Amateur Radio World Castles Award

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CW: 28031 24911 21031 18081 14031 10121 7031 3531 kHz
SSB: 28551 24951 21251 18131 14251 7131 3731 kHz
World Castle Weekend:
The World Castle Weekend 2015 takes place on the weekend of June
20/21. Stations will be active from historic sites, monuments, and
castles. QSOs count towards various awards. For further information

Laiuse Castle (ES-00016):
Juri, ES5GP, will be active from there signing /p from the 19th to
21st on 40 and 20m. QSL via bureau.

Altes Schloss Grevenbroich (DL-00368, COTA-DL NRB-041) und Schloss
Ilsenburg (DL-00226, COTA-DL MVB-029):
A team lead by Andi, DL3SUE, activates these references on June 20
and 21 as DL0HWI. QSL via bureau.

Schloss Netzschkau (DL-01266, COTA-DL SAC-160):
Karl, DL1JKK, is going to activate this castle during the weekend
as DL1JKK/p. QSL via h/c (d/B).

Castle of Kerdurand (DFCF 56-096):
Francois, F5JNE, and Gilles, F4FGJ, get on the air from this reference with the call F5JNE/p on the 20th. Their location is in Riantec (CP 56670), Departement of Morbihan (DDFM 56), Province of Bretagne (DPF 06). QSL via F5JNE (d/B).
Trapezitsa Fortress (LZ-00020) und Tsarevets Fortress (LZ-00021):
Stefan, LZ2DB, will be active from these references as LZ2A/p
during the weekend on 40-15m on CW and SSB. QSL via LZ2DB (d/B).

Germania Fortress (LZ-00145):
Ivan, LZ2HT, gets on the air from there as LZ2HT/p on June 20 on
40, 20, and 15m (CW, SSB, digital modes). QSL via LZ2HT.

Punia Hill Fort (LY-00038, LHFA AL-15, LYFF-019):
Vidmantas, LY2HT, activates the fort on June 19 and 20 with the
call LY10LHFA. QRV on 80, 40, and 20m on SSB. QSL via LY2KM.

Chateau de Laken (ON-00552, BCA AN-051):
Danny, ON4VT and Mario, ON7YZ, activate the castle during the
weekend as OT4V/p (via ON4VT (d/B)) and OR7Z/p (via ON7YZ (d/B)).

Mikhaylovskaya Battery (UA-00618, COTA-RU C-7111) und Northern
Fortification (UA-00620, COTA-RU C-7113):
Mikhail, R7RIB, plans to activate both locations during the
weekend. QSL via bureau or direct.

Koznik Castle (WCA YU-00007):
Dragan, YT2KID, activates this castle on the 20th as YT2KID/p on
40, 20, and 17m (SSB). QSL via YT2KID (d/B).

Castle Zeleznik (YU-00062), Castle Gradiste (YU-00063), Castle
Timacum Maius (YU-00057):
Vojkan, YU2TT, plans to put the following castles on the air
signing /p during the weekend: Castle Zeleznik (WCA/CISA YU-00062)
Castle Gradiste (WCA/CISA YU-00063) Castle Timacum Maius (WCA/CISA
YU-00057) QRV on 40m, 20m, and 15m. QSL via YU2TT (d/B).

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