20 Years Self Governance of PSZOW (SN20MP)

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1 - 30 June 2015


On the occasion of 20 years of self-governance of our city Pszów, from 1 June to 30 June this year work will be marked by special event station SN20MP. On this occasion, everyone will receive a special for the occasion QSL card, and also to obtain a commemorative diploma per the rules below.

1. The organizer of the diploma and diploma sponsor is SP9PKM Amateur Radio Club which located at MOK in Pszów.
2. The aim of the award is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of self-government of the city of Pszów, after disassociating from Wodzislaw Slaski in 1995.
3. Time of activity is from June 1 to June 30, 2015.
4. The diploma program "SN20MP" is available to Polish and foreign individual stations, amateur radio clubs, as well as SWL’s.
5. During the award period, the organizers will provide special event station SN20MP activity stations on the HF and VHF bands using emissions - SSB, CW, FM, DIGI.
6. To receive a commemorative diploma you must make at least two commemorative communications with SN20MP on two different bands, or use two different emissions on one band.
7. Participants who meet the requirements for obtaining the diploma and are interested in receiving it, should apply by e-mail to: sq9gai@wp.pl including an extract from their log confirming the contacts no later than 07/31/2015.
8. Diploma is issued only in electronic form and is FREE for all.

E-mail: sq9gai@wp.plInternet: http://sp9pkm.jimdo.com/sn20mp-dyplom/

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