1st Diploma "Almeria August Fair " ED7URI

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22 - 29 August 2015


The Spanish Union Association of Amateur Radio of Almería (Local section of URE) sponsors the 1st Diploma "Almeria fair in August", with the following rules:

1.-Eligibility: all licensed amateurs and radio listeners (SWL), clubs and associations which are in possession of official licensed radio stations.
2.-Call: "ED7URI fair August 2015."
3 Bands: All bands and modes.
4. Dates: from 22 to 29 August 2015
5 Requirements of the award: Contact special event station ED7URI
     Category Basic - 3 Contacts on different days regardless of Band or Mode.
     Category Silver - 6 Contacts on different days regardless of Band or Mode
     Category Gold - 6 Contacts on at least 3 Bands regardless of Mode
     Category Platinum - 6 Contacts using all Modes and at least 3 Bands .
6. A trophy which shall be sent by certified mail free of charge will be drawn among all participants who meet the award requirements. All those who earn the diploma to the " Feria de Almería", free and in "pdf" format. via email or for download
7. the members to the Local section of URE Almería will be making contacts a station per band/day.
8. Applicants must send a log showing: date, contacted station, UTC time, band and their correct address to the Union of amateur radio Spanish of Almería, P.O. Box 389, 04080 Almeria, Spain or sent by e-mail at urealmeria@gmail.com . attaching the file/log
with their call sign in the Subject area. .
9. Deadline for applications is September 20, 2015.
10. It is not necessary to send cards. URE Almeria will confirm the ED7URI via Association. For direct route, they shall send on auto run with sufficient postage for return
11. Participation in this trophy involves the acceptance of the present rules. Lists received without the requirements, shall be taken as lists of check and control and not enter the draw. .

E-mail: urealmeria@gmail.comInternet: http://www.qrz.com/db/ED7URI

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