to satellite
broadcasting radiopakete "Tricolor". for us it is very important to keep
the broadcast program at 612 kHz AM / CB, as the only way we can listen in

The so-called "Soviet FM" or VHF, which we now realize broadcasting is not
included in modern radio cars. that too is a kind of "zagovovorom" gateway
radio industry. Radio "Radonezh" exercised broadcast on medium wave 612
kHz quarter of a century, becoming the first independent radio station in

The existing audiences at this frequency mostly elderly people for whom it
is sometimes the only opportunity to obtain spiritual comfort. Assessment
Rossvyaznadzor potential audience of Radio "Radonezh" in Moscow and the
region of 10 million people. The loss of a significant part of its
immediate impact on the overall budget of the radio station, formed
exclusively by donations from listeners. "Radonezh" to this day remains
the only radio station in Moscow has consistently adhered to strictly
Orthodox perspective.

<>  (via RUSdx Febr 1)

RUSSIA   Mediumwave log on remote Moscow and St. Petersburg units
in Perseus server network, at 03-04 UT Jan 30.

Also, wenn dereinst zu Sylvester 2015 DLF, vor allem Heusweiler 1422 kHz,
aber auch Neumuenster 1269 kHz und Koenigslutter 756 kHz ausgeschaltet
sind, gibt es in MSK und STP weniger fuer den Freak zu hoeren, es ist
erstaunlich welche Signale da jetzt noch im Winter abgeliefert werden ...

Rumaenische Sender strahlen dort auch stark ein, sogar die kleinen Anlagen
vom Schwarzen Meer.

Der Platzhirsch ist eindeutig 1413 kHz mit einem S=9+40dB Signal.
ab 500 bis 1000 kHz ist der rx etwas taub,
RZ3DVP Yuri V. Maksimov hat wohl einen Abschwaecher eingebaut ... Mist !

Auf LW sah ich auch noch ein 234 kHz Signal, kann aber auch ein
vagabundierendes Spurioussignal gewesen sein, die Langwelle 225 kHz Polen
geht aber immer.

 540 HNG
 565 NDB
 567 RRossii Volgograd
 700 NDB
 738 WRN, World Radio Network London, russian
 756 DLF
 828 Sosnovka relig./patriotic? S=8-9, wide 818 to 838 kHz !
 846 RRossii Kalmytskaya
 855 ROU S=9+10
 873 starker Verwirrungs-Brumm, mehrerer Stationen
 885.7 spurious mixture
 900 NDB
 909 ROU
1017 NDB stark
1026 IRN Tabriz, radioplay
1035 TWR Estonia, 1030 bis 1040 kHz Breitband Signal, S=9+25dB
1053 UK Talksport powerhouse
1071 IRN Qom
1080 Mixture, S=9+20dB, NDB + Russ Mordovii Kovylkino
1116 HNG
1152 ROU S=9+20dB
1161 IRN HQ prayer from Qasr-e Shirin
1179 ROU S=9+30dB, aber auch IRN Chah Bahar
1233 CZE Dechovka, die feinste Radio Prag Blasmusik
1251 HNG
1269 DLF Neumuenster
1278 TDF Strassburg, und nebenbei auch IRN Kermanshar
1287 RRossii Grozniy, das TransRadio Schaetzchen proper.
1314 IRN + ROU mixed
1323 ROU, aber in Rumaenisch
1332 IRN und ROU gemixt
1367.967 IRN R. Golestan
1386 LTU NHK Japan ueber Sitkunai
1404 ?UKR-? + ROU gemixt.
1413 Russisch S=9+40dB power stark  ! und S=9+25dB in St.P.
1422 DLF Heusweiler S=9+20dB
1431 IRN Isfahan, two IRN txs
1458 ROU S=9+35dB proper signal.
1467.347 IRN Qom, Sender fq wandered
1494 MDA
1503 IRN Busher
1512 IRN Ardabil
1530 ROU
1575 IRN Abadan

1584 religioeses Lied, Saenger an der Orgel  ????
??? ROU - Radio Vocea Sperantei, various (1) - txs in Bistrita, Sighetu
Marmatiei, Craiova, Radauti and Suceava

1593 ROU
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30; also comments by Mauno in Finland...)

RWANDA   6055, at 0338- UT, Radio Rwanda, on Jan 21. Quite decent
reception with African high-life music. Somewhat muddy audio, making
audibility rather difficult. Music is fine, though.
(Walt Salmaniw-BC-CAN, dxld Jan 28)

Kigali closure rumours? Hi, Does anyone have any information on the
closure of DW's last remaining relay station in Kigali, Rwanda? I've read
that it will be closed for A15 with all transmissions moved to other sites
including Issoudun, Meyerton, Madagascar, Trincomalee and UAE.
(Stephen Cooper, dxld Jan 27)

There was a plan for the future of DW that was released sometime last
year. It was all in German, but if Google Translate was accurate, the
report indicated that Kigali would be closed by 2017, but a minimal SW
service would continue from other sites. That might be the same thing you

With the cuts made for B-14 (which included the elimination of the evening
broadcasts in English) as well as further cuts on December 20, it seems
Kigali is in its last days; but I would welcome information from someone
who knows more.

The 295 degree beam from Kigali to West Africa always worked very well for
us in North America. When the station was brand new (late 1960's) I recall
the English transmission at 1745 UT on 17765 kHz would always come booming
into Texas, and there were other transmissions that also did quite well
often better than coming from Juelich (this was several years before
Wertachtal went on the air.) After DW ended its North American service in
2003, the WA beams from Kigali were always the best way to hear the

Best reception I've had from Kigali in English for B-14 is 15275 kHz
at 0700 UT. Other times/frequencies in English poor or unlistenable.
(Stephen Luce-TX-USA, ibid.)

Will they still carry their service on satellite and the internet? -
(Josh, ibid.)

I would think DW is safe for future satellite and internet delivery
unless the German government decides to shut it down completely. No
indication whatsoever that such a shutdown has ever been contemplated.
DW seems determined to expand into new distribution platforms, only
using SW if absolutely necessary to reach a particular audience.

