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June 1-19, 2015


The School Amateur Radio Club SP3PGR will be active with special event station SNØENIGMA from June 1 to June 19, 2015 to celebrate the success of Polish cryptologists Jerzy Rozycki, Marian Rejewski and Henryk Zygalski.  They broke Enigma ciphers thereby contributing to the victory of the Allied forces and the faster end of the Second World War. On occasion 70th anniversary of the end World War II club SP3PGR will reward "The Enigma Award" to licensed individuals and club stations as well as to SWLs who earn the required number of points shown below.

Required Points:
70 points for SP stations,
50 points for outside SP stations,
30 points for DX stations,
Points for these special event stations are as follows:
SNØENIGMA (15 points),
SP3ZAT, SP3POZ, SP9KJU (each 10 points),
SP3DDP, SP3OL, SP3HUO, SP3WXI, SQ3OPM, SP9MDY (each 5 points) between June 1st to June 19th 2015.

Applications must be submitted via e-mail to sp3pgr@wp.pl on or before the end of June, 2015.

Applications should include your call, name, surname (name of the club), e-mail address and the list of your QSOs/HRDs. You may make repeated QSOs (HRDs) with the same station on the next day or in the same day on another band or mode. The award in PDF format is free.


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