13 Colonies Special Event - 30 June to 5 July 2015

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30 June to 5 July 2015


This award honors the colonial period of the USA and the 13 colonies which formed the first United States of America, celebrated each year on July 4, 2015.

During the 6 day period shown above, look for and contact special event stations operating in: CT-DE-GA-MA-MD-NC-NH-NJ-NY-PA-RI-SC-and VA. Note that if you have made contacts for the same event in 2014, and did not apply for an award then, you may use those credits in the 2015 event!!

The theme for 2015 is "Founders and Patriots of the Republic". The certificate is printed on heavy card stock. Stations working one state or, as many as all 13, are eligible for the certificate. A "Clean Sweep" indicator will be affixed, for those lucky enough to "Q" all 13 states. A special endorsement will be attached for stations contacting our sister operation, WM3PEN, in Philadelphia, PA.

Additionally U.S. Military Veterans, American Legion and NRA members will receive a special endorsement (please indicate that you were a veteran or currently belong to the two organizations on your log form).

The colony stations will operate from Tuesday, June 30, 9:00 AM Eastern (1300 UTC) until Sunday Night, July 5th, 00:00 (Midnight) Eastern (0400 UTC July 6th).

The 13 Colonies will have TWO sister events: Our old friends WM3PEN will participate from Philadelphia, PA, where independence was declared. The 13 Colonies certificate have a Liberty Bell added for a contact with WM3PEN.

GB13COL will operate from Durham, England. Click on the GB13COL button below for details and QSL information.

SATELLITE STATIONS : We have only one satellite operator, from Maryland, this year.

QRP Operation: The 13 Colonies Special Event enlisted one dedicated SSB/CW QRP operator for each state for the 2014 event and beyond. No special station requirements, except the operator must be a General class or higher. This will be a QRP to QRP operation only.  We want to give the low power QRP station a chance to get a 13 Colony States "Clean Sweep" endorsement on your certificate. We know the thrill of a QRP station breaking a pile up, but with 200+ QRO/and higher stations in a pile up, well, most of the times +/-5 watts just wont work. If interested in volunteering for QRP operator, contact KU2US via email. He am listed at QRZ. You must be located in one of the Colony States. NOTE: New York's QRP position is filled.

Digital Operators: PLEASE do not send your macros. The ONLY information required to confirm a contact is: CALL SIGN, NAME, RST/RSQ, STATE/PROVINCE/COUNTRY. Sending more information than this takes a LOT of time and may keep another operator from getting a needed contact.

APPLYING FOR THE AWARD:1) Download and print out our Colony Log sheet (this is a fillable DPF), see below (Yours is OK too). Fill-in all applicable information. NOTE: this also applies to SWLs requesting a certificate.

2) A $5.00(US) donation** is requested (NOTE: this is an increase from previous years due to increased costs of materials- envelopes up 45% - and postage - we kept the previous cost as long as we could and hope that you understand and continue to participate), AND A RETURN SELF ADDRESSED LABEL for your certificate return envelope. This will cut down the time you get your certificate by two fold. Your address should be on the label!

3) Cash, check or MO is OK. Place my name on the check/MO this way: (pay to the order of) Ken Villone-Award Manager. (Banks are fussy!)

4) Send your return label, donation & log sheet to: Ken Villone-KU2US, PO.Box-185, Conesus NY. 14435-0185, USA.

5) We will provide the return envelope and postage. NO extra postage required for DX requests.

6) If you also want a QSL card for a contact with K2A/NY, include a full detail QSL card with your log sheet. I will send it with the certificate in the same envelope.

NOTE: QSLs for any other states must be be sent to the QSL manager listed.

The 13 Colonies Special Event is a not for profit event. All donations are used to fund the next years event, and to defray any expenses occured. All donations are used for operating costs, supplies, equipment, and 13 Colony Group initiatives. Donation is voluntary.

Apply no later than 30 November 2015.

E-mail: dentron1@yahoo.com

On line application: http://hamclubs.info/13colonies/

Internet: http://www.13colonies.info/

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