Anyone seen any advance DW schedule for A-15?
(Stephen Luce-TX-USA, ibid.)

15275  on Feb 3 at 0652 UT, good signal from DW in Hausa via Kigali,
on the 295degr beam across west Africa, carrying on between Florida and
Cuba, into Mexico, but plenty good further north. In fact, it's the OSOB.
It also has English at 07-08 UT. But be careful: 15275 kHz is a heavily
used DW frequency, so depending on the hour could also be via Sri Lanka,
UAE, Madagascar, or France.

Altho early A-15 HFCC registrations continue with numerous KIG entries
thru 24 October just in case, it's now been confirmed that this relay
station is about to close down too! So enjoy it while you can.

Ivo Ivanov received this:
"Dear all, DW relay station in Kigali / Rwanda will be closed at end of
B14 season and dismantled afterwards. All shortwave services - English,
Amharic, French, Hausa, Swahili, Dari, Pashto, - will be continued in A15
by rentals at same times and to same service areas.
Kind regards, Thomas Feustel, Technical Distribution"
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Febr 3)

RWANDA   RR Kigali domestic program 6055 kHz transmitter.
Is the Radio Rwanda 6055 kHz transmitter located at and operated by
courtesy of DW relay station in Kigali? If so, I wonder if it will go off
the air for good when Deutsche Welle Germany pulls the plug.

Thanks Wolfy. Well, if the 6055 transmitter is left alive to be operated
by local staff, I'd guess it will anyway go silent after a while.
(Jari Savolainen-FIN, dxld Febr 1)

Re Kigali tx site. That was always ONE SINGLE compound since erection in
1968 / 1969 year. Here is a translation about some discussion few years
ago. The image is from Google Earth in July 2014 and still shows all mast
/ Antenna installations ready. The DWL and local engineering staff has
always stayed in the 15 houses on the compound site. Night shift there
will not be a problem. The local domestic Kigali Rwanda transmitter on
6055 but had only 50 kW of power? The whole steep angle fountain like non-
directional beam antennas on 3/4/6 MHz, all location stand to the right
side of Transmitter building and the 6055 kHz antenna, but the high tall
curtain antennas of 49-25 mBAND westward on the area.

Real estate development area.
On 5 x 180 meters long street area stubs southwards, are already clearing
stubs visibles. The hill is a sought-after real estate development area,
that have the DW Engineers told me even 15-20 years ago. Maybe the locals
put the 6055 kHz transmitter and Antenna installation in a corner of the
site area, and local engineers for service are be available, yes, like in
Trincomalee after 1-2 years trainee. The rest of the relay site area is
'developed' towards an exclusive residential suburb.

ps. if you have seen the Sines TX station house, much of the transmitter
controls etc. can be  r e m o t e-controlled operated from home.

[later]  some foto images from G.E.:

attached screenshot of Kigali site, see 12 staff houses on the left side
border flank.
see westerly border curtain antenna arrays,
and nortwesterly the 000 / 180 degrees North South curtain array,
central easterly of the TX house and matrix corner:
one or two log-periodics like formerly in Sines Portugal relay too.

south - easterly border contain the non-directional steep angle fountian
like corner reflector etc. antennas for
3 MHZ 3330 kHz
6 MHZ 6055 6160 kHz
7 MHZ 7225

and F.Planning also low power MW 1512 kHz some 20-30 years ago, was on
agenda once.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 1)

RWANDA [and non]  Re: Kigali closure rumours?
These transmissions could use other sites. After DW left Trinco it's
cheaper for them to lease time from the SLBC than owning the site.
(Keith Perron-TWN, dxld Febr 1)

Re Trincomalee Sri Lanka site, - Yes, when fully scheduled 24hrs via
4 SW/MW txs, they payed 4 european engineers, a n d  125 local Ceylonese
staff members, on the paylist to maintain the tx jewel case...

but DWL suffers  n o t  by the few remained tx payments,
only 7% of the budget need for sw and satellite network.

Majority of the budget money is needed for pension payments here in Bonn
and Berlin.

Like in WRTH 2015 page 461 under Deutsche Welle Bonn, the 7 language
sections will remain on shortwave in A-15 season:

Amharic, Dari/Persian, En, French, Hausa, Pashto, Swahili sces.

Via Ascension, TDF Issoudun-F, MGB Madagascar-MDG, Sentec Meyerton-AFS,
IBB Sao Tome-SAO, SLBC Trincomalee-CLN, Al Dhabbaya UAE,

towards ITU ciraf zones
37-41 NoAF, NE, ME, SoAS
46-57 all Africa.


Re: Kigali closure rumours?  replacement in summer season A-15.

15275 1600-1700 48                          TRM 250 270 Amh CLN DWL
15410 1600-1700 48                          TRM 250 270 Amh CLN DWL
15560 1600-1700 48                          DHA 250 225 Amh UAE DWL
DW Amharic  <>

 7425 0400-0500 46SE,47,48W,52,53NW,53S,57N MEY 250 19  Eng AFS DWL
 7425 0500-0600 48SW,52NE,52S,53,57N        MEY 250 19  Eng AFS DWL
 9800 0400-0500 46SE,47,48W,52,53NW,53S,57N MDC 250 265 Eng MDG DWL
 9830 0700-0800 46,47                       SAO 100 20  Eng STP DWL
11960 0400-0500 37S,38,46,47,48,52,53,57N   ISS 500 140 Eng F   DWL
13610 0400-0500 37S,38,46,47,48,52,53,57N   ISS 500 140 Eng F   DWL
15275 0400-0500 46,47,48,52,53,57           DHA 250 225 Eng UAE DWL
15275 0500-0600 46E,47,48,52,53,57N         MDC 250 245 Eng MDG DWL
15275 0700-0800 37,38,39,46,47,48,52,53,57  ISS 500 172 Eng F   DWL
15410 0700-0800 37,38,46,47,52              ASC 250 65  Eng G   DWL
15560 0700-0800 37,38,46,47,52              ASC 250 65  Eng G   DWL
17800 0500-0600 46E,47,48W,52,53,57N        TRM 250 245 Eng CLN DWL
17800 0700-0800 37,38,39,46,47,48,52,53,57  ISS 500 172 Eng F   DWL
DW English  <>

