100th anniversary WWI - White War in Adamello - GBA"

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24 May to 4 November 2015


The Adamello Glacier is located in Val Camonica, between the region of Lombardy and Trentino-Alto Adige. It is the largest glacier in the Italian Alps with a maximum altitude of 3530 meters and a minimum altitude of 2550 meters above sea level.

During the First World War, in the operating area of what was called the White War, the Adamello-Presanella sector held a great strategic value.

It is 100 years since the events of the first world war the events which occurred on the Adamello mountains, and this ham radio award commemorates the Italian army at this anniversary. The award is available to all amateur stations and SWLs alike.

The award is sponsored by A.R.I. Vallecamonica and ARI Cles Radio Clubs to all ham radio stations that request it and have achieved the minimum score required.

Contact the following operating Stations:
1) The following accredited stations will operate: •
A. All members of ARI Vallecamonica Radio Club accredited so as listed on the official website and on www.arivallecamonica.it and on www.qrz.com(see the section "IQ2VC"; •

All members of ARI Cles Radio Club accredited so as listed on the website and on www.aricles.it and www.qrz.com (see the section "IQ3NS").

2) The following "jolly" stations will operate:
a. IQ2VC - ARI Vallecamonica Radio Club
b. IQ3NS - ARI Cles Radio Club
c. Stations operating at memorials or shrines for soldiers of the First World War :
3) Special Activations by the Radio Clubs members, in places representative of the Great White War (you can find the list on official website).

Advertising and promotion of the event :
The activities will be advertised on the site http://gbaward.wix.com/gbaward , as well as on
 and on page www.qrz.com of IQ2VC , www.aricles.it and on the page of www.qrz.com of IQ3NS.

Emission modesThe emission modes allowed are : CW - SSB – DIGITAL MODES
Operating bands : All amateur bands from 80 to 10m in respect of the band plan.

Points Value for QSO:
QSOs with stations from historic places on Adamello Mountain , = 10 points ;
QSOs with "Jolly" stations = 5 points ;
QSOs with members of the Vallecamonica and Cles Radio Clubs, and with accredited apply :
     " CW: 3 points
     " DIGI-MODES: 2 points     " SSB: 1 points

Every name, including Jolly stations and historical activation, may be linked only once a day for each band and emission modes.

To get the award is necessary to achieve the minimum score:
     " Italian OM :50 punti
     " European OM: 38 punti
     " Extra-EU OM: 20 punti.

The call will be made as follows : CW & DIGITALE : CQ CQ DE (+ call) GBA AWRD K or SSB : CQ CQ de (+ call) - Diploma Guerra Bianca in Adamello Stazione valevole (+ punti) punti.

Applying for the Award :
The request must be accompanied by the list of QSOs ( LOG ) on file with the name format .adif : callsignhunter.adif.

We accept paper logbooks using alleged module and sent by mail.

A commemorative QSL will be sent by BUREAU service or on request in the case of direct shipment .
The cost of the award in print, to cover expenses of production and shipping is:
- € 10.00 for Italian OM
- € 12.00 (or 15.00 US Dollars) for EU and stations outside of EU

The application for the award ( model attached) must be sent together to the following email address accompanied by the receipt of the payment and the application form : guerrabiancaward@gmail.comThe fee which may be paid by either of these two methods:
1. Electronic Payment:

Via Postepay to n.4023 6009 1532 6773
Sent toVisinoni Felice, CF VSNFLC68M05D25 or

2. Via Paypal to the following email address : guerrabiancaward@gmail.com

For Informations:guerrabiancaward@gmail.com

Requests to obtain the award must be received not later than January 1, 2016

E-mail: guerrabiancaward@gmail.com

Additional information may be found on their website at:


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