DIPLOMA SAN FERMIN 2015 (Running of the Bulls at Pamplona)

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June 30 to July 5, 2015


Sponsored by the AMATEUR RADIO UNION OF PAMPLONA on the occasion of the celebration of the universally known Fiestas de San Fermin, the Pamplona Amateur Radio Union (URP) is organizing the Diploma "San Fermin" and invites all amateurs to participate in the 2015 version with the following rules:

1. SCOPE: open to all amateurs, possessing the appropriate official license.
2. DATES: from 08:00 h. UTC on June 30 to 21:00 h. UTC on July 5, 2015.
3. BANDS: 20, 40 and 80 m, within recommended by the IARU segments.
4. MODE: only SSB.
5. CALL: Contact stations calling "CQ Diploma San Fermin 2015".
6. LICENSORS: Special season EG2DSF, URP partners and other stations Navarra request to manager Diploma, and its formal commitment to send your contact list to manager Diploma in Cabrillo or Excel format, including the letters of the alphabet granted to each correspondent.

7. OBJECTIVE: Each participating station is assigned one letter of the alphabet per band and day chosen by the applicant.

8. List of characters to obtain: D - I - P - L - O - M - A - S - A - N - F - E - R - M - I - N - 2-0 - 1-5             (Repeated letters A, I, M and N be delivered once each).

9. The special event call station EG2DSF granted exclusive of the numbers 2, 0, 1 and 5.
10. A total of 16 characters are needed to complete the requirements.
11. QSL: No QSL cards are needed to confirm the contacts.

11. DIPLOMA: All participants who complete the phrase Diploma San Fermin 2015, may choose between one of two formats:     A. Diploma in electronic PDF format A4, which is send email for free, or   
     B. Diploma mailed printed. In this case the applicants have to send fee of 3€. or stamps mailing expenses management and postage.

12. LISTS: lists can be made with the program Expedition WinURECon in HF category. The program supports fielding RS 59 more received a letter or number received accordingly.
You may also use an EXCE document. The list shall contain call sign of contacted station, date, time, band and RS. You can also download a form from EXCEL at the following link: http://ea2bd.ure.es/archives/Log_SAN_FERMIN_2014.xls

You can send this listing Cabrillo or exported in Excel format. In case of a paper list, the data will be tabulated, it must be clearly legible and is also imperative to put on each contact's letter of the alphabet obtained. They must also send the following data of applicant: callsign, name, full address and email. Any list that does not reflect the aforementioned data loses the right to diploma. The lists must be submitted duly completed, either by email to the address diplomasurp@gmail.com, or by post to the address URP in: Apdo. De Correos 327, 31080 Pamplona, Spain.

13. All applications must be submitted no later than September 15, 2015.
14. The list of stations earning the diploma will be published on the website: http://seccion.pamplona.ure.es/

E-mail: diplomasurp@gmail.comInternet: http://seccion.pamplona.ure.es/sanfermin.html

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