15275 1700-1800 37,38,46,47,52,53SW         ISS 500 165 Fra F   DWL
15410 1700-1800 37,38,46,47,52,53SW         ISS 500 194 Fra F   DWL
15560 1700-1800 37,38,46,47,52,53SW         ISS 500 194 Fra F   DWL
17800 1700-1800 37,38,46,47,52,53SW         ASC 250 65  Fra UAE DWL
DW French  <>

 9800 0630-0700 46,47W                      SAO 100 20  Hau STP DWL
 9800 1300-1400 46,47W                      SAO 100 20  Hau STP DWL
 9830 0630-0700 46,47W                      SAO 100 20  Hau STP DWL
 9830 1300-1400 46,47W                      SAO 100 20  Hau STP DWL
 9830 1800-1900 46,47W                      SAO 100 20  Hau STP DWL
13610 0630-0700 46,47W                      ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
15275 0630-0700 46,47W                      ISS 500 165 Hau F   DWL
15275 1300-1400 46,47W                      ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
15275 1800-1900 46,47W                      MDC 250 305 Hau MDG DWL
15560 0630-0700 46,47W                      MEY 250 330 Hau AFS DWL
15560 1800-1900 46,47W                      ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
17800 0630-0700 46,47W                      DHA 250 260 Hau UAE DWL
17800 1300-1400 46,47W                      ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
17800 1800-1900 46,47W                      ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
21780 0630-0700 46,47W                      DHA 250 260 Hau UAE DWL
21780 1300-1400 46,47W                      DHA 250 260 Hau UAE DWL
DW Hausa  <>

15215 0830-0900 40E,41NW                    TRM 250 335 Prs CLN DWL
15215 1330-1400 40E,41NW                    TRM 250 335 Prs CLN DWL
15640 0830-0900 40E,41NW                    DHA 250 45  Prs UAE DWL
15640 1330-1400 40E,41NW                    DHA 250 45  Prs UAE DWL
17800 0830-0900 40E,41NW                    TRM 250 335 Prs CLN DWL
DW Dari{Persian}  <>

15215 0800-0830 40E,41NW                    TRM 250 335 Pus CLN DWL
15215 1400-1430 40E,41NW                    TRM 250 335 Pus CLN DWL
15640 0800-0830 40E,41NW                    DHA 250 45  Pus UAE DWL
15640 1400-1430 40E,41NW                    DHA 250 45  Pus UAE DWL
17800 0800-0830 40E,41NW                    TRM 250 335 Pus CLN DWL
DW Pashto  <>

 6125 0300-0400 48SW,52E,53NW               MEY 250 19  Swa AFS DWL
11960 0300-0400 48SW,52E,53NW               ISS 500 140 Swa F   DWL
15275 0300-0400 48SW,52E,53NW               TRM 250 255 Swa CLN DWL
15275 1000-1100 48SW,52E,53NW               MDC 250 300 Swa MDG DWL
15275 1500-1600 48SW,52E,53NW               TRM 250 255 Swa CLN DWL
15560 1000-1100 48SW,52E,53NW               MDC 250 300 Swa MDG DWL
17710 1000-1100 48SW,52E,53NW               MEY 250 19  Swa AFS DWL
17710 1500-1600 48SW,52E,53NW               DHA 250 215 Swa UAE DWL
17800 0300-0400 48SW,52E,53NW               TRM 250 255 Swa CLN DWL
17800 0400-0500 48SW,52E,53NW               TRM 250 255 Swa CLN DWL
17800 1500-1600 48SW,52E,53NW               DHA 250 215 Swa UAE DWL
DW Swahili  <>
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 1)

SOLOMON ISL  Log: 5020 kHz, SIBC, Honiara, Solomon Isl, 2000 UT, SIO 353

Ja, S=9+15 oder -62 dBm Signal um 1858 bis 1906 UT tune-in in downunder
SDR remote Brisbane unit. Um 1859-1901 leerer Traeger.
5019.880 exact kHz, Hymne like gehoert um 1905-1906 UT ?
[selected Perseus SDR options, span 12.5 kHz / RBW 15.3 Hertz]

Nebendran Ambohidrano Madagascar 5010.430 kHz sehr weit gefasst, dauerndes
+/- 20 Hertz auf und ab.

Bei 5066 etwas Flugverkehr? Funk, laut Liste dort soll PLY Papeete Air
radio aus Tahiti sein.

4835 kHz ABC NT Alice Springs, circa 15 kHz breiter Platzhirsch.

3945 VUT Vanuatu S=8-9 um 1912 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 31)

SPAIN   1287  QSL SER Radio Castilla site.
Nach unzaehligen Versuchen klappte es endlich mit einer QSL von SER Radio
Castilla aus Burgos auf 1287 kHz.

Eine e-mail Bestaetigung kam innerhalb von 6 Tagen fuer einen Bericht an
<burgos -at->
v/s Angel Benito del Alamo.
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Febr 2)

Burgos, SER Radio Castilla 1287 kHz 2 kW at location
42 19 33.79 N  03 39 21.56 W

SPAIN   Spanish fishermen demand REE change frequencies.

English translation of article appearing in Spanish newspaper La Opinion
of A Coruna, Galicia, on REE broadcasts. Spanish fisherman demand that
Radio Exterior use higher frequencies for their broadcasts. Fleets
trawling in the southern hemisphere complain about interference and "bad
reception" from REE

On December 18, the shortwave transmissions of Radio Exterior de Espana
were once again coming through, as they had in the past, on the fishing
boats that trawl around the world. Despite the cuts in hours - REE reduced
it broadcasts from 24 hours a day to four hours from Monday through Friday
and eight hours on Saturdays and Sundays - and in programing, shipping
crews still celebrated the return of such "an essential" service.

"The entire face of this crew has changed," said Xuxo Perez, captain of
the Xuxo, told La Opinion the first day his radio was receiving the
broadcasts after 78 days of dead air.

But just 45 days after the fishermen toasted to that first day of their
"partial victory," they now complain that the signals are not being
broadcast under decent conditions and demand that the RTVE Corporation add
more frequencies for better reception.

"It took more time than what they said they were going to take to hear
them. The new frequencies depend on the day - sometimes you can hear them
well, sometimes you can't -but there is always interference," said Manuel
Cadilla, captain of the "Tosca Tercero" that trawls south of Cape Verde.

Even though Cadilla admits that it is a lot better having a broadcast from
Spain rather than nothing at all, he has asked REE to use higher
frequencies. "Before the cutbacks, you could listen to Radio Exterior
because they used other frequencies."

The "Tosca Tercero" belongs to the Organization of Trawler from A Guarda
(Orpagu), one of the founding members of the Platform for the Defense of
Shortwave, which is ensuring that fishing boats get the best reception

The new frequencies between 9,620 kHz and 12,030 kHz are not ones promised
by the RTVE board when it agreed to the fishermen's demands to reinstate
the broadcasts for Spanish fleets in the southern hemisphere.

The "Coyo Septimo" is also a member of the Orpagu and trawls for swordfish
south of Madagascar. Captain Juan Martinez said that REE "cannot be heard
well" since November 5.

"Generally, there is a lot of noise and during the weekends, when there
are more broadcast hours, you can't hear a thing," he said, adding that
usually the REE is broadcasting at times when the crew is already asleep.

In another part of the southern hemisphere, Jose Manuel Rosario, captain
of "Jose Antonio Nores," believes that the frequencies employed are
unusable for the area because "sometimes they cannot be heard or they just
don't exist."

"We are asking that they expand the broadcast hours in the morning and use
decent meter bands, such as 13 meters (21 MHz) in the morning, 16 meters
(17 MHz) in the afternoon until 9pm, and 21 meters (15 MHz) from 8pm," he
said. Jose Manuel Rosario also adds that with the new hours the crew
misses "parts of the programs."

Cesar Gil, captain of the "Playa da Cativa," which is also fishing in the
same area after leaving Spain some weeks ago, complains on the other hand
that the frequencies "are too low" and "they were a lot better before"
because there is "more interference."

"It is true that our routines on the boat have changed now that we have
the radio back, but we want the frequencies we had before," he said.

La flota reclama frecuencias mas altas de onda corta tras no recibir la
senal de Radio Exterior


La flota reclama frecuencias mas altas de onda corta tra... Las emisiones,
retomadas hace 45 dias, tienen interferencias y la calidad 'es peor',
segun los marineros - Exigen mas horas porque las actuales son

View on  <>  {By Adrian Amoedo}
(via  Marty Delfin-ESP, dxld Febr 3)

SWEDEN    Radio Sweden - Hoerby and Soelvesborg.  Hi Folks!
Here's something that may be of interest to you, if you haven't seen it

A few days ago, I discovered another very interesting documentary video
that gives a look at the Radio Sweden shortwave transmitters at Hoerby,
and the Soelvesborg AM transmitter. Hakan Widenstedt, was the Chief
Engineer for Radio Sweden when this film was shot in 2006.

What is interesting about this video is the detailed view of the inside of
the shortwave and mediumwave transmitters. And it offers some insight into
the day-to-day work of an engineer for a large international broadcaster.

The film is in memory of Hakan, who passed away in 2011. It is 30 minutes
long and was filmed and produced by Kelly Lindman. The conversation is in
Swedish with English subtitles. Special thanks to Jan Oosterveen for
making this available on YouTube for all of us to enjoy.


A documentary about Hakan Widenstedt chief engineer of the Horby and
Solvesborg transmittersites of Radio Sweden.
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, SW TXsites dxld Jan 28)

SWEDEN   Radio Revival Sweden was observed commencing its 1200 UT
shortwave test at 1157 UT on 9815 kHz (in AM-compatible usb mode) with
announcements in English then Swedish. Reception was poor so didn't quite
catch the ID, sounded like "station SVI" initially but heard the phrase
"Radio Revival" bandied about in the murk. At 1200 went into "Bye Bye
Blackbird" and a few minutes later "Everybody's Somebody's Fool", both
sung in Swedish. Nothing heard on 6035 kHz. This was monitored via Global
Tuners remote receiver in Odenwald, Germany.
(David Kernick-UK, Interval Signals Online, Jan 22, dxld)

Radio Revival relays via Sala Saturday, Jan 31

78-timmen - Ola Rosengren spinning 78 rpm records
1500-1600  3950 SAL 005 kW non dir to EUR in AM mode
1500-1600  6065 SAL 010 kW non dir to EUR in CLSB mode

Country Box with Kenneth Friberg
1600-1700  3950 SAL 005 kW non dir to EUR in AM mode
1600-1700  6065 SAL 010 kW non dir to EUR in CLSB mode

The Ronny B Goode Show
1700-1800  3950 SAL 005 kW non dir to EUR in AM mode
1700-1800  6065 SAL 010 kW non dir to EUR in CLSB mode

Hit! with DJ Pewee
1800-1900  3950 SAL 005 kW non dir to EUR in AM mode
1800-1900  6065 SAL 010 kW non dir to EUR in CLSB mode

Radio Revival relay 6065 kHz CLSB Sala-SWE,
and Radio Channel 292 6070 kHz Rohrbach-Waal-D.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 1)

Radio Revival (New Entry)
c/o Ronny Forsland, Vita Huset, SE-17995 Svartso, Sweden
Notes: Various prgs relayed on 3950, 6035, 6065, 9815, 9865 and 9875 kHz,
mainly at weekends.
(WRTH PDF.file Update 2015 spring Jan 31)

are all these low powers registered with ITU and/ Swedish Telecomm?


PTS Post - og telestyrelsen <>
Radio Revival Sweden Relays Today
Saturday, January 31 on 3950 kHz 5 kW AM, 6065 kHz 10 kW A3H.

11.00-12.00 UTC Radio Nord Revival
12.00-13.00 UTC SDXF Sveriges DX-Foerbund
13.00-15.00 UTC Radio Merkurs
15.00-16.00 UTC 78-timmen - Ola Rosengren spinning 78 rpm records
16.00-17.00 UTC Country Box with Kenneth Friberg
17.00-18.00 UTC The Ronny B Goode Show
18.00-19.00 UTC Hit! with DJ Pewee
(Tom, Jan 31)

IBRA RADIO - Revised complete schedule via WRTH spring 2015 Update.

Afar Days Area kHz
1600-1630 daily EAf  11655dha

Amharic Days Area kHz
1600-1700 daily EAf  12125erv

Arabic Days Area kHz
0800-0830 daily ME   15260wof
1700-1730 daily ME   12045wof
1800-1930 daily ME    9550wof
1900-1930 daily NAf   5915wof

Bambara Days Area kHz
1945-2000 WAf 7235wof

Beja Days Area kHz
1730-1830 daily EAf   9635wof

Bengali Days Area kHz
0000-0030 daily SAs   5905tac
1500-1530 daily SAs   9390tac

Dari Days Area kHz
0230-0300 daily WAs   5940dha
1500-1530 daily WAs   9570erv

Fulfulde Days Area kHz
1900-1930 mtwtf.. WAf 7235wof

Fur Days Area kHz
1830-1900 daily EAf   9635wof

Futa-Jalon Days Area kHz
1900-1915 WAf 7235wof

Hausa Days Area kHz
1945-2000 mtwtf.. WAf 7235wof

Kanuri Days Area kHz
1915-1930 WAf 7235wof

Malinke (Joula) Days Area kHz
1930-1945 m.....s WAf 7235wof

Ngambai (Sara) Days Area kHz
1900-1945 m.....s CAf 9635wof

Oromo Days Area kHz
1700-1730 daily EAf   9540dha

Shuwa Days Area kHz
1930-1945 ...tfs CAf  9635wof

Silt Days Area kHz
1730-1800 daily EAf   7510erv

Somali Days Area kHz
1700-1730 daily EAf   6180dha
1730-1800 daily EAf  11610mey

Swahili Days Area kHz
1700-1730 daily EAf   6180dha

Tamajeq Days Area kHz
1930-1945 ...tfs. WAf 7235wof

Tigrinya Days Area kHz
1630-1700 daily EAf   9820dha
1700-1730 daily EAf  11610mey
1730-1800 daily EAf   9540dha

Zaghawa Days Area kHz
1930-1945 .tw.... CAf 9635wof

Zarma Days Area kHz
1930-1945 .tw.... WAf 7235wof
(WRTH PDF.file Update 2015 spring Jan 31)

THAILAND   13744.964  Also IBB relays in Udorn Thani Thailand are mostly
odd frequency on lower sideband these days. Noted Radio Thailand from
Bangkok capital programmes in Thai and English at 0148 UT on Jan 30.
Scheduled 0030-0300 UT true north azimuth at 006 and 038 degrees, across
the Arctic area into North America target.

12139.965  VoA Afghan ASHNA program in Dari language relayed via Udorn
Thani site in Thailand too. S=6 in Tokoy remote post at 0207 UT on Jan 30.
News px heard.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30)

UKRAINE   Petrivka site on 1278 kHz carries UR1 Ukraine Radio Jan 31.

At the moment there veschanye Data pervogo Ukrainian radio channel (UR-1)
to SB often is 1278 kHz - Selo in Petrovka Komynternovskoho of area of
Odessa oblast.
(Alexander, Kiev-UKR, Jan 29)

New transmitter of Ukrainian Radio 1 on 1278 kHz ?

A new transmitter tested 1st day on 1278 kHz. January 29th heard at 1740
UT with program 1 from Ukrainian Radio. Very powerful and with loop it was
only IRIB Kermanshah in the background. Acc. to Mauno Ritola the
transmitter is located at Odessa-Petrivka, a small village 64 km north of
(Bengt Ericson-SWE, ARC Arctic Radio Club Sweden, hcdx / RUSdx Jan 29)

Petrivka new TRAM? TransRadio Berlin Germany MW unit ?
acc new 100 kW MW sender in Petrivka on 1278 kHz on air now:


Probably new Transradio TRAM100 mediumwave unit ?



Test broadcast heard from Petrivka on Jan 29.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2)

Petrivka was one of these many VEILED transmitter site locations of
communist USSR era, by Mr. Anatoly Titov in late 70ties and 80ties, like
for example Sherpukov, Simferopol, Starobelsk (real Petrivka), Kalinin,
Nikolaevsk etc. etc.

Previously in past 3 decades this former RL jamming station located north
of Odessa used also a 2x75 / 150 kW Storm tx, and also a 30 kW Tesla unit,
which has been boosted to 40-50 kW.  wb

UKRAINE   January 28 at the transmitting center Ray (Mykolaiv Luch) 1431
kHz frequency, the antenna was turned to the southeast. Center is
interested in reports of approx. broadcasting time 17-21 UT, e-mail to
<tsekhanovskyy -at->  <superson -at->
C respect, Victor Tsekhanovich, monitoring
(via RUSdx Jan 28)

UNIDENTIFIED/probably IBB Tinang-PHL  9530  some minutes lasting
engineering measurement procedure of various 1000 Hertz tones, observed in
0214 to 0218 UT Jan 30 slot in Tokyo. Most probably technician at IBB
Tinang-PHL site got the antenna matching ready for further broadcasts
during coming daytime from this site. Frequ also in use for VoA Chinese
service from Tinang at 09-15 UT daily. Covered ahead CNR 11 co-channel
program heavily.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30)

U.K.   QSL - Received an e-QSL-cards from Radio Akhbar Mufriha for
accepting a language Hassan (spoken variety of Arabic) and Berber 22 Jan
2015, 2100-2145 UT on frequency 7300 kHz (through Babcock brokery
Woofferton-UK). report confirmed by Daniel Berger. Sent to the e-mail
<email -at->

Card under the number 011/15. Asked to send a detailed, in-depth report at
least 20 minutes, or transmission report with audio at the beginning, in
the middle and at the end of transmission.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Jan 28)

Daniel Berger bestaetigt aussagekraeftige Empfangsberichte (=Mitschnitte)

Radio Akhbar Mufriha
(L'Ami Media)
BP 337
FR-75868 Paris Cedex 18, France
<email -at->
binnen weniger Tage bzw. Wochen per e-QSL. Gedruckte QSLs gibt es nicht.

Gesendet wird nach folgendem Sendeplan (15.9.2014-16.3.2015)
2100-2145 UT on 7300 kHz (Woofferton UK) Tashelhayt Berber.
{7300 kHz at 2100-2145 UT to zone 37S WOF 250kW 170deg,
via HCJB and Babcock brokery...}
2115 UT Hoch-Arabisch (darin Di Do Sa -2130 UT die dramatisierten
Lebensgeschichten von Unshackled in aegyptischem Arabisch)

Auf der schlichten Website  <>
findet man auch Grundinformationen in Englisch.
(Rubens Ferraz Pedroso 9.1.2015 dxld, via
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2)

U.K.   MSF Annual Outage,   2 - 19 March 2015

NPL Time & Frequency Services. Notice of Interruption.
MSF 60 kHz Time and Frequency Signal

Please note that the MSF 60 kHz time and frequency signal broadcast from
Anthorn Radio Station will be off during the day for maintenance work

Monday 2 March to Thursday 19 March between 0800 UT and 1800 UT -
service off-air each day (but will be back on air overnight and at

The interruption to the transmission is required to allow essential
maintenance work to be carried out in safety.
(Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC ng Febr 2)

USA   KVOH Chatsworth Peak (P.O.Box 102, Los Angeles, CA 90078, USA,
hat im Dezember einen neuen 100 kW-Sender erhalten und wollte ihn noch im
Januar auf Sendung bringen. Bereits zum 1. Januar 2015 wurde der Sendeplan

0000-0500 UT  9975 Di-Sa UTC Trunews (Rick Wiles) in Englisch.
0100 UT       International Missions Fellowship (Dr. James Planck)
0230-0500 UT  9975 So Mo UTC Englisch
1400-2000 UT 17775 Mo-Fr Spanisch

Die Kurzwellenstation KVOH wurde 1986 von High Adventure Ministries (1973-
1999) begruendet und schliesslich 2013 von der Strategic Communications
Group wieder auf Sendung gebracht. Der neue Grosskunde James Planck hat
seit ca. 2002 ergebnislos das Projekt einer eigenen Kurzwellenstation KIMF
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2)

USA   Nach drei Monaten ist Brother Stair zum 6. Januar 2015 mit
10 Wochenstunden zu WBCQ zurueckgekehrt, einem Bruchteil frueherer
Belegungen. Zum 9. Januar wurde folgender Sendeplan veroeffentlicht.

0000-0500: 5110 Sa-Mo, Sa ab 0100
0000 So Radio Timtron Worldwide, Mo Church of the Subgenius Hour of Slack
0100 Sa Allan Weiner Worldwide, So Radio Timtron Worldwide,
     Mo Plastic Magic
0200 Sa WAZU, So The Lumpy Gravy Radio Show, Mo Plastic Magic
0300 Sa Grits Radio, So The Lost Discs Radio Show+The Eric Dolphy Mystery
     Hour, Mo The Jean Shepherd Show
0400 Sa Grits Radio, So Listener's Choice, Mo Glenn Hauser's World of
     Radio+Grits Radio
0100-0200: 5110 9330 7490 Sa Allan Weiner Worldwide
0000-0500: 7490, Sa So 0200, Sa wieder ab 0400
0000 Mo Le Show with Harry Shearer, Di Ramsey's Roadhouse+Camp
     Constitution Radio with Hal Shurtleff (neu), Mi Alan Sane,
     Do The Next Chapter, Fr Allan Weiner Worldwide,
     Sa Fred Flintstone's Music Show, So Shortwave Saturday Night -
     The Other Pirate Joe Show
0100 Di-Fr Rabbi Yaakov Spivak, Sa Allan Weiner Worldwide,
     So Shortwave Saturday Night - The Other Pirate Joe Show
0200 Di-Sa The Overcomer Ministry (wieder seit 6 Januar)
0400 Mo Herald of Truth, Di-Sa Financial Survival
1800-2200: 15420, So bis 2300
1800 Global Spirit Proclamation
2200 So Marion's Attic
2000-2400: 7490, Sa ab 2300
2000 Mo Fr Murray The Machine (neu), Di-Do Pirate Joe Extravaganzo
2100 Mo-Fr Financial Survival
2200 Mo Financial Survival, Di Amos and Andy (wieder da)+Frecuencia Al Dia
     (neue Zeit), Mi Glenn Hauser's World of Radio +
     Goddess Irena 1 Music Show Do Glenn Hauser's World of Radio +
     The Watchman Program, Fr Behavior Night, So Marion's Attic
2300 Mo-Fr Money Talk, Sa Shortwave Saturday Night - The Other Pirate
     Joe Show (neue Sendezeit), So WGOD Presents
2300-0000: 9330 Mo-Fr Money Talk
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2)

USA   WRMI Okeechobee hat zum 1. Januar folgenden Wintersendeplan 2014/15

Radio Miami International und von RMI betreute Programme
(in Spanisch / Englisch)
04.30-05.00:  5985 (-2  100 kW, 222 degr) Mittelamerika
10.00-10.30:  5850 (-8  100 kW, 355 degr) Nordamerika
11.00-15.00:  9955 (-10 100 kW, 160 degr) Lateinamerika
21.00-22.00:  7570 (-11 100 kW, 315 degr) Nordamerika.
             15770 (-4  100 kW,  44 degr) Nordamerika und Europa
22.00-06.00:  9955 (-10 100 kW, 160 degr) Lateinamerika
23.00-23.30: 11580 (-9  100 kW,  44 degr) Nordamerika / Europa Englisch

internationale Auslandsdienste
00.00-01.00:  5850 (-8 100 kW, 355 degr) Radio Slowakei International
Spanisch. 00.30 Englisch
03.00-04.00:  7730 (-14 100 kW, 222 degr) Mittelamerika
Radio Taiwan International: Spanisch
04.00-04.30:  5985 (-2 100 kW, 222 degr) Mittelamerika
NHK-World Radio Japan: Spanisch
23.30-24.00: 11580 (-9 100 kW, 44 degr) Nordamerika und Europa
Radio Ukraine International: Englisch

Global 24 (Englisch)
00.00-24.00:  9395 (-6 100 kW, 355 degr) Nordamerika

Family Radio (religioese Sendungen)
Frequenzaenderungen, sowie Hindi nach Indien gestrichen
02.00-03.00:  7720 (-14 100 kW, 222 degr) Lateinamerika: Spanisch
10.00-12.00:  7570 (-11 100 kW, 315 degr) Ostasien: Japanisch.
11.00 Chinesisch
23.00-24.00:  7730 (-14 100 kW, 222 degr) Lateinamerika: Spanisch

Overcomer Ministries (religioese Sendungen in Englisch)
10.00-22.00: 11825 (-12 100 kW, 315 degr) Nordamerika
00.00-23.00: 11580 (-9  100 kW, 44 degr)  Nordamerika und Europa
06.00-11.00:  9955 (-10 100 kW, 160 degr) Lateinamerika
07.00-10.00:  5850 (-8  100 kW, 355 degr) Nordamerika
12.00-21.00:  7570 (-11 100 kW, 315 degr) Nordamerika
22.00-21.00: 15770 (-4  100 kW, 44 degr)  Nordamerika und Europa
22.00-10.00:  7570 (-11 100 kW, 315 degr) Nordamerika

Radio Africa (Englisch)
14.00-21.00: 17790 (-7 100 kW, 87 degr) Afrika
21.00-03.00: 15190 (-7 100 kW, 87 degr) Afrika

TruNews (religioese Sendungen in Englisch)
01.00-07.00:  5015 (-3 100 kW, 160 degr) Lateinamerika,
              5850 (-8 100 kW, 355 degr)
              7455 (100 kW, 285 degr) Nordamerika
18.00-00.00: 11550 (-3 100 kW, 44 degr) Europa
(WRMI via
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2)

poor signal playing BaBcoCk IS, with longer pauses than usual and seems to
cut out now and then past 1426 UT; at 1429 UT dead air with flutter past
1430 UT. Presumed FEBA via Tashkent as in fact registered by BaBcoCk for
Hindi at 1430-1500 UT, 100 kW, 131 degrees.
9540 kHz was an old R. Tashkent frequency; how we miss them.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 26)

BBC Hindi on 7565 via Tashkent-UZB in B-14 season.

Tentativelly on 9460 kHz BBC Hindi in summer A-15 season.
 7485 1600-1630 41N,42SW      NAK 250 300 THA
 7565 1400-1430 41N,42SW      NAK 250 280 THA
 9410 0100-0130 41N,42SW      SLA 250  63 OMA
 9460 1400-1430 41N,42SW      TAC 100 131 UZB  <<
 9490 1600-1630 41N,42SW      SLA 250  63 OMA
 9510 1400-1430 41N,42SW      NAK 250 300 THA
 9605 1600-1630 41N,42SW      SNG 250 315 SNG
 9915 0100-0130 41N,42SW      ERV 300 100 ARM
11795 1400-1430 41N,42SW      SNG 250 315 SNG
11995 0100-0130 41N,42SW      SNG 250 315 SNG
11995 0230-0300 41N,42SW      DHA 250  70 UAE
12065 1600-1630 41N,42SW      DHA 250  85 UAE
13580 0230-0300 41N,42SW      TAC 200 131 UZB
13660 0230-0300 41N,42SW      TAC 200 131 UZB
15510 0100-0130 41N,42SW      NAK 250 305 THA
15510 0230-0300 41N,42SW      NAK 250 300 THA
17870 0230-0300 41N,42SW      SNG 250 315 SNG

Changes in the frequency BBC BBC:
0200-0300 9920 TAC 100 kW 131 deg to SoAS English, addit. freq.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 28)

Tentativelly on 12095/15310 kHz BBC English in summer A-15 season.
12095 0200-0300 41,42SW       SLA 250  63 OMA ENASS
15310 0100-0300 41,42SW       NAK 250 290 THA ENASS

UZBEKISTAN   9920  BBCWS in English, nx program in 02-03 UT signle hour
slot at 0209 UT on Jan 30, S=6 signal from Tashkent Uzbekistan relay site.
NX on Mexico City gas/hospital accident.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30)

VATICAN STATE   Vatican Radio on 6070 kHz.
Radio Vatikan auf 6070 kHz.

Radio Vatikan bittet um Empfangsbeobachtungen seiner Europasendungen auf
6070 kHz von Hoerern aus Europa, betreffend moeglicher
Gleichkanalstoerungen durch Channel292 Rohrbach Waal Germany auf gleicher
Frequenz. Hier ein Auszug aus einer e-mail von Sergio Salvatori
<gestfreq -at->

I kindly ask for your help in monitoring our broadcasts on 6070 kHz to
Europe. The reason of my request is because I have to evaluate an
incompatibility that Vatican Radio could have with or cause to a local
German broadcaster on the same frequency, Radio 48 International.

I kindly ask you to let me know if our services at 06:30-07:15 UTC, 19:40-
20:15 UTC and 21:40-22:00 UTC are affected or affect the service of Radio
48 International. Any additional information is welcome.
Sergio Salvatori
Vatican Radio
Frequency Management  (Febr 2)
(Vatican radio via Ralf Urbanczyk-D, A-DX Febr 2)


MW Pirates band, log in southern Germany at 2000-2046 UT slot on Jan 31.
1615.7 bis 1732.1 kHz, um die 19 MW Hobbypiraten Stationen zu hoeren.

1619.1 Balkan Saengerin
1629.5 Schoenes Signal, griech. Folklore Musik.
1647.7 Griech. Musik
1649.9 stark
1660   Griech. Musik, schoenes Signal
1685.7 Unid Balkan, talk, Plattenjockey. Stark.
1690.7 Griech. Musik
1700   Uebersteuert, Mikro, Griech. Talk, stark.
1710   Unid, im Kuestenfunkbereich/Coastal Radio bis 1765 kHz.
1725 Kuestenfunk
1728 Kuestenfunk
1732.1 Serbisch - Bosnisch, Balkanmusik. 200 Hertz wandernd.
1755 Kuestenfunk
1765 Kuestenfunk
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 31)


Log Januar 29, footprint list noted at 14-15 UT in Sydney Australia
dowunder remote unit.

3945.000 VUT  R Vanuatu at 1450 UT on Jan 29.
Nothing on 5020 kHz at this time slot.
SIBC, Honiara, Solomon Islands, heard at 2000 UT on Jan 28, SIO 353.

5050     CHN  Vo Beibbu Radio, in Vietnamese, S=9+10dB at 1403 UT.
5040     IND  AIR Jeypore Odisha in Hindi, 1411 UT.
5010.006 IND  AIR Thiru..., Kerala, but nothing heard of Malagasy R.
5006.000 JPN  Digital H3A stn of HFD Japan.
4989.996 CHN  PBS Hunan, Xiangtan, Chinese (not in dswci Anker's list)
4979.988 CHN  PBS Xinjan, Uigurish at 1417 UT.
4970.015 IND  AIR Shillong.
4939.955 CHN  CNR Voice of Strait, Fuzhou, "VoTaiwan Strait News Radio"
              very wideband signal4929 to 4951 kHz.
4920 Mixture. CHN + IND same signal strength, same frequency.
4910     IND  AIR Jaipur, in Hindi.
4905     CHN  PBS Xizang, Tibetan, and a strong RTTY UTE signal ahead
4894.995 IND  AIR Kurseong, vernacular?
4880.004 IND  AIR Lucknow UP
4870     IND  AIR "Radio Sedayee Kashmir" in Kashmiri,
              HQ prayer at 1431 UT in Urdu.
4860.002 IND  AIR Simla HP, flute and drums mx.
4850     CHN  CNR8, Kazakh sce from Urumqi, Xinjiang
4835     AUS  ABC Alice Springs S=9+35 powerhouse, 4827-4842 kHz wide.
4820 3xstations mix on 4820.
     Only Bishkek-Krasnaya Rechka, Kirgizistan on lower 4819.991 kHz.
4809.994 IND  AIR Bhopal, Mumbai western sce
4800     CHN  Geermu-Golmund transmission in Chinese language.
4765.064 TJK  Tajik Radio, Dushanbe Yangi-Yul site
4760     IND  AIR Port Blair, Andaman Isl, exact / minus 1 Hz.
4750     BGD/CHN minus 1 Hz, probably RRI Makassar-INS -7 Hertz ?
4009.955 KGZ  Kyrgyz Radio, Bishkek, Krasnaya Rechka, Kirgizistan.
3990     CHN  CNR Uighur PBS Xinjian
3985     KOR/KRE Echo of Hope / KRE Jamming.
3950     CHN  CNR PBS Xinjian, Chinese.
3945     VUT  Radio Vanuatu S=9+15dB in Sydney downunder SDR remote unit,
         -68dBm, pop singer at 1450 UT on Jan 29.
3925     JPN  Radio Nikkei 1
3912     KRE  Jamming, and 3911.980 kHz Voice of People KOR.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 29)

Some logs picked out 2114-2147 UT Jan 31, and 0115-0140 UT Febr 1st

 6089.854 NIG  R Kaduna, Nigeria at 2114 UT, on lower frequency flank.
 6155     BLR  Radio Belarus, seldom clean audio signal.
               S=9+45dB powerhouse, at 2120 UT on Jan 31.
 6175.093 UAE  VoVTN in German, S=9+45dB, talk feature on music
               songs, composition, street musican examples at 2122 UT.
               Via Al Dhabbaya UAE relay site towards western Europe.
 7220.145 VTN  VoVTN, but only a chance to hear something on lower flank
               from Son Tay site at 2125 UT.
               CRI Croatian service QRM from adjacent 7225 kHz channel.
 7459.875 MNG  RFA Korean via Ulan Bataar Mongolia relay, 2130 UT S=9+25dB
 9369.981 USA  WWRB TOM, male prayer, S=8 fluttery signal at 2133 UT.
 9474.972 USA  WTWW Prayer in English, at 2137 UT S=8-9 fluttery.
 9835     MLA  RTM Sarawak FM, Kajang program. S=8 -77dBm.
11934.981 BRA  RB2 program, S=6, at 2150 UT on Jan 31.

and also 0115-0145 UT on Febr 1:
 6040.009 BRA  RB2 program, at 0115 UT on Febr 1st, and // in 25 meterband
11934.980 BRA  RB2 program at 0117 UT.
11904.996 CLN  SLBC Trincomalee site at 0126 UT, Bengali service.
11855.084 BRA  Radio Aparecida at 0130 UT.
11780.088 BRA  RNA powerful fluttery at S=9+20dB from RNA Brasilia.
11764.683 BRA  SRDA Curitiba, Portuguese, noted around at 0133 UT.
11650     OMA  Radio Sultanate Oman, Arabic morning HQ prayer at 0140 UT,
               S=7 or -83dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 1)
